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Saturday, March 05, 2016

GOP "Elitest" (Read: Pieces of Shit, Treasonous Fucking Scum) Want To Dump Trump, Major Reason? Border Wall

Think about it! Their major reason is they don't want a border wall. What the hell? The citizens obviously want a border wall. That's why they support Trump.

So what is the reason our "Elites" do not want a border wall?

There must be some very good reasons, right?

From Reuters:
A plan to block Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump struggled to gain traction on Friday as rival candidates rejected it, while Democrats reveled in the chaos they hoped would boost their chances of keeping the White House. 
The country’s top elected Republican, House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, said he was not interested in an effort to draft him into the White House race. And U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, a conservative presidential hopeful, ruled out a deal to pick a compromise Republican candidate at the party’s July convention, which senior party figures see as their best chance to stop the unpredictable billionaire. 
“The D.C. power brokers will drop someone in who is exactly to the liking of the establishment. If that will happen we will have a manifold revolt in this country,” Cruz said at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington. 
“You want to beat Donald Trump, you beat Donald Trump with the voters,” he said. 
Party leaders worry Trump would not be able to beat Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in the election, but time is running out after he won most of the states that voted in this week’s Super Tuesday. 
Senior Republicans also fear Trump’s plans to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border and ban Muslims from entering the United States will turn off voters in November and upset U.S. allies.
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Would it be Iconic of the GOP(e or not) to ***ENSURE*** Trump is not the next Pres?

Note that if this is done, it renders their work to get him to promise not to run as a third choice an expedient convenience, in a contract they knew they would never fulfill.
What would even those who support the GOP but not every nominee every time think?
What would this say to all the independents?
What would this say to all the people who one day might think of running?
What % of voters might then, in the future, look for the least worst alternative among the Democrats?
Would this ENSURE a real third party for 2020?
Lastly how much of a propaganda victory would this be for an Iranian Guardian Council that rules on the acceptability of all candidates, before any election campaign begins?
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Charlie Evers, Brother of Murdered Civil Rights Activist Medgar Evers, Throws His Support Behind Trump

From the Hill:
Charles Evers, the brother of murdered civil rights leader Medgar Evers, is endorsing Donald Trump for president.  
“I believe in him first of all because he’s a businessman,” Charles Evers said, according to The Clarion-Ledger. 
"I think jobs are badly needed in Mississippi." 
Evers's brother, Medgar Evers, was assassinated in Jackson, Miss., in 1963. His killer wasn't convicted of the murder until 1994, after multiple trials. 
Charles Evers defended Trump, saying his tough immigration stance does not make him racist. 
“I haven’t seen any proof of him being a racist,” said Evers. "All of us have some racism in us. Even me.” 
He said Trump was a "fair" businessman who respects merit over race. 

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Conception Vessel

Paul Motian - Drums
Sam Brown - Guitar
Keith Jarrett - Piano, Flute
Charlie Haden  - Bass
Becky Friend - Flute
Leroy Jenkins - Violin

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This Weekend Litmus Test for Trump

Trump was bashed pretty good this week

From Rubio to Cruz creating that Cuban sandwich at the debate to the GOPe rolling out the big guns of the two time loser Mitt Romney.

This weekend will be a litmus test to see if these attacks have been successful in derailing Trump's campaign.  We have four primaries coming up this weekend - Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine. They are closed primaries.

Only Republicans can vote.

Three of those are caucuses. If Trump can win those States or at least the majority of them - especially the caucuses, it will definitely show that the attacks on him did not stick.

We will see.

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I Know The Pieces Fit, Cuz I Watched Them Fall Away ...

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Friday, March 04, 2016

Donald Trump Earns More Muslim Support Than Rest of GOP Field Combined

From Bright-Fart:
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)–an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial, and a designated terror organization in the United Arab Emirates–conducted a poll of 2000 Muslim voters throughout six Super Tuesday states. 
The results, released Wednesday, were surprising. 
While Democrats Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16% earned 46% and 25% support, respectively, Donald Trump has the support of 11% of Muslims, more than the rest of the GOP field combined. 
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)79% comes in second with 4%, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97% wins 2%, John Kasich just 1%. 
Among Republican Muslims, their number one concern is the economy (38%), followed by Islamophobia (14%), health care (12%), and foreign policy (10%). Democrat Muslims are primarily concerned with Islamophobia (27%), followed by the economy (19%), health care (13%), foreign policy (12%), and civil liberties (10%). 
A full 67% of the Muslims polled are Democrats; 18% are Republicans; 10% declined to answer.
I work with a Muslim man who is a Trump supporter.

I've never asked him why.

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I Think Maybe Glenn Beck Should Go Back To The Bottle

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Watching the end of the FIVEjust now, and hearing that Trump...WITH UPDATE

quoted Larry Kudlow as liking his tax and economic plans, they said that this shows that Trump is listening to Kudlow and therefore there will be no tax/tariff on China trade and he will be a free trade guy.

The argument against tariff is that it will hurt americans in the wallet.
How much more could they be hurt than be deprived of careers?

If they are right, and Trump changes his mind, there is a lot less reason to look at Trump, and you would have to reconsider his seriousness on the wall.

Let's hope that is PURE speculation


Here is an article on Kudlow and Trump

Kudlow said he found Trump’s platform very agreeable to free-market growth: “He has a very good corporate tax-cut plan, across the board, for large companies and small companies. He’s got a 15 percent rate — we’re about 35 to 40 percent now.”
“So let’s say that became law,” Kudlow continued. “You’d see a movement, a tremendousmovement, of capital and labor back to the United States, that’s in China and overseas, because we’d have a more hospitable business tax environment.  You include immediate deductions for new business investment, and you include repatriation, which is all in Trump’s plan, and you’ve got yourself a powerful incentive to move back to the USA.”
Kudlow thought such “incentive economics” were better tools than the tariffs Trump has proposed for punishing businesses that move overseas, preferring carrots to sticks. However, he agreed that stern measures were needed to deal with China, which Bannon described as a “mercantilist society” — the government actively harming foreign competition to give native industries an edge.
Kudlow described China as “our enemy, not our friend,” citing their aggression in the South China Sea, and their willingness to stand behind “some of the worst terrorist dictatorships in the world,” including Iran. He stressed the importance of responding to China’s “counterfeiting of goods, stealing of our intellectual property rights, and cyber-hacking our systems here, both government and industry.”
Having said that, Kudlow added he was “not a guy who likes tariffs,” which he described as taxes that would “hurt the American consumer.” He preferred using international bodies such as the World Trade Organization to deal with unfair practices by China and others… provided America fields a president who can negotiate tough trade agreements and not “give up all the time, which unfortunately has been the case.”
He returned to his theme of incentive economics as the best way to restore American manufacturing and reverse capital flight.
“If you lower marginal tax rates on business, both large and small… if you roll back regulations, for example, let’s go to right-to-work laws, which would make us much more hospitable to investment… those are the things that would help America, and that’s what we should focus on,” he advised.

