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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Islam and The West: Dancing With Kafka

Maybe if we act like we're dead, the Muslims will leave us alone

UK police warn that watching the beheading video of a US journalist is a terrorist offense

(ML. who gave me this link pointed out that it is curious that watching a video made by people who the government and the media insist on calling “militants” makes you a terrorist. Get it? They, who cut off a man’s head for Islamic reasons to support the aspirations of the new Islamic state, have nothing to do with islam and are “militants”. But if you watch that video, you are a terrorist. Kafka meets Orwell at 90 miles an hour.)
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AoW's List




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Humpday Blues

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
So Glad You're Mine

My Baby Left Me

That's All Right

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Denmark: 100s March Through Muslim Area to Protest Anti-Semitism

From Jews News:
Hundreds of protesters wearing yarmulkas, Stars of David and other Jewish symbols marched through a predominantly Muslim neighbhorhood of the Danish capital of Copenhagen, in a march against anti-Semitism late last week. 
Demonstrators included both Jews and non-Jews, and were protesting analarming rise in anti-Semitism in the country which, like the rest of Europe, has seen simmering anti-Semitism boil over during the past few weeks as Israeli forces battle terrorists in the Gaza Strip. 
Rasmus Yarlov, a Copenhagen city councillor said he joined the march in protest of the fact that the situation in Demark had gotten so bad that Jews were forced to hide their identity to avoid being attacked. 
“We need to show that Jewish symbols and Jewish clothing is part of the streets in Copenhagen and should be allowed to move around freely, and not be seen as something that is abnormal and does not belong in the streets,” he told CCTV-America news. 
The choice of a Muslim neighborhood was due to the fact that the vast majority of anti-Semitism attacks in the Scandinavian country were committed by members of the growing Muslim immigrant community. 
Across Europe, rising anti-Semitism has been largely fueled by Muslim extremists, and the deadliest anti-Semitic attacks – such as the 2012 Toulouse Massacre and the recent shooting at the Brussels Jewish Museum – have been committed by radical Islamists. 
European Muslims have often been accused of making no distinction between opposing Israeli policies and anti-Semitism. 
And the small groupof Muslim pro-Palestinian protesters who turned out as part of a counter-protest appeared unfazed by the fact that their actions – aimed at a march protesting anti-Semitism – illustrated just that. Counter-protesters, wearing keffiyehs and waving PLO flags, branded the march “provocative”, with one woman claimed “that these people are supporting the genocide down in Palestine and that is definitely unacceptable.”
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First They Came for The Pretty Women, But I Was Not a Pretty Woman, So I Did Nothing

Feminists and The Transgender Have No Comment

From Front Page:

ISIS Separated “Young and Pretty” Yazidi Women

As the militants with the al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic State surged into the area from surrounding Arab villages two weeks ago, snaring those who had not managed to flee, they showed a marked interest in detaining women, notably the youngest and prettiest, according to witnesses, relatives and in some instances the women themselves.
Women were separated from men, then younger women were separated from older ones and most were shunted off in buses or trucks.
The Sinjar Crisis Group, formed by Yazidi activists in Washington, has compiled a list of 1,074 names of female captives reported by their relatives to be in the custody of the Islamic State.
Once at the school, the eyewitness said, the youngest women again were parted from older ones and driven away, along with a dozen or so boys between ages 10 and 12 who had apparently been detained with their mothers.
Why were the boys detained? It’s an open question, but the UN recentlycondemned ISIS for raping teenage boys.
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James Foley Went Looking to Support Terrorists in Syria, Instead They Cut Off His Head

From Daniel Greenfield:
Foley came to Syria to support the Sunni Islamist rebels against the Syrian government. He cheered on the Sunni Muslim terrorists fighting to ethnically cleanse the Christians of Aleppo. 
In the conflict between Israel and Hamas, his tweets and retweets were chock full of pro-terrorist propaganda. 
But Foley ran afoul of at least some of the Sunni Jihadists in Syria. His twitter feed was filled with references to the FSA. And the FSA was going to be eclipsed by the Al Qaeda affiliates. 
And that was where he ended up. 
When Austin Tice, an actual freelance journalist was kidnapped by Jihadists, Foley ridiculed the idea that Jihadists had kidnapped him. 
Surely Syrian Jihadists wouldn’t do that sort of thing. Except they did. 
When Newsweek’s Muslim Rage cover story came out, Foley mocked it too. Raging Muslims. How silly and Islamophobic. 
Foley was fanatically anti-Israel and was even willing to echo Iranian propaganda.
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Frank Miller interviewed about his career

