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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sharia Police In Hamburg, Germany

From Breitbart:
Islamic State and “Sharia Police” stickers have been seen on vehicles in Hamburg, and some fear that extremists may try and harass residents. However, police and security services have denied these reports. 
At least one witness has came forward claiming that she has seen Islamic State logos and sharia police slogans on a car in Hamburg. 
According to the woman, she saw a car at a traffic light populated by three women wearing the Islamic full-face veil, the hood of the car was described as having a large logo on it with a blue border which read: “Sharia Police”. 
Now some fear that the so-called sharia patrols that harassed the residents of Wuppertal in 2014 could be returning to German streets, reports Die Welt. The woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, told the paper that she clearly saw the words “Sharia Police” on the vehicle. 
The original sharia police were formed in 2014 by radical preacher and Islamic convert Sven Lau. Lau formed the group in order to tackle what he deemed unIslamic or “haram” behaviour in Wuppertal. The group wore high-visibility jackets with the words “Sharia Police” on the back. 
The patrols harassed locals in the area who were drinking, gambling, or engaging in any other activity considered socially acceptable in the West which would otherwise be considered haram in Muslim countries. 
The group also put up stickers – much like their British “Sharia Patrol” counterparts – indicating areas that were “sharia controlled zones” and subject to the Islamic holy law, rather than German secular laws. Alcohol, gambling, music, pornography, prostitution, and drugs were all said to be banned in the area by the group.


German Court Rules Sharia Police Can Be Tried

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France Pleads With Citizens to Help Ease Migrant Crisis: "Let Refugees Into Your Homes"

Widows and Orphans

From The Express:
There are currently 147 reception centres across France, but these are in massive demand as desperate refugees continue to flee the Middle East. 
Housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse has pledged to built a further 50 centres before the end of next month in a desperate bid to ease the crisis. 
But she has also called on French people to open up their homes to migrants in need. 
Several organisations have already promised to help. The group Singa has helped 300 migrants find a temporary home since it launched its 'Calm' scheme last June. 
Singa co-director Alice Barbe said: "We match people according to where they live, their job, their hobbies, and the languages they speak. 
"If things work out, the migrant will remain in the person's home for a minimum of two weeks, and for up to nine months."
Oh, is that all?


Wealthy Swedes Asked To Give Up Their Country Homes For Migrants
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Mayor of Cannes Bans Burqa Bitches on Beaches

Fuck Burqas and Burkinis.

From the Telegraph:
The mayor of Cannes has banned the wearing of burkinis - full-body swimsuits - on the beaches of the French Riviera resort famous for its annual film festival, officials said on Thursday. 
Mayor David Lisnard signed off on the ruling that "access to beaches and for swimming is banned to anyone who does not have (bathing apparel) which respects good customs and secularism", which is a founding principle of the French republic. 
"Beachwear which ostentatiously displays religious affiliation, when France and places of worship are currently the target of terrorist attacks, is liable to create risks of disrupting public order (crowds, scuffles etc) which it is necessary to prevent," it says. 
Thierry Migoule, head of municipal services for the town, sought to clarify the ruling's intent. "We are not talking about banning the wearing of religious symbols on the beach ... but ostentatious clothing which refers to an allegiance to terrorist movements which are at war with us," he said.
Watch. France will deport the Mayor of Cannes.
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How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen

From Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal:
Those in power see people at the bottom as aliens whose bizarre emotions they must try to manage. 
This is about distance, and detachment, and a kind of historic decoupling between the top and the bottom in the West that did not, in more moderate recent times, exist. 
(Regarding Angela Merkel and her co-conspirators in giving Germany away): 
Nothing in their lives will get worse. 
The challenge of integrating different cultures, negotiating daily tensions, dealing with crime and extremism and fearfulness on the street--that was put on those with comparatively little, whom I’ve called the unprotected. They were left to struggle, not gradually and over the years but suddenly and in an air of ongoing crisis that shows no signs of ending--because nobody cares about them enough to stop it. 
The powerful show no particular sign of worrying about any of this. 
When the working and middle class pushed back in shocked indignation, the people on top called them “xenophobic,” “narrow-minded,” “racist.” 
The detached, who made the decisions and bore none of the costs, got to be called “humanist,” “compassionate,” and “hero of human rights.” ... 
The larger point is that this is something we are seeing all over, the top detaching itself from the bottom, feeling little loyalty to it or affiliation with it. It is a theme I see working its way throughout the West’s power centers. 
At its heart it is not only a detachment from, but a lack of interest in, the lives of your countrymen, of those who are not at the table, and who understand that they’ve been abandoned by their leaders’ selfishness and mad virtue-signalling. ... 
From what I’ve seen of those in power throughout business and politics now, the people of your country are not your countrymen, they’re aliens whose bizarre emotions you must attempt occasionally to anticipate and manage.
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Thelonius Monk
Straight No Chaser
Full Album

