Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Petty Democrats Release C.I.A. "Torture" Report. Say "Enhanced Interrogations" Failed

To Which I Say: Who Cares?

Make 'em squirm.

From Reuters

By David Storey

U.S. report condemns CIA harsh interrogations, says did not work

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A program of "enhanced interrogation" used by the CIA on terrorism suspects after the 2001 attacks was far more brutal than the agency admitted and failed to secure information that foiled any threats, a U.S. Senate report said on Tuesday. 

The report said the CIA misled the public and policymakers about the program, much of which was developed, operated and assessed by two outside contractors.

The report followed a five-year investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee into the program, meant to extract information from al Qaeda and other detainees held in detention facilities around the world. 

The CIA and many senior members of the U.S. administration have said the program was effective and foiled a number of terrorist plots. 

(Reporting by David Storey; Editing by Eric Beech)

The Obama administration admits that releasing this report will get people killed. But they don't care. 

Whatta guy!






christian soldier said...

water-boarding is not torture- cutting off heads is torture!

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party is a greater existential threat to the survival of the US than any Muslim jihadi group.

Epaminondas said...

So we are supposed to talk to their lawyers like they took a 96 Toyota for a joyride, while they are beheading people with swiss army knives on TV and killing everyone they can see at malls?

We are imposing on ourselves the idea that it's impossible to be too civilized to survive.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how soft these souls would be should any of their kids be kidnapped and in imminent danger of death. I bet all these bleeding hearts would burn and mutilate any suspect in order to find their loved ones in time. Unadulterated hypocrisy !