Miller was interviewed by Playboy prior to the premiere of the new movie sequel for Sin City, and he's got some interesting stuff to tell them about his past and present work, including Holy Terror, and what he thinks of Superman too. Some of the more challenging topics come on the second page of queries, like the reception 300 got in Iran:
PLAYBOY: Through a spokesman, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the film “an insult” to Iran, as well as a “fabrication” and an act of “cultural and psychological warfare.” Do you consider it an accomplishment to have pissed off Ahmadinejad?

MILLER: I’m ready for my fatwa now. [laughs] I’m banned from Iran, but believe me, I’ve made much greater sacrifices. What I love is that I actually made the Iranian government change its historical policy toward Persia. It went from despising the empire of Persia to all of a sudden loving it, after 300. Persia had been a globe-spanning empire, then Muhammad came along and changed the mentality and rewrote all the histories. Iran’s days of empire are long gone, and they were just looking for something to get pissed off about.
Very courageous answer! And he's right about how Islam changed much of the middle east, save for Israel (and Armenia, which is more or less mideastern too), and Islamofascists like Iran's are always looking for excuses to turn into tantrum machines.
PLAYBOY: More recently you angered a lot of people with Holy Terror, your 2011 comic book about a superhero who fights Al Qaeda. In Wired, a writer called it “a screed against Islam,” and others accused you of depicting Islam as a violent religion. Do you stand by the book?

MILLER: Yes. Why not? I felt the response to 9/11 was tepid, if not disgusting. It’s almost as though they killed 3,000 of my neighbors and we spent the next bunch of years apologizing for it. Since superheroes have a tradition of fighting fascism, why not do it one more time? I don’t know where anyone got the idea it was anti-Islamic. I used, I believe, three Islamic words, which are common Al Qaeda usage. I didn’t feature their religious services. I happen to believe terrorism is a pungent evil, and I’m glad we’re fighting it. It’s incomprehensible to me that people apologize for it or pretend it never happened.

PLAYBOY: You described Holy Terror as “propaganda” in the tradition of Thomas Paine and predicted it would “offend just about everyone.” Has offending people been a goal in your career?

MILLER: I’ve been through periods when I wanted to spend my career annoying or offending people and other times when I wanted to inspire or spin a good yarn or draw a particular kind of car. I remember coming into the worlds of Marvel and DC and wanting to shake things up because they’d been the same way for so long. I wanted to be the bull in the china shop. And sometime in the 1970s along came Will Eisner with A Contract With God, which showed that comic books could have a shelf life and be read repeatedly, not just come out and disappear in time for next week’s cycle.
While his desire to be defiant in the face of tyrants is admirable, this got me to thinking about a downside: it's not always a good idea to anger people, depending on what the subject is, and if it's pissing off the Spider-Man and Green Lantern readerships, as Terry Kavanaugh, Ron Marz, J. Michael Straczynski and Dan Slott have done, that's where it's something very bad. So while I'm sure Miller's intentions of who to outrage were meant for all the right reasons, I think it's fair to argue that "pissing people off" does have a downside, and it pays to be careful not to take steps that can alienate people, as Marvel and DC have spent the last 20 years doing with superhero fans, for all the wrong reasons.

That aside, it's impressive he brings up Eisner, because, as noted earlier, Eisner's last graphic novel, The Plot, focused on Muslim anti-semitism, so I think it's safe to say that, whatever his opinions on the finished product, Eisner would support his old buddy Miller's idea on principle. Since we're on the subject, it makes me wonder what people like Slott might think of Eisner. I'm sure there's some people in comicdom today whose alleged admiration for Eisner turned to hatred and spite after they heard he was going to confront Islamofascism in his last days, and would probably denounce him as a "racist", and it wouldn't make any difference that he apologized long ago for his embarrassing renditions of Ebony White's character design in the original Spirit strips.

