Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Power ... Oh Yeah, And The Glory Too

Too funny (from the Arab News, with thanks to Blueslord):

This week, we witnessed the power of the Islamic and Arab worlds to bring a Western nation virtually to its knees. I was amazed at that power. This is over an issue that the nation’s government had nothing to do with. All I can wonder is why the Islamic and Arab world doesn’t harness that power more effectively and change policies that directly impact our causes and our beliefs?

No wonder they have to kill their women. If any one of us were victims of such a stark disparity between self-image and reality, we would also have to murder those who knew us best.

Hey Arab world, that's a pathetic little ...

uh, I don't really know what to call it.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong just printing a cartoon of Muslims Prophet Mohammed? Why none of the muslim ever protested when there something done against Jesus, Ram, Gautham Bhudda, Or Guru Nanak? I would say if our Muslim Friends like to like live in a Democratic and civilized environment rater than always thinking apart from them every human race are infidal, outcast, than please go back to your loving middle-east, and leave all the rest of world in peace.Apart from Muslims none of us ever said that all other people are infidals.

Anonymous said...

Most of the Muslims are peace of Shit, Why they come and settle in Europe or USA, Canada? If they cannot have tolerance for Others Religions, Then They should try to Settle in Saudi Arabia. Muslims beleive that if they can convert other people to their Islam or dishonour other female from non muslim religion, THen They will go to their so called ZAnnat or Heaven. What a peace of shit.
Col. Sam Sen

Anonymous said...

I agree with Col Sam Yes we muslims are corrupt, biased, full of lust, Yes it is true if you look at the history of us, We always forsively converted other people after we conquer them. Only at the time of the Prophet Mohd. (Peace be upon him) we Muslims were perfect. Now we come to Europe and North America, Try to convert people, get married with French Woman, as most of the Arab Muslims speaks french and multiply our muslim population. Since Western world is most civilized, We muslim take their advantages. Sorry I am thinking highly to take Christanity as my religion, as because I cannot take any more pain and agony.
Syed Mohammed Shaheen
Ottawa, Ontario.

Anonymous said...

Muslim are beter than any other rlegion in world, i can say it 102% all world who is not in islam they r in the dark or deceiving his or her self ,And I would like to say one thing Please Dont Compare my Prophet With Other, My Prophet was Great is Great and Will be Great Till Dooms Day.And Those People Who will speak anything wrong about hi(nauzobillah)who is one of the most sinfull humen kind on the earth and allah will give him or her punishment.So Please defend your self from this type of contorovercy.
Farid Siddiui
India New Delhi

Anonymous said...

I Requesting To Web Site Owner Plss Remove All Picture Of Prophet Mohd From Your Web Site as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

I Want To Kill Who Made The Caricature, I hate From My Bottom Heart Who Speak Wrong About My Prophet And I will Alws ready to fight against him, Allah will help me i'm sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.