01 - 00:00 - Locomotive [Th. Monk]
02 - 06:41 - I Didn’t now About You [Take 4] [Duke Ellington]
03 - 13:33 - Straight, No Chaser [Th. Monk]
04 - 25:02 - Japanese Folk Song [Kōjō no Tsuki] [Rentarō Taki]
05 - 41:45 - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea [Harlod Arlen]
06 - 49:22 - We See [Th. Monk]
07 - 61:00 - This Is My Story, This Is My Song [Phoebe Knapp]
08 - 62:42 - I Didn’t Know About You [D. Ellington]
09 - 69:32 - Green Chimneys [Th. Monk]

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In NJ, Students Prepare to Confront Virulent Campus BDS Movement

From PJM:
A concerned group of pro-Israel activists crowded into the social hall of Beth El Synagogue in East Windsor, New Jersey, Thursday night. The evening's topic was learning how to prepare college students in their families to combat the boycott/divestment/sanctions (BDS) movement growing on college campuses across the country. 
BDS presents itself as a peaceful protest against Israeli settlements in the West Bank through economic sanctions on products produced in what Palestinian activists call “the occupied territories.” It isn't. The co-founder of the BDS movement, Columbia University Professor Omar Barghouti, has spoken openly about eliminating the entire State of Israel from the map. 
Natan Sharansky, executive chairman of the Jewish Agency and human rights activist, has tagged the BDS movement as both anti-Israel and anti-Semitic for its use of what he calls the “three Ds”: delegitimization, demonization, and double standards.
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Billy Joe Shaver
The Hottest Thing In Town

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Clinton Aide Freaks Out When Asked Why Orlando Shooter's Father Sat In VIP Section at Hillary Rally

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Muslims Threaten California Church with “Allahu Akbars” During Sunday Mass

From Fox News:
As Father Josiah Trenham prepared to read the Gospel, several parishioners discreetly scooped up their babies, retreated up the aisles of St. Andrew Orthodox Church and out into the spring air, so as not to allow the crying of little ones to disturb the divine liturgy. 
The time-honored tradition was shattered when a car passed by the Riverside, Calif., church, slowing down as the front passenger leaned out of his window and bellowed menacingly through a bullhorn, according to witnesses. 
“Allahu Akbar!” the unidentified man repeated several times as the unnerved parents drew their infants close and exchanged worried glances. 
Witnesses were able to give Riverside police a description of the green Honda Civic, but not of the three occupants. 
Some told police they believed one or more of the men may have been taking photographs, according to Officer Ryan Railsback. 
Although Trenham insisted multiple congregants heard the Arabic phrase, Railsback noted no mention of it was in the police report. 
Whatever the case, no law was broken – even if an unmistakable message was sent and received. 
“Be calm and to keep a special vigilance over the property and our children while we are at church,” Trenham wrote in an email to parishioners in which he recounted the disturbing event. 
“Pray that these provocative young men might repent of their intimidation and be saved.” 
Trenham told FoxNews.com last week the situation remains “tense and tenuous,” and said the church now has security officers on hand for all regular services. 
“It is a deep sorrow to live this way in the ‘new America,’” he said.
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Belgian Secretary of Asylum and Immigration Tried for Year To Get Radical Imam Ejected From Country, and COULD NOT, Now, Belgium Has To Deal With His Son Calling For Death of Christians

This is happening in Belgium. It is easy for us as Americans to think we are ok.


Our Government-Media/Academia Complex operates by the same narrative.

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German Intelligence: We Have Evidence ISIS Hides ‘Hit Squads’ Among Syrian Refugees

From the Daily Caller:
German intelligence officials are aware that ISIS fighters have successfully smuggled in “hit squads” among the flow of Syrian refugees across German borders. 
According to Politico, Manfred Hauser — the vice president of BayLfV, the Bavarian region’s intelligence gathering apparatus — told the BBC Thursday that officials must “accept we have hit squads and sleeper cells in Germany.” 
“We have substantial reports that among the refugees there are hit squads,” he added. “There are hundreds of these reports, some from refugees themselves.” 

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Miles Davis
Porgy and Bess
Full Album

01 Bess, You Is My Woman Now
02 Buzzard Song
03 Fishermen, Strawberry
And Devil Crab
04 Gone (take 4)
05 Gone, Gone, Gone
06 Gone
07 Here Come De Honey Man
08 I Loves You, Porgy
(take 1, second version)
09 I Loves You, Porgy
10 It Ain't Necessarily So
11 My Man's Gone Now
12 Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess
13 Prayer (Oh Doctor Jesus)
14 Summertime
15 There's A Boat That's
Leaving Soon For New York

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Compilation of CNN Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinton

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Idaho: Muslim charged with sexual assault was touted by media as “moderate” two months ago

The Muslims Are Restless

From Jihad Watch:
All too often we see this. The media (and even many counter-jihad organizations and groups that should know better) is so avid to highlight “moderate Muslims” that they get taken in again and again by Muslims who are anything but. But the Right is so cowed by the Left and its identity politics that it will keep playing along, anyway. 
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Christian Refugees Hide Their Bibles as Islamists Take Over German Migrant Camps

