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Friday, May 06, 2016

First Muslim Miss USA converts to Christianity

 First Muslim Miss USA converts to Christianity
The woman who was believed to be the first Muslim to win the title when she was crowned Miss USA in 2010 has converted to Christianity. Rima Fakih gave her life to Christ last month in the run-up to her marriage in Lebanon next week to Wassim Salibi, a wealthy music producer who is a Maronite Christian. Canadian singer The Weeknd, who is managed by Salibi, will perform at the wedding. Fakih recently tweeted a verse from Philippians:
Fakih's faith was Shia Muslim.
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Angela Merkel's Government Providing Workshops For Muslims On How To Hook Up With German Women

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Paul Ryan Gargles Rancid Cud In His Mouth on National Television, Trump Responds

Paul Ryan thought he had something to say. So he turned the blinkers on in his brain, and hocked up a large spew of rancid GOP cud, and then he gargled it live, on TV, for several minutes, for all the world to see.

You don't believe me?

Watch for yourself:

Donald Trump responded in the only way a decent human being could respond to such an act of craven degradation.

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Electric Prunes
I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

Blue Cheer
Summertime Blues

Vanilla Fudge
Keep Me Hanging On

Norman Greenbaum
Spirit In The Sky

(yeah, I gotta do it)
Iron Butterfly
In A Gadda Da Vida

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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Trump's New Finance Manager Worked For Soros and Goldman-Sachs

Trump on Thursday named Steven Mnuchin, chairman and CEO of private investment firm Dune Capital Management LP, to serve as the national finance chairman for his presidential campaign.

Mnuchin, also a former partner at Goldman Sachs, will bring finance experience to the campaign’s fundraising operation, the statement said.

Mnuchin’s 17-year stint at Goldman Sachs is only the beginning. Get this:

He also worked at Soros Fund Management LLC, founded by liberal mega-donor George Soros.
Open Secrets file on Steven Mnuchin's political donation history


He Was an Executive Producer for ‘American Sniper’
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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest this week is Mr. Ducky. We plan to discuss why both Left and Right are dissatisfied with the establishment's handling of the election process.

Listen to the May 6, 2016 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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Vicente Fox Apologizes To Trump

Well, this is something I never expected:
SANTA MONICA, California — During an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former Mexican President Vicente Fox apologized Wednesday for the vulgar language he has used regarding GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the southern border and invited the likely Republican nominee to Mexico to see the border from the other side. 
Earlier this year, Fox said that he would not pay for Trump’s “f*cking wall,” and called Trump “Ignorant … crazy … egocentric … nasty … [a] false prophet.” 
Trump then called on Fox to apologize. 
On Wednesday, he did so — in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News — and added that he wanted Trump to come to Mexico to see the border from the other side. 
“I apologize. Forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities that human beings have, is the quality of a compassionate leader. You have to be humble. You have to be compassionate. You have to love thy neighbor,” Fox explained to Breitbart News while sitting in the hotel of the J.W. Marriott in Santa Monica, California on Wednesday afternoon. “Love your nation. Love the world,” he added. 
“Yes, I’m humble enough as leadership be, [a] compassionate leader. If I offended you, I’m sorry. But what about the other way around?” 
“I don’t think he should follow the strategy of attacking others, offending others, to get to his purpose. There are other ways and means of doing it,” Fox stressed, adding, “I invite him to come to Mexico and to see what Mexico is all about.”

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Hillary Clinton, Glib Liar

All this yapping about emails — when the significant issue is HillaryBeast's private server. Previous secretaries of state did not have private servers. She's using smoke and mirrors to avoid that larger issue.

A few weeks ago, I asked one of my Democrat high school students this question when she parroted much of what HillaryBeast said in the above video. The exchange went something like this....

AOW: "Do you know what a proxy server is?

J: "Yes."

AOW: "Have you ever used a proxy server?"

J: "Yes."

AOW: "Why?" [long pause, student blushes] "To hide something from your parents?"

Discussion over.

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Donald Trump to Vicente Fox: “Get Your Money Ready Because You’re Going to Pay for the Wall”

Fox was interviewed by Jorge Ramo on Fusion TV. The interview was in Spanish but Fox spoke in English when he responded to Donald Trump:

 “I’m not paying for that f*cking wall.”

You can see what a brave man Vincente Fox is. Right?

