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Thursday, December 20, 2012

U.N. To Endorse “Hero To Holocaust Deniers”

GENEVA, Dec. 19 – Tomrorow, the United Nations General Assembly will adopt a resolution ratifying all of the 2012 resolutions and decisions of its subsidiary, the 47-nation Human Rights Council. 
While a handful of these decisions were good, many were despicable. One stands out for its ignominy: the appointment of a top official whose life’s work—authoring books on World War II that make Germans the victims and the Allies the war criminals—has made him a hero to Holocaust deniers. 
Alfred de Zayas was appointed in March as the council’s “Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order,” an anti-Western mandate created by Cuba’s Communist regime. 
Inexplicably, Zayas was unanimously recommended by a U.N. committee that included British Ambassador Peter Gooderham, who was supposed to effectively represent the interests and values of Western democracies such as Britain, France, Germany and the United States.

Here's Zayas in his own words:

• “Moses had such a rough time bringing the Jewish people across the Red Sea because half of them were busy picking up pretty shells.” Source
• Churchill and Roosevelt connived at “a form of genocide” against the Germans.
• The World War II Allies who fought Nazi Germany should have been prosecuted for “barbarous” and “gruesome” crimes; the Nuremberg Court that judged Nazi war criminals had “hardly any legitimacy.”
• “Nuremberg was an exercise in hypocrisy. A continuation of hate and war… a corruption of legal norms and procedures, a pollution of philosophy, a truly Pharisee tribunal.” Source
• “Israel emerged out of terrorism against the indigenous population” and its representatives should be denied U.N. accreditation. Source
• America bears “responsibility for the destabilization of… countries in the Middle East.”

In 1996, when historian Daniel Jonah Goldhagen published “Hitler’s Willing Executioners,” documenting the complicity of the broader German population, De Zayas responded that Germans could not have been anti-Semites because there were “many German Jews in Bismarck’s circle,” and “many mixed marriages.”
Rather, he said, it was Goldhagen who was “racist.”
And, he argued, just as Americans never assumed their government would kill the Japanese-Americans sent to internment camps, Germans had no reason to imagine the Nazis would do such things to Jews.

De Zayas pressed Germans in Canada to prosecute Goldhagen’s book distributors on charges of “hate literature,” and advised them how to win at a UN human rights tribunal for which he then worked. Referring to a Canadian revisionist, De Zayas boasted in an email to supporters that “Jim Bacque and I even visited a lawyer in Toronto to suggest this procedure.”
He urged Germans in the U.S. to do like the Jewish community, which he said contributes millions of dollars to “the Lobby.”

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Blogger Epaminondas said...

This is the perfect choice for the UN. They could not have done better for themselves

Thursday, December 20, 2012 7:02:00 pm  

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