Saturday, May 15, 2010

"You Jews!" "You're the New Nazis!- Malik Ali at UC Irvine


Anonymous said...

My alma mater. Makes me proud.

For any UCI alum, DO NOT SEND A DIME of money to UCI until they ban these scum.

mah29001 said...

Why is this hatemonger allowed to speak? If there are real moderate Muslims on the campus...a shoe should be thrown at this fella.

Pastorius said...



Pastorius said...

UCI is not my alma mater, but it is in my neighborhood, and this makes me sick.

OC is rife with practicers of "radical Islam".

Total said...

UCI again... Big shocker...

mah29001 said...


I'm just saying if there are any freedom loving Muslims whom hate this bigot...why didn't anyone of them bothered to throw a shoe at him?

But the precise problem is...likely the Muslim student body leadership accepted this bigot to be allowed on campus. They'd probably suggest to any Muslims whom dare go against them that they are in "league" with the Zionists, i.e. Jews.

Damien said...


The only thing she gets wrong when she asks Malik those question is idea that Hitler was democratically elected. Based on some of the things I've read, he was not, but he still came to power largely through democratic means, so the analogy still stands. As for Malik, his side has more in common with the Nazis than the Isrealis, weather he accepts or not, or even if he cares or not. Its the Palistinian terrorists who have no problem what so ever killing innocent civilians. Malik, however is at least partially right about some thing. I wouldn't support having a dialog with someone like him. The people who support the Palistians out of genuine nativity and don't support harming innocents on the other hand, maybe.

Damien said...


An even better question as to why the school is allowing him to speak is "why are there not more people booing and hissing at him, instead of cheering?" That to me, is far more disturbing.

Always On Watch said...

Onyx Magazine has called Ali "the defender of the people," and this magazine's annual gala is sponsored every year by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida.

I also found more on this fellow. That he is repeatedly invited back to UC Irvine is insane. And who is paying for his little jaunts?

Epaminondas said...

Damien Hitler fairly received the vote he did when Hindenburg was prez. He, by the Weimar laws had the right he did to serve as he did, and only after Hindenburg appointed him Chancellor did he dare what he did. See Evans' Reich trilogy or Shirer for starters

As far as Malik is concerned, you know how I feel about the teachers. But as an american, if violence results AT ANY TIME by an attendee.. HIM, HIS MOSQUE IN OAKLAND, THE MUSLIMS STUDENT'S ASSOCIATION.. the works .. all pay out like Aryan nation until they are broke and destroyed and Ali is working at a carwash and 70% of those earning go to pay the victims.

If he spoke ON CAMPUS, UC IRVINE and the UC university system are food for civil legal financial destruction as well.

Take down the fucking state structure.


Every U everywhere WILL GET THE POINT.

Pastorius said...

You said: the precise problem is...likely the Muslim student body leadership accepted this bigot to be allowed on campus. They'd probably suggest to any Muslims whom dare go against them that they are in "league" with the Zionists, i.e. Jews.

I say: Yep.

mah29001 said...

I say I'd declare the University of California of Irvine and the Muslim Student Union to be both hate groups for allowing a hater to speak.

Damien said...


I could be wrong, but That's not what I remember hearing about Hitler about Hitlers rise to power. =

Pastorius said...

Hitler was Democratically elected, but NOT with a majority.

He was elected in a Parliamentary system (like in the UK) where the winner may receive less than 50%, in which case, he must build a "coalition" government.

Here's Wiki on Hindenburg, the man who essentially (and according to the Democratic process) handed Hitler power:

Hindenburg was persuaded to run for re-election in 1932, as he was considered the only candidate who could defeat Adolf Hitler. Hindenburg was re-elected in a runoff but nonetheless played an important role in the Nazi Party's rise to power, dissolving parliament twice in 1932 and eventually appointing Hitler as Chancellor in January 1933. In February, he issued the Reichstag Fire Decree which suspended various civil liberties, and in March he signed the Enabling Act, in which parliament gave Hitler's administration legislative powers. Hindenburg died the following year, after which Hitler declared the office of President vacant and, as "Führer und Reichskanzler", made himself head of state.

Damien said...