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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Master and Margarita






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Associated Press: Nuclear Smugglers Shopped Radioactive Materials To ISIS And Other Terrorists, Authorities Are Not Sure If Sale Has Taken Place

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — In the backwaters of Eastern Europe, authorities working with the FBI have interrupted four attempts in the past five years by gangs with suspected Russian connections that sought to sell radioactive material to Middle Eastern extremists, The Associated Press has learned. 
The latest known case came in February this year, when a smuggler offered a huge cache of deadly cesium — enough to contaminate several city blocks — and specifically sought a buyer from the Islamic State group. Criminal organizations, some with ties to the Russian KGB's successor agency, are driving a thriving black market in nuclear materials in the tiny and impoverished country of Moldova, investigators say. 
The successful busts, however, were undercut by striking shortcomings: Kingpins got away, and those arrested evaded long prison sentences, sometimes quickly returning to nuclear smuggling, AP found. 
Moldovan police and judicial authorities shared investigative case files with AP in an effort to spotlight how dangerous the nuclear black market has become. They say the breakdown in cooperation between Russia and the West means that it has become much harder to know whether smugglers are finding ways to move parts of Russia's vast store of radioactive materials — an unknown quantity of which has leached into the black market. 
"We can expect more of these cases," said Constantin Malic, a Moldovan police officer who investigated all four cases. "As long as the smugglers think they can make big money without getting caught, they will keep doing it."
In wiretaps, videotaped arrests, photographs of bomb-grade material, documents and interviews, AP found a troubling vulnerability in the anti-smuggling strategy. From the first known Moldovan case in 2010 to the most recent one in February, a pattern has emerged: Authorities pounce on suspects in the early stages of a deal, giving the ringleaders a chance to escape with their nuclear contraband — an indication that the threat from the nuclear black market in the Balkans is far from under control. 
Moldovan investigators can't be sure that the suspects who fled didn't hold on to the bulk of the nuclear materials. Nor do they know whether the groups, which are pursuing buyers who are enemies of the West, may have succeeded in selling deadly nuclear material to terrorists at a time when the Islamic State has made clear its ambition to use weapons of mass destruction.
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Ben Carson on The View

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The Beatles
Twist and Shout

She Loves You


Hey Jude

Don't Let Me Down

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US Analysts Conclude, Russia Is Attacking US-Aligned Fighters, Not ISIS - Is Putin's Goal Control of OPEC?

Get the story at Ace of Spades.

Meanwhile, uh, yeah:
U.S. officials said Russia’s targeting of its allies on the ground was a direct challenge to Mr. Obama's Syria policy. Underlining the distrust, the Pentagon decided against sharing any information with Moscow about the areas where U.S. allies were located because it suspected Russia would use that information to target them more directly or provide the information to President Bashar al-Assad's regime. 
"On day one, you can say it was a one-time mistake," a senior U.S. official said of Russia’s strike on one of the allied rebel group’s headquarters. "But on day three and day four, there's no question it's intentional. They know what they’re hitting."
And as for OPEC:
Three facts motivate Putin. 
First, two regions utterly dominate world oil markets. The Middle East and Russia together ship 60 percent of all oil traded (45 and 15 percent, respectively). Meanwhile, American firms are by law prohibited from engaging in this vital global marketplace; more on this shortly. 
Second, oil matters. It provides 97 percent of the global fuel needs for all the engines that transport everything on land, sea and air. No viable substitutes exist at any price for liquid hydrocarbons at the scale society needs. And the world will consume more oil, not less, as far into the future as it matters for sensible policymaking. 
Finally, price matters. Here the U.S. has upset the apple cart. Entrepreneurs using new technologies have unlocked a shocking increase in oil supply. U.S. shale fields have recorded the fastest increase in oil production in history. As a result, crude prices have collapsed from north of $100 to south of $50 a barrel. 
The emerging consensus? Cheaper oil is the new normal. 
How does Syria matter? While it's no oil-producing powerhouse by OPEC standards, even Syria's paltry production accounted for 25 percent of that nation's economy (although ISIS now controls most of Syria's oil fields). But Syria is ideal transit territory for pipelines to European markets for oil or gas originating in Iraq and Iran. 
More important, given the build-up of Russian military men and materiel in Syria, is geography. Damascus is closer to Baghdad than Washington is to Boston, and not much further away from Riyadh than New York is from Chicago. Russia's military is now no longer deployed mainly on its Baltic borders but is in the world's premier petroleum neighborhood. Russia is not an OPEC member and has often claimed no desire to join. But they may have just joined by default.
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The Laziest Gun In The World