But Donald Trump is going to put his James K. Polk right up Fox's ass:
Tonight Donald Trump told Bill O’Reilly to tell Vicente Fox to get his money ready. Bill O’Reilly: You got any message for the former president of Mexico? 
Donald Trump: Yeah. Get your money ready because you’re going to pay for the wall.
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Female Trouble

From the Z Blog:

Looking back, we had, in the person of Teddy Roosevelt, the finest President in the history of this country. He had the spirit and determination that matched the times and the land. Then the women got the vote, and everything went to hell. While our boys was overseas fighting the Kaiser, the women got Prohibition put in. Drinking and gambling and whoring were declared unlawful. All those things which come natural to men became crimes.

–The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
One of the more obvious aspects of the modern lynch mob is it is almost always composed of women. Sure, there will be men tagging along, maybe throwing in some shots of their own, but the organizers are always women. Maybe a homosexual male will start it with a point and shriek, but 99 times out of 100, the person organizing the lynch mob is going to be a woman. She will sound the alarm and the rest of the coven will arrive, ready to set fire to the wicker man.
The social justice warrior phenomenon is mostly a product of Facebook and Twitter, as these services made it easier for stupid people to get on-line and blast their idiocy worldwide. As a result, unhinged young women now have easy access to a megaphone. Whenever one of them gets the boo-hoos or feels slighted by a man, she can give a couple of blasts on the horn and before long we have #gamergate or some other nonsense controversy.
That’s the most striking feature of the social justice warrior phenomenon. It is young, unattached females. Put #gamegate into a google machine and the third hit is a blog run by a lonely, unstable female. In fact, feminism today is just that, lonely unattached females looking for a purpose to their lives. Instead of snagging  a husband and having kids, they kit themselves out like extras from the freak show and scream at men for not loving them. Instead of tending to children, they talk endlessly about their unused female parts.
Much of what is going wrong in the West is some version of what we are seeing with the endless hashtag campaigns run by women. The female of our species has a biological purpose. That’s to find a suitable mate, bear children and raise them to sexual maturity. That’s nature’s assignment to women. Anything else is either in support of that purpose, frivolous or in opposition to biological necessity.
The result of a century of feminism is a society that works against the interests of women. Young men are no longer obligated to get married and be family men. In fact, being a traditional male is routinely mocked by popular culture. All the pressure on men is to not get married. Instead, males have easy sexual access to females, to whom they have no obligation, other than cab fare to the abortion clinic.
It’s not just young females who are suffering from a century of feminism. Middle-aged women have always faced a difficult time. The kids leave and the mother’s purpose expires. Every man over the age of 40 understands that women often go bonkers at this stage of life. They get into weird causes or begin to obsess over trying to look young. Because we live in an age where so many women made it to this age without bearing children, we now have a surplus of women like Melissa Click.
At the risk of sounding like a neanderthal, Mx. Click should be somewhere doting on grandchildren right now, not out making a nuisance of herself. Instead, the self-defeating religion of feminism guides her into self-destructive behavior that has led to a life of frustration. That frustration comes from pursuing an endless list of causes and movements that can never satisfy the biological urge. Her life is an endless itch that can never be scratched.
We are learning the hard way that Aristophanes was right all along. A society run by women can never work. And the West is run by women, make no mistake. This pic of the defense ministers of Europe is a regular on twitter. The most powerful country in the EU is run by an old maid. The US could very well install an old lesbian as president this fall. Liberal men spend their days watching cuckold porn and trying on sundresses, while writing angry posts about bathroom laws.
This is not a stable arrangement, which is why the West is struggling to perform the basics of a human society. The women of Europe are demanding open borders, which drives up their mating opportunities. That’s biology. The trouble is the young men arriving see the women as utterly useless as women, beyond momentary sexual release. That’s the rapefugee crisis in a nutshell. The Muslims are right. The West is run by whores and homosexuals.
This will not end well.
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Stormy Monday

T-Bone Walker

James Cotton
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers


The Allman Brothers Band

B.B. King

Lou Rawls

Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan

Bobby Bland

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Wednesday, May 04, 2016


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The Brits Are Asking Muslims To Fuck Them Up The Ass: Muslim Labour Candidate Favored To Be Next Mayor Of London Accuses Moderate Muslims Of Being “Uncle Toms”