From Express:
According to religious groups, Christians are regarded as "unclean" and "more impure than dogs" by some Muslim extremists. 
Outbreaks of violence and death threats across the country are rife as Germany's politicians try and step into rehouse the 1.1million people that have gone there on the invitation of chancellor Angela Merkel. 
Now Christian campaigners are warning the situation is spiralling out of control with reports of death threats and of Christians having their bibles ripped up. 
Around 14 Iranian Christian men were recently removed from a camp near the city of Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock after they were threatened by Islamic fundamentalists. 
The men who were living in a camp in Bielefeld, a town which also hosts a British Forces base, were threatened with death should they not renounce Christianity, according to reports. 
And Christians were also forced to eat leftover food during Ramadan after the meal times were changed in order that the Muslim population could follow their fast which requires that they don't eat during daylight hours. 
Pastor Mahin Mousapour of the Persian Father House community in Frankfurt converted to Christianity more than 25 years ago, and said many Muslims regard their Chirstian hosts "unclean" and "more impure than dogs. 
The 57-year-old, who lives in Frankfurt, and is from Iran is extremely worried about the minority Christian groups living in the camps who have fled from their own homes. 
She said: "I love Muslims. "But many Muslim refugees say that all Christians are unclean. "During the period of Ramadan, it was particularly disastrous.
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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest this week is IQ al-Rassoli.

Listen to the August 12, 2016 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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Israelis in Rio endure 'shocking' hostility, taunting by Muslim nations...

Israelis in Rio endure 'shocking' hostility, taunting by Muslim nations...
The 2016 Olympic Games have been billed as an opportunity to put politics aside in the spirit of international camaraderie, but that’s not necessarily how it’s working out for Israeli athletes. 
Animosity toward the 47-member delegation has triggered a reprimand from the International Olympic Committee and alarm from Jewish groups such as the Anti-Defamation League, which issued a statement this week decrying anti-Israel “hostility” in Rio de Janeiro. 
“Shocking but not surprisingly, the Lebanese and Saudi delegations obviously have the wrong idea about the Olympic Games,” said a statement Wednesday by Roz Rothstein, CEO of the pro-Israel group Stand With Us. 
“Instead of using the events to forget animosity and promote peace between people, they have brought their brainwashed minds to Rio,” she said. 
“How unfortunate that they could not implement the good, peaceful intentions of the Olympics, and instead have used it as a forum to spread hate and continued rejection of peace.” 
The confrontations with delegations of nations traditionally hostile to Israel have marred an otherwise successful Olympics for Israel. 
Two days ago, judo fighter Yarden Gerbi won the bronze medal, making her the nation’s first medal winner since the 2008 Olympics. 
Instead, Olympic organizers placed the Israeli athletes on a “special vehicle,” said Israeli sailing team trainer Udi Gal. 
“The bus driver opened the door, but this time the head of the Lebanese delegation blocked the aisle and entrance,” Mr. Gal said on Facebook. 
“The organizers wanted to avoid an international and physical incident and sent us away to a different bus.” He said he was “enraged and shocked by this event.”
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Gavin McInnes: Assange Knows Something Weird Happened To Seth Rich But Isn't Telling Us

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Black Lives Matter Platform Author Defends Accusing Israel Of “Genocide”

Black Lives Matter is an absolutely racist organization, across the board.
NEW YORK (JTA) — The co-author of the Black Lives Matter platform passage accusing Israel of “genocide” defended the term, saying Israel’s actions fit in its wider definition. 
Ben Ndugga-Kabuye co-authored the statement along with Rachel Gilmer, the former board member of a Zionist youth group. 
Ndugga-Kabuye told JTA he understood why Jewish groups disagree with the statement, but was perplexed that it has received so much attention. 
He compared it with the accusations of genocide that black activists have leveled at the United States and called the Israeli-Palestinian conflict one of many international conflicts US black activists feel connected to. 
“The way we look at it is, we take strong stances,” Ndugga-Kabuye, a New York City organizer for the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, told JTA. 
“The demand we’re making is we’re against the US continuing funding and military aid to the government of Israel. These are all things that are going to be in debate.” 
The platform, released August 2 by The Movement for Black Lives coalition, is largely a statement of the goals of a movement that coalesced around police violence directed against black people in the United States, mass incarceration of African-Americans and other domestic issues.
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Pro-Taliban/Anti-Gay Father Of Orlando Terrorist Said He Was “Invited By The Democratic Party” To Sit Behind Hillary Clinton At Rally

From Breitbart:
But the campaign has not explained who was responsible for putting the controversial figure on stage. 
Mateen said that he was “invited by the Democratic party.” “I am a member, so as a member, I get the invitations. There’s nothing particular about it,” he said. 
Mateen would likely have been screened as he entered the event, although to appear on the stage with Clinton he would likely require additional screening by the Secret Service or be hand selected by a staffer. 
“Those behind the candidate are almost always screened in advance,” a campaign staffer for a former presidential candidate who had Secret Service protection explained in an interview with Breitbart News. 
He admitted, however, that a staffer would frequently vouch for additional people who could join the candidate on stage during the rally. 
He explained that it was highly unlikely that the Secret Service would allow a person to approach or stand on the stage behind the candidate, without advance screening or explicit permission from a member of the campaign.
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Humpday Blues

Luther Allison
Bad News Is Coming
Full Album

00:00 The Little Red Rooster (Chester Burnett / Willie Dixon / Big Mama Thornton)
04:10 Evil Is Going On (Willie Dixon)
08:50 Raggedy and Dirty (Ray Goodman / Andrew Smith)
12:32 Rock Me Baby (Joe Josea / B.B. King)
18:18 Bad News Is Coming (Luther Allison / Paul White)
25:43 Cut You A-Loose (Mel London)
31:42 Dust My Broom (Elmore James)
34:30 The Stumble (Freddie King)
36:52 Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson)
41:06 It's Been a Long Time (Luther Allison)
51:50 Take My Love (Mertis John / Mertis John Jr.)

