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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Egypt's crippling humanitarian siege of Gaza continues

Isn't it interesting that no one writes headlines like that?
Fuel donated by Qatar for the Gaza Strip is still stuck in Egypt due to the unrest in Sinai, a Gaza official said Wednesday.

Mohammad Abadleh, an official with a gas company coalition in Gaza, said the blockage was due to the security situation in the restive peninsula, not any procurement problems.

On Sunday, Egyptian security officials told Ma'an that deliveries had stopped after Bedouin blocked roads.

Seven trucks of fuel were set to leave Egypt via Israel's al-Auja crossing, escorted by security officers from Suez, but the delivery had to be abandoned.
We all know that "security reasons" are not an excuse to deny goods to Gaza, especially necessities like fuel, as human rights organizations never tire of telling us.

Yet you hardly hear any of them criticize Egypt for repeatedly denying or restricting Gazan access to fuel and other essential goods as well as travel into Egypt itself.

From Elder of Ziyon.
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