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Chess, not checkers, Ivan IV, not glasnost, NATO, not the Crimea, Ukraine or Syria

I STILL don’t think we’re at the last move yet
But what’s apparent is that Crimea begot UKR.
Confidence in the USA doing nothing, for instance elsewhere, about UKR told Putin he could make a move in Syria, and as long as he kept Israel and Russia from colliding, he could satisfy Netanyahu.
And now the move in Syria reveals the NEXT pieces on the board’s target.
Vladimir Putin wants to do what Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, and Gorbachev all FAILED TO DO.

Break up NATO.

Make it a joke based on the USA having NO red line beyond which it will take real action to back up any ally.

Putin has now had the Russian Air force fly INTO TURKEY, which whether we like it or not is a NATO nation, TWICE. he Turks did NOTHING. They are AFRAID to act against Russia flying into their nation.

These are not accidents.

Putin want back what the Czars and Lenin achieved.
Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.
The buffer states of the WARSAW PACT, neutralized and frightened.
If he can show we will not act, he WILL, if for not other reason than for the world to understand what has happened.


President Putin’s decision to deploy aircraft in Syria and bomb opponents of President Assad may be “a recipe for disaster” as President Obama asserts, but it neatly exploits U.S. and western European vulnerabilities in the region. It also gives Russia leverage to undermine NATO and destabilize the oil-rich Middle East.
Russia’s commitment—32 planes, 16 helicopters, and two surface to air missile systems—will hardly reverse Assad’s sagging fortunes. However, Putin’s firepower greatly handicaps U.S., Saudi and other allies’ efforts to pressure him to relinquish power.
Turkey and the Gulf States have considered a no-fly zone to protect moderate rebels opposing Assad, but now they dare not challenge Russian jets without the participation of U.S. and European airpower. As Obama and his European counterparts demonstrated in the Ukraine, they are not willing to use their military assets to confront Putin.
U.S. efforts  to support moderate rebels to oust Assad have failed. We can expect the tyrant to continue bombing his own people and drive even more refugees to Europe.
Moreover, it is apparent that the Obama Administration and the Europeans are not willing to do what is necessary to stop ISIS from spreading throughout the Muslim world and recruiting young people in Europe and North America to fight for their cause and attempt terrorist acts.
Airstrikes, materiel, intelligence support, and training for friendly government armies and insurgents in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere have not turned the tide against ISIS, and it is doubtful that Obama or even a hawkish President Hillary Clinton will ever have the stomach to act decisively.
In ISIS, the West is fighting cancerous religious ideas more than armies. Short of committing a massive expeditionary force to exterminate ISIS—something virtually impossible with CNN sending graphic battlefield images in real time—the appeal of ISIS to young disaffected Muslims and western youth will not be squelched.
In 2015, Germany alone expects as many as 1.5 million refugees, and the unrelenting flood of immigrants poses an existential threat to Western Europe—economically, politically and culturally—that North American societies built on immigrants can little appreciate.
To stop the tide, at least from the Middle East, and mount a more effective campaign against ISIS, Europeans now have to do business with Russia, and its regional ally, Iran, which possesses considerable military technology and materiel resources and is supporting paramilitary forces aligned with Assad in Syria and elsewhere.
All that rattles both Eastern European members of NATO close to Russia and Saudi led Arab states aligned with the U.S. and Europe. To obtain Putin’s cooperation, Europeans will likely have to render ineffective economic sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of the Ukraine.
The Europeans will have much less leverage to enforce the recently signed nuclear weapons agreement with Iran. Without European support, the United States will be hard pressed to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
That will give Russia a free hand in Eastern Europe. Namely, the ability to compromise the sovereignty and strongly influence the economic and political alignment of eastern NATO states like Poland and Latvia.
Saudi Araba has the technical capacity to develop nuclear weapon. Faced with its arch rival, Iran, potentially having the bomb and looking at how the Obama Administration has failed to effectively  support allies in the Ukraine and in the Middle East, the Saudis may well feel compelled to discretely develop or purchase nuclear weapons too. And other oil-rich nations could then purchase off the shelf weapons, perhaps from Pakistan.
Putin is mercurial but hardly unbeatable at international intrigue. He has so effectively undermined the influence and interests of American and European leaders, because they lacked the political resolve—and the stomach—to do what is necessary in the Ukraine and Middle East.
Peter Morici is an economist and business professor at the University of Maryland, and a national columnist. He tweets @pmorici1.
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The Prophet Mohammed