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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


One Short Night

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Southern Poverty Law Center Seems To Think Pamela Geller is to Blame For the San Bernadino Jihadist Massacre


From the Intelligencer:
The number of hate groups in the United States is on the rise, according to a study by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Extremist groups in 2015 numbered 892 — up 14 percent from the 784 in 2014, the study claims. 
Pennsylvania ranks fifth on the list of states with the most hate groups — 40 in 2015, up from 38 in 2014, according to the center. The top four states on the list are Texas, California, Florida and New York. 
The SPLC includes as hate groups neo-Nazi, racist skinhead, neo-Confederate and anti-Muslim groups and the Ku Klux Klan…. Anti-Muslim organizations have been growing more than any other type of extremist group — from 24 in 2014 to 34 in 2015, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center report. 
Potok said the growth has been spurred by terrorist attacks and threats from the Islamic State. 
Domestic terrorism like the attack in San Bernardino last year during which 14 people were killed by two Muslim extremists are the propaganda work of anti-Muslim ideologues like Pamela Geller, the most visible and flamboyant person in the anti-Muslim movement, and the injection of hatred against Muslims, Potok said.
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How DIRE is the situation in the USA?

Well anyone who saw the ‘debate’ last night understands the GOP mess, especially after the LOSER Romney set the ‘graciousness’ level in the afternoon.

Meanwhile the FBI may end up indicting a what may turnout to a sitting president, victorious over what is the modern equivalent of Douglas and Breckenridge, who will have to be impeached, halting the SCOTUS process again.

Of course we might get the true believer who thinks terrorism is due to climate change.

He has the single virtue of knowing that what happened from 2007-8 at the megabanks was the largest criminal fraud in the history of history. Like Trump, he has had the temerity to actually mention what we all UNDERSTAND is FACT below the actual use of words.

So aside from that, ISIS is UNHURT strategically, Al Nusra is on the Israeli border, Iran is laughing at how easy their military, political and physical expansions are going, Putin is only worried about how fast he can AFFORD his aggression$, and the entire South China Sea is being secured by the most rapidly expanding economy in history, as they steal our weapons R&D.

PS, the ANNUAL SERVICE on the uncontrollable national debt almost pays for the entire national Medicare program, while at the same time we have the lowest proportion of people working in GENERATIONS.

That IS a picture of physical and political and economic instability, and national decline.
We ****ARE**** in national decline.


This is not sustainable.

Something WILL occur.

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Donald Trump's Debate Performance

My Fist-Size Is More Than Sufficient 
For Most Of the 
Rug-Munchers Out There

As per usual, I did not watch the debate.Not a second of it. I have not watched a second of any of the debates.

I do read about them, and I watch clips here and there, but they're a joke.

What matters to me, at this point, is destroying the GOP. That's why I have been in support of Donald Trump.

But if Ace's estimation of Donal Trump's debate performance last night is, at all, accurate, then it appears to me Donald Trump might not be up to the job of Presidentin', much less getting an erection without Viagra:
Donald Trump. Repudiated the Jeff Sessions Immigration Plan -- which was the only reason to support him -- by declaring he was "changing" and "softening" it because we need all these highly-skilled people to take our jobs. 
Then said he would be "flexible" on the wall and deporting illegals and pretty much admitted he'd said as much to the New York Times editorial board, and then, in case you were unsure if you'd heard him right, praised Marco Rubio's Amnesty plan as "fine" and a good opening bargaining position. 
Kept talking about his hand-size and then, just when you thought this was getting weird, brought it back into a more sensible area by assuring the world that his penis size was sufficient for most. 
He then added some substance to his foreign policy platform by declaring that he would force American soldiers to break the law and murder children. On other issues, he was less reassuring. 
But this next part is the part that got to me. Did this really happen? (Because, if it did, it would not surprise me at all, given how much Mitt Romney and Vincente Fox seem to hate Donald Trump.)
His answers to questions about Trump University and the budget were somewhat uncomfortable to watch, in much the same way that it is uncomfortable to watch a bus full of circus clowns crash into a school for blind children and even worse the clowns were doing their "Gasoline Comedy" act that day and now all the blind children are on fire and the clowns are trying to squirt water on them with their stupid lapel-flowers but the flowers are just squirting out more gas and the children are crying tears of fire out of their Unseeing Dead Eyes and holy shit a couple of the clowns look like they have boners and they're chasing around the fiery blind children trying to rub up on them with these bobbling clown-boners with big red bulbs on their tips. 
In other words, as Trump would say: Not the best. Really not terrific. A real mess! Grade: I don't even know how to even start grading this. As far as a letter grade, I give a red X carved crudely through the face of a rotting pig with a bunch of stripper-glitter tossed on it.
Dear God!
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That ‘debate’

It’s always so uplifting to see s presidential debate fire itself off with LITERALLY a schvantz measuring meme.

