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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Trump: I'll Throw Acosta Out the Next Time He Acts Like a Child, Or I'll Just Walk Out Myself

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Frank Zappa
Titties and Beer

Dancin' Fool

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On Democrats Stealing Elections

The Democrats Are Restless

From J.J. Sefton:
While no one was watching, there are actually a couple more House seats in, of all places, California that Republicans won, or seemingly won, that are now being hijacked along with four other already stolen in races there and across the country, including the Wisconsin film-flamming of Scott Walker and Leah Vukmir. 
The salient points in all of this are that something must be done starting like yesterday to fix this problem. Considering elections are the purview of individual states, I don't see what sort of legislation can be enacted to curb this. 
And of course, this is all a feature - an "insurance policy" if you will - in case the citizenry dare to go against the will and destiny of their betters and vote against them, so forget any sort of voting reform like abolishing early voting, Motor-Voter and provisional ballots etc. especially in areas already under Democrat-Leftist rule. 
The only way to really defeat this, while we still have a country, is to get out and vote en masse and overcome the cheat factor (which no doubt will increase con gusto if the attempted robberies fail in FL and GA). And that means that it is incumbent on the GOP to field candidates that have a pulse, let alone the temperament and mindset to fight and be on the right side of the issues. 
We knew that this was going to be problematic since the GOP is still in a struggle with the pro-Trump conservative base and politicians to control the party. And that situation is still in doubt. 
The other crucial point is that it is now evident to anyone but the most clueless that the Democrat Party is now ramping up a very dangerous propaganda meme that any time they lose an election it is because it was stolen by the Republicans (i.e. white male Christian bigots and sons of slave owners and homophobes, etc.). 
So in their twisted worldview, stealing an election from a Republican is justified since the latter are evil and dangerous and stand in the way of progress. Just like it's okay to try and break into Tucker Carlson's house, abuse Ted Cruz and his wife at a restaurant, smash someone wearing a MAGA hat in the face with a bike lock or go shoot up Steve Scalise and others at a softball field. 
It's all part of "otherization" and declaring anyone who opposes them in the slightest as untermenschen that must be removed. Forget about the rule of law. 
Along with everything else we have seen vis a vis Comey, Brennan, Clinton, Obama, Judge Buch M. Danno and all the rest, that is out the window. A truckload of axle grease is being dumped on the already slippery slope we are sliding down on. 
I suppose if I wanted to be positive about this, I could say that the fact that even after all they have done to this nation and the brains of several generations of youth that they still need to steal key elections to hold onto power might be a ray of hope. 
And that is why they want open borders and amnesty. They can bypass the messy and sometimes embarrassing fiasco of stealing elections and just steal our national identity overnight. 
As an aside, when you consider the fact that there are already perhaps 22-30 million illegal aliens already in this country, the fact that Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress had two whole years to grant them Amnesty and citizenship and probably turn Florida and Texas blue and instead went for Obamacare and Dodd-Fagg is a blunder of epic proportions. 
Call it hubris in that he and they believed Jon Meacham's drivel of "We Are All Socialists Now" but had they done that, it would have been lights out America right then and there. 
In any case, in the near term, for sure the Democrats even as we speak going to go all out and try to goniff Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin for 2020. If I am a Republican governor and have a majority GOP state legislature I would be working my ass off now to thoroughly examine every aspect of the state's elector systems and personnel and preemptively pass laws and fire/hire people to mitigate as best as I can the Democrat thievery that is sure to come. 
As a nation, we're collectively bobbing in the surf as it is and the question is is the tide finally receding or is there a massive wave coming in to finish us off? We shall see.
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Anti-Open Borders Commercial From The Netherlands

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Drunken Leftist Stands Up At Performance of Fiddler On The Roof, and Yells, "Heil Hitler, Heil Trump" - Media Outlets Report It As Pro-Trump Hate Crime

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Dem Sen. Kamala Harris Compares ICE To The KKK

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Male Gym Teacher Punished For Refusing To Oversee Middle School Girl Get Undressed In Boys’ Locker Room

The Left's Idea of What a Boy's Locker Room Looks Like
A physical education teacher in Florida was punished for refusing to oversee a biologically female middle schooler who identifies as male potentially get undressed in the boys’ locker room. The school, stunningly, allowed the female student to have access to the boys’ locker room without so much as informing the male students who would be sharing the locker room with the girl or the students’ parents. 
According to a complaint letter from Liberty Counsel to Pasco County School District, the female student caught “boys (literally) with their pants down, causing them embarrassment and concern by the fact that they had been observed changing by an obvious girl,” reports The Federalist.
From Ben Shapiro's Gay Rag.
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MARCO RUBIO BOMBSHELL: Democrats Planned Voter Fraud Day After Midterm Election — And There’s Proof