"Kill The Infidel and The Jew"
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Ahmed’s Dad Pushes 9/11 Conspiracy Posts, Videos on Arabic Facebook Page

From Townhall ***:
On September 12th, 2015, his National Reform page shared a photo that featured the smoking World Trade Center towers above text in Arabic describing the events of September 11th as “an American media creation” and calls them, “terrorism American style.” 
It also blames the U.S. for the events of the Arab Spring, calling it a U.S. plan to “foment reprehensible chaos.” The text describes the attack on 9/11 as a “miracle” for the United States, because it provided justification for an attack, “first an Islamic government, while the second was a mighty Arab state in the Middle East.” 
The reference is clearly to the U.S. attack on Afghanistan (under the Taliban) and Iraq. While the text identified the author as one Asad al-Barari, it’s not immediately clearly why Mohammed Elhassan and his National Reform Party chose to share this image and the post on September 12th, but the posting contains no text attempting to rebut or criticize the post for its statements about America.
*** I will no longer post links to sites that are so burdened with ads that they slow down my computer. If you want to read the rest of the article, copy and paste part of the story and Google it yourself. 
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ISIS Has 5 Year Plan to Conquer Rome and Behead Pope Francis

From CBN:
The Islamic State has a plan to conquer Rome. Yes, it might sound crazy, but ISIS believes the conquest of Rome is central to its mission. 
They believe it is necessary to fulfill what Islam teaches was the prophecy of Muhammed and to prepare the return of the Muslim messiah: the Mahdi. 
“ISIS thinks that Rome is one of its primary goals and is in its timetable,” Robert Spencer, author of The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, said. 
“It has a timetable where in the 10 years, by the year 2025, it hopes to bring about Armageddon, the final struggle between good and evil or between the Muslims and the non-Muslims,” he explained. 
“And that one of the chief stepping stones to that Armageddon battle is the conquest of Rome, which they think they’re going to be able to do with the next five years, by 2020.”   
Two Cities, One Mission Muslim scholars say Muhammed prophesied that the two great Roman cities would be conquered: Constantinople and Rome. 
Constantinople is now Istanbul, a Muslim city. 
Rome remains to be conquered.
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Muslim immigrant in Finland, “We want OUR money”

Muslim immigrant in Finland, “We want OUR money”

"No we don't want eat ... we want our money."

In other words, "Give me my Jizya, Infidel scum."

