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Tamerlane The Terrorist's Best Friend Brenden Mess Was Murdered, Nearly Decapitated, on 9/11/11 - Crime Has Not Been Solved

Two years ago Mess and two other men – Raphael Teken and Erik Weissman – were murdered on September 12, 2011. This video report posted @Waltham on 9/12/2011 describes the scene on 9/12 as the victims "being found". . .which may suggest the murders may have taken place on 9/11/2011, the tenth anniversary of 9/11. 

Given the younger Tsarnaev became a naturalized citizen on 9/11/2012, it's not a stretch to think the 9/11 anniversary played a significant role in their jihad dreams.

Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone briefed the media tonight on the three people found dead in a Harding Avenue home.

Authorities are conducting an investigation into a triple fatality that occurred in Waltham, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone and Waltham Police Chief Thomas LaCroix informed the public today.
At approximately 2:25pm today, Waltham police responded to an apartment at 12 Harding Street in Waltham after receiving a report that three dead bodies were discovered.  Upon arrival, police located three decedents in the apartment.  Identification of the bodies is pending notification of next of kin and the deaths have been deemed to be suspicious.
Waltham Police and Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office have commenced an immediate investigation into the deaths.
Autopsies will be conducted by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (ME).

The investigation is in its early stages and the investigation, including the circumstances of the fatalities, remains ongoing.

Stay with Waltham Patch for the latest on this story.


Obit for one of the three murdered confirms death on 9/11/2011 - the ten year anniversary of 9/11. 
Victim, Eric Weissman was also Jewish.
FWIW, Raphael Teken was the son of a Rabbi and graduate of Brandeis University. 

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Anonymous said...

Boston.CBSlocal: Fellow students described Tsarnaev as both a “pothead” and a soccer fanatic

The 3 victims, Brendan Mess, 25, of Waltham; Erik Weissman, 31, of Cambridge; and Raphael Teken, 37, of Cambridge were found with canabis scattered about them.

"The release does not name any suspects in the murders, though it does report that the victims are believed to have known the person or persons responsible, and the attacks were not random." link

Quote from this link 9/2011:
"Christopher Medeiros of Arlington and his roommate, Elizabeth Jason, said yesterday by phone that they were longtime friends of Mess. They said he told them Friday about a violent altercation he had the week before with his girlfriend.

They said that, according to Mess, his girlfriend threw knives and beer bottles at him after he refused to talk with guests that she had brought to the apartment."

So, Tamerlan's "best friend" is found dead with two of his friends, all with their throats slit. "The victims are believed to have known the person or persons responsible". Brandon's girlfriend threw knives at him in a prior domestic incident.

What (if any) connection is there between the Tsarmaev brothers, and Brandon Mess's knife throwing girlfriend.