Miller also reveals something that happened in the mid-80s I wasn't aware of till now:
PLAYBOY: Early in your career the first thing you did to annoy people was to kill off Elektra, a beloved female ninja you created for the Daredevil comic. Did you have any hesitation about doing that?

MILLER: Sure. I had the jitters. There were death threats: “You killed the woman I love. I’m coming after you,” that sort of thing. I was worried for my girlfriend, so I went to the FBI, which explained that because the letters had been opened and had no postmarks or proofs of postage, they couldn’t be considered mail, so I was to take the threats and like it. But killing her was true to the character and true to the story. That’s all that matters.
Yikes. So Marv Wolfman and George Perez weren't the only ones who got a threat letter after the ending they wrote for the Judas Contract in New Teen Titans. And the worst part is that, at the time this happened, anti-stalking laws in the USA hadn't been properly drafted yet (it took at least until 1990 before that happened), otherwise, Miller could probably have gotten a case filed more easily and the authorities wouldn't have refused to help.

Despite what he says about Elektra Nachios, either he or another writer reversed her fate 4-5 years afterwards, so that's something he hasn't clarified fully here. (And how doesn't it occur to the interviewer that the real word for female ninja is "kunoichi"?)

He also has an interesting take on masculinity:
PLAYBOY: Your work is clearly influenced by film noir and pulp magazines. Do you prefer the older ideal of masculinity to the one you see represented in culture these days?

MILLER: I believe there has been a crisis of masculinity in modern times, and the 1940s-style gentleman needs to make a comeback—the sort of man who opens the door for women and compliments them and does things for them. I believe it’s a biological function of men, because we tend to be larger than women, to be protective of them. If I were to try to zero in, comic-book-like, on when masculinity went awry, I’d say it was when Rod Stewart sang, “You are my lover, you’re my best friend,” rather than allowing there to be two people in his life who served two very important functions.
I agree that, no matter how helpful it can be for women to learn self-defense and keeping their calm when faced with danger, honorable men who can defend an innocent lady in distress is an idea in serious need of improvement. Lastly, he has something to say about Superman:
PLAYBOY: A lot of Dark Knight readers think you love Batman and hate Superman. Any truth to that?

MILLER: The Dark Knight series is all from Batman’s point of view. But if you look at Dark Knight 2, you’ll see a Superman who’s much calmer than the one in the first Dark Knight. Batman and Superman are dead opposites. I love Superman. Do I love Batman more? They’re not people. They’re only lines on paper.
Rest assured, I don't think he dislikes the Man of Steel (or even Wonder Woman, though he had a very questionable take on her in his All-Star Batman book), though it's worth arguing guys like him should have tried writing Superman's solo tales more often, and using an optimistic POV more often too. But if he's acknowledging that the World's Finest are only fictional characters, that's good, because it shows he's one writer who recognizes why it makes no sense to think of fictional characters as though they're real people we bump into on the streets. Even today, there's still people out there who haven't grown up and understood the differences, which has only resulted in a lot of bizarre hatred for fictional people instead of criticizing the writers/editors for any faults they see in how the characters are depicted.
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Prince Charles: Live by Islamic Spiritual Principles to save the world

This video is 4 years old.

I have to wonder if Prince Chuck still feels we need to live by the Islamic spiritual principles to "save the world".

Does he mean the same principles that saved James Foley?


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Al-Qaida originally disavowed ISIS as too extreme, even for them.

It seems the situation has changed.


Al-Qaeda in Yemen Announces ‘Solidarity’ With ‘Our Muslim Brothers in Iraq’

( – The world’s two most dangerous Islamic terror groups appear to be joining forces.
A statement purportedly by al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based branch -- al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula -- expresses support for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL), the Yemen Times reported on Tuesday.

“We announce solidarity with our Muslim brothers in Iraq against the crusade. Their blood and injuries are ours and we will surely support them,” the newspaper quoted the AQAP statement as saying.

