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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

THE DEAL ? Maybe the Answer is to BOYCOTT the next 2 election cycles

The news is now filled with portents of a ramp over the fiscal cliff.
Instead of increasing the tax rates on those making $250k or more, it’s $400k.
INCREASES in spending would be cut by about 10%. How? Well one way is to reduce the increases in social security from inflation. This year that number is 1.7% Reduce it to what? The difference to someone this year who is making about $1,500/month on social security is about $26/month. Half a tank of gas a month for a Camry sized vehicle. That’s what they will be reducing to pay the govt bills? What will that pay for? Fuel and food are not even figured into inflation (think this might be why? DUH)
Estate taxes will be 45% at 2 million. Family farms, you say? Think the REALLY rich won’t have a way around this? Those people have INSTITUTIONS serving their need to avoid the estate taxes. This is a killer for middle income families with assets they spent a lifetime building for their families. 
Obama gets a 2 year credit limit increase in the $16 TRILLION dollar national debt in the ‘deal’, which increases by AT LEAST $1.6 trillion a year.

The interest payment this year is over $220 billion.

The cost of a Nimitz class nuclear aircraft carrier and all her aircraft is about $9 billion (carrier itself $4-5 billion, F-18 super Hornet about $55 million). We could field about 8 carrier task forces, all her aircraft and all the destroyers and subs in each to escort her around every year on the INTEREST PAYMENTS THIS YEAR. We have about 11 task forces now. In other words we could almost double the size of the Navy. IN ONE YEAR.
Get the picture?
The total bailout of GM was THREE MONTHS of debt interest payments.

The unemployment benefits paid out each year in the last four was HALF the interest payments. We could have funded our unemployment GENEROUSLY out of pocket.

PS, under this DEAL to ‘avoid’ the cliff, in 2020 the interest payments on the debt will be OVER $1 TRILLION.
Are the President, his cabinet, the senators and congressmen SO AFRAID OF LOSING THEIR JOBS they are selling out every single American?

If these men and women cannot responsibly do their jobs, it’s finished here and voting has NO PURPOSE other than to prolong the agony and the ultimate world cracking defaults, which WILL usher in a new dark age … the workers at FOXCONN are not powering the world economy, people. They supply the toys. They are NOT affluent consumers.

Why it is not apparent that everything must be subordinated to a RAPIDLY GROWING ECONOMY boggles my mind.
Both parties are to blame.
And when the defaults begin, and the earth shakes, be it in 20 years, or 40 won’t you or your children want that M-4, and a place to stand that wasn’t taxed away from them to pay for the cowardice of the govt?
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Blogger midnight rider said...

I gave up on both parties a number of years ago. One is as bad as th eother and this past election (and the previou) was largely a lesser of two evils exercise.

p.s. I understand Obama made Boehner cry like a baby. . .

. . .again

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 11:15:00 pm  

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