Thursday, September 04, 2008

"Watch Obsession" At the RNC?

From this source:
"Watch Obsession" staff will be in St. Paul this week to promote the documentary "Obsession," a film exposing the dire threat of radical Islamic terrorism. Staff will be available for media interviews before and during the Republican National Convention September 1-4.

"National security is a key theme of the Republican National Convention," stated Tom Trento, director of the Watch Obsession Citizen Education Program. "We're here to help inform and educate Republican leaders about terrorism. Our leaders must have the courage to explain just how deadly the threat of radical Islamic terrorism is to our country."

Trento will be available for media interviews regarding national security and terrorism throughout the week.

"Watch Obsession" staff will be distributing thousands of DVD copies of Obsession at RNC events in St. Paul....
Has anyone here ever heard of or heard anything about the organization's presence at the RNC?

HERE are some FAQ's about the organization. According to the answer to Question #5:
...The Clarion Fund has just completed the second movie in the War For The Free World series of films and that new movie is entitled – The Third Jihad.

Keep watching for the Fall release of this powerful companion documentary to Obsession.


Anonymous said...

I've seen obsession, it's brilliant

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gregory Ross, the Director of Communications for the Clarion Fund is interviewed at

Obsession is a valuable film but I have reservations with the Clarion Fund.

From the interview:
Ross: Well, Clarion Fund is a non-profit group that was created in November 2006. One of the many things we do is create and distribute documentaries, one of which is “Obsession”.

This is a worthy endeavor and should be supported.

However, Ross reveals a troubling aspect later in the interview:

Ross: The people in our organization and our donors span a wide political spectrum and we work with moderate Muslims as well. We figure that by being evenhanded and just sticking to the facts that the only enemies we’ll be making are those that mean to cause us harm, and quite honestly we’re not too concerned about whether we ‘insult’ them or not.

In my own opinion, this organization can continue being even handed only as long as the "moderates" are apostates. The fallacy of "moderate muslim" and the related element of taqiyya undermines this organizations credibility.

Always On Watch said...

Maybe the bit about "moderate Muslims" isn't quite honest. That is, maybe they meant to say, "We'd work with 'moderate Muslims' if we could find any."

Or it could also be a code phrase for 'Moslem apostates'.

I know of other organizations who play that word game.

Anonymous said...

Such word play jeopardizes their credibility. I have several copies of Obsession and have liberally distributed them to friends and family and my congregations media center.

Since this article came out and Ross associated the term "moderate muslim" with his organization, a caution sign is permanently up.

That's a shame . . .because the movie and effort is clearly first rate.

Perhaps Ross should consider not labelling his associates as either "moderate muslim" or "apostate" at all. Let his associates identify and speak for themselves.