“We stand by the side of our Muslim brothers in Iraq against the American and Iranian conspiracy and their agents of the apostate Gulf rulers.”

the rest here


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So the leader of the free world delivered his remarks on James Foley from his vacation destination -- he couldn't even be bothered to put on a tie -- then went golfing.

POOL REPORT: "Obama stepped to a podium and delivered his remarks… Afterward, the motorcade drove to the Vineyard Golf Club."


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The Foley Video

Many have asked that no one watch or share the video of James Foley. Including those such as his sister.

Do not give the monsters the attention. If we don't they will stop. Instead remember Foley's memory.

While I understand their pain and wishes I disagree strongly with their reasoning.

Those who believe not showing the video will make it go away have a fundamental misunderstanding of what we are dealing with. And have been dealing with all these years now.

This is what waits you and me if ISIS and their ilk have their way.

ISIS and others will not stop because we boycott their videos. They will not stop until a worldwide caliphate has been established and the last Infidel dead or converted.

Or until they are all dead.

If watching this video finally wakes people up to that fact and finally instills in them the backbone to do WHAT HAS TO BE DONE then post it far and wide.

from TruthUncensored


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The Daily Obamanation

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What Muslims Are Good At

Islamic culture doesn't invent much of anything. During the 1990's the entire Arab Islamic world had less than 100 patents registered. During that same period, the little country of South Korea had over 17,000 patents registered.

But Muslims are good at one thing: Murdering people.

Score another victory for Allah the great:

ISIS Beheads American Journalist James Foley

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James Foley makes you wish for something OLD SCHOOL in the skies

I don’t know what ISIS intended … but I want to see thousands of them in the sky blotting out the blue, and obliterate the entire culture which spawned this sub human behavior so that anyone with such desires, REMEMBERS.

One big bomb seems to lack something for me this morning.

The Yezidis, the Kurds, the Christian Iraqis all lived in a stewing hell which has now boiled.

But there is nothing in the desert, is there?

And the dusty cities? Are they now filled with the hating super salafi freaks?
Will we save hundreds of thousands, or millions to make it all look like the Tokyo of 1945 above?

12 well placed bombs from F-18’s will not achieve what must be achieved.

That is the sad and disgusting truth.

ISIS is the penultimate achievement of what has become the ascendant form of Islam in our world.

It’s entire birthing culture is at fault.

The time for excuses based on Assad, or Maliki, or Wahab, or the Quran is now passed. If we allow these ideas to survive as a culture, what happens next will be our faults.

I want to think about football. The baseball off season. Stacking wood. Seeing my grandchildren. Watching the mist  on the lake in the mornings. Kayaking and hiking in the fall color. I wanted to read that Mosul is like Paris, and the Iraqi desert a place where tree after tree has been made to bloom.

But we have to recognize what is and what can never be.

Obliterate whatever is called for.

Arm the Kurds in their new free Kurdistan, to whatever degree is called for. Let them swarm to and over the Syrian border and drive to the Mediterranean if it can be done. Who will be worse off?

The Syrians being bombed everyday in crumbling cities? The Iraqis scattering before the salafi warlord MUTANTS? Will we shed tears for the  crushed Shia freaks of Hizballah? Anyone going to miss Nasrallah? Miss the salafi head cutters?

The Kurds are our BEST and strategic friends, and it’s time for a bold action.
The time has come to realize a reckoning is unavoidable. It was here in 2001 but instead we chose to make John Adams and Jeffersons in Kabul.

 3,000 deaths cannot have taught us what 1 death makes obvious.

Civilized hopes are foolish.

It’s going to have to be a solution achieved by BOLD ACTION, risking whatever has to be risked, and destroying whatever has to be destroyed, thus creating something which will last as NATO did, into the lives of the grandchildren of the founders.
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The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam, or...y'know...wear bikinis....

Especially in their own country. On their own beach. Minding their own business.