Oh, and by the way, some are demanding sex:

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Oregon Shooter's Mom Posted About Her Gun Collection, and About Raising a Son With Autism

Laurel Margaret Harper
Shooter's mom posted online about her gun collection and raising a son with Asperger's

The relationship between Laurel Harper and her son has eerie similarities to that of Nancy Lanza and her son, Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Lanza,
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ChicagoTrib: Oregon gunman was kicked out of Army, studied mass shooters

Black Lives Matter: The White Mercer Killed The Black Mercer

ChicagoTrib: Oregon gunman was kicked out of Army, studied mass shooters
"...Harper-Mercer, who died during a shootout with police, was armed with handguns and a rifle, some of which were military grade. The weapons had been purchased legally over the past three years, some by him, others by relatives, ..." 
"...An aunt of an Army veteran hit by several bullets said he tried to stop the gunman from entering the classroom. Wanda Mintz said her 30-year-old nephew, Chris Mintz, a student at the college, fell to the floor and asked the shooter to stop. But, she said, he shot Mintz again and went inside." 
"...The Army said Harper-Mercer flunked out of basic training in 2008. Army spokesman Lt. Col. Ben Garrett said Harper-Mercer was in the military for a little over a month at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, but was discharged for failing to meet the minimum standards."
It's interesting to note that despite media reports that Harper-Mercer was killed in a shootout with Police, it is simply not true:

CNN: Medical examine rules gunman killed self, sheriff says

yet prior reports uniformly suggested the gunman was killed in shootout with police

alleged photo of UmpquaCC students evacuated and checked by authorities...rumors suggest all were asked to hand over cell phones and turn in car keys so vehicles could be searched and cleared. 
photo at evacuation scene
Ever wonder why this selfie generation provided no images on social networks?

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WTF? US Muslims Sue Anti-Muslim Burmese President

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White House Invitations

Who is the real hero?

Ahmed Mohamed has been invited to the White House for October 19, an astronomy night the White House is hosting for top scientists.

No word yet on a White House invitation for Army veteran Chris Mintz.

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The White Man Invented Rap, The Black Man Stole It From Him

In 1927, a White Southerner named Christopher Allen Bouchillon wrote a song called "The Talking Blues."

Here, give it a listen:

Just a second of two of that Southern Twang is all you need to know the guy was probably a blistering, hateful racist.

But I digress.

Or, do I?

Over the years, other unimportant, obscure Dead White Men like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan developed this proto-Hip Hop form.

Here's a deservedly undiscovered prospect, improbably named Bob Dylan, with Talking World War III Blues from 1963:

In 1971, little known folk singer, known as Johnny Cash, wrote a song called Singing in Viet Nam Talking Blues:

It wasn't until 1972 that a notoriously angry black man, and Nation of Islam acolyte, named Commander Cody, resurrected the all but dead Rap form from the obscure Dead White Men. The song he recorded was called Hot Rod Lincoln, and it reached #9 on the Billboard Charts:

In the years since then, Hip Hop/Rap has come to be known as almost exclusively a Black Man's Art Form. You know, like Jazz. This is because Black Men are just better at Rap/Hip Hop. They just are. There's just no getting around it. That's the way it is, and always will be.

Oh sure, some White Men have tried to steal it back but their efforts suffer from the White Man's genetically inborn incomprehension of Class Warfare and resentment.

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Lindsey Stirling
Take Flight

Master Of Tides

Roundtable Rival

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Monday, October 05, 2015

Clockmed Had Prior Suspensions

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Jew-Hating Obama Administration Blames Israel For Palestinian Murder Spree