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Cenk Uygur Predicts Donald Trump Will Become President!

This is worth watching.

"On the Democratic side, we put out the most standard politician of all-time (Hillary). AND THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR THAT."

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Overture - Cotton Avenue

Jaco with Joni Mitchell

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Islam Is Conquering, and Will Conquer Europe

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Swedish free church to bomb ISIS areas with bibles

Swedish free church to bomb ISIS areas with bibles 
At a meeting in Uppsala, the Livets Ord (Word of Life) organization presented how drones flying at a high altitude would release thousands of small, electronic bibles into Iraq. 
“The bibles are the size of pill boxes and have a display. They require no electricity, but work on their own,” its mission director Christian Åkerhielm told broadcaster SVT. 
“Our ambition is to pass on the hope and love of the Christian gospel to a population living in closed areas where they are being denied human rights,” Livets Ord wrote on its website.
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Orlando Shooting Survivor Outraged That Killer's Father Attended Hillary Clinton Campaign Event

From Click Orlando:
Ceballo wasn't only surprised, he was angry. 
"I'm outraged," he said. "For him to come back to Orlando, where his son created devastation, was also mind-blowing. If I would have known that, I would have not come." 
Ceballo attended the rally as a "plus one" guest with Hansen, who was contacted and invited by someone whom he presumed was from the Clinton campaign. 
Afterward, the two went backstage, met Clinton and took pictures with her, holding a sign with her new campaign message, "Standing Together." 
But Ceballo is now questioning the slogan, wondering how the Clinton campaign didn't notice that Mateen's father was allowed to be in the center of the crowd behind the podium at which Clinton stood and addressed the Pulse massacre that left 49 dead and 53 others injured. 
"I know how many people, family members, loved ones and friends are still grieving," Clinton said during the rally. 
"Hillary has been supporting the LGBT community, she's been to Pulse, you know? To find out (Mateen's father) was there, it's really disappointing," Ceballo said. 
"I'm not happy about it at all. I feel, like, let down."
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Assange Implies Murdered DNC Staffer May Have Been Wikileaks Source

It's hard to overstate the amount of caution we should all display with this story, but it's too newsworthy to ignore. 
It starts with this interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange where he brings up murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, unprompted. 
Here's the juicy part: 
ASSANGE: Our whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. There's a 27 year old that works for the DNC, he was shot in the back. Murdered, uh just a few weeks ago, uh, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington. So... 
INTERVIEWER: That was, that was just a robbery I believe. Wasn't it? 
ASSANGE: No. There's no finding. So... 
INTERVIEWER: What are you suggesting? What are you suggesting? 
ASSANGE: I'm suggesting our sources take risks and they uh, become concerned, uh to see things occurring, like that. 
INTERVIEWER: Was he one of your sources then? I mean... 
ASSANGE: We don't comment on who our sources are. 
INTERVIEWER: Then why make the suggestion about a young guy being shot in the streets of Washington? 
ASSANGE: Because we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States. And our sources are ... you know... our sources face serious risks. That's why they come to us, so we can protect their anonymity.

WikiLeaks offers reward for help finding DNC staffer's killer

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The Band
The Last Waltz
Full Album

Theme from the Last Waltz (Concert Version)The Band
Up On Cripple Creek (Concert Version)The Band
Who Do You Love (Concert Version) [feat. Ronnie Hawkins]The Band
Helpless (Concert Version) [feat. Neil Young]The Band
Stagefright (Concert Version)The Band
Coyote (Concert Version) [feat. Joni Mitchell]The Band
Dry Your Eyes (Concert Version) [feat. Neil Diamond]The Band
It Makes No Difference (Concert Version)The Band
Such a Night (Concert Version) [feat. Dr. John]The Band
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Concert Version)The Band
Mystery Train (Concert Version) [feat. Paul Butterfield]The Band
Mannish Boy (Concert Version) [feat. Muddy Water]The Band
Further On Up the Road (Concert Version) [feat. Eric Clapton]The Band

The Shape I'm In (Concert Version)The Band
Down South In New Orleans (Concert Version) [feat. Bobby Charles]The Band
Ophelia (Concert Version)The Band
Tura Lura Lural (That's An Irish Lullaby) [Concert Version] {feat. Van Morrison}The Band
Caravan (Concert Version) [feat. Van Morrison]The Band
Life Is a Carnival (Concert Version)The Band
Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Concert Version) [feat. Bob Dylan]The Band
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) [Concert Version] {feat. Bob Dylan}The Band
Forever Young (Concert Version) [feat. Bob Dylan] The Band
Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) [Concert Version] {feat. Bob Dylan}
I Shall Be Released (Finale) [Concert Version] {Ensemble}The Band