Italian Girls Fined for Wearing Swimwear That Offended Muslims – on Italian Beach

A justice of the peace in Messina, Italy recently fined three Italian girls for having the poor taste to wear Italian swimwear to an Italian beach, thus offending visiting Saudi Arabian tourists.

The Italian girls were fined an amount of approximately $3,500 each for wearing what is considered common beach wear in Italy. Their “crime”? It seems the young ladies *offended* the tender sensibilities of some Muslim tourists who insist that every female abide by their fully-covered, head-to-toe clothing requirements, even at the beach. Even when the Saudis are guests in another country.

The Saudi tourists were at a private resort in Taormina. The small town is located on the east coast of the island of Sicily, Italy, in the Province of Messina. Taormina has popular beaches on the Ionian Sea. Apparently some people actually like to swim at these beaches.  They even wear swimwear when they swim.

Apparently it did not occur to the Muslim tourists to close their eyes, look elsewhere, turn around, go out for gelato, grow some thicker skin, or “when in Rome…” (Sorry, no photographs of the scandalous Italian swimwear were available. There’s always Google.)

As reported by Rick Wells in JewsNews:
It has become common place for Muslims to make demands upon others to adhere to their standards, so it should not come as too great of a surprise that they filed their complaint. What is surprising is that the Italian court concurred and fined their citizens for engaging in normal behavior.
Also in the you-have-got-to-be-kidding-department: The Italian girls were not only fined, they were also “equated with prostitutes.”

Until these judges get a grip, Italian women might want to make sure they pack a head-to-toe hajib along with their towels and sunscreen if they plan to hit the beaches in their own country. After all, we don’t want to *offend* any visiting tourists! Besides, those body tents cost a lot less than a $3,500 fine.

What’s next, hajib police at Venice Beach or Malibu?

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Whooops!.. There it is!

When I first starting blogging and began our Blogtalk Radio show, I spoke of the Theater of War against Islamofascism.

I speculated that the Theater would stretch from across North Africa through the Saudi peninsular passed the middle-East and Pakistan and onto Indonesia. And low and behold, here is a map of ISIS's projected Caliphate.

All that's missing is Indonesia.

The War will begin here.

All that's missing will be the civil war in Europe between Islamofascism and right-wing fascism.
But that's another story.

What's the odds of the developing Caliphate being stopped? Piss poor in my opinion. The free world can not even bring itself to declare who the enemy is. We had our chance after 9-11 but refused to do so for a variety of reason for which we are about to pay the price.


If you won't define the enemy you can't fight it.


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10. Big Bad John
9.   Bye Bye Blackbird
8.   Night Moves
7.   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
6.   'Round Midnight





Now, your turn. Your top 5 or 10 favorite tunes.
That includes you too, Quill ;-)

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Kyle Eastwood Quintett

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The bitchez look downright EXHILARATED!

Tell me, are these post-coital reactions, or were they really just firing weapons.

"I can feel it throughout my whole body." 

"After I did it for the first time, I felt like I had to take a nap."
"Oh my god, I can't ... my heart is, like, racing so fast right now." 

"I mean it's a rush, it's an adrenaline rush. And even though it's fucked up, I feel confused and conflicted about it, and I'd probably come back and do it again."



This is my weapon, this is my gun. This one's for fighting, and this one's ...
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Remember the teacher who kept the entire class after school because ONE kid did something she didn't like?

At least she didn't kill anybody.

From Reuters:

(Reuters) - When Islamic State militants stormed into a northern Iraqi village and ordered everyone to convert to Islam or die only one person refused. But that did not satisfy the Sunni insurgents who are even more hardline than al Qaeda.

The militants, who have seized much of northern Iraq since arriving from Syria in June, wasted no time after the village's leader, or sheikh, stood up for his ancient Yazidi faith.

Khalof Khodede, an unemployed father of three who escaped with his life, recalled how 80 men in the village of Kocho were killed and all the women and girls were kidnapped.

His account, one of the first eyewitness reports of last Friday's killings, could not be independently verified but other Yazidis and Iraqi officials have given details of Islamic State's attack on the village.

"First they wanted us all to convert to Islam and we said yes just to save our lives. We were all very afraid," said Khodede from a hospital bed in the town of Dohuk in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq.