From the Daily Wire:
Saturday night, a Palestinian terrorist joined the latest murder spree against Jews in Israel by stabbing to death two Israelis to death, stabbing and wounding one of the men’s wife, then shooting and wounding the couple’s two-year-old daughter in Jerusalem. The Israeli police shot and killed the murderer. 
The same night, a Palestinian stabbed an Israeli teen in Jerusalem as well. Israeli police shot and killed that would-be murderer, too. Naturally, the Palestinian Authority came out and condemned the Israeli police, labeling the terrorists “young men.” 
PA spokesman Ihab Bseiso explained, “The only solution is the end of the Israeli occupation of our occupied Palestinian land and the establishment of our independent state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.” 
The incident coordinated beautifully with other Palestinian rock-throwing attacks throughout Jerusalem, and followed Palestinian Authority dictator Mahmoud Abbas’ announcement last week that he no longer felt bound to any agreement signed with the Israelis. That announcement effectively placed the PA in a state of war with Israel. 
The day after Abbas announcement, the Fatah wing of the Palestinian Authority – the supposed “moderate” Palestinian Authority rulers of large swaths of Judea and Samaria, led by Mahmoud Abbas and endorsed by President Obama – claimed responsibility for the brutal slaying of a young civilian Israeli couple who committed the crime of driving while Jewish in their homeland. 
Eitam Henkin, a doctoral student at Tel-Aviv University, and his wife Na’ama, were slain in front of four of their children. The murders were just the latest in a heavy spate of slaying by Palestinian terrorists over the summer, celebrated by both the PA and Hamas. 
No wonder the Palestinian Jew-haters are on the move. As reported last week, President Obama apparently rejected Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) desperate request to include a provision negating any unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood at the United Nations in the Iran deal rollout. 
The Palestinians can do whatever they want so long as President Obama retains power, thanks to his default position: when in doubt, tacitly side with successful and would-be Jew-murderers. 
That trend continued after Saturday’s shooting of a toddler and stabbings to death of Jews in Jerusalem: the Obama administration promptly blamed both sides. Here was the pathetic, morally disgusting statement from the anti-Semitic Obama State Department: 
The United States strongly condemns all acts of violence, including the tragic stabbing in the Old City of Jerusalem today that left two victims dead and two injured. We call for all perpetrators of violence to be swiftly brought to justice. 
So far, so good. But the Obama administration then blamed Israel for the violence: 
We are very concerned about mounting tensions in the West Bank and Jerusalem, including the Haram al Sharif/Temple Mount, and call on all sides to take affirmatives steps to restore calm and avoid escalating the situation. 
Escalating the situation?
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October 10th: Global Rally For Humanity Declares, "The World Is Saying No To Islam"

And CAIR is crying like bitches, of course. This must be that "Islamophobia" they keep warning us about:
In an interview with CBS News, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said his organization monitors hate groups regularly, and that the talk surrounding the planned day of rallies on October 10th was unusually concerning. 
"At first we didn't want to take it public but at some level you have to warn the community about these potentially violent hate rallies," Hooper said. 
CAIR cited a Facebook page titled "Global Rally for Humanity," as being the focal point for planning what is right now estimated to be 20 separate rallies nationwide. 
The group is calling on protesters to be armed where permitted. The slogan for the group and their series of rallies is ""The World is Saying No To Islam," and a flyer widely circulated by the group mentions the "3%ers and Oathkeepers."

Pick your city, and magnify the screen (press plus sign) in to find the exact location
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12 Christians Brutally Executed By ISIS Because They Refused To Renounce Christ and Return To Islam

Another Victory for Allah/Satan

From AINA:
Twelve Christians have been brutally executed by the Islamic State, including the 12-year-old son of a Syrian ministry team leader who had planted nine churches, because they refused to renounce the name of Jesus Christ and embrace Islam. 
The martyrs were faithful to the very end; right before one woman was beheaded by the terror group, she appeared to be smiling slightly as she said, “Jesus!” 
According to Christian Aid Mission, a humanitarian group which assists indigenous Christian workers in their native countries, the horrific murders took place on August 28 in an unnamed village outside Aleppo, Syria. 
“In front of the team leader and relatives in the crowd, the Islamic extremists cut off the fingertips of the boy and severely beat him, telling his father they would stop the torture only if he, the father, returned to Islam,” Christian Aid revealed, according to a report from Morning Star News. 
“When the team leader refused, relatives said, the ISIS militants also tortured and beat him and the two other ministry workers. The three men and the boy then met their deaths in crucifixion.” 
They were killed for refusing to return to Islam after embracing Christianity, as were the other eight aid workers, including two women, according to Christian Aid. 
The eight were taken to a separate site in the village and asked if they would return to Islam. However, after they refused to renounce Christ, the women, ages 29 and 33, were raped before the crowd summoned to watch, and then all eight were beheaded.
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Swedish bishop wants to remove crosses from church and mark direction of Mecca to make it more inviting for Muslims