From the Telegraph:
Sadiq Khan was accused of being unfit to become London’s next mayor after footage emerged of him describing moderate Muslims of being “Uncle Toms”. 
During a discussion about Muslim voters, Mr Khan said: "You can't just pick and choose who you speak to. You can't just talk to Uncle Toms." 
Speaking to ITV London News, Mr Khan acknowledged that the comment had been an offensive racial slur. 
He said: "It is, and I regret using that phrase. 
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Obama Wants To Reduce Screening Time For Syrian “Refugees” From 2 Years To 3 Months

Obama hates America, just in case you didn't already know:
The Obama administration wants to cut the time refugees must wait for security clearance from the current 18-24 months down to 12 weeks, according to The Washington Free Beacon. 
This is part of the broader plan to speed up the process of allowing some 10,000 refugees into the United State this year and eventually some 85,000. 
The paper cites and unknown source for its information but then does quote Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) objecting to the proposal: 
“We know the 18- to 24-month vetting process for Syrian refugees has severe vulnerabilities after FBI Director James Comey warned about the federal government’s inability to thoroughly screen Syrian refugee applicants for terrorism risk and after the Department of Homeland Security’s investigative arm warned about ISIS’s capability to print fake Syrian passports for terrorist infiltration.” 
The overarching fear of people such as Kirk is that a screening system, which already has vulnerabilities, will catch fewer high-risk individuals who could one day launch terror attacks on American soil. 
In Europe, officials already admit they underestimated the threat from terrorists entering the continent with other migrants.
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The Whole World Is Counting On Me

My God, this woman has an enormous ego. Sounds as if her ego might be even bigger than Barack Obama's ego.

What do you think?

From the Washington Times:
Talk about raising the stakes: Hillary Clinton says the “whole world” is pulling for her to defeat Donald Trump in November’s election. 
In a fundraising email Wednesday morning, after Mr. Trump ousted his final major opponent the night before, Mrs. Clinton’s team said it was “unimaginable” that the maverick businessman would capture the GOP nomination. 
“I don’t know how else to say it: The whole world is counting on us to win this thing. And we owe it to them to step up,” wrote Clinton staffer Christine Reynolds.
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Efraim Zuroff, man on a mission

The Jerusalem Post has a whole article about former Nazi hunder Efraim Zuroff, who's now 67 years old, and most recently wrote about Lithuania's complicity in the Holocaust.
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UPDATE --- FBI: Suspect arrested after admitting to spraying rat poison mixture at Ann Arbor grocery stores

Nice Beard

FBI: Suspect arrested after admitting to spraying rat poison mixture at Ann Arbor grocery stores
ANN ARBOR, Mich. — An individual suspected of spraying a potentially hazardous material on foods at several Ann Arbor grocery stores was arrested, according to the FBI.   
Sunday, the FBI said they were looking for information on a person they suspected of spraying an unknown liquid on food at the Whole Foods grocery store. Tips from the public directly led to the arrest of a person authorities say admitted to spraying a mixture of hand cleaner, water, and Tomcat rat poison on food at the following grocery stores: 
Whole Foods Market — 990 W. Eisenhower Parkway 
Meijer — 3145 Ann Arbor – Saline Road 
Plum Market — 375 North Maple Road 
The suspect went on to admit to investigators that he visited several other grocery stores in the Ann Arbor area in the last few months. 
There’s an ongoing investigation to determine if any other stores were targeted by the suspect.
Notice they don't put his name in the article. 


NBC reports the suspect admits he committed this crime...but still no identity given.


Michigan departments of Agriculture and Rural Development and Health and Human Services warns there is a potential that other stores in Michigan also may have been targeted. 

These stores include:

2240 S Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI

Cupcake Station
116 E Liberty
Ann Arbor, MI

Family Fare
2026 North Saginaw
Midland, MI

3838 Richfield Road
Flint, MI

Meijer, #108
7300 Eastman Ave
Midland, MI

Meijer, #64
3145 Ann Arbor-Saline
Ann Arbor, MI

Meijer, #213
9515 Birch Run Rd
Birch Run, MI

Millers Mini Mart
3001 Bay City Rd
Midland, MI

Plum Market
375 North Maple
Ann Arbor, MI

2000 Waters Road
Ann Arbor, MI

Tsai Grocery
3115 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI

910 Joe Mann Blvd
Midland, MI

7000 E Michigan Ave
Saline, MI

Whole Foods
990 W Eisenhower Pkwy
Ann Arbor, MI

Whole Foods
3135 Washtenaw Ave
Ann Arbor, MI
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The Cover of Today's New York Daily News: The Republican Party Has Died

As I wrote over and over - 2016 is the year GOP will disappear.

