Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Jihad Satire Video Contest

The Muslims are restless once again. The Pope gives a rather arid, intellectual speech and the Islamofascists of our world pick out the few words they can understand, and as usual, go completely primitive over the whole thing.

"Oh, an Infidel said something about Islam. I don't understand what he said, but he shouldn't be talking that way about the prophet Mohammed."

The 21st century completely escapes these idiots. That being said, so does the 20th century, the 19th, the 18th, and really, any century since back in the days when we acted like those apes at the beginning of 2001.

As Cube commented here this morning, "Hasn't anyone noticed that they keep using smaller and smaller excuses to get angrier and angrier?"

Yeah, thanks for bringing that up, Cube. I have noticed that. But, don't let the fact that they have a strategy fool you into believing they are operating on an intellectual level. There is no thought involved in any of this beyond, "Kill Infidel and Jew. Kill, kill, kill."

Anyway, when the Muslims are angry, Infidel Bloggers Alliance steps up to the plate to make fun of them, the point being, make them angrier, because the angrier they get, the funnier they are.

Just look at that guy on the left. You want to tell me that isn't hilarious?

What a baboon.

Anyway, here's what we're gonna do. Make Jihad Satire Videos. Work the Benedict controversy in, if you want to. Or, just film a video of a Jihadi promising to bring his 72 virgins flowers and candies when he sees them tomorrow. Whatever. These guys are ripe for satire.

Post the videos on YouTube, and then leave me the YouTube url here in the comments section. Pamela, from Atlas Shrugs, and Dympha and Baron, of Gates of Vienna will be judging. The results will be announced on October 9th.

I look forward to seeing your stuff. This ought to be fun.

Here's a sample video to whet your appetite.

Here's another classic.


Pastorius said...

They're easy enough to find, if you want one.

Anonymous said...

That pic shows what you get after successive generations of cousin marriage.
Islam encourages cretinism. Cretinism encourages Islam

Anonymous said...

Very little can top the video on CAIR's own web site at:


Gotta love that guy.

Anonymous said...

Kill the Koran ! LOL!!!

I wonder what happens to a martyred koran when it gets to paradise. Does it get put on a shelf in the middle of 72 erotic novels?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but that second video cracked me up... it was the burka clad gals gone wild that did me in. Thanks for the laugh.

Pastorius said...

I'm glad you liked it. Cracked me up too.

CRUSADER said...

Here's one of my originals, it doesn't have to do with "Ji-had" but it's Hard Hitting, and I dare you not to laugh. Someone tell the Muslims where the pool is.


Anonymous said...

I'm working on my entry, it's called "Three Bald Guys With An Attitude"

- here's the plot, 3 bald guys with super strength are hired as security for the Miss Universe pageant because a Jihad threat against the pageant has been discovered.

The Jihadist seek to learn the secret of the Bald Guys super strength by using a beautiful woman named Delilah.

Delilah gets one of the bald guys to tell her the secret during a moment of weakness.

He tells her, "When I was in Jr high school I had a full head of hair and everybody beat me up and took my lunch money, as I got older I started losing my hair, the more hair I lost, the stronger I got. When I was completely bald, I had super strength. My Baldness IS MY STRENGTH!"

Delilah told the Jihadists and they planned accordingly. They drugged the 3 Bald Guys to make them fall into a deep sleep...and as they slept.... they gave them hair.

On the first one, they super glued a hairpeace, on another - a weave, and on the third - double-sided tape.... When the bald guys awoke, their strength was GONE!

The giggling Jihadists easily took over the pagaent and took the beautiful contestents hostage. They demanded all the people of the world had to change their underwear 5 times a day and wear them on the outside so that they can check.

Luckily, the Three Bald Guys yank their hairpieces off and with their super strength restored, The 3 Bald Guys show their attitude, kick some Jihadists Ass and save the day!

On stage they tell the sold out audience "Inside each of you is a bald man waiting to get out!"

Women cry and start shaving their men's heads, men remove their tupee's and shout "I AM a BALD MAN!"

All is good. Good defeats Evil.

The End.

Pastorius said...

LOL, Rich.

Let me guess. You're bald, right?


Anonymous said...

Pastorius - I'm not bald, I just have the world's widest part haha.

Yeah, me and my 2 brothers, we ARE Three Bald Guys with an Attitude...

We wear suits and ties and dark glasses, ala "Men in Black".

If thugs make fun of us in a bar or something, ie: "I'm not just the owner, I'm a client too" - we throw him out the bar window, straighten our ties, walk out (stepping over him) and drive away in our convertable (of course).

Glad you like my entry, please vote for me!

Pastorius said...

Most bloggers are total he-men. I know I am.

DiaperHead said...

You want funny? Go to www.diaperhead.org

CRUSADER said...

Me again...They threw me off as you read on the front page. Now I'm back. In the "SpiritofCMartel"
Someone tell the Muslims where the pool is.

I'm Baaack...
Do me a favor and rate this, link it and comment. It's funny and there's nothing like hairy muslims in Speedos to get the girls all hot and bothered.

Anonymous said...

Allah Akbar!Where is my cab?...Sorry I couldnt help it...Islam is itching for another Great Crusade and this time they might win if free people dont wake to the obvious purpose and intent of Allahs followers.Have we forgotten? History repeats itself..Emperor of Japan...Hitler...Ceasar....Khan....HipHop...

Anonymous said...

must be jews or jus haters koz evry 1 in da world noz dat muslim is da onli tru religion jelous fuks.
and by da way im gna find awt hu owns this page and evryfink the ip adress of all uz diksss den wach wat police do 2 u racist fuksssss
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