And Her Name Is ... Eva Brunne

Bishop Eva Brunne has proposed to remove the Christian symbols of the Seamen’s Church in Freeport to make it more inviting for visiting sailors from other religions. 
The bishop wants to temporarily make the Seamen’s Church available to all, for example by marking the direction of Mecca and removing Christian symbols, as is already done in common prayer rooms at airports and in some hospital chapel. 
“Making a room available for people of other faiths does not mean that we are not defenders of our own faith. Priests are called to proclaim Christ. We do that every day and in every meeting with people. But that does not mean that we are stingy toward people of other faiths,” writes Bishop Eva Brunne… 
The proposal has triggered protests. Patrik Pettersson, priest of the Oscars parish in Stockholm, thinks that the proposal is noteworthy and writes on his blog: 
“The church chapel can not reasonably be equated with prayer rooms at airports and hospital chapels anyway. The Christian churches and chapels are not public areas at any time.” 
And Seamen’s Mission Director Kiki Wetterberg does not agree with the bishop. 
“I have no problem with Muslim or Hindu sailors coming here and praying. But I believe that we are a Christian church, so we keep the symbols. If I visit a mosque, I do not ask them to take down their symbols. It’s my choice to go in there,” she says to the newspaper Dagen.
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It's all in the book

This season of Homeland starts with some unexpected clarity on the Islamic threat. Agent Peter Quinn has just returned from Syria after being in the field for two years. The CIA heads want to know if he has had any success. Here's the dialog:
CIA: I'm asking, is our strategy working? 
Quinn: What strategy? Tell me what the strategy is. I'll tell you if it's working. See, that right there is the problem. Because they, they have a strategy. They're gathering right now in Raqqa by the tens of thousands. Hidden in the civilian population. Cleaning their weapons. 
And they know exactly why they're there. Why is that? They call it the end times. What do you think the beheadings are about? The crucifixions in Deir Hafer? The revival of slavery? You think they make this shit up? It's all in the book. Their fucking book. The only book they ever read. They read it all the time. They never stop. 
They're there for one reason and one reason only. To die for the caliphate and usher in a world without infidels. That's their strategy. And it's been that way since the seventh century.
Hmmm. Perhaps they've been reading our blog. At least we could have told them that ten years ago. Now let's brace ourselves for the usual outcries of Islamophobia.
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Anne-Sophie Mutter & The Berlin Philharmonic
Beethoven's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
in D major Op. 61

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Sunday, October 04, 2015

My Review of Lone Survivor

I had really looked forward to seeing this movie. I had heard it was a sad, but inspirational look at our soldiers in battle.

Instead, I came away disgusted, and paradoxically convinced that EVERYONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO SEE THIS FILM.

It's horrible.

It's a horrible, maddening thing to watch.

It is a unrelenting depiction of how we beat our warriors into politically correct knife edges, and send them out into the field of battle to murder themselves.

And, then, when they can't get out, to call in more fellow warriors to murder themselves too.

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Here, This, Posted By a Blog Full of People Who Use Pseudonyms

Dude has some really good points.

I guess I can't call anyone a "Pussy" anymore.

How boring.
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Oregon Shooter Chris Harper Mercer Is Being Re-Shaped And/Or Disappeared

Chris Harper Mercer's Mother, Laurel Margeret Harper

Chris Harper Mercer's Father, Ian Mercer

Left, Chris Harper Mercer's Facebook Photo
Right, CNN's Altering of Facebook Photo


Bonus Points. Here's a Facebook post from the shooter's mother, Laurel Harper:

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April, 2009: White House Does 9/11-Like NYC Flyover in Passenger Jet With No Warning To Public

It's interesting that Vlad Tepes Blog posted this video this morning. I had just been thinking about it three days ago:

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Cairo University Bans Teachers From Wearing Niqab/Burqa

Cairo University has decided to ban on Tuesday its academic staff from wearing face veils, also known as niqab, inside classrooms.

