Friday, February 22, 2013

UK could embrace sharia divorce proceedings

And why? Seems that according to this article in The Australian, it's because of a landmark ruling in a Jewish divorce proceeding. But there's a difference between how a Judaism-based court and an Islamic one operate: the Jewish rabbinical courts usually operate in compliance with state laws, and are much fairer to women, whereas Islamic sharia courts don't and aren't.

Aside from that, the sharia courts have already been operating in Britain for years now, and nothing was done to curb them. So, if the UK is going to approve of sharia-based divorces, it'll only be another act of appeasement for Muslims that changes nothing not already in place.

I think the most angering thing here is that anti-semites could end up using this kind of news to blame the Jews, claiming that a religion they might actually be fine with is getting what it wants all because of us. But it's really because the UK lawmakers who tolerate sharia are trying to resort to moral equivalence to cover for their appeasement tactics.

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