Dohuk is now home to thousands of refugees from Iraq's minority Yazidi community which has paid the heaviest price for Islamic State's ambition to redraw the map of the Middle East.

"Then our sheikh said 'I won't convert to Islam'. And then they gathered us inside the village school," he said.
The men were taken to the first floor and the women to the second after the villagers' money and gold jewelry were seized, probably to fund the group made up of Iraqis and other Arabs as well as foreign fighters.

Then the Yazidis were loaded onto minibuses in groups of 10 to 20 and transported outside the village after being told they would be taken to Sinjar, the ancient homeland of the sect.

The vehicles stopped abruptly and the militants opened fire without warning. "They started shooting at us randomly. They had heavy guns like machine guns. I was hit in my leg and on my pelvis," said Khodede, showing where he had been wounded.

The Yazidis, followers of an ancient religion derived from Zoroastrianism who are part of Iraq's Kurdish community, are not strangers to oppression.


Many of their villages were destroyed when Saddam Hussein's troops tried to crush the Kurds. Some were taken away by the executed former dictator's intelligence agents.

But nothing could have prepared them for the wrath of the Islamic State, which has declared a caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria it controls.

To survive, Khodede had to hide under the dead bodies of friends and neighbors, people who had practiced the mysterious Yazidi faith with for a lifetime - beliefs that Islamic State fighters condemn as "devil worship".
After trying to stay motionless for about an hour, Khodede saw Kurdish fighters in the distance, peering through gaps in the bodies.

They were not Iraqi Kurdish fighters who had held towns and villages in the north for years after the fall of Saddam in 2003.

The Kurdish fighters had come from Syria after hearing that fellow Kurds were being routed in neighboring Iraq by Islamic State militants who seized several towns, a fifth oilfield, as well as the country's dam for some time in recent weeks.

Like many Yazidis, Khodede felt abandoned by the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters who acquired a reputation for being fierce warriors mainly because they challenged Saddam's troops.

The Syrian Kurdish fighters cleaned up his wounds, took him to a hospital in Syria and then brought him back to Iraq.

Others were not so lucky.

"Islamic State kidnapped about 400 to 600 people in our village and the majority of those people are women and children. They killed most of the men," said Khodede, in the emergency room of a teaching hospital where he arrived on Monday night.

His uncle and sister are by his side as blood drips into a bag hanging from his bed.

In the chaos and panic after the latest Islamic State offensive, rumors swirled about the fate of kidnapped Yazidi women, usually referred to as "slaves" for Islamic State.

Some Yazidis believe Islamic State holds hundreds of people at a detention center near the town of Tal Afar.
Khodede wonders if his family is there. His three children, wife and mother were taken away along with hundreds of others just because the village sheikh was defiant.

(Writing by Michael Georgy; Editing Giles Elgood)
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“ISIS Here” Islamic Flag Flashed During Ferguson CNN Report on Ferguson

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A New Infidel

Welcome to our newest contributor, Quill, whose first post can be found here.

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Wow. Muslims'll cut the head off anything.


Memo to self: Always keep enough spare change for cab fare out of Mosul. 

From Jihad Watch:

Circumcision: “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh 'female circumcision']).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64
Sex slavery: “Certainly will the believers have succeeded: They who are during their prayer humbly submissive, and they who turn away from ill speech, and they who are observant of zakah, and they who guard their private parts except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed” (Qur’an 23:1-6).

“ISIS Forcefully Circumcised Assyrian Christian Men in Mosul, Sold 700 Yazidi Women,” AINA, August 18, 2014
(AINA) — The Tunisia Daily is reporting that the Islamic State (ISIS) forcefully circumcised Assyrian men in Mosul, without anesthesia. The report does not specify the number of men that were affected but does state that it was an organized mass circumcision. ISIS has ordered the circumcision of all Christian children and adults who remain in Mosul.
Very few Assyrian Christians stayed in Mosul after ISIS gave them a deadline to convert, pay jizya, leave or die (AINA 2014-07-20).
The report also states that ISIS sold 700 Yazidi women for $150 each in a public slave auction in Mosul.
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The Final Death of Western Civilization

From Gates of Vienna:

Who Owns the World?