The controversial decision was made by Gaber Nassar, the chairman of the university, ahead of the start of the academic year next week.

“It is not allowed for the academic staff and their assistants in all faculties and institutions to teach in theoretical or practical classes or to attend laboratories or practical trainings while wearing the niqab,” the policy states. 

Nassar says the decision was made for the sake of “general welfare” and is meant to “ease communication with students” and “advance the educational process”.

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Czechs Propose Polish-Czech-Slovak-Hungarian Force to Protect Borders From Muslim Migrants

Czech Republic's Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka arrives at a European Union leaders extraordinary summit on the migrant crisis, in Brussels, Belgium September 23, 2015.

From Reuters:
The Czech government has proposed that three central European states send hundreds of troops and police to help protect Hungary's borders against a migrant influx into Europe's Schengen passport-free travel zone, officials said on Friday. 
The central Europeans have stressed the need to secure the European Union's outer borders as the basis of any response to the inflow of hundreds of thousands of refugees this year. 
Hungary's position is seen as pivotal as it forms the external boundary of the EU's Schengen passport-free travel zone. 
"Our government is prepared to help Hungary with protection of the Schengen border. We are proposing joint V4 action," Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said on his Twitter page, referring to the Visegrad 4 group that compromises his country, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. 
Sobotka said their interior ministers would meet on Oct. 8 to tackle the idea. Czech news agency CTK quoted Interior Minister Milan Chovanec as saying the plans could include sending hundreds of Czech, Polish and Slovak soldiers and police officers to help patrol Hungary's southern border for several months.
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Nine Inch Nails

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I'm Deranged

David Bowie

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Some Days Are Better Than Others


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Count Basie
Air Mail Special

Shiny Stockings

Freckle Face

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Sarah Said's 911 Call

I don't remember ever hearing this.

Back in 2008, Yaser Said murdered his two daughters in an Islamic Honor Killing.
Yaser Abdel Said (born January 27, 1957) is a fugitive on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List. An Egyptian resident of the United States, he is wanted for the murder of his two teenage daughters in Irving, Texas.[1][2] Said, a Muslim who is reported to have been very controlling of his daughters, is believed to have felt that his daughters, Amina, 18, and Sarah, 17, had dishonored the family by their refusal to adhere to conservative traditional Islamic behavior. On January 1, 2008, he allegedly lured them into his taxicab on the pretence of taking them out to eat, and shot them in the cab.[3] To this day, Said has evaded police capture, and remains at large.
Here's the 911 Call

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Australia: Teen Went To Mosque, Walked Out, And Then Murdered a Police Officer


Teenager, 15, who died after gunning down a police accountant in Sydney – a day after his sister ‘left the country on a flight to Istanbul’
The sister of the 15-year-old gunman who stormed a police headquarters and killed an accountant may have tried to reach Syria the day before the shooting, it has emerged. 
Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad shot Curtis Cheng, 58, in the back of the head before he was then gunned down by constables guarding the station in Parramatta,Sydney. 
The ‘radicalised’ Iranian-born youth reportedly visited a mosque where he changed into a black robe just before the killing which has been condemned as an ‘act of terrorism’. 
It has emerged that his sister Shadi may have been attempting to reach Iraq or Syria the day before the shooting as she flew out of Australia on a flight bound for Istanbul on Thursday. 
She reportedly took all her belongings with her, according to the ABC.
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Robert Spencer: ISIS, A Struggle of Life Vs. Death

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Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher on "Regressive Leftism"

"They've Liberal about everything else, except this one exception. (They say), 'It's their culture.' Well, to hell with their culture."
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