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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tooheyville -The whining about banana clips is MARVELOUS for us

Yes, yes, Mr’s. Bashir, Schultz and our English friend Morgan have been poking a loud stick into the NRA’s proper cage.
But it is perfect, you see.
When you have someone whose title is the ‘Executive Director of Gun Owners of America’ on live TV a few days after 26 people in an Elementary School blown to bits by guns, most of them little children, trying to defend running around with guns, it is DELICIOUS.
You just don’t want to shoot Bambi to put his head on your wall, you want to have the ability to spray the bullets all about.
Just in case.
Wonderful. It’s wonderful.
When the ‘Executive Director of Gun Owners of America’ prattles on about rights and such as little coffins are going into the ground, well…


This is an exquisite meal.
A crisis, unwasted, and used for social justice and the betterment of mankind.
That is all we want, of course.
Of Course.
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