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Even lying amid the RUBBLE of the GOPe, they still JUST DON’T GET IT

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor admitted Tuesday that he underestimated Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.
“I was predicting way back when that Donald Trump had no chance. I think many of us were,” Cantor said on Tuesday in an interview with CNBC. “I’ve stopped the business of predicting.”
Read more:
Follow us:
@politico on Twitter

The ENTIRE point of what happened is that YOU, Mr. Cantor, were midwife to the world in which Trump NEVER “had no chance“. You underwrote and guaranteed this outcome.

Do you even understand how?
It doesn;t matter if this is all a mistake, you actions made this the guaranteed outcome.
Get it?
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Obama Refusing To Call Navy Seal Killed By ISIS On Front Lines A ‘Combat’ Death

Obama doesn't want to admit there are "boots on the ground."

He needs a boot up his ass.

From Town Hall:
Tuesday morning Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced a Navy SEAL operating as an advisor to Peshmerga forces was killed on the front lines against ISIS. Carter specifically said the SEAL was killed in combat after he was shot when ISIS soldiers broke through an Iraqi forces checkpoint and made their way to Peshmerga territory just outside of Mosul. 
Despite the classification by Carter that the casualty was in fact a combat death, the White House is still refusing classify the role of U.S. troops in Iraq as combat. Since 2014, three U.S. service members have been killed in the war against ISIS.
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“The Trump Republican Party scapegoats Latinos and African Americans, demeans women, marginalizes LGBT Americans, embraces climate change deniers, and does nothing to raise wages for those who have waited too long to reclaim the American dream.”

Guy Cecil, the chief strategist of the pro-Hillary Clinton Priorities USA super PAC
Actually, here is their entire campaign.
So my questions..
  1. How may Latinos, African Americans, and women have been promoted on MERIT within Trump organizations?
  2. How does opposition to Free (STUPID) Trade NOT HELP the WAGES of American workers, and NOT enhance the number of of jobs and careers held HERE in the USA
  3. How does PENALIZING Americans far more than others (WV, KY etc) on planet earth do ANYTHING to DEMONSTRABLY help the envir
Why does the current Democratic party actually despise, and DISCRIMINATE against non minority males as settled science and assumption of wrongness, especially successful ones?MLK is SPINNING IN IS GRAVE over the content of character FAILING to be the criterion for a human being.
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Hey, Karl, Can You Hear Me Now?

Over and over, Karl Rove and his various mouthpieces have declared:

"Donald Trump will not be the nominee."

Back in October, I tried to tell one of the inner circle (an individual whom I will not, at this point, name):

"If you don't get out in front of this right now and put up a candidate who addresses the issues that the peasants beyond the moat care about, Donald Trump will take the party right out from under you."

I was told more than once in the hours long meeting:

"We must remain tethered to reality."

Here's your reality, Karl et al,...

Donald Trump is the 2016 GOP nominee.

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25% of French combat troops considered in military operations are protecting Jewish Schools - IN FRANCE

  1. Of all French soldiers currently engaged in military operations, half of them are deployed inside France. And half of those are assigned to protect 717 Jewish schools.
  2. This massive deployment of armed forces in our own cities is a departure from history. It is a moral disarmament, before a military one.
  3. Why does anyone choose to fight in a war? Civilized nations go to war so that members of today’s generation may sacrifice themselves to protect future generations. But if there are no future generations, there is no reason whatever for today’s young men to die in war. It is “demography, stupid.”
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Fleetwood Mac, Live on The Midnight Special (introduced by I Am Woman herself)

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Diamond and Silk Celebrate! Trump is Going To Be Our Nominee and He is Going To Be the President of the United States

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Cruz Drops Out

Tomorrow, Heidi Cruz will be announcing the new China Pattern they will use at State Dinners in the White House.
Ted Cruz - Pretend President
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And He's Done

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Hall and Oats
She's Gone
(aw, c'mon, it's got PAM GRIER!)

