Thursday, December 09, 2021

Biotech CEO, Ugur Sahin Says "I Am Not Legally Allowed To Get The Vaccine"

Uğur Şahin is a German oncologist and immunologist. He is the CEO of BioNTech, which developed one of the major vaccines against COVID-19. BioNTech partnered with Pfizer in creating the most well-known COVID vaccine on the market.

FBI, Is That You?

Heh. Looks legit. 

Vlad Tepes comments:
FBI masquerades as “white supremacists” likely to gin up some justification to arrest, torture or gulag Trump supporters and opponents of the new Communist US order. I say this because that is how it looks to me. And because so many have spent a year in jail, even in Solitary with no trial just for being near the Capitol buildings on January 6 2020. Watch Tucker Carlson’s documentary for proof of this.

From Powerline Blog:

Everything about this scene is weird: the identical clothes, the masks, the plastic shields, the greaves. I don’t know; maybe white supremacists actually dress and act like this. I can’t say, as I’ve never met one.

Twitter conservatives promptly questioned whether the whole thing was staged by the FBI. For example:

How Many Airline Airline Pilots Have Died In 2021?


As -my notes- show… 

2019: 1 Dead 

2020: 6 Dead 

2021: 12 in the first column Dead 

28 in the second column Dead

36 +/- (column cut off) in the third column Dead 

33 +/- (column cut off) in the fourth column Dead 

That makes, in 2021 alone with missing data mind you A grand sum total of -109- dead pilots in 2021 so far 

‘Cos that chart? Stops in September


“Then they made the call for if there is a doctor, nurse or EMT on the plane and as luck would have it, one doctor came forward and two nurses,” White said. He said a pilot on board in the passenger area also made his way to the cockpit. 
White said the pilot was brought out of the cockpit and set down as medical volunteers treated him. The pilot appeared to collapse shortly afterwards. 
“They were able to get him talking again after they got him on the floor, but they were working on him pretty feverishly,” White said.

Why I Am Not Complying

I Am Five Hours Into My Shift, and Have Alredy Treated 3 Vaccine Injuries: Heart Attach, 36 Year Old With a Stroke, and a 44 Year Old With a Blood Clot

GIANT TURDS: In This Exhibition, You Walk Through Excrement


New York Times praises shit.

JUST IN: Two Senate Dems Join Every Republican, Vote to OVERTURN Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Businesses


JUST IN: Two Senate Dems Join Every Republican, Vote to OVERTURN Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

I'm absolutely sure this is not near the beginning of the end of the battle. 

But ...

Words That Go From The Heart, Enter The Heart

Service With A Smile

 Happy The Man

1. Service With A Smile (0:00) 2. Morning Sun (2:38) 3. Ibby It Is (6:40) 4. Steaming Pipes (14:27) 5. Wind Up Doll Day Wind (19:44) 6. Open Book (27:00) 7. I Forgot To Push It (31:51) 8. The Moon, I Sing (Nossuri) (34:55)

Governor of Maine (SKRANK) Activates National Guard to Staff Hospitals After Firing Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers


Maine Governor Janet Mills (D) on Wednesday activated the National Guard to staff hospitals after firing unvaccinated healthcare workers. 
Recall, Governor Janet Mills in August announced that healthcare workers in Maine must be fully vaccinated by October 29. 
The Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit on behalf of approximately 2,000 healthcare workers in August. On October 29 the US Supreme Court in a 6-3 vote rejected the health care workers’ request. 
Three conservative justices, Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito said they would have ruled in favor of the Christian group seeking relief from the Covid vaccine mandate. 
Hospitals in Maine are now understaffed due to Mills’s Covid vaccine mandate.

“This Video Should Be Pulled:” Mistakenly Leaked Email Reveals Biden’s FDA Pressured Google To Censor “Problematic” YouTube Video On Monoclonal Antibody Drug For Covid


“This Video Should Be Pulled:” Mistakenly Leaked Email Reveals Biden’s FDA Pressured Google To Censor “Problematic” YouTube Video On Monoclonal Antibody Drug For Covid

Fauci and Moderna and the U.S. government and Gain of Function

Moderna was in on the gain of function research and vaccine research very early on, BEFORE THERE WAS A PROBLEM.

Long ago I decided Glen Beck was a bit kooky but here he seems to have the goods and has passed them on to Rand Paul.

Fauci, The Most UnAmerican American In History


“Sometimes You’ve Got to do Things That Are Unpopular That Clearly Supersede Individual Choices” – Fauci on How to Deal with the Unvaxxed

Otis Redding
Merry Christmas Baby

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Australian Football Player Diagnosed with Pericarditis After Receiving First Pfizer Shot – Team Director Quits and Slams Leagues “Forceful” Jab Policy


A top player with the Adelaide Crows was sent to hospital and diagnosed with pericarditis after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe reported this on his show Friday. 
The player spent a day in the hospital and was diagnosed with pericarditis. His cardiologist told him that he is not allowed to exercise for three months and he should take medications. The identity of the player was not published for privacy reasons. Rowey said during his Rowey’s Sports Show: A Crows top-up player two weeks ago got his first COVID jab. He needed to do that to train, obviously, because the top-ups trained with the senior boys at times. 
So in short, he presented symptoms to the club doctor who acted immediately and sent him to the RAH. I think that was maybe on Wednesday. And the doctors are just brilliant, absolutely superb to be able to pick up symptoms like that. Anyway, off goes the young kid, after testing was diagnosed with pericarditis. 
And if you don’t know what pericarditis is, it’s the swelling of the outer tissue of the heart. It’s scary. He spent a day in the hospital. The young lad, his cardiologist has said for three months, no exercise and he’s on medication. Our understanding after a number of phone calls today, his prognosis is very good. 
He’ll make a full recovery and I say, thank God. And the reason I say that my niece, my brother’s middle daughter, had exactly the same thing, probably around the same age. It is mandatory for players and officials to be fully vaccinated. 
Following the ordeal of one of the players, Adelaide Crows’ director Nick Takos has resigned from his position, criticizing the Australian Football League’s “forceful” mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. Takos says he sought and was denied a medical exemption from having a COVID-19 vaccine. 
“The AFL’s COVID mandate, and the club’s deeply concerning response to it, has left me with no choice but to step down,” Takos said in a statement on Wednesday, 7News reported. More report from 7News: “While I am not anti-vaccination generally, corporations should not tell their staff and footy fans what medical treatment is good for them through a mandatory vaccination policy. Advertisement - story continues below “I cannot support a coercive and forceful policy that does not consider the proportionate risk to players and staff. 
“I cannot support a policy that unfairly discriminates against our highly diverse 60,000 members and over 650,000 fans who have a wide range of personal and medical considerations when it comes to vaccination.” The Crows have ruled that all players and officials must be fully vaccinated, after the AFL previously mandated the jab for all players and football staff. 
The cut-off date for a first vaccination dose under AFL rules was November 19. 
Takos said he became “increasingly concerned” after one of Adelaide’s SANFL players was diagnosed with pericarditis, a serious heart condition. He said the state league player was diagnosed “as a result of taking the COVID vaccination at the direction of the AFL and club”. “Based on this, I called a special board meeting to urgently discuss the player’s condition, the health and safety of all of our players and other associated risks,” he said.