Thursday, July 03, 2014

"SATIRE" --- Obama to Visit Mosque, Host Muslim Leaders on 4th of July

Apparently this piece is "satire". 

It's not funny. Indeed, it is so unfunny that I did not recognize it as satire. 

Perhaps the humor lies in fooling someone like me.  

I am sorry I posted this. 

My apologies to everyone. 

 It is a false news report. 

From the National Report:
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced today that President Obama will be visiting a Washington D.C. area Mosque on the morning of July 4th as a goodwill gesture to Muslim Americans. 
The name and location of the Mosque are currently being withheld for security reasons. 
His announcement to visit a Mosque on the morning of America’s most patriotic holiday will likely add to this criticism. According to Earnest, following his visit to the Mosque, the President will host the traditional White House July 4th cookout. 
Several influential Muslim leaders have been invited to attend the cookout, as a further gesture of goodwill. American Muslim Ahmed Mohamed Usman, who will be attending the cookout, had nothing but praise for President Obama’s decision. 
In an interview this afternoon on NPR, Usman had the following to say: 
“America is supposed to be the land of freedom and of tolerance. Finally we are starting to see this. If America has Christian prayer breakfasts, so must it have breakfasts praying to Mecca. If America is to put the 10 Commandments on display, so must she display the Quran. To be welcomed into the highest office of America to celebrate her birth and independence is an honor and is a step for Muslims in America to begin to establish our rights. President Obama is truly opening the door for Muslims in America.”


Always On Watch said...


Always On Watch said...

Oops! Forgot to check the comments notification box.

Mustang said...

I think it is true: Obama is opening the door to Mohammedans in America. We have to fix that problem.

LL said...

That makes perfect sense to me. He's a Muslim and doesn't want to be around patriots.

It's just the opposite at my house/BBQ. There are only patriots and no Muslims.

Strange how that works.

Marine4ever said...

Awww, SHEEECH! It's only 0853 and I'm already tossing my cookies!


Always On Watch said...

What isn't Obama visiting a VA hospital on July 4? Or a hospital where our wounded are recovering -- or trying to recover.

Oh, wait. He doesn't give a damn about those things. Rather, he is determined to promote Islam.

Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it!

Marine4ever said...

Ditto, AOW: "Oops! Forgot to check the comments notification box."

dcat said...

Yes this is why I severed all left turds in my life family or foe ! They better stay the hell away from me for voting for such a fraud for such a thug for such an Islamic shit for treason! I say he needs to hang!

Marine4ever said...

@ dcat -- Must be an echo in the room. Except I don't captialize 'islam' or any of the rest of the moslemistic names of the cowards... except 'Obamohammad' -- I want EVERONE to know EXACTLY who I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

First of all you cannot slander the "prophet of islam". His crimes are detailed in the book. And his followers wrote the book.

Second: I will be happy to have Muslims attend my Independence Day cook-out. We are serving all the pork BBQ you can eat. There will be plenty for all.

U S A ! U S A ! U S A !

Always On Watch said...

A commenter at one of the other blogs that I frequent told me that this is satire. True?

Pastorius said...

Yes, apparently this is "satire".

It's not funny, nor does it appear to have been intended to be funny, so I did not recognize it as satire.

Perhaps the humor lies in fooling someone like me.

Ha ha.

I am sorry I posted this. My apologies to everyone.

It is a false news report.

Marine4ever said...


It may have been meant to be satire, but when there's been so much evidence to the contrary -- WHO CARES?!

Or, as the Potato Sack Pant Suit Wicked Witch of the North would say, "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!"

Always On Watch said...

You know what the problem is with this story?

It's too believable! Obama spouts Islamophilia at every opportunity.

Always On Watch said...

Satire is supposed to use hyperbole to make the point. The hyperbole in this story fails.

Always On Watch said...

Great comment!

Marine4ever said...

Your analyses are SUPERB, AOW... as usual!

Marine4ever said...

Pastorius -- NO apology necessary! I believe that AOW and I summed it up fairly well.