Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The scene this morning (image credit)

Go to Google search for "steve scalise shot" (without the quotation marks).

I am updating as I can. ~ AOW

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) was apparently shot in the hip and unable to walk.

CNN is saying the shooter was a middle-aged white man.

Two Capitol Police officers also shot. They were armed only with handguns, the shooter(s) with a rifle (or rifles). One of Congressman Scalise's aides was also shot.

Note: the only people on that baseball field were members of the GOP.

Members of the GOP Baseball Team was hiding in the dugout and screaming into their mobile phones, "We are under attack!"

At least five have been hit.

Report on Fox News: before the shooting started, a man in running shorts came up and asked if the baseball team was Democrats or Republicans.



AOW here:

This shooting appears to be a deliberate, target attack on the GOP (CNN).

The weapon appears to have been an AR-15 (according to some gun-savvy witnesses, Fox News).

Fox News: the shooting went on for 10 minutes. The shooter reloaded at least once.

The Congressional Teams Baseball Game was supposed to take place tomorrow at Nationals Field and has been well-publicized (Fox News).

One the Capitol Police officers, although shot, was able to take down the shooter. The shooter is now en route to a hospital (Fox News).

Congressman Scalise was airlifted from the scene and is now in the hospital, probably INOVA Fairfax Hospital, which has a trauma center (Fox News).

"It was a shooting field" (Rand Paul, interviewed by phone on Fox News. Some 50 rounds were fired by the gunman.

According to Jeff Flake (R - Arizona), Steve Scalise was playing 2nd base. When he was shot, he dragged himself into the outfield so as to be further away from the shooter, who was behind the 3rd base dugout. Congressman Jeff Flake went to the outfield to put pressure on Scalise's hip wound. The Congressional Baseball Game has been a Washington tradition for over 16 years (Fox News).

UPDATE: Congressman Scalise may be at Georgetown University Medical Center. Police in assault rifles all over the ER entrance there.  The Today Show Twitter feed is showing that he may have a groin wound:

As Anonymous has pointed out here at IBA, in a comment:
If the shooter is tied to the right Trump will be blamed. If the shooter is tied to the left the gun will be blamed.
The blame game has started (with thanks to Anonymous):


Liberal Hacks Attack GOP Rep. Scalise After Shooting: ‘Nothing But Whores and Puppets for NRA’

AOW here...Shooter identified by law enforcement officials as James T. Hodgkinson:
The shooter at the GOP congressional baseball practice this morning is James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill., according to law enforcement officials. Hodgkinson, 66, owns a home inspection business. His home inspection license expired in November 2016 and was not renewed, state records show.

Hodgkinson was charged in April 2006 with battery and aiding damage to a motor vehicle, according to online records in St. Clair County, Illinois. The charges were dismissed, records show.


Anonymous said...

If the shooter is tied to the right Trump will be blamed. If the shooter is tied to the left the gun will be blamed.

thelastenglishprince said...

One little sentence bothers me: (I believe Fox, because I was going back and forth with media outlets)

The news commentator stated the Capitol Police were seated inside the black SUV.

If this is true the following thoughts bother me quite a bit:

Did they walk the field and secure the perimeter?

If tasked with protecting of the Majority Whip why were they not on the field?

If they were in the vehicle, were the windows up, air conditioning on, and more importantly, was the dashboard radio on?

Why did the Congressman from Alabama see the rifle prior to the Capitol police? That is not his job, to identify threat.

How many shots were fired before there was a response?

I sincerely hope the officers were on the field and not outside the fence. I hope what was said is misinformation and not a fact.

Always On Watch said...

I expect so.

Mustang said...

Exactly right!

Always On Watch said...

Getting wall-to-wall coverage here on all the DC media.

Anonymous said...

Rand Paul was on the outside of the 20' fence and witnessed the shooting but did not see the shooter who was firing from behind the cement border of the bullpen.

The would be killer walked on to the field prior to the shooting, unarmed and asked if the players were Republicans or Democrats. H was told Republicans.
He came back in different clothes with a gun and started shooting.

I've heard on a local NY A.M. radio station that the shooter has since died from his wounds.

The mains stream media is to be held partially responsible for their incessant negative political bias which triggers fools like Kathy Griffin to threaten and eventually do harm.

Anonymous said...

Oh, notable mention from the radio report on this shooting from the NY station-
The Democrat team was practicing at a field located a couple miles away. When word reached them of the shooting, democrats were photographed 'praying'.

Does that sound contrived to any of you?

thelastenglishprince said...

Today has an image of Scalise. Looks like a groin wound. Think femoral artery.

Anonymous said...
Rolling Stone, Washington Post Freelancer Blames Scalise For Getting Himself Shot

Britni de la Cretaz, a Boston-based freelance writer for such esteemed publications as Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, The Atlantic and Marie Claire, is blaming House GOP Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) for being shot.

She pointed to a bill introduced by Scalise to relax restrictions on interstate firearm sales.

Her timing and compassion are impeccable.

Scalise is at the hospital being treated for a gunshot wound to the hip at the writing of this piece.

He is reportedly in stable condition.

Always On Watch said...

Hodgkinson, a passionate Progressive, wrote on Facebook, "Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co."

Okay, Leftistas, you own this one. Enjoy!

Always On Watch said...

Hodgkinson has now died -- says Trump right now in his televised statement.