Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Michelle Fields: "The Police Just Shoved Me Down - I Wasn't Even Doing Anything"

This woman is such a Scam Artist.

She's a piece of shit.

Look at her cry. What a whiny little cunt.

And watch her smile and giggle as she talks about all the media attention she got. She's as giddy as a drunken slut flashing her tits at a college football game.

I'm really starting to believe she's been a fake Conservative the whole time.

Watch for her to write a tell-all book "exposing" the Conservative movement.

UPDATE - Conservative writer, Charles C. Johnson, also seems to think Michelle Fields may be a fake:

We’re Calling Bullshit On Michelle Fields
Full disclosure: I’m a supporter of Ted Cruz. I’ve even bet on him to win the election and primary, but I’m not going to allow a serial liar control the discussion of what happened.Sometimes you can tell a story is fake really quick. Sometimes you can tell a reporter is a fraud even faster just by talking to them.
Last month Breitbart’s Michelle Fields falsely accused me of hacking her computer after she sent me a LinkedIn request and I called her. Not only was this absurd to accuse another reporter of a federal crime but she didn’t correct her tweet about it until I called her bosses at Breitbart and forced her to. No apology, nothing. That kind of pissed me off. I mean she’s hot but not accuse you of a federal crime hot. I guess GOTIS really is a thing.
Anyway, I called her because several months before that I published a story about how she had been sexually assaulted by former congressman (and her former colleague) Allen West. She wanted to be a source, then she didn’t, then she did, then she didn’t. It got exhausting, so I published what I had and called it a day. She freaked out and called me over and over again until I put a crappy update in it. I didn’t want to make life difficult for a victim, after all. (I still believe that West assaulted women, but I don’t know if I believe Michelle Fields. If she cared so much about the victims why did she waffle?)
I’ve since been told that she claimed she was assaulted when she worked for Students for Liberty and threatened the organization when they asked her to do work.
It’s important to stress here that Fields is pretty lazy. She was fired from the Daily Caller for not doing work. Her famous questioning of celebrities reportedly required a lot of coaching from her Reason.tv videographer.
Fields is supposed to be covering Cruz for Breitbart, but she doesn’t actually go out and cover Cruz, but she doesn’t actually go to Cruz rallies. You can get a sense of her process by watching her interview with Brian Lamb of C-Span. She finds her stories on Facebook or Twitter, of course.
Daily Caller senior editor Jamie Weinstein is Michelle’s on again, off again boyfriend. He’s important and will come up again later. Weinstein and I have a gentleman’s understanding that he’s not to mess with me, and I intend to honor it up until the moment he doesn’t so I won’t go too much into him. You’re welcome, Jamie.
Weinstein and Fields are a wannabe DC power couple. Jamie brings the money; Michelle brings the hotness. Both of them have aspirations of rising beyond their new media station, and yet it hasn’t happened yet. Indeed, it’s no coincidence that the story was leaked to the Daily Beast, a sort of way station between right-wing new media world and mainstream respectability. It’s a path taken by Betsy Woodruff (formerly National Review) & Will Rahn (son of WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan, former Daily Caller).
A media mentor even advises I take that path which is why I wrote a few pieces for the Daily Beast in 2014 or so. And get paid so little? Fuck that. I want Tina Turner’s job where you can lose millions. (That mainstream media ship sailed when I debunked the gun stats of Everytown and was branded a pro-gun nut by those pricks for proving that the stats used by the Bloomberg front group were bullshit. You might have seen my work on that plagiarized by a Conservative Inc. website.)
Let’s review the facts of Corey Lewandowski-Michelle Fields dust up, shall we?
She wears high heels when she goes out reporting. And has fallen down before when she was covering Occupy Wall Street. Maybe she falls down a lot? Don’t know. Maybe she does it to get attention.
But I do find it odd that she says she’s never tried to make herself the story. That’s precisely what she always tries to do.
Here are some questions I have as she gets her media moment.
Why did Fields not ask a question of Trump at his forty-minute press conference?
Why was she waiting in an area that Secret Service was already clearing?
Why did Fields who did not see who tugged her arm ask Lewandowski if he was in the fact the person who tugged her arm?
Why did she not speak to a superior about the alleged incident instead of a speaking to a hostile news outlet and a romantic interest right away?
Why was her boyfriend (and Marco Rubio supporter from Florida) Jamie Weinstein the first person to tweet about the alleged incident? Was Jamie present?


Always On Watch said...


Clearly, she's an attention whore.

Pastorius said...

Maybe Michelle Fields has a Fetish for being "thrown down".

Anonymous said...

"Hot"? You have to be pretty desperate to think that. She's not even nerdy cute.