The Last Waltz Suite: The Well The Band
The Last Waltz Suite: Evangeline [feat. Emmylou Harris] The Band
The Last Waltz Suite: Out of the Blue The Band
The Last Waltz Suite: The Weight (feat. The Staples)The Band
The Last Waltz Suite: The Last Waltz Refrain The Band
The Last Waltz Suite: Theme from the Last Waltz (feat. Orchestra)The Band

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Philippines city mayor bans muslims from city

Why is it that people all over the world get fed up with Muslims?
URDANETA CITY, Pangasinan: Mayor Amadeo Gregorio Perez 4th has ordered the clearing of the city of all Muslim residents, giving them three weeks to leave Urdaneta in the wake of his intensified campaign against illegal drugs.
Get the story at the Vlad Tepes Blog.

And then check this out:
Some perspective on the Philippine experience with Islam with this 1930s movie on events that took place in 1908. 
This movie also shows that the problem is not what the US doesn’t know, but what it has forgotten and what it is no longer allowed to say.

Meanwhile, ask yourself, HOW FUCKING GAY IS ISLAM?

“Create bomb for miss universe”: Islamic State in Philippines calls for mass murder at beauty pageant


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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Black Country Woman

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The Ravaging of Rotherham

UK Express:
GROOMING of young girls by gangs of predominantly Kashmiri men is still occurring on an “industrial scale” in Rotherham because authorities are failing to tackle an organised child sex crime racket, an investigation by express.co.uk has uncovered.
Because it's better to have English girls get raped than to appear as racissss.

Intimidation is rife:
"We had my granddaughter for the day nine weeks ago and we took the dog for a walk. On the way back I noticed two BMWs full of Asians.
“We were going past and we heard them saying something, but we just ignored it. We got across the road and all of a sudden we started hearing this abuse 'you white bastards, don't think your daughter is safe', things of that nature.
"There was no one else in the street so it was obviously aimed at us. The next moment this big Pakistani guy with a shaven head - he was wearing some sort of robes - put his arm out of the car window and he was waving a tin of lighter fuel shouting 'we will see, we will see'.”
Europe is on track to import hundreds of thousands of these animals. The near-future of the continent is rape, death and carnage.
A concerned resident told Express.co.uk he regularly saw cars full of abusers kerb crawling in the area around his home, adding it is an open secret taxi drivers still target local schools at home time in the hope of picking up young girls.
When will Europe wake up?

(Originally posted at Isaac Schrödinger.)


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To the NatSec letter signers…

You have FAILED. You are all members of an elitist, and by FACT, FAILED political class.
Your dunning is the scare tactic of FAILURES
‘We failures, being failures, cannot abide the idea of some other set of ideas we cannot comprehend and scaring us, scaring others, and resulting in scenarios we have failed and cannot predict, control or figure out.’
These people are, as a group, one ROBERT GHORMLEY to Trump’s EJ King
This nation, in foreign policy has UNQUESTIONABLY declined since 2001.
Afghanistan - FAIL
Iraq- FAIL
Iran - FAIL
KSA - despises us and has no respect
Japan - worried we are undependable
China - challenges us without fear in every manner
Australia - openly considering if their future lies with China and not WESTERN IDEALS, and the USA
Israel - seeking better allies, but temporarily stuck, and MAY end up with China
Egypt - gone to Russia after we favored those who HATE US, the Muslim Brotherhood
Russia - resurgent in brutal manners with neighbors (Crimea, UKR), loss of respect for NATO, making closer alliances with BOTH Iran and Israel (high end, high tech DRONES, anyone?), moved BACK into the middle east as Obama FAILED UTTERLY in making the ‘RED LINE’ then abandoning it
CIA - FAIL with Iran NIE of 2007, FAIL with caving in on Benghazi talking points as Director Morrel  PERSONALLY writes fictional talking points for Susan Rice for the express purpose of lying to the entire USA, and now endorses the ultimate product of this long list of FAIL, HRC.
FAIL, FAIL ,FAIL and they have the gall to imagine their ‘gravitas’ should bear consequence.
It should, just not the gravitas they imagine.
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Black Lives Matter exposed as Muslim front group