Sara Smile

Rich Girl

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With fresh exit polling out, here's a look at how Trump pulled together his victory in Indiana: Trump is getting the support of men, with over half of Indiana Republican primary voters supporting him. 
Women are more evenly split between Trump (46 percent) and Cruz (42 percent). What to watch for in the Indiana primaries How to watch the Indiana primaries 
Trump does well with independents, garnering support from over half of those voters. 
Among the 58 percent of Indiana Republican primary voters who say they would like the next president to be an outsider, 76 percent support Trump. 
Trump and Cruz are running about even with white evangelical voters (Cruz 45 percent, Trump 48 percent) -- who make up more than half of the Indiana Republican voters. 
Among the 32 percent of voters who describe themselves as "very conservative," Cruz gets the support of over half of them. 
Cruz also gets the majority of support from Republican Indiana primary voters who attend religious services at least weekly which is about half of the voters. 
For the half of Indiana voters without a college degree, the majority support Trump. The contest is tighter among college graduates (45 percent for Trump, 41 percent for Cruz).
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Why Do Ted Cruz and His Father Keep Changing The Story of Rafael's Exodus From Cuba?

From the Dallas Morning News:
Cruz has remained silent as journalists and political activists repeatedly — and incorrectly — placed his father among the many Cubans who fled after Castro took power. 
Cruz’s father, Rafael, was a guerrilla who fought to topple Batista, though he departed for Texas before the Cuban revolution succeeded. 
Cruz, a Republican and former state solicitor general, said this week he felt no obligation to correct others’ mistaken impressions. 
“I have many, many times described the full context of his fighting with Castro — in the broader sense … not side by side but on the same side as Castro,” Cruz said in an interview Monday. 
A review by The Dallas Morning News of dozens of speeches and interviews Cruz has given since 2005 found no instances of his incorrectly describing when his father fled from Cuba, as U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., recently acknowledged doing. 
Last week, The Washington Post reported that Rubio said on three occasions since 2006 and on his official Senate website that his parents came to the U.S. after Castro’s forces overthrew Batista in January 1959. They actually arrived more than 21/2 years earlier. Rubio has said his parents wanted to go back to Cuba but couldn’t because of Castro’s Marxist oppression. 
Rubio was born in the U.S. Cruz was born in Canada, where his parents were working at the time, but he was born a U.S. citizen because his mother is one. She and Rafael Cruz met in Houston and ran an oilfield service business. 
Cruz, a Republican conservative firebrand, has shaped and reshaped the story of his father, who is now 72 and lives in Carrollton, since 2009, when the younger Cruz ran briefly for state attorney general. 
Last January, Ted Cruz threw his hat into the ring for the seat of retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, and he now faces a crowded March primary field. Until August, Cruz routinely said in public appearances that in 1956, under the Batista regime, his paternal grandfather bribed guards to free his father from prison. 
Rafael Cruz, though, recently told his son that wasn’t accurate. 
“My dad said, ‘No, that that piece is not the case, I don’t believe that is right,’ and so I’ve stopped saying that,” Ted Cruz said. He said his father, then 17, was tortured and “beaten almost to death.” 
In at least seven speeches and radio interviews last month and this month, Cruz talked about his father’s flight from Cuba but mentioned neither the date nor Batista, The News found. 
In an appearance earlier this month at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, Cruz quoted his father as saying in a speech at a 2009 Dallas Tea Party rally: “When I was a young man, I saw a young charismatic leader come to power, and he promised hope and change.” 
Ted Cruz acknowledged Monday that his father was talking about Castro’s early years in power. “He didn’t say he was there firsthand, suffering it. He just described it,” the younger Cruz said. 
In a 2006 report, the Austin American-Statesman quoted Cruz as saying his father “was a guerrilla, throwing Molotov cocktails and blowing up buildings.” 
By the early 1960s, Rafael Cruz was alarmed that his younger sister was imprisoned and tortured by Castro’s regime, and Rafael had become a firm Castro opponent, Ted Cruz explained. 
“Anytime one is recounting oral history of your family, there are necessarily some vagaries that come with memories 50, 60 years ago,” Cruz said. “There is nothing to hide.”
This article is from October 25, 2011. I find it odd that, way back then, the Cruz family was constantly shaping and re-shaping their history.

What can we believe about them? I mean, if they say it, do we believe it?
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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Pastorius finally figures out how Cruz is getting delegates

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Mark Levin Doesn't See Through Michelle Fields?


From this source:
I’ve backed Cruz, and I’m going to continue to back Cruz, but here’s what I’m going to do. As a result of what the Trump supporters have attempted here, particularly Roger Stone, I am not voting for Donald Trump. Period. … And if anybody has a problem with that, Donald Trump, you can talk to Roger Stone. These bully, dirty tricks, Nixonian tactics, they’re only going to backfire. They’re only going to backfire. So, count me as never Trump. There’s been too much of this folks, way too much of this. The crap in the National Enquirer against Ted Cruz, the attacks on Michelle Fields, I mean, I can go right through the list, too much, too much, too much. At some point, you’ve got to stand up to it.