I learned NOTHING last night .
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The Maine Caucus is Tomorrow Afternoon

Consider this in the news today.
The hospital in Lincoln Maine is laying off MORE people. Full time hospital workers. Lincoln Maine lies about 40 minutes north of Bangor on I-95. Lincoln has a population of 5000, Bangor between 25 and 30,000
Hospital CEO Gary Poquette said other negative factors contributed to the hospital’s need to trim its 210-member staff: A declining population in the Lincoln region, the state’s failure to expand Medicaid coverage, a reduction from 100 percent to 65 percent in state payments of Medicare bad debts, and an increase in the number of high-deductible health insurance plans.
The loss of an estimated 937 jobs from the closing of the Lincoln and Old Town paper mills late last year is another factor, he said.
Now, 937/5000 = BIG TROUBLE. That ONE EVENT took out almost 20 of the population.
People who are sick and think/worry one day they might need immediate help see this story in the Bangor Daily News. It’s a lead story.
30 minutes high speed in an ambulance.
Maine is one of the 13 states with more people on government aid than workers.
One of the 2 Republican caucus sites in Penobscot county is in Lincoln. Many of the people there (and near me) live on land that has been in their family for MORE THAN 3 GENERATIONS. They are watching their kids leave to survive economically. How serious is this? Maine has the HIGHEST median age in the nation.
This means the hospital in Lincoln should be in a growth industry. Instead the tidal wave of economic suction is draining life away.
Is there any wonder why a successful businessman EVEN like Paul Lepage has been elected twice to try and change directions up here?
Which candidate offers the best chance to bring back the economy of Lincoln, small as that might be?
Is there a question as to WHY Paul LePage did what he did?
Does anyone doubt what the single dominant issue will be in caucases up here?
There are NO polls to speak of up here, so this will be interesting.
And by the way, how many people reading this realized that their state has to make up Medicare bad debts?
How many other hospitals have seen less traffic or bad debts due to high deductibles in the Obamacare mandate?
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They are just what their game suggests

The FBI developed a video game called Don't Be a Puppet, only to prove themselves just that:
The FBI has released a new edition of its anti-terror video game, Don’t Be a Puppet, that conforms to demands from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to exclude Islamic jihad from a list of potential terror threats.

In the game, a player is asked to work through a series of numbered boxes, beginning with “What is Violent Extremism?” and finishing with “Who [sic] Do Violent Extremists Affect?” Completing the activities in each box – watching short videos, reading through short texts, taking a quick quiz – allows the player, string-by-string, to free the puppet.

Despite the fact that Islamic jihadist violence ranks at the very top of global security concerns, though, it is not mentioned anywhere in the FBI’s puppet game. Instead, the game offers a psycho-babble of possible motivations including alienation, anxiety, personal frustration, and an unsupported claim about “twist[ing] religious teachings and other beliefs to support their own goals.” Anyone who actually perseveres through the game is left with the curious sense that they have just passed a Psych 101 class rather than learned anything substantive about Islamic terror.

Execrable grammar aside, Don’t Be A Puppet, does raise some important questions about who is the real puppet here – and who is the puppeteer. The FBI originally released the online game in early February 2016 but then, under pressure from CAIR, decided to scrub all references to Islamic terrorism (aka jihad) from the website. The new and improved version now focuses on animal rights activists, white supremacists, and other “violent extremists” approved for mention by the Muslim Brotherhood.
In other words, despite cutting ties with CAIR a couple years ago, they continue to do disfavors for everyone via dhimmitude and kowtowing to the very front group they're clearly still associating themselves with. If they were a business conglomerate rather than a police outfit, I'd suggest boycotting them and withdrawing all funds. For now, we can certainly boycott their botch of a computer game.
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Mob Of 30 Marauding Muslim Migrants Molest And Harass People, Chase Teenage Girls Thru German Mall

Fuckin' Scuzlims:
A mob of 30 migrants chased three teenage girls through a German mall before threatening police officers, local media has reported. 
The men, thought to be from Afghanistan, are said to have used their smartphones to film the girls at the Sophienhof mall in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein state. 
Police officers were called out after several shoppers reported that 30 men of ‘immigrant background’ were following the girls, aged 15, 16 and 17. 
The men ‘insulted, threatened and sometimes injured’ the policemen as they tried to arrest some of the alleged perpetrators, Bild reported. 
Four men, including the two main culprits, were later arrested but three of them have since been released due to ‘lack of grounds for detention’. 
They are said to have resisted arrest and became violent with officers. 
Businesses in the shopping mall have reported an ‘increasing number of thefts’ and customers being ‘molested’ by migrants. S 
everal other young girls have told police they were harassed too since the incident received media attention.
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Bonnie Raitt
Road Tested

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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Boston police commisioner channels Michael Bloomberg

William Evans said "we're all Muslims deep down", in a form of apologia similar to Michael Bloomberg's when he was mayor of NYC. Hugh Fitzgerald wonders why he wouldn't read the Koran:
Before speaking out and telling that crowd with such conviction that “we are all Muslims” because “we all want peace” (apparently being Christian would not have been sufficient), shouldn’t Police Commissioner Evans have read the Qur’an, and noted the 109 verses that mention making war on Infidels? Is it possible he relied on a Muslim colleague or friend who offered a simple deeply sincere assurance that “Islam means peace” and “anyone who says otherwise, is a troublemaker.” And besides, don’t we keep being told that Islam mean “peace”?
Just like Bloomberg, Evans and all who took the dhimmi route of apologia are too cowardly to quote anything from the Koran. And Bloomberg caused a lot damage with the poor example he set years ago by kowtowing.
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What Would Jesus Do? A Rebuttal to Peter Wehner’s NYTimes article

From the Last English Prince:
Peter Wehner, a political throat-cutter masquerading as a journalist placed a pithy column on the page of the New York Times on March 1st. Right in time for “Super Tuesday”, he titled his screech “What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?” Below the headline is an image of Donald Trump with his head bowed in prayer.  
A pastor of a church in Council Bluffs, Iowa is providing a holistic prayer complete with what is known as “laying on of hands”. Mr. Wehner chose his convoluted title based on a religio-cultural phenomenon of the 1990’s which challenged Christians with a simple thought. 
“What would Jesus do?” The thought was part moral imperative and part milk of human kindness. The acronym, WWJD, found its way onto bracelets and wristbands which were sported like fashion statements. 
On low end, it is estimated that fifteen million bracelets were sold. Naturally, knowing that Jesus would want all of us to spend our money on trinkets, enterprising individuals also hawked WWJD pens and pencils, and travel mugs. Good time had by all! 
So “What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?” Well, for starters, my guess is that he would not stand in judgment of Donald Trump. 
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This Week On The Gathering Storm: Open Mic!