From the Vlad Tepes Blog:
This is the typical behavior you would expect from supporters of a racist hate group. Because that’s what Black Lives Matter is. A racist hate group associated with black nationalism. Its supporters have rioted, looted, murdered police officers and now vandalized churches. 
Yet somehow this hate group is as sacrosanct as the Nazi Party was in Germany. 
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From the Conservative Treehouse:
Lets see if the national media reports on this story. The Florida DNC sent a rally invitation to the father of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Terrorist, Omar Mateen. 
You might remember all of those pictures of Seddique Mateen in Washington DC meeting with State Department officials and Democrat members of congress. 
Well apparently Omar’s father, Seddique Mateen, a full-throated DNC supporter, accepted the invitation and was caught on camera sitting directly behind Hillary Clinton and cheering for her during the event in Kissimmee. 
But wait, it gets even better.  Mr. Seddique Mateen gave a recorded interview to WPTV News.  The media who noticed his attendance, and obviously recognized the severity of this optically, was so gobsmacked,… well you just have to listen to them…. it’s hilarious. FLORIDA – Hillary Clinton spoke to a crowd in Kissimee, just south of Orlando.  She was supposed to be talking jobs, but started the speech off paying tribute to those affected by the Pulse Nightclub shooting.
“I know how many people, families, loved ones, and friends are still grieving, and we will be with you as you rebuild your lives.”
WPTV happened to notice the man, who has a mustache and was wearing a red hat, behind Secretary Clinton. That’s Seddique Mateen.
We asked Mateen what he was thinking about when Clinton spoke about the Orlando incident.
“We’ve been cooperating with the federal government, and that’s about it,” he said. “Thank you.”  Mateen didn’t want to answer any other questions, but just hours later, we ran into him by chance at a rest stop on the way back to West Palm Beach.  He wanted to do an interview and show us a sign he made for Clinton.
“Hillary Clinton is good for United States versus Donald Trump, who has no solutions,” he said.
We asked what went into his decision to go to the event right near Orlando, where the Pulse Nightclub shooting happened.
“I spoke a lot about that and wish that my son joined the army and fought ISIS. That would be much better,” he said.
When questioned whether Clinton’s campaign knew he was going to the event and sitting directly behind the presidential candidate, Mateen said, ” It’s a Democratic party, so everyone can join.”
Finally we asked if he thought some people would be surprised to see him there, especially given the proximity to Orlando.
“Why they should be surprised?  I love the United States, and I’ve been living here a long time,” Mateen said.  (read more with full video)

Quote: ===>"We've been cooperating with the federal government, and that's about it," Mateen said. "Thank you."<===

Where is Noor Sahi Salman, Mateen's accomplice and wife? 
SunSentinel 7/15: Wife of Omar Mateen 'no longer here,' not in area, Mateen's father says in Fort Pierce; deputies visit house 
"At a Fort Pierce home where members of the Mateen family were believed to have gathered inside, Seddique Mateen — father of the Orlando massacre shooter Omar Mateen — said Wednesday morning that Omar's wife Noor Salman was "no longer here" and that she was no longer in the area. He would not say where she had gone."..."He also said Omar Mateen's young son has been asking for his father.

"This morning my grandson was asking for his father, so that really hurt me really bad," Seddique Mateen said. "And I was thinking about the families of the victims. They have kids and they lost their loved ones." 

NBC News first reported the development on Tuesday, citing several law enforcement officials familiar with what Salman has told the FBI.

"It is a possibility that the wife of Orlando shooter, Noor Salman, could be charged in connection with the attack at Pulse nightclub" because she failed to tell police about her husband's plans, NBC investigative reporter Tom Winter said.

Salman was reportedly living with Mateen's father in Fort Pierce, Florida, when he attacked the nightclub.

WPTV 6/16: Where is Noor Salman?
"Reporters from all over the world were camped out Wednesday at the Ft. Pierce home owned by members of the Orlando shooter’s family.

All of them were looking to answer the same question - where is his wife, Noor Salman? The family called deputies several times to complain about the large media presence outside Wednesday.
BC news reports that the shooter assured Salman he was going to visit friends in Orlando.

But Salman told the FBI she feared her husband was going to attack Pulse instead.

However, she failed to tell anyone about those concerns.

Breitbart 6/23: "The Obama administration seems to have lost track of Noor Zahi Salman, wife of Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen and a possible co-conspirator in the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

Loretta Lynch said at her press conference on Tuesday, in response to a question about Salman’s whereabouts, “Right now I do not know exactly the answer to that. I believe she was going to travel, but I do not know exactly her location now.”


Where is Mateen Sr.'s daughter in law - the shooter's wife, Noor Sahi Salman - which didn't post for some reason. 
Noor accompanied Mateen on his scouting efforts as well as when he inquired about purchasing ammunition/weapons/protective gear. She knew of his plans according to FBI but refused to warn ahead of time. She was known to reside with her father-in-law with Mateen's son. Grandpa Mateen made clear that Noor was no longer residing in the area and stated that his grandson was crying for his mother. 
Seems one would have to suspend all belief to accept that he retained custody of his grandson without any knowledge of Noor's location...UNLESS he was complicit in hiding her and details of the terror attack
tiven grandpa's sentiments about homosexuality.

YouTube: AG Loretta Lynch admitted back in June that Noor Salman's whereabouts were "unknown" as Noor was traveling, and to this day, nobody can verify where she is. 
During WWII, Nazi's were complicit with muhammedans in annhilating Jews, disabled and the gay population. Seems all too coincidental that the current political "Islamophilic" climate corresponds with the normalizing of gay interests. Consider how much easier it must be to strike out at doctrinal abominations when they are eased out of the closet.