Is it just me, or are we losing our country?
On Thursday night Marco Rubio reported on the planned Democrat voter fraud after Election Day. Democrat leaders in Florida directed staffers and volunteers to shear altered election forms to fix improper absentee ballots AFTER THE DEADLINE. 
The plan was to have Florida voters fix and submit as many absentee votes as possible in hopes of including them in the vote totals. 
The email was sent out to Democrat activists BEFORE Nelson and his party allies filed a series of lawsuits challenging some voting rules that applied during the election, claiming they disenfranchised voters. 
A federal judge then ruled in Democrat’s favor to count these votes. 
Naples Daily News reported: 
A day after Florida’s election left top state races too close to call, a Democratic party leader directed staffers and volunteers to share altered election forms with voters to fix signature problems on absentee ballots after the state’s deadline. 
The altered forms surfaced in Broward, Santa Rosa, Citrus and Okaloosa counties and were reported to federal prosecutors to review for possible election fraud as Florida counties completed a required recount in three top races. 
But an email obtained by the USA TODAY NETWORK – Florida shows that Florida Democrats were organizing a broader statewide effort beyond those counties to give voters the altered forms to fix improper absentee ballots after the Nov. 5 deadline. 
Democratic party leaders provided staffers with copies of a form, known as a “cure affidavit,” that had been modified to include an inaccurate Nov. 8 deadline. 
The Naples Daily News posted a copy of the Democrat instruction form to voters.
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Grateful Dead
Shakedown Street

Dire Wolf

Brown Eyed Women

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

"We Really Muffed" It: Scientist Admits Error in Hyped Global Warming Study

We Really Muffed It: Scientist Admits Error in Hyped Global Warming Study
The co-author of a much-hyped, peer-reviewed, alarmist paper claiming to have found a huge, unexpected build-up of global warming heat in the oceans has admitted: “We really muffed” the calculations. 
According to the paper by Laure Resplandy et al, published this month in the prestigious journal Nature, a lot of the missing heat from global warming — 60 percent more than hitherto thought — has been absorbed by the oceans. 
Naturally, this shocking discovery caused much excitement across mainstream media and was widely reported by environmental correspondents as proof that the global warming crisis was more serious than evah. 
However, their exultant doom-mongering has been shortlived. An independent analyst, Nic Lewis, examined the paper and quickly spotted it was based on flawed math. As the Global Warming Policy Forum reported: Independent climate scientist Nicholas Lewis has uncovered a major error in a recent scientific paper that was given blanket coverage in the English-speaking media. 
The paper, written by a team led by Princeton oceanographer Laure Resplandy, claimed that the oceans have been warming faster than previously thought. It was announced, in news outlets including the BBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and Scientific American that this meant that the Earth may warm even faster than currently estimated. 
However Lewis, who has authored several peer-reviewed papers on the question of climate sensitivity and has worked with some of the world’s leading climate scientists, has found that the warming trend in the Resplandy paper differs from that calculated from the underlying data included with the paper. 
“If you calculate the trend correctly, the warming rate is not worse than we thought – it’s very much in line with previous estimates,” says Lewis. In fact, says Lewis, some of the other claims made in the paper and reported by the media, are wrong too. 
“Their claims about the effect of faster ocean warming on estimates of climate sensitivity (and hence future global warming) and carbon budgets are just incorrect anyway, but that’s a moot point now we know that about their calculation error”. 
Now, one of the paper’s co-authors, Ralph Keeling has gamely fessed up to the error — and hinted that this effectively invalidates the paper: 
“Unfortunately, we made mistakes here,” said Ralph Keeling, a climate scientist at Scripps, who was a co-author of the study. “I think the main lesson is that you work as fast as you can to fix mistakes when you find them.” 
The central problem, according to Keeling, came in how the researchers dealt with the uncertainty in their measurements. As a result, the findings suffer from too much doubt to definitively support the paper’s conclusion about just how much heat the oceans have absorbed over time. 
The central conclusion of the study — that oceans are retaining ever more energy as more heat is being trapped within Earth’s climate system each year — is in line with other studies that have drawn similar conclusions. 
And it hasn’t changed much despite the errors. But Keeling said the authors’ miscalculations mean there is actually a much larger margin of error in the findings, which means researchers can weigh in with less certainty than they thought. 
“I accept responsibility for what happened because it’s my role to make sure that those kind of details got conveyed,” Keeling said.
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The International Financing of Engineered Migration

Interesting information ... if true.

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72 Percent Say Media ‘Dividing Americans,’ Spreading ‘Hate’

Nearly three-quarters of the country believes that the media is “dividing Americans” along political, racial, and gender lines, a stunning condemnation of the press, according to a new national survey. 
What’s more, the Zogby Analytics poll provided to Secrets said that the media bias is sparking hate and misunderstanding. And while Americans also blame President Trump for dividing voters, the survey analysis said the media is worse. 
Those surveyed, said Zogby Analytics, “felt the mainstream media spreads hate and misunderstanding, also felt that President Trump is responsible for the spread of hate and misunderstanding, but more voters overall, and in most sub-groups, blame the media slightly more!” 
Overall, 72 percent said “the mainstream media has played a major role in dividing Americans along racial, gender and political lines. This has led to a spread of hate and misunderstanding among some people.” 
Only two-thirds said the same about Trump. While 7-in-10 men and women agreed that the media is to blame for dividing the nation, Republicans were nearly unanimous while just 51 percent of Democrats said the press was to blame.
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BREAKING: Court Rules Hillary Clinton Must Answer Key Questions About Her Private Server

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Rape Charge Dropped Against USC Student After Security Camera Footage Proves Him Innocent

I'm sure Feminist groups will still maintain this cunt was raped.

Fuck Feminists!


DeVos to Announce New Title IX Rules That Guarantee Some Minimum Due Process Safeguards to the Accused

What a monster.Can you believe accused people will have the chance to actually know what the charges against them are? What is this, a Harry Potter book where Voldemort lets Harry know what the charges against him are?!?!

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