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Listen to the March 4, 2016 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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What Is The GOP's Agenda?

A lot of Trump supporters are thinking along these lines:

Pastorius cutting in: An Anonymous commenter left this:
I find this GOP tantrum revolting. I don't think Trump is the ideal candidate, but who is? A moral deviant like Clinton? An old hippie like Sanders? Guys like Rubio or Cruz who will take money from Satan in order to win? Decent men like Carson or Kasich are not "electable." 
Maybe Trump is what is needed. 
The political elites cannot stomach seeing an outsider kicking their butts. 
Besides, Obama lowered the bar so much that now practically anybody can do a decent job as president. All they need to do is avoid being traitors.

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What Is a Reasonable Response To This?


'We're All Muslims Deep Down,' Says ...Boston Police Commissioner. Commissioner William B. Evans said this at a mosque that has produced at least six people jailed or killed for terror activity.
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Wow! Dennis Miller Unloads a Few Tons of Truth

"When John Roberts jammed Obamacare through, I remember thinking, THAT IS THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL SMOKER'S BACK!"
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Humpday Blues

Bukka White
Baton Rouge Mosby Street
(full album)

1 Miss Mary 0:00
2 Stone 8:50
3 Poor Boy 16:33
4 Black Cat 24:06
5 Tippin' In 31:04
6 Sic' Em Dogs On 38:19

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The European Union Is Calling for A Wall

From Ace of Spades:
A new report, the Juncker report, went out today telling all the capitals of Europe that they must move expeditiously to build up the border on the exterior of the European Union, if they wish to keep the Schengen free-circulation-of-people-in-Europe alive. 
That is, if you want to keep having no borders within the Union, you need to build up the fences and interdiction efforts at its frontiers.
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MSNBC: Ben Ginsberg Explains How GOP Party Officials Plan To Disenfranchise Donald Trump Voters at Convention…

"Fox News political executive director, Bill Sammons, is the father of Marco Rubio’s national spokesperson, Brooke Sammon. The agenda has been transparent from the outset"
Hat tip: Conservative Treehouse

....reminiscent of 2013 Breitbart: CNN, CBS News, ABC News Honchos Have Obama Administration Family Ties
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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Neocons declare war on Trump

That moment when you realize you wife has cheated on you, and you just can't like her anymore, even if you want to


Prominent Republican hawks are debating whether to hold their noses and vote for Clinton instead.

Donald Trump calls the Iraq War a lie-fueled fiasco, admires Vladimir Putin and says he would be a "neutral" arbiter between Israel and the Palestinians. When it comes to America’s global role he asks, “Why are we always at the forefront of everything?"
Even more than his economic positions, Trump's foreign policy views challenge GOP orthodoxy in fundamental ways. But while parts of the party establishment are resigning themselves or even backing Trump's runaway train, one group is bitterly digging in against him: the hawkish foreign policy elites known as neoconservatives.
Story Continued Below
In interviews with POLITICO, leading neocons — people who promoted the Iraq war, detest Putin and consider Israel's security non-negotiable — said Trump would be a disaster for U.S. foreign policy and vowed never to support him. So deep is their revulsion that several even say they could vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump in November.
“Hillary is the lesser evil, by a large margin,” said Eliot Cohen, a founder of the Project for a New American Century, a neocon think tank which promoted a muscular U.S. role in the world. Trump's election would be “an unmitigated disaster for American foreign policy," Cohen said, adding that "he has already damaged it considerably.”
Cohen said he would "strongly prefer a third party candidate" to Trump, but added: "Probably if absolutely no alternative: Hillary."
In a March 1 interview with Vox, Max Boot, a military historian at the Council on Foreign Relations who backed the Iraq War and often advocates a hawkish foreign policy, said that he, too, would vote for Clinton over Trump. "I'm literally losing sleep over Donald Trump," he said. "She would be vastly preferable to Trump."
A group of Republican foreign policy experts plan to publish a blistering letter attacking Trump on Thursday, according to the Financial Times. They include Cohen; Peter Feaver, a former senior national security aide in George W. Bush's White House; Robert Zoellick, a former deputy to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; and Dov Zakheim, a former Bush Pentagon official.
Several other neocons said they find themselves in an impossible position, constitutionally incapable of voting for Clinton but repelled by a Republican whose foreign policy views they consider somewhere between nonexistent and dangerous — and disconnected from their views about American power and values abroad.
"1972 was the first time I was old enough to vote for president, and I did not vote. Couldn't vote for McGovern for foreign policy reasons, nor for Nixon because of Watergate," said Elliott Abrams, a former national security council aide to George W. Bush who specializes in democracy and the Middle East. "I may be in the same boat in 2016, unable to vote for Trump or Clinton."
Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, something of a dean of Washington neoconservatives, said he would seek out a third option before choosing between Trump and Clinton.“If it's Trump-Clinton, I'd work with others to recruit a strong conservative third party candidate, and do my best to help him win (which by the way would be more possible than people think, especially when people — finally — realize Trump shouldn't be president and Hillary is indicted),” Kristol wrote in an email.
No going back after that Bill. You can't just write in a name and STFU?
Kristol and Abrams have advised Florida senator Marco Rubio, the preferred choice of several neoconservatives, who admire his call for "moral clarity" in foreign policy and strong emphasis on human rights and democracy.
Alarm brewing for months in GOP foreign policy circles burst into public view last week, when Robert Kagan, a key backer of the Iraq War and American global might, wrote in the Washington Post that a Trump nomination would force him to cross party lines.
“The only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton,” Kagan warned. “The party cannot be saved, but the country still can be.”
In an interview, Kagan said his opposition to Trump "has nothing to do with foreign policy."

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Trump is outside label definition because each issue has it’s own solution

So on trade he is absolutely NOT C
On the border he is HARD C
On the Military he is C
On China he is diamond hard C
On Israel he is in Disneyland
And this is driving the Jesuit Society of Conservatism into scrotum tightening fits.
And has the Rove’s and Thiessen’s and Hayes’s and Krauthammers thinking Mussolini has to be stopped.
Worse still, they are sincere. Every last fucker BELIEVES.
This is why Trump can NEVER ‘take over’ the GOP although it can be destroyed if they are all stupid, venal and arrogant enough.
The ideological conservatives in the GOP MUST take this 'Trump interregnum’ to make certain they have a clue about the REAL WORLD of REAL PEOPLE who are not going to jump in, learn C#, use the Android SDK, invent financial service products for China Merchants Bank, and need a job they don’t hate which will last past the next financial cycle screwed up by the the Columbia School of Economics, or Cato or Brookings advised banks.