Mateen’s father is intentionally staged to be over her shoulder. I think they want to make the conversation be about Muslim’s and distract from all her issues. This could backfire though because the optic shows just how closely related Wahhabist terror is to the Clintons who have been previously identified as linked to groups in Florida that were funding terror across the globe. 
The DNC probably wants to use the stunt to give CAIR etc a platform in the media.

Cercle Rouge (@TheCercleRouge) says: ...there is a girl on the left in what looks like a shirt that says ‘Orlando United,’ underneath a rainbow heart, clear reference to the massacre. So optically, the image reads from left to right: ‘Orlando Shooting’ —> Hillary —> Perp’s Dad. If there was no video, I wouldn’t have believed it, and declared it a photoshop. Unbelievable.


Seddique Mateen, Orlando shooters father with Hillary Clinton banner stating "Hillary Clinton Is Good For National Security" image via NYDailyNews

Directly after her speech, she exited stage and walked directly to Mateen to shake his hand...ff 27/:07
Twitter: Can you imagine the media meltdown if the father (or any family member) of Dylann Roof was spotted at a Trump rally?

UKIndependent 6/18: Gay nightclub shooter Omar Mateen’s wife and father added to no-fly list

So, Noor travels freely according the AG, Loretta Lynch and Seddique Mateen is placed in choice seating behind Hillary at a presidential campaign event? Laws?...National Security?...WTH???
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Islamic State promises jihad massacre at Rio Olympics “in the name of Allah, the merciful”

Quranic Instruction


Because Islam is a Religion of Peace.

From Jihad Watch:
A since deleted Twitter account by Islamic State sympathizer Abu al Abdel promises that the “Islamic State lions” will attack the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Yesterday, Islamic State terrorist channels on the encrypted messaging app Telegram were reminding would-be jihadists that it was the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympic games. Rita Katz, founder of Site Intel, reports that Islamic State is instructing its followers on how to attack the games. Katz further reports that ISIS is telling jihadists to become “lone wolves” and “obtain guns or cause traffic accidents” and to attack public transit, take hostages, and to stab or poison people.
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"Islam Is A Religion Of Peace"

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Allman Brothers Band
June 27, 1971
Fillmore East - New York, N.Y.

1. Statesboro Blues
2. Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
3. Done Somebody Wrong
4. One Way Out
5. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
6. Midnight Rider
7. Hot 'Lanta
8. Whipping Post Encore:
9. You Don't Love Me

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Monday, August 08, 2016

Is Hillary Physically Unfit to Be President?

At first, I thought this was a bunch of silliness.

But I'm beginning to believe Hillary really may have something terribly wrong with her.


IT’S WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT: Photos of Hillary’s Handler Lead to More Questions about her Health – UPDATE: More Pics!


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Australia Passes Anti-Blasphemy Law, Uses It to Go After Anti-Jihadists


Not only did Australia pass a blasphemy law - they immediately Conducted raids & arrests of counter-jihad activists in Victoria via VladTepesblog

BREAKING: Australia mass stabbing – at least one teenager dead and six more wounded in Sydney attack via BareNakedIslam/DailyTelegraph

Vlad says:
It is possible that there was something kinetic being planned. But at the moment it all looks a great deal like the CVE  (the typical Countering Violent Extremism narrative) to me. 
A desperate attempt to take focus of Islamic jihad by arresting some highly benign people fighting for democracy and classical liberalism by low grade and fully legal street actions.
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Camille Saint-Saëns
The Carnival Of Animals

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Sunday, August 07, 2016

The Whores of England

Mail Online:
MPs face a six-year drinking ban after a committee decided they will move to an office block operating under Islamic laws while the Palace of Westminster is refurbished.
How can an office building in England be operating under Islamic law?
Their new home, Richmond House in Whitehall, was transferred to finance an Islamic bond scheme in 2014.
Islamic bond? You see, interest on loans is banned under Islam. So, they just come up with some retarded methods to arrive at the money: rental income, in this case.
In June 2014 George Osborne announced that Britain was launching the first Islamic bond scheme in the non-Muslim world.
Three Government buildings in Whitehall were transferred to Islamic bonds, switching the ownership from British taxpayers to wealthy Middle Eastern businessmen and banks.
Voila! Stealth sharia.
The bonds – known as Sukuk – are only available for purchase by Islamic investors. The Treasury agreed to make the sukuk fully compliant with Sharia law to ensure investors were not put off investing in the scheme, meaning each of the buildings used to finance the products must meet the terms of Sharia law, including the ban on alcohol.
The people in the British government who agreed to this should be publicly flogged -- not to worry, that's sharia compliant.

A commenter, Old un, at the news site:
On this basis will all female MPs have to wear a burka, niqab and walk a respectable three paces behind any male counterpart?
It would be racisss not to.

(Originally posted at Isaac Schrödinger.)

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Eighteen Years Ago Today

Received via email this morning from a cyber friend who frequents I Love Dino Martin:


Today marks the anniversaries of two of the most well known terrorist bombings in US history. On August 7th, 1998 our U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by radical Islamic Jihadist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda and others.