Criticism of Islam is often denounced as “the new racism.” Hostility to Jews, on the other hand, is as old as Islam itself.
Taking aim at the new anti-Semitism.
by Michael Ley
Anti-Semites like to compare Jews, Zionists and Israelis to Adolf Hitler. Recently, Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey certified that the Israelis are worse than Hitler. “What Israel is doing to Palestine and Gaza is beyond what Hitler did to the Jews.” In the Arab world, this equivalence has the status of legend. It was not only Yasser Arafat who made use of this smear. It is a part of Arab identity. This extreme hatred of Jews has long since spilled over into European societies and spread quickly through the Muslim parallel societies. The image of the radical rightist anti-Semite is overdue to be augmented by the Muslim Jew-hater. The French political scientist Pierre-André Taguieff determined years ago: “The originators of violence against Jews are no longer mostly from the extreme right. They are recruiting above all among young immigrants, especially from the Maghreb*.” Hatred of Jews is a part of their cultural identity.
For several years sociologists have been confirming a “new anti-Semitism” which is above all else a Muslim anti-Judaism. The contemporary violent excesses and Jew-hostile slogans of the Muslim mob are energetically supported by many from the Left and are also sympathetically received by leftist media personnel. In the leftist dailytaz the editor Stefan Reinicke recently wrote: “In a free country, it must be possible to question Israel’s right to exist.” From there to questioning the right of Jews in general to exist is a shorter step.
Hostility to Jews is nothing new among Muslims or leftists — it is as old as socialism or Islam.
Islam exhibits an extreme anti-Judaism. The Koran is permeated by Jew-hostile stereotypes overlapping with those of Christians. The Jews have the hardened hearts of the uncircumcised; they have broken the bond with God and killed the prophets; they lie and have falsified God’s word; they do not honor treaties; they are usurers; they steal money; they do not believe in the afterlife. The Jews appear in the Koran as evil characters. Thus the battle cry: “Fight against them until they are humiliated and pay the tax.” (9:29) The Koran portrays Jews as not only warmongers guilty of every misdeed on earth, but also curses them as “apes and pigs” and assigns them the lowest, subhuman rank: “And you have surely known those among you who broke the Sabbath. Then we said to them: ‘Be outcast pigs and apes!’’ (Surah 2:56) Because the Jews did not recognize Allah, they were dehumanized and became as animals: “Say this: ‘Shall I teach you of those whose penalty from Allah is even worse than that? They are those who have cursed Allah and whom he has scorned and made into apes, pigs and idolaters. They are in an even worse situation and have wandered still further from the right path.’” (Surah 5:60) This motif occurs again and again.
Islam’s end-times prophecy sees the annihilation of the Jews. The pertinent Hadith says: “In the final hour, Muslims will fight against Jews. Since Jews belong to the army of Satan and Muslims are the soldiers of the Prophet Jesus, they will fight against each other, and the Muslims will be victorious until every stone and tree will say: ‘Come here, Muslim. A Jew is hiding behind me. Kill him.” But Islamic anti-Judaism is only the tip of the iceberg in the battle against the infidels.
Jihad is the highest duty in Islam and no Muslim may evade it. Martyrs of jihad go directly to paradise, while Muslims who refuse jihad are threatened with “the torments of Hell.” So long as Muslims are a minority in a non-Muslim country, there can be no offensive, militant jihad. If Muslims expand to an appropriate percentage of the population, they must arm for the forthcoming battle: “And arm yourselves against them with men and horses a much as possible, in order to menace Allah’s enemy.” (Surah 8:60) If Muslims have enough power and influence, then they must pursue jihad. Every Muslim is duty-bound to kill infidels who refuse to convert. “Kill the idolaters wherever you find them, and seize them and besiege them and lie in ambush for them in every nook and cranny.” (Surah 9:5) The only alternative to conversion is subjection as a dhimmi and payment for “protection.”
From the Islamic point of view, the world belongs to Allah. Theologically, jihad is simply re-conquest of Islamic territories. Jihad signifies permanent war against infidels and precludes any peace with them. The battle against non-Muslims may only be interrupted by a “truce” and this may not last longer than ten years. Truce based on treaties may be rescinded by Muslims at any time. The holy war knows no lasting peace. However, jihad can also be prosecuted peacefully: by conversion, propaganda and bribery.