THIS IS LONG but this is SOME of the hard detail of Free Trade vs Fair Trade, and THIS is going to be  a big fat center of attack

For instance, if the Conservatives cannot let go of free trade then they have to have a path for high school graduates to have challenging, meaningful middle>upper middle class careers, NOT JUST JOBS in an growing economy.
An economy which then can support SOCIAL PROGRAMS.
Military expansion.
Govt grants for R&D, for instance to make renewable energy cheaper than fossil.
Sound interesting?
THEY DO NOT have any path. PERIOD. The free market, free trade experts have no vision of how this happens.
I believed in free markets.
I was a schmuck. I accepted this idea ideologically. It was something PURE.
These folks have 2 arguments for what has happened, automation is more responsible for job loss than any globalization, and globalization cannot be resisted (and is MORAL..Bernie, are you listening, because they are at Goldman and Morgan Stanley?).
This is one of Cato’s ACTUAL responses to my query about solutions which I posed as some critical thinking when I pointed out all they were doing was spouting criticisms of Trump’s ideas on this and were they recommending nothing:
“Certainly not nothing. Just not immoral, counterproductive protectionism. See, eg, http://thefederalist.com/2015/08/18/why-donald-trumps-immigration-plan-empowers-political-elites/ …”
So I did and here is the recommended read:
Michigan voters finally booted Gov. Granholm. According to Weigel’s piece, Michigan’s current governor, Rick Snyder, seems to understand that the way to real economic salvation comes not from a bitter, ignorant and immoral combination of statism and nativism, but from an optimistic embrace of free markets and the **** inevitability of globalization ****, similar to what Texas and other states implemented long ago. By contrast, Trump stands in the middle of the ocean and, instead of building a boat, promises to make the waves stop. Sadly, there are many Americans gasping for air, so desperate for hope and failed by their leaders that they’re willing give Trump a try. They’ll inevitably discover, however, that his xenophobic, anti-market policies will not only cause them to sink even further, but let their leaders get away with tethering them to the ocean floor.
Solution? Okay so what’s this Wiegel ref?
READ IT, if you want to understand.
I found NOTHING.
Again, my hypothesis is that jobs went overseas to the lowest cost, for MODEST price gains (perhaps really - lower price INCREASES) in exchange for the hollowing out of the American manufacturing, engineering, and now R&D infrastructure.
The gains realized went to the corporate coffers, perhaps to benefit certain funds, retirement among them, but for many workers they lost these benefits because their jobs disappeared. It made for great balance sheets.
When I asked if  one free trade supporter was ready to have their children selling insurance to each part time while studying to be social service counselors I was snarkliy reminded by them that their kids were into STEM(science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) - when I asked if their advanced degree would be taken in Shenzen, they responded the kids were taking MANDARIN, since they were planners.
Do we get it?
Everyone enjoying their RCA, Zenith, and Westinghouse TV’s?

We can’t tell a former Pontiac assembly technician, ‘here is 12 months of extended unemployment and a 6 week school in entering medical data’ (that’s the TAA, btw) and then see this person working at McD’s and Dunkin’ part time with no end in sight.
Now that’s a stereotype, but we have NO DATA RELEASED which makes that untrue. I wish I could find data either proving this wrong or right, but in its absence….
Cato and others quote THEIR data that automation is responsible for the vast majority of all this job loss, and Trump’s solution will hurt the low income voter:
After spouting the usual, already-debunked nonsense about China, U.S. trade deals, currency manipulation, and the trade deficit, Collins (Trump person) responds to an excellent Chuck Todd follow-up about what, as basic economics teaches us, would happen to U.S. consumers if President Trump were to impose prohibitive tariffs on imports:
Todd: And what happens when everybody’s cost of living goes up? I mean, that’s been the threat of this, that if this happens, then there’s trade wars, there’s tariff wars, and then suddenly a pair of shoes costs, you know, three times what it costs today, clothes cost three times what it costs today, somebody walking into a Walmart is gonna find out that their bill is three times what it was. What do you say to that person if that’s what ends up happening in a trade war with China?
Collins: Well, there’s exaggeration there. Here’s what I will tell you. It is my belief from experience that China has been stealing our jobs at a 15 to 30 percent price differential by manipulating their currency, so there’s no question, we want those jobs back. And for every manufacturing job that comes back to the United States, there are six other jobs created. That’s the magic of manufacturing, it’s why China stole those jobs, it’s why every governor in the United States is fighting for manufacturing jobs.
And you are correct there could be a, a very small 10 or 15 percent inflationary impact over a period of time. But I’ll also tell you this, the United States needs some level of inflation. Just speak to the Federal Reserve. You can’t withstand where we’ve been at 0 percent inflation. A 2 and 3 and 4 percent inflation rate is healthy for the economy, and frankly the twenty trillion dollars that we’re saddled with in debt, with a 3 or 4 percent inflation, would be paid back with cheaper dollars, and that’s a benefit for our children and grandchildren.
BTW the reference to ‘already debunked‘ in that is the author referring to his own opinion earlier published. Not that he is wrong, just pointing it out as NOT SETTLED SCIENCE.
So Cato is saying Trump is an asshole and he knows his plan to get jobs back here is a tariff which will make everything more expensive especially for poor Americans. And their counter plan?
Learn Mandarin?
Brookings TOTALLY disagrees on causes of job loss:
Despite the installation of far more robots between 1993 and 2007, Germany lost just 19 percent of its manufacturing jobs between 1996 and 2012 compared to a 33 percent drop in the United States. Korea, France, and Italy also lost fewer manufacturing jobs than the United States even as they introduced more industrial robots
Let’s be clear, there can be no doubt that automation by increasing productivity alone will take jobs away and reduce costs.
But then why is all that automation in Shenzen?
And why are their workers incomes so rapidly rising and not ours?
Free traders maybe able to point to their own reasons why, but offer no solutions.
This is analogous to listening to all the politicians telling us why a wall, or real border security is impossible but offer no solutions.
We keep hearing reasons to do nothing.
We MADE this situation. Our tax laws allow this situation.
We have to TRY things.
Much lower corporate tax rates. Tax exemptions for startups. Insisting on FAIR TRADE. Support for the growth of unions in Vietnam, or China.
Conservatives who cling to Free Trade must have a realistic, BELIEVABLE solution set all can understand, not a series of what amounts to excuses as to why we are screwed, while all can see huge corporations reaping the benefits via the reasons we are screwed.
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EXPLAINED! Why The People Want Trump

From Midnight Rider:

Even last night they still don't get it. 

