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Monday, October 24, 2016

Hillary's little tiny, pathetic rally in Cleveland. Cheerleaders instruct crowd behind Hillary what to cheer

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Anonymous: The Fake Polls are Setting Up Hillary Clinton Win Via Electronic Vote Machine Hacking, and What Do Do About It

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Bombshell: Server code destroys Donna Brazile’s claim her emails were altered by WikiLeaks

Bombshell: Server code destroys Donna Brazile’s claim her emails were altered by WikiLeaks
It is Democratic National Committee Chairman Donna Brazile’s turn to be proven a liar by a lowly machine. Cryptographic signatures disprove Brazile’s claim that the WikiLeaks email that shows her tipping off Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton about a question in the coming debate was altered. 
Many email systems use a verification system called DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) that shows whether an email has been changed. It uses a key stored on the email server that sent the email, so it can’t be forged. HillaryClinton.com uses Gmail to handle its mail and uses DKIM. 
Staffer Jennifer Palmieri, using her HillaryClinton.com email, replied to a Brazile email warning that Brazile was “worried” about Clinton’s ability to answer a question about the death penalty, that she said would be asked at an upcoming debate. She copied John Podesta — who also uses Gmail — presumably so that he could encourage Clinton to prepare for the question. 
The emails were hacked from Podesta’s account by WikiLeaks, but Clinton’s campaign — and Brazile — have all but claimed their contents have been falsified. But a check of the DKIM signature by the Daily Caller News Foundation against HillaryClinton.com’s key shows that Palmieri did, in fact, send the exact email to Podesta that WikiLeaks says she did. 
The email from Brazile had a subject line of “From time to time I get the questions in advance” and said “Here’s one that worries me about HRC,” followed by the full text of a question about the death penalty. Clinton was indeed asked the question at a debate by moderator Roland Martin. 
Brazile claimed the emails were “doctored” by “Russian sources” and that she wouldn’t share debate questions with candidates ahead of time. Brazile became Democratic National Committee Chairman after her predecessor, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned amid accusations that she was helping Clinton over rival Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primaries. 
When Fox News’s Megyn Kelly asked Brazile about the impropriety of sharing debate questions in advance with candidates, Brazile claimed she was being “persecuted” by the question. 
Brazile then called Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross “so unprofessional” for asking for evidence that the email wasn’t real. Unfortunately for Brazile, she does not understand DKIM. 
TheDCNF ran code to confirm that the email was valid as provided by WikiLeaks — the only way it could be false is if Palmieri herself changed the body of Brazile’s email before replying to it and copying Podesta. TheDCNF downloaded the raw source of the email, then ran the following code in Python: 
data = open(‘00021071.eml’,’r’).read() msg = email.message_from_string(data) import email obj = dkim.DKIM(data) import dkim obj.verify() 
The “True” means the email was not tampered with.
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Iraq Bans Alcohol, Declares, "No Law That Contradicts The Provisions of Islam May Be Established”

From the BBC:
“Parliament in Iraq has voted to ban the sale, import and production of alcohol, with backers of the move arguing that its availability contradicts Islam and is unconstitutional.   
Opponents argue that the vote infringes constitutional guarantees of freedom of religious belief for minority groups such as Christians. They say they will appeal against the surprise decision in the courts. An official said that the ban was a last-minute move by conservatives. 
Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, activities perceived to be contrary to the moral code of Islam have come under repeated attack, with alcohol shops targeted in Baghdad and other cities. 
While alcohol is not commonly found in restaurants and hotels in Iraq, correspondents say its consumption is relatively widespread in the scores of small shops and bars in Baghdad. 
Correspondents say the new law has been passed at a time when attention is focused on the battle to wrest control of Mosul from the militant group known as Islamic State. 
Ammar Toma, an MP who supported the ban, argued that it was justified because the constitution stipulates that “no law that contradicts the established provisions of Islam may be established”.”
Let us remember, many many young, American men lost their lives in a fight to create an "Islamic Democracy" in Iraq. George Bush allowed these Scuzlims to enshrine Sharia in their Constitution.

We did not follow our own blueprint for how to win a war, and remake a society. We established that blueprint, and proved it works in Germany, Japan, and the American South.

Instead of fighting with a strategy that wins, we decided to give the land over to Islam.

Like a bunch of fucking losers.
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Hungarian President, Viktor Orban Speaking Powerfully, In Favor of a Christian Europe As a Bulwark Against Islamization on the 60th Anniversary of Hungarian Counter-Revolution Against Soviets

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WIKILEAKS!!! - LEAKED CLINTON INTERNAL DOCUMENT: Discourage Trump Supporters with Bogus Polls and Declaring Election Over




Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook For Rigging Through 'Oversamples'

Now, for all of you out there who still aren't convinced that the polls are "adjusted", we present to you the following Podesta email, leaked earlier today, that conveniently spells out, in detail, exactly how to "manufacture" the desired data. The email starts out with a request forrecommendations on "oversamples for polling" in order to "maximize what we get out of our media polling."
I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.
The email even includes a handy, 37-page guide with the following poll-rigging recommendations.  In Arizona, over sampling of Hispanics and Native Americans is highly recommended:
Research, microtargeting & polling projects
-  Over-sample Hispanics
-  Use Spanish language interviewing. (Monolingual Spanish-speaking voters are among the lowest turnout Democratic targets)
-  Over-sample the Native American population
For Florida, the report recommends "consistently monitoring" samples to makes sure they're "not too old" and "has enough African American and Hispanic voters."  Meanwhile, "independent" voters in Tampa and Orlando are apparently more dem friendly so the report suggests filling up independent quotas in those cities first.
-  Consistently monitor the sample to ensure it is not too old, and that it has enough African American and Hispanic voters to reflect the state.
-  On Independents: Tampa and Orlando are better persuasion targets than north or south Florida (check your polls before concluding this). If there are budget questions or oversamples, make sure that Tampa and Orlando are included first.
Meanwhile, it's suggested that national polls over sample "key districts / regions" and "ethnic" groups "as needed." 
-  General election benchmark, 800 sample, with potential over samples in key districts/regions
-  Benchmark polling in targeted races, with ethnic over samples as needed
-  Targeting tracking polls in key races, with ethnic over samples as needed

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After the UNESCO Debacle Erasing Western Wall from Jewish History, President Obama Shouldn’t Look to Moral Swamp of the UN to Leave Middle East Legacy

From Rabbi Abraham Cooper in the Huffington Post:
Shortly after last week’s vote at UNESCO engineered by Arab and Muslim nations erasing Jerusalem’s Western Wall from Jewish history, I spoke to UNESCO’s embattled Director General Irina Bokova. 
Mrs. Bokova had opposed the libelous resolution and knew that its passage would make a mockery of UNESCO’s main mandate—protecting World Heritage Sites. 
She put it bluntly: “To deny, conceal or erase any of the Jewish, Christian or Muslim traditions undermines the integrity of the site,” Bokova stated. 
Her forthrightness was quickly rewarded with death threats for the crime of uttering the truth. 
We at the Simon Wiesenthal Center are no strangers to UNESCO. We have had official NGO status for years and have run two major conferences on Anti-Semitism at its headquarters in Paris and sponsored Holocaust-related educational activities. The Wiesenthal Center also gained the co-sponsorship of UNESCO for our historical exhibition—People.Book.Land. 
The 3,500 Year relationship of the Jewish People with the Holy Land We experienced first-hand the bullying tactics of the Arab League, as its members at UNESCO initially succeeded in blocking its presentation in the main floor of UNESCO headquarters. Worldwide protests and the intervention of US Ambassador Samantha Power eventually succeeