Thursday, July 28, 2016

When I heard the DNC chanting ‘NO MORE WARS’ at Panetta-it reminded me…

In 1933 the Oxford Union held the following debate:

RESOLVED “that this House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country”
It passed.

Of course, the bitter results of that ignorance followed as we know them.

In 1934 the Liberal MP Robert Bernays described how a Nazi youth leader had asked him about the debate:

There was an ugly gleam in his eye when he said ‘The fact is that you English are soft’.

Compare this now with Lord Mottistone who in 1944 claimed, in the Lords:

no one who was in Malta or in the Middle East will deny… that the young men at Oxford who passed that resolution very nearly decreed the downfall of Britain and her Empire.
It is often said TODAY that perception IS reality. It is not what things are, but what we MAKE OF THEM
Was Churchill some dark character to accurately predict what followed?

Were the ‘Troublesome Young Men“ hopeless visionaries filled with despair?

Others are watching the democratic party of FDR and Harry Truman, of Jack Kennedy.

Others who are laughing at the twisted, DESPERATE pretzel logic of the that party’s claim Trump committed treason out of his sarcastic ridicule of Hillary and her servers.
Other nations and planners OBSERVE, and they recognize the objective reality at that chant, which occurred when Panetta disturbed the ‘wah’ of the convention by having the foolishness to mention the octogenarian priest beheaded during mass the DAY BEFORE (referencing ALL that has preceded it by doing so..silly warmongering man).

In 2001 more Americans were killed by a foreign force than died at Pear Harbor. Our reaction and mission creep diluted the response we had, and now, with atrocities being committed nearly every day the democratic party chants “NO MORE WAR”

In this world there is only one way to end war.

I knew what I was doing when I stopped the war that would have killed a half a million youngsters on both sides if those bombs had not been dropped. I have no regrets and, under the same circumstances, I would do it again – and this letter is not confidential.

Harry S Truman (liberal, big spending, New Dealer)

I don’t MAKE UP these rules because I like them.

I observe them to be harsh reality, and know the other choices are FAR WORSE.

As is Hillary Clinton.


Pastorius said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Upon the terrifying events of 9/11, consuming only cup after cup of coffee ...for three weeks without sleep or food Orianna Fallaci put her fury and pen to paper in a determined effort to capture all her thoughts and emotions in her unforgettable rant, "The Rage and the Pride":
===>"I don't know if some day this small-book will grow even more and give me more troubles than it has given me till today. But I do know that in publishing it I feel as if I were Salvemini who on the 7th of May 1933 speaks at the Irving Plaza against Hitler and Mussolini, shouting in despair addresses an audience that does not understand but will understand on the 7th of December 1941 (that is when the Japanese allied with Hitler and Mussolini will bomb Pearl Harbor) and implacably yells: "If you stay inert, if you don't lend us a hand, sooner or later they will attack you too!" However there is a difference between my small book and Salvemini's 1933 speech. About Hitler and Mussolini, in fact, at that time Americans did not know what we Europeans knew and suffered. I mean the birth of nazifascism. They consequently could afford the luxury of not believing that political refugee who shouting in despair announced misfortunes for America too. About Islamic Fundamentalists, on the contrary, we Europeans know everything. Not even two months after the New York apocalypse, remember Bin Laden himself proved that I am right when I shout: "You don't understand, you don't want to understand, that a Reverse Crusade is underway. A war of religion they call Holy War, jihad. You don't understand, you don't want to understand, that for those Reverse Crusaders the West is a world to conquer and subjugate to Islam"...<===

Here we are, now in 2016 and 'islamonazi terrorism' has spread globally with daily bloodshed. Still, despite evidence to the contrary, the suicidal narrative 'islam means peace' persists.

Some things never change, EPA. Sigh.