Sunday, February 06, 2011

Egypt's govt talking now with Muslim Brotherhood with our silence smacks of Vienna 1683

What is the priority of American Foreign Policy going forward?

Peace in the Middle East?

Support for critical allies (cue Don Rickles)?

Who are critical allies?

Oil supplies?

A progressive idea of social justice revolutionizing societies across the world?

Is anyone asking these questions in the White House?

"Harmless to our enemies and

treacherous to our friends"

Bernard Lewis


Always On Watch said...

Game over.

Anonymous said...

Things that are valuable in the middle east are. ISRAEL and OIL.

America should secure oil fields, cordon them off and support Israel both militarily and politically and leave the Arabs to kill themselves.

That should solve the damn mess out there in the middle east.

Peace in the region? With Islam supreme? You gotta be kidding me.

Unknown said...

Hi Epaminondas.

Something All MSM papers are covering up !

Egypt's Christians Say They Are Being Excluded From Opposition Negotiations!
Where's that so called Christian President now?Hiding under his prayer rug?