The terrorists used trucks packed with explosives which smashed through the gates of our embassies in each country. They were set off almost simultaneously between 10:30 AM and 10:40 AM. The bombs killed approximately 212 people and injured 4,000 more in Kenya while the bomb in Tanzania killed 11 and injured 85.

12 Americans were killed. Though the attacks targeted American embassies, the majority of those killed were natives. This is the same pattern that Al Qaeda continued to follow in Iraq and Afghanistan, willingly slaughtering innocent civilians for a chance to get at US troops.

Remember these tragic attacks and let them remind us that the War on Terror did not start on September 11, 2001, nor even with these bombings in 1998, it goes back much further. For decades, these Jihadist groups have been targeting US and Israeli citizens...and they show no sign of stopping.

While President Obama talks about having Al Qaeda and ISIS on the run, we have seen more terror attacks during his administration. The terrorists remains bent on killing Americans and westerners while Obama continues to claim that global warming represents a bigger danger to America.

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Why Are Corporations Hoarding Trillions?

Reality eludes the New York Times. The world is simply too complicated a place for these highly-educated sophisticates to understand.

The idea that, perhaps, corporations do not see this specific time - during the economic stagnation of a Barack Obama-created economy - as a time of opportunity is just too difficult an idea to grasp.

From the New York Times Magazine:
There is an economic mystery I’ve been struggling to understand for quite some time, and I’m not the only one who’s confused: Among financial experts, it is often referred to as a conundrum, a paradox, a puzzle. 
The mystery is as follows: Collectively, American businesses currently have $1.9 trillion in cash, just sitting around. 
Not only is this state of affairs unparalleled in economic history, but we don’t even have much data to compare it with, because corporations have traditionally been borrowers, not savers. 
The notion that a corporation would hold on to so much of its profit seems economically absurd, especially now, when it is probably earning only about 2 percent interest by parking that money in United States Treasury bonds. 
These companies would be better off investing in anything — a product, a service, a corporate acquisition — that would make them more than 2 cents of profit on the dollar, a razor-thin margin by corporate standards. 
And yet they choose to keep the cash. 
Take, for example, Google. Its new parent company, Alphabet, is worth roughly $500 billion. But it has around $80 billion sitting in Google’s bank accounts or other short-term investments. 
So if you buy a share in Alphabet, which has sold for roughly $700 lately, you are effectively buying ownership of more than $100 in cash. 
With $80 billion, Google could buy Uber and its Indian rival Ola and still have enough left over to buy Palantir, a data-mining start-up. Or it could buy Goldman Sachs outright or American Express or most of MasterCard; it could buy Costco or eBay or a quarter of Amazon. Surely it could use those acquisitions to earn more than 2 cents on the dollar. 
This strange vogue for corporate hoarding seems to have begun around the turn of the millennium. General Motors is perhaps the most extreme: It now holds nearly half its value in cash. Apple holds more than a third. 
These numbers are maddening on their face. If the companies spent their savings, rather than hoarding them, the economy would instantly grow, and we would most likely see more jobs with better pay. 
In the 1990s, when companies saved far less of their profits, they built new factories, bought new buildings. In part because of all that corporate spending, the 1990s were a period of low unemployment and high growth. 
Remarkably, the United States government was able to tax all that productive corporate behavior so much that it came close to paying off all its debts for the first time in 160 years. 
So what is going on now?
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Knife wielding Muslim attacks female police officers in Belgium

The Muslims Are Restless

From The Last English Prince:
The Last English Prince is a nurse. 
So when I read of the latest (weekly) act of terror by a Muslim shedding blood as an act of worship to their god I respond as a nurse who understands trauma. 
Deep facial wounds 
The Muslim male inflicted deep facial wounds on one of the two women he managed to attack prior to being relieved of his madness. 
Facial soft tissue trauma can be extremely disfiguring. There can be fractured facial bones and loss of teeth. 
Injuries can include the hard and soft palate, cheekbones, and facial nerves. Throw in the chin and eye sockets. 
The first thing which comes to my mind when considering this attack is the police woman’s smile. 
In an open face society we smile at our counterpart. And this ability to smile is dependent of facial nerves and groupings of muscles. 
In doing a quick image search for facial injuries and smiles most depictions are of injuries involving blunt force trauma. They are not deep penetrating wounds. 
An American in London was knifed to death a few short days ago. (“Motive unknown”) This act was preceded by knife and machete attacks from France to Germany, perpetrated by adult Muslim males. 
A Belgium woman may now face months of painful reconstruction surgeries. She may also be a candidate for a facial transplant on scale of this woman. 
Facial transplant after attack by Chimpanzee 
As you consider resettlement programs, parachuting large groups of Muslim migrants onto Western soil, allowing millions of Muslim males to march across Europe’s borders, do one small thing. 
Smile in the mirror. Of course this will never happen to you. 
I agree with Donald Trump. Until we can figure the hell out what is going on…. I do not hate Muslims. I do understand the dynamic of what is happening. I have figured it out. You should be frightened. 
The protection of Western civilization and her citizens should be the top priority of our policy officials. 
How much is your smile worth to you?
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Ernest Tubb
Waltz Across Texas

Thanks Alot

In The Jailhouse Now

Pass The Booze

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