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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Germany: Diversity of Opinion and Social Enrichment In Public Parks

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What Is Communism? Who Is Marx?

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Brea, California: Man Who Allegedly Had 2 IEDs in His Car Charged With 4 Felony Counts

Saleh Ali, 47, was charged Thursday with intent to unlawfully make a destructive device, two counts of possession of a destructive device, and the sale and transportation of a destructive device, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday. 
Brea Police Department officers pulled Ali over for having expired registration at a traffic stop in the area of South Orange Ave and Imperial Highway. 
Police say they found the two bombs when they checked his black Toyota Corolla. 
The DA’s office described the bombs as “improvised explosive devices,” and said they were “containers covered in shrapnel.” 
The devices were taken by an Orange County sheriff’s bomb squad and Ali was arrested and put in Orange County Jail. Police said Thursday his bail was set at $500,000. 
If convicted as charged, Ali will receive a maximum sentence of 10 years in state prison.
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Just When You Think American Politics Can't Get Any Stupider ...


The Democrats are way stupider than Trump ever has been or will be. It is a God Damned Embarrassment.
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Tucker Carlson on Ball-less Republicans: If GOP Cared, They’d Protect You and Kavanaugh – But They Don’t!

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Greta Van Fleet
Highway Tune

Black Smoke Rising

When The Curtain Falls

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Children's remains found in Mexican mass graves

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Tiny pants for a baby no older than 6 months and shiny pink sandals for a toddler are among the personal items that have turned up at mass graves in the Gulf state of Veracruz, driving home the brutality of rising violence in Mexico. 
Mexican authorities have found remains of children along with adults in the clandestine burial pits, a person with knowledge of the investigation confirmed Sunday. 
Each item of clothing was either found near a body or cut free from remains. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss the details publicly. 
The National Commission of Missing Persons posted online hundreds of pictures of clothing Friday to give family members a tool to possibly identify missing loved ones. 
The images include polo shirts with logos still intact, socks, shoes, colorful boxer briefs and ladies' panties. 
One T-shirt says "Live Free" above a picture of a young woman and flowers. Photos also show multiple children's items, such as little sweaters or T-shirts with images of Tinkerbell, Tweety Bird and Pokemon. 
Authorities announced the discovery of the mass graves in early September after having counted 166 skulls. The Interior Ministry said Friday that the body count had since risen to 174. Digging continues at the sites and the picture catalog will be updated as additional garments are found. 
It's unusual for Mexican authorities to share forensic evidence from an investigation that is underway. But thousands of Mexicans are clamoring for information about relatives who have disappeared since the government declared war on drug cartels more than a decade ago. 
Criminal groups have reportedly detained entire busloads of passengers in Veracruz in recent years, sometimes robbing passengers and other times taking people away.
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Ana Vidovic (guitar) and David Lisker (violin)
Paganini Cantabile

Piazzolla: Night Club 1960


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Sunday, September 23, 2018


Ford’s brother, Ralph Blasey III, once worked for the law firm of Baker & Hostetler LLP, but left that firm in 2004. The Daily Caller reported that Baker & Hostetler paid a company called Fusion GPS seven payments totaling more than a half million dollars in 2016. Fusion GPS was also the shadowy Democrat “dirty tricks” group hired by Planned Parenthood to produce the fake forensic analysis that supposedly “debunked” the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover videos.
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911 Calls Released From I.C.E. Employee Who Tried To Report Attacks By Antifa In Portland

During the 6 week long siege of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland, there were several times when unhinged protesters began threatening the employees who work in the building. 
You may recall one instance where the tolerant, far left lunatics spouted racial epithets at a black ICE employee. 
Since the bulk of the protest took place on city property, they were technically outside the jurisdiction of DHS/”Federal Protective Services,” so the employees had to call 911 and rely on local Portland police for protection. 
Except Mayor Ted Wheeler directed the police to stand down and let the protesters have free reign. 
Several ICE and DHS employees are now suing the city, citing a violation of 14th Amendment “equal protection under the law,” as police officers refused to render aid to the callers. 
A series of phone calls that one DHS/ICE employee made to 911 have now been made public. And you won’t believe how the guy was treated. His name has been censored, but he has a noticeable accent. 
He called 911 when protesters had surrounded his car as he was trying to leave work to pick up his daughter. After getting the location of the caller, the naive (or idiotic) dispatcher seems to have no clue that a giant protest has been taking place for weeks in the area, and seems confused about the whole situation, thinking that the ICE building is the IDA building (?). 
The guy explains that he’s trying to leave to pick up his daughter, and the dispatcher is asking why the protesters are surrounding him in his car. “Can you have the officers to hurry up, because they’re telling me they’re going to kill me” the guy explains to dispatch. 
“I think one of the gentleman has a knife in his waist…. He showed it to me and he’s telling me he’s going to kill me,” he says, before giving a description of the guy. 
The dispatcher pretty much tells the caller to hang out and do nothing. 
The same guy places a second call 7 minutes later, and he explains that he’s trapped and the protesters are trying to flatten his tires. 
The dispatcher again seems to not be aware of the giant protest taking place, and explains to the guy that the police “are already on their way, and have been for a while.” She then advises the guy to call wherever his daughter is and tell them he will be late picking her up. 
Yes, this is for real. Not a sarcastic skit.
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Welcome To Migrant Germany

