Monday, January 07, 2008

If you blame america 1st for blood for oil.... MEET THE CHINESE, genocide is no problemo

Sudan rebel attacks on oil fields could lead to increased Chinese military presence

GERTZ: The Darfur rebel group Justice and Equality Movement recently carried out attacks on Chinese-owned oil fields in South Kordofan in October and December, according to U.S. officials.

JEM leaders announced that the attacks were conducted because Chinese investments and arms sales were helping the Sudanese government to conduct attacks against Darfur. The group threatened future attacks on foreign facilities, including Chinese owned oil fields in Kordofan.

U.S. officials said the attacks could be used by Beijing to increase the military presence in Sudan, which has been variously reported to includes several thousand to tens of thousands of Chinese troops.

The rebel attacks outside Darfur were the first and signal a shift in tactics and an escalation of the conflict.

The attacks Oct. 23, and Dec. 11 and 15 were carried out on the Defra and Raha oil fields. The group also claimed that it attacks the Khadra oil field on Dec. 14.

The Khartoum government has sought to play down the attack, and Beijing denounced them a threat to its nationals working there.

While we are correctly concerned with islamozoid killers who hate us because we make up our own laws out of our own heads instead of following what they regard as god's, an old school set of wars among the big boys on the block brews as economies (China) and energy revenues (Russia) bulge the budgets of rivals.

Wouldn't American technology invented and engineered hydrogen fuel cells cars be a better answer than battling the russians over planting a flag at the bottom of the arctic ocean, or getting whipped up over the Chinese killing MORE n Darfur because the current victims of genocide don't wish to cooperate in their own demise?


Eyes said...

Chinese v. the Islamazoids... that would be interesting. Groups equally devoid of any moral bridle.

Anonymous said...

The Sudan is a disaster exploding daily - be it via Chinese/Janjaweed/Russian/tribal warfare - nothing to see here, at least as far as the UN is concerned.

HBO presented a special "Sand and Sorrow" which highlighted efforts of a variety of NGO advisors and reporters trying to expose the horrors of the Arab janjaweed. Of those exposing the details is one Harvard University professor Samantha Power.

While sipping my coffee this am, I notice that this very same Harvard University professor, Samantha Power happens to be a campaign spokesman for none other than Obama Hussein. She was championing Obama's call to open dialogue/negotiate with terrorists.

Juxtaposing Powers reflection in the HBO presentation with this political campaign effort exhibits the vacancy of Obama's foreign affairs skills.

Buckle up . . .it's gonna be a rough ride.

WATCHER71 said...

Epa, perfecting and applying Fuel cell technology would bankrupt most of our enemies...the sooner it happens the better! It's going to be interesting seeing how the Chinese react to this aswell.