Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Greece: Muslims Attempt To Crash Border


The Last English Prince said...

And if in that group there is only ONE Saleh Abdeslam, what does that mean for Europe?

Immigration must be legal and orderly for it to work as intended.

Pastorius said...

In fact, knowing how Muslims work as herd animals, a Saleh Abdelsalem might be the exact reason this herd of Muslims decided to push through at this time.

They knew a important Jihadist needed to get through so they made the extra effort.

c said...

These poor "refugees" haven proven beyond and doubt:
1. That they refuse to abide by the law.
2. They are prepared to use violence to
break the law.
3. They are wearing disguises whilst
committing unlawful acts.

Plus another dozen or so crimes they can be charged with, enough to convince any court in Europe to refuse residence. What message does it give to te world that you will get everything you want only if you break the law.