From Welcome to the alleged Nazi city of #Chemnitz (Vlad Tepes Blog):

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Newt Gingrich: Texas Offers A Blueprint For A Red Wave Election In November

From Newt Gingrich:

I have been writing a lot about the power of a big-choice election in November.
This week, Texas Republicans won a special election for a state Senate seat in a district along the Mexican border. Every Republican campaign in the country should study this race carefully.
You may not have read about this GOP victory, because the liberal national media is not exactly excited to report that Republicans reclaimed a seat they had not held in 139 years. The liberal media is especially shy about reporting on a Republican victory in a district that Hillary Clinton carried by nearly 12 points in the 2016 presidential election.
From the left’s standpoint, this victory is even more frightening because the district is 73 percent African-American and Hispanic.
Furthermore, at a time when people are touting gigantic Democratic voter turnout and lagging Republican participation, this special election runoff had twice as many voters as the last Texas state Senate special election runoff in February 2015.
In fact, the turnout for this race went up from 26,207 in the first round of the election to 44,487 in the runoff, according to Sam Taylor with the Texas Secretary of State’s Office. The Republican candidate received 23,576 votes to the Democrat’s 20,911.
Pete Flores, the Republican victor, spent 27 years as a game warden. As Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told me: “Flores was tireless as a campaigner. He put 7,000 miles on his car during the last five weeks of the campaign.”
In many ways, the Flores all-out, personal campaigning resembled President Trump in the last weeks of the 2016 campaign. This is a good reminder to Republicans that campaigns matter, and you can’t predict who will win six weeks out from an election.
Flores had run four years earlier and lost by 20 points. Now he is the first Hispanic Republican state senator in Texas (yet another reason the liberal media is avoiding talking about the race). Since Flores defeated former Democratic U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego, his victory has some extra punch to it.
Patrick said this race was a classic example of a big-choice campaign. He had read my recent paper, The Republican Choice for 2018: Win or Lose, which outlines the importance of big- choice campaigns over small-choice campaigns and said this was a perfect example of the potential for a big-choice campaign to overwhelm the media bias (a point Brooke Rollins had also made to me).
The big choices in this 17-county border district were:
Right to life versus tax-paid abortion. As Catholics, many Hispanic voters simply won’t vote for liberals who are for tax-paid abortions. Of course, every Democrat who is campaigning for free government-run health care is campaigning for tax-paid abortion.
Safe borders versus dangerous gangs. As Patrick explained, “most law-abiding Hispanics support controlling the border, stopping criminals and keeping their community safe from gangs like MS-13.” He pointed out that he campaigned four years ago on repealing the sanctuary city law in Texas and got about 50 percent of the Hispanic vote. Flores’s own campaign website clearly states: “Our borders must be secure, and our communities must be safe. … We will make Texas borders secure and a bad place to be for criminals and gangs. We are and must remain a state where the rule of law reigns.”
Gun rights versus gun control. Many Hispanic voters strongly support the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. They distrust and oppose liberals who want to have government control their guns.
Local rule versus centralized bureaucracy. Most Hispanic voters favor smaller government, lower taxes, and more community rather than Washington controls (or Austin controls in this case).
Work versus welfare. There is a strong work ethic in the Hispanic community, and the job-creating power of the Trump system is being admired and applauded. Currently having the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate in history is a real asset for Republicans in the 2018 campaign.
Matt Walter, the president of the Republican State Leadership Committee, noted that this was the 38th Republican special election victory this year – more than the Democrats have won. This makes you wonder how big the supposed blue wave is going to be if the Democrats keep losing actual elections – when the people, rather than the media, have a voice.
So every Republican candidate, campaign, professional and activist should look carefully at this Republican victory in Texas. They should realize that election night on Nov. 6 could be an even bigger upset – with even more shocking and decisive Republican victories – than election night 2016 was.
This upset can take place:
If we have the courage to make the November midterm a big-choice election.
If we have the courage to campaign on issues that the American people support – even if the liberal media hates them and despises us for raising them.
If we are willing to go into every neighborhood and every precinct and appeal to every American of every background.
If we are willing to challenge liberal lies and distortions head-on and force the left to admit they are not true.
If we do this at the national level, in the media, and at the local level in each campaign.
If we pick up the big-choice themes that President Trump is beginning to lay out (note his recent rally speech in Montana).
These are the lessons of the great victory in the Texas State Senate District 19 special election. It is not based on a theory. It is based on real victories, in real elections.
Now, we must believe act and fight. Victory in November is there for the earning.

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The Thrill Is Gone

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Sarah Manning
Windmills Of Your Mind

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Keith Jarrett
This Masquerade is Over

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