And if they piss me off one more time, I’m going to urge millions and millions of you, should he get the nomination, not to vote for him either.
Audio HERE.

Also worth noting:
Mark Levin reverses course on the #NeverTrump faction of the Republican party days after he castigated the group as asinine frauds who are not real conservatives.

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Pandora Ain't Got Nuthin' On IBA

Ides of March

Rare Earth
Get Ready

Shocking Blue

Green Eyed Lady

The Hollies
Long Cool Woman

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The resurfacing of anti-Semitism in Britain

From Niall Ferguson in the Boston Globe:
I am a philo-Semite. The disproportionate Jewish contribution to Western civilization — not least to science and the arts — is one of the most astonishing achievements of modern history. 
I am also an anti-anti-Semite. The murder and mayhem perpetrated by anti-Semites throughout history, above all in the 20th century, deserves its special place in the annals of infamy. 
I had assumed that anti-Semitism had no place in British life, aside from the odious antics of skinheads and other Neanderthal types on the fringes of the far right. There are therefore few things that depress me more than the resurfacing of anti-Semitism on the British left, and not on its fringes. 
In an interview on BBC London last week, Ken Livingstone, the former mayor of London, claimed that “when Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism — this before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.” 
Some Nazi officials did indeed favor emigration as the “solution to the Jewish Question.” But for Livingstone to claim that this was Hitler’s preferred option is simply wrong. 
From as early as 1919, Hitler repeatedly stated that he saw the Jews as “the racial tuberculosis of peoples.” In a speech he gave in April, 1920, he called for them “to be exterminated.” In “Mein Kampf’’ he wrote: “If at the beginning of the [First World] War and during the war (12,000) or 15,000 of these Hebrew corrupters of the people had been held under poison gas … the sacrifice of millions at the front would not have been in vain.” 
Germans who voted National Socialist in 1932 and 1933 were not voting for a Zionist resettlement program. 
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Bring It On, Bitchez

TRUMP JUMPS TO 34 POINT LEAD in CALIFORNIA After Violent Leftists and Mexicans Riot Outside Trump Rally

Donald Trump is leading Ted Cruz by a whopping 34 percentage points — 54%-20% — among likely Republican voters in California, a SurveyUSA poll for KUSA found. 
That’s a significant gain for the Republican frontrunner, whose lead was only 8 percentage points in the last SurveyUSA poll a month ago. And it’s a significant loss for Cruz. The two were 40%-32% last month. 
California, which holds its primary June 7, is the most delegate-rich state on the Republican primary calendar with 172 at stake for GOP hopefuls. 
That makes Indiana, which will award 57 delegates after its primary Tuesday, all that much more important for Cruz if he wants to stop Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. In the most recent poll, though, he is trailing by 15 percentage points in the Hoosier State.
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Come And Get Your Love

The Witch Queen Of New Orleans



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Monday, May 02, 2016

"Flee the Persian Gulf”

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Monday to the USA
Well, he’s just finishing the epilogue of the Nuke Deal.
Or something
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Why Aren’t We Having a National Conversation About Leftist Violence?

What would be the reaction?
What would be hearing? Seeing?

From The Federalist:
If a mob of conservatives attempted to shut down a major Hillary Clinton event, as rioters did the other day during a Donald Trump event, America would be thrust into an insufferable national dialogue about the growing violent tendencies of the Right to crush debate. 
There would be a flood of anxious op-ed pieces and cable news roundtables featuring chin-stroking pundits contemplating the future of discourse in America. 
No one would be spared. And you better believe every conservative politician in the country would be asked to comment on this bloodcurdling development. 
Do you, sir, feel that your own rhetoric about immigration and guns has somehow contributed to this ugly trend we’re seeing? 
Does the GOP need to soften its tone on abortion to stop this kind of violence from happening in the future? You might remember that, during the 2009-2010 Obamacare debates, every false and exaggerated claim about Tea Party violence induced a thousand wringing hands to grapple over the fascistic tendencies and ugly underbelly of conservatism. 
You might remember the Democratic leadership in Congress decrying “acts of violence” against House members in concerted effort to create the perception that bloodshed was imminent.

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