Class war was the secular left’s jihad, through which the original, perfect world was to be restored. Many anarchists, socialists and communists saw in the Jew the spear-point of the class enemy. In his diatribe “On the Jewish Question,” Karl Marx wrote: “Let us not seek the secret of the Jew in his religion, but the secret of the religion in the real Jew. What is the worldly basis of Jewry? Practical need, self interest. What is the worldly cult of Jews? Usury. What is their worldly god? Money. The ultimate meaning of Jewish emancipation is emancipation of humanity from the Jews.”
Marx is in the tradition of an older, leftist hatred of Jews. Early French socialists at the beginning of the 19th century dreamed of a worldly redemption of humanity, and proclaimed a political religion whose flip-side was anti-Semitism. They secularized, so to speak, Christian anti-Judaism to modern, political anti-Semitism.
Charles Fourier preached a utopian socialism and saw himself as the new prophet, claiming to recognize the Jews as the bane of humanity. His students, Pierre Leroux and Alphonse Toussenei, likewise saw absolute evil in the Jews. Toussenei warned of Jewish world domination. The philosopher, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, proclaimed: “The Jew is the enemy of humanity. This race must either be sent back to Asia or annihilated.” His anti-Semitism became the model for modern Jew hatred, which the left has to this day not been able to discard.
In the postmodern era, proletarians are no longer the subject of human salvation. They have been replaced by immigrants, who are the new stylites** of the leftist utopia for an old, doomed society, still bourgeois in places. Millions of immigrants will dissolve old Europe to make way for a new culture of multiculturalism. It will be national identities making way for diversity in ethnicities, religions and identities.
Western apologists for Islam and those who represent the interests of Islamic organizations never tire of denouncing any criticism of Islam as “new racism.” The new definition of racism is: Anyone who seeks the causes of Islamic terrorism and the lack of desire to integrate on the part of many Muslims in the religion of Islam, and does not overwhelmingly hold the Crusades, colonialism, imperialism and European xenophobia responsible for it, is displaying a racist attitude toward Islam and Muslims.
Every criticism of Islam must be denounced as “racism” or “Islamophobia” and this is preparatory to eliminating all religious, cultural and social criticism of Islam. Consequently, doubt is cast on all the positive cultural and political achievements of the modern West in favor of a multi-ethnic state whose basis is relativistic values. A society that gives up its own obligatory norms and values is preparing for its own disposal. Exclusive social self-criticism and compulsive xenophilia are the expression of a serious collective neurosis and testify to an incomparable political foolishness.
The political goal of the mainstream Left — transforming society with massive immigration — will be reached in the foreseeable future. But the result will shock the most naïve of do-gooders. The goal of orthodox Islam and its organizations is the Islamization of European society, and in this context, the Left plays the role of the useful idiot who believes it has found in orthodox Islam an ally in the struggle to overcome the despised bourgeois society.
Islam’s representatives, however, are not in the least interested in the utopia of a new human being in the sense of multiculturalism or diversity. They want to overcome any life form that is not Islamic. If Islam should succeed in several decades, the leftists would be the first victims of this most dangerous political religion of the 21st century. The Left did not learn this lesson in its fight alongside Ayatollah Khomeini against the hated Shah. After the takeover, they were ruthlessly persecuted and liquidated.
The goal of orthodox Islam and the Islamists is Islamic theocracy, which has no place for decadent Western society. Therefore, all radical organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafists, the Wahhabis, and/or groups infiltrated by them, as well as the foreign representatives of the Turkish religious authorities must be banned.
Radical imams and their mosques must have no place in an open, pluralistic society. Islam’s jihad is the greatest threat to the freedom of Europe and signifies no more nor less than a new descent into slavery, the final death of Western civilization.

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