Britt Hume on Fox (The Party's official channel and member of the elite themselves now. I mean they are still actively trying to knock Trump down. Even people I used to respect like Dana Loesch who I now have nothing but contempt for.) was trying to figure out what in Trump's message is getting through. 

Is it the immigration? No only 10% say that is a factor for them. 

The economy? No only 15-20% say that is the top issue for them. 

National security? 


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Former Head of the NSA & CIA says Donald J. Trump's Campaign Promises Could Cause a Military Revolt

... especially, I would imagine, the Transgender troops, and the women on the frontlines of battle.

Such talk makes one wonder if someone out there is already plotting a pre-emptive coup on Donald Trump.
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Karl Rove Is a Gift That Keeps On Giving

Best moment from last night:

Just for extra laughs, here's the genius in 2012:

Why the hell is he allowed any airtime?

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"Ladies and Gentlemen, The President of America!"


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The Super Tuesday GOP Results

After Jeb couldn't get any traction, Rubio became the GOP management’s anointed one.

Super Tuesday Primary results: a big thumb-in-the-eye of the GOP management (Karl Rove et al). And with record-setting, voter-turnout numbers for a primary, too.

The Party's management is still in denial.

In fact, these maniacs ensconced in the Party's management would rather Hillary Rodham Clinton win the November 2016 National Election than relinquish a scintilla of their power.

WE THE PEOPLE will have to wrest the power from their grasp.

Excerpt from: Karl Rove is a monster (2012 essay in WND):
...Rove is like a one-man wrecking crew for solid constitutionalist Republicans who buck the party establishment over which Rove presides.


Yet there is Rove, night after night getting paid to spew political conventional wisdom on Fox News Channel. There he is doling out hundreds of millions of dollars from his super-PAC in 2012 – not to all Republican candidates chosen by their constituents, but only to those who genuflect to Karl Rove and the party establishment....
Read the rest HERE.

Maybe this time around, the genuflection to the Party's management will come to a screeching halt.

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Arbour Zena

Keith Jarret - Piano
Charlie Haden - Bass
Jan Garbarek - Sax
Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra

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Anouar Brahem : Oud
François Couturier : Piano
Klaus Gesing : Bass Clarinet
Björn Meyer: Bass
OSI – Orchestra Della Svizzera Italiana, Pietro Mianiti : Conductor
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Trump Speech on CNN after Super Tuesday

From The Last English Prince:
Donald Trump provided a magnificent display of conceptual leadership during his remarks tonight. 
He stated he is a “Truth Teller”. His ability to identify and speak strongly regarding weaknesses in our governance is astounding. 
The Middle Class: We have been forgotten 
Corporate Inversion: He will work to reverse it 
Trade deficits: He will call to account. 
Illegal immigrants: “Either we have a country or we don’t. Either we have borders or we don’t.” 
Planned Parenthood: Yes, fund for women’s health. Defund for abortions. 
Islamic radicalism: A disaster everywhere you look – he will negotiate with the Gulf States to fund safe zones inside Syria for Syrian refugees. He noted that strong and powerful young adult Muslim (refugee) males do indeed present as a problem within Europe. 
Our aging infrastructure: We look like a third world country 
U.S. Military: It will be strengthened. No one will threaten us. Period. 
Common Core: He will get rid of it. Our children deserve smart education. 
Hillary Clinton: Other individuals have paid a high price for lesser offences than her own. He also noted that the problems she complained about are the ones she had an opportunity to work on in the prior decade. 
I think this is a very good summation of the CONTENT of a Donald Trump speech.

Trump appearances are so much about spectacle that the content gets lost.

When you break down what he says, it is clear why he is resonating with so many Americans who rightly feel their political leaders have betrayed them.


Oh, and by the way, for my part, I'm getting awfully sick of the libel against Trump about supporting David Duke. It's a steaming pile:

The Worst Thing About The Trump/David Duke Setup

Knowing fill well the history of Trump refusing to run in the Reform Party because of Duke's presence in 2000.

But that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz never thought twice about joining with the media in the latest political attack. Since the Nevada Caucus the NetRoots on the left have been pushing, building a Trump KKK internet straw man.

Cruz and Rubio had no problem joining the party.
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The PuffHo and the Jews

How far will The Huffington Post go to legitimize and whitewash Palestinian terrorists, dehumanize their Jewish victims, and incite hatred against Israel?

See for yourself in this explosive new documentary video, produced by SaveTheWest.com. SaveTheWest’s examination revealed five key facts:

(1) Of the 105 Palestinian terror attacks during this period, HuffPost ignored 94 of them, meaning they never appeared on either its front page or World page, its two highest-traffic pages that deal with international news.

(2) Of the 11 stories concerning attacks that HuffPost did cover – all of which were wire service reports from the AP or Reuters – in 9 cases it manipulated either (a) the provided headline copy, to blur the distinction between Palestinian terrorists and their Jewish victims, or (b) the headline imagery, to evoke sympathy for Palestinians.

In one case, it falsely implied that Israel was the aggressor. In another, it insinuated that Israeli Jews are murderous racists.

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Song of Sorrow

Elle King

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60 Minutes Crew Beaten by Masked Men (MUSLIMS?) While Filming Segment on "Migrants"

From the Daily Mail:

  • 60 Minutes Australia crew bashed by gang of masked men in Sweden
  • Cameraman and producer were injured in two separate attacks
  • They were punched in the face, run over and had a jar thrown at them 
  • Reporter Liz Hayes is covering European migrant crisis - she was unhurt
  • Channel Nine says 60 Minutes staff have returned to hotel and are safe 
  • The assaults were filmed and will form part of the upcoming story 
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    Miles Davis & Robben Ford
    New Blues and Maze

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    Tuesday, March 01, 2016

    Is Trump a Conservative?

    Is France an ally?

    America has both allies and enemies. France is not America and America is not France but we still hold very similar basic principles. We are allies.

    Newt Gingrich said a very interesting thing on Hannity's radio show today that got me thinking.

    He said that Trump may not be a pure conservative but he's an ally to them. He's definitely not an ally of the Left that which the Democratic Socialist Party adheres to.

    Most interesting thought. Does that make him worth voting for by the Right?

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    Sinners Prayer

    B.B. King, Billy Preston & Bruce Willis

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    Devil Woman
    Bruce Willis

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    Whorehouse Blues

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    It’s definitely going to be a Hans Gruber vote in Nov

    More recently, at a South Carolina campaign event, Mr. Trump touched on the smoky theory that the identity of those who funded the attacks was still not publicly known. If he wins, he said, “you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.”
    Oh God.
    After all, we all know.

    I’m getting ascared
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    Europe's hypocrisy on "migrants"

    Shmuley Boteach wrote about the double standard in European countries on the case of the Islamic invaders now being pushed by the regimes they came from to interlope in the next continent, yet at the same time, they see nothing wrong with Israel suffering the same problem.
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    The HYSTERIA today among real Conservatives is a remarkable testament

    Trump is happening. The reactions today are HALF A YEAR TOO LATE at the least, Sen Sasse. So GROW THE EFF UP.

    OBSERVATION, not preference.

    I’m too disgusted to have a preference.

    So what is the next step? What do you do now if you think Goldwater and Reagan actually had a clue?

    What do you do if you abhor the evangelical stranglehold of ‘values’ dictating what can be called conservative?

    Use the next 4 years or 8 years to make yourself rational, whether Trump wins or not.

    Figure out why the ideology of Free Trade DOES NOT WORK, and find the practical solution set so that people who are not going to be coding PHP or MYSQL or Ruby on Rails, or using the Android SDK, or ending MS or Cancer, and have a high school education can ONCE AGAIN have meaningful and challenging careers.

    Figure out how to have a foreign policy and a military to match that which can be sustained OVER THE LONGER TERM

    Figure out how to make risk in the financial world manageable without TBTF
    Find the correct place for God.

    It’s clear if nothing changes there will be no GOP in about 5 months except some shell pretending to campaign under a false flag.

    A Donald Trump cannot ‘take over’ the GOP. He can ride a wave of frustration caused by deafness, inaction and elitism to a nomination, but THAT’S ALL IT CAN BE.
    Grow up, put away the Toquemada purity tests and grow up.
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    The GOPe is Getting Desperate

    From Erick Erickson:

    Time to Prepare the Exit Strategy

    It is time for Republicans to seriously consider an exit strategy as they grapple with the rise of Trump. It may be necessary for men and women of principle within the party to set the self-detonation sequence as they escape the ship to a new party. Trump and his angry band of supporters are starting to board and the GOP, as an entity, will be a terrible place to stay for many elected officials.

    Already in Arizona the Democrats are attacking John McCain for saying he would support Donald Trump as the nominee. It is only going to get worse.

    An independent bid would be difficult because of the signature requirements in places like Texas, but Rick Perry could potentially mount a successful bid.

    However, it may be possible to launch a bid to adopt the Constitution Party as a new party of Republican resistance. The Constitution Party is in every state and would be an easier way to proceed than creating a new third party or launching an independent bid.

    One thing is certain, however. Plans must be put forward now. Randy Barnett is right. The problem for the GOP is that Trump will be deeply destructive to down ballot races and could lead to a huge Republican vote staying home. Those Republicans not voting could cause devastation only a few years after the GOP saw its biggest gains since the late 1800’s.

    Controlling so many state legislatures and Governors mansions could be advantageous in access for a Republican third party bid. Many of those incumbents understand that their survival depends on an alternative to Donald Trump.

    If Trump wins the GOP nomination, Hillary Clinton is going to win the Presidency. But the GOP still has the potential to build a firewall of support for Republicans nationwide through a third party.

    Planning needs to get underway immediately and the GOP needs to release that they waited too late on Trump, they should not wait so long that they cannot save themselves.



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    Ode to #NEVERTRUMP

    These are observations, and they can apply to BOTH PARTIES (because BERNIE) ..I have not cast a vote for Trump and at present have no plans to IN ANY PRIMARY

    Every Passover, with family around the table, and in observation that every generation there arises those who wish to wipe out the Jews there is a song we sing.

    Dayyenu - It would have been enough for us

    So on this Tuesday as #NEVERTRUMP forces are coating their door posts with the blood of their pure conservative lambs here is a lyric:

    If you had only just really reduced the rate of growth of spending
         It would have been enough for us

    If you had only just made realistic plans to replace Obamacare
         It would have been enough for us

    If you had only made a single REAL effort to secure the border since the subject came up in 1986
        It would have been enough for us

    If you had only made realistic plans for military victory in Iraq
        It would have been enough for us

    If you had only planned for the real result of not acting on the ‘red line’
        It would have been enough for us

    If you had just recognized what the Chinese economy meant MILITARILY
        It would have been enough for us

    If you had ONLY just found Lois Lerner in contempt and pushed the effort to jail her to the absolute maximum, and I mean MAXIMUM
        It would have been enough for us

    If you had only made realistic plans for the results of free trade for our workers
        It would have been enough for us

    If you had only reacted to the real results of free trade instead of doubling down on it, and denying
        It would have been enough for us

    If you had dealt realistically with Iran, and with the TREATY in the Senate
        It would have been enough for us

    If you had not had those pictures taken with Al Nusra think alikes in Syria demonstrating you understood the issue and realities
        It would have been enough for us

    If you had asked WHY Russia felt the need for SEVERAL new classes of ICBM’s, SLBMs, and missile submarines while we kept ours from the 1970′s and 80′s
        It would have been enough for us

    But you didn’t.

    And now as you see the angel of death (Trump) descend among you rather than recognize your errors, you plan on ensuring HRC (OBAMA III) becomes president?

    Rather than plan for the long march through ideology to practicality during an unfortunate and unpleasant Trump INTERREGNUM, you are planning and you are seen to be planning a coronation march for an amoral, entitled, Hillary.

    We will say of the GOP in the coming years:

    If they had only REFORMED when Trump beat them with a stick
        It would have been enough for us
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    No 1st Amendment Right to Film the Police Unless You Are Challenging Their Behavior?

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    In the past 3-4 days I’ve managed to PISS OFF BOTH TRUMP AND NON TRUMP

    So what have I learned?
    I wish I could post the entire twitterfestungamerica, because it was really humorous and aggravating at the same time.

    The Trumpers seem to want to call me a neocon Cruzite, and the non Trumpers want to tell me I am not a conservative thus I must report to the inquisition.

    The problem REMAINS that every SINGLE candidate is odious to one degree or another over CRITICAL issues, except for the inexperienced Dr. Carson who thinks Joseph actually built Khufu’s construction projects and they are grain silos. But he has no shot anyway except on the 34th ballot

    Review ..

    Trump - no way out of the KKK fiasco, mishandled at best, pandering to asshole hidden white supremacist votes today at worst. His eminent domain ideas are frightening and he wants to have English libel laws (which formed a part of the BASIC difference between the madre nation and us in 1789). He is RIGHT about the border, and RIGHT about trade which ARE his main issues, but jeeeez. And all this is, of course, providing this is not a pure selling job

    Cruz - good on Constitution, pissed off everyone he works with, ok on FP, and so in love with evangelical ideas (i think he’s probably sincere on this-and maybe that’s somewhat frightening) he’d be with Falwell and against Goldwater. Against TPP

    Rubio - Right on many FP issues, knows who the bad guys are, and took the Free Trade elevator straight to hell - voted for TPP

    These are facts, and the Trumpers and non Trumpers BOTH hate them.

    They hate them so much that we have BOTH the #NEVERTRUMP movement which wants a third party, or a second Republican party or some other take the ball and go home movement, and the ‘if Trump’s nomination is stolen’ movement which is basically a stereoisomer of that former group.
    Each apparently hates the other more than HRC or Bernie.

    I’m writing in HANS GRUBER
    Yippee kay yay


    Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) on Tuesday vowed to give up on the GOP if Donald Trump wins the party’s presidential nomination.
    “Let’s first recognize that the Republican Party is just a tool, as all political parties are,” he told hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe."
    “I signed up for the party of [former President] Abraham Lincoln, not the party of David Duke, Donald Trump,” Sasse continued, linking the white nationalist with Trump’s White House run.
    “I hope it happens over the course of the next 30 to 60 days that the Republican Party again becomes the party of Abraham Lincoln, limited government and great human potential. I want to celebrate what’s great about America in the Republican Party, but if the Republican Party becomes the party of David Duke [and] Donald Trump, I’m out.”
    Sasse then rejected the notion that Trump could evolve into a stronger conservative.
    “I don’t that this guy has any more core principles than a Kardashian marriage,” he said. "Do any of you think Donald Trump has any core values? I don’t think it’s conceivable."
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    MSNBC BACKFIRE: Donald Trump a Hero With Black Supporter at Rally

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    Little Hurricane
    Trouble Ahead

    Haunted Heart

    Grounds For Divorce

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    Monday, February 29, 2016

    If Tomorrow is a Reflection of This......

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    Muslim Nanny Beheads Child In Moscow

    Just another day of the joy of living with Muslims. Nothing to see here, move right along.

    According to Nanny waving child's severed head detained in Moscow (dated February 29, 2016):
    Moscow (AFP) - Moscow police on Monday arrested a nanny for beheading a young girl in her care, with witnesses saying the black-clad woman was carrying a severed head and threatening to "blow everyone up".

    The agitated woman, who was reportedly shouting "Allahu Akbar", was spotted pacing up and down outside a Moscow metro station in front of bewildered bystanders.

    Russian investigators said a woman had been detained after killing a child aged three or four who reportedly had learning disabilities, then setting fire to the apartment and fleeing.


    "According to preliminary information, the child's nanny... waited until the parents left the apartment with their elder child and, guided by unknown motives, killed the little one, set the apartment on fire and left the scene," the Investigative Committee said.


    Investigators said a criminal probe had been opened and that the suspect would undergo a psychiatric examination to establish whether she "understands the meaning of her actions and behaviour".

    Interfax news agency, citing a law enforcement source, identified the woman as 38-year-old Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, a native of Muslim-majority Uzbekistan.

    LifeNews said Bobokulova had told authorities she committed the crime because of her husband's infidelity, adding that she may be suffering from manic psychosis....

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    Say, does anyone know what the #2 bestseller in German non fiction is?

    “Mein Kampf” is a bestseller again in Germany, with demand so outstripping supply that it is virtually impossible to get one’s hands on a copy.
    Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic screed, which was republished in Germany earlier this year in a scientifically annotated edition, is currently the country’s second-best selling nonfiction book, according to one bestseller list, surpassed in sales only by a book about “The secret lives of Trees.” But this reporter was unable to purchase a copy, learning from salespeople in about a dozen bookstores in three cities that “Mein Kampf” can only be pre-ordered, is unavailable for immediate purchase and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
    “You can order it, but I don’t know when it’ll arrive,” a shop assistant in a bookstore at Berlin’s famous KaDeWe department store told The Times of Israel during a recent visit.
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    Another Chapter in the Secure Border Chronicles

    The Mexican government has placed six states on high alert following the theft of a vehicle with radioactive material. That alert comes less than a year after Mexico had an almost identical case where authorities throughout most of southern Mexico spent days searching for the missing material.
    The warning was issued on Sunday evening by Mexico’s Secretariat of the Interior, just one day after the theft of a commercial pickup that had been transporting industrial material, including a yellow container with a rod of Iridium-192.
    The theft of the pickup took place on in the town of San Juan del Rio, Queretaro in the central part of Mexico. In response the Mexican government placed six central and southern states on heightened alert and deployed federal police forces to search for the stolen radioactive material.
    Just imagine if Bush had SECURED THE BORDER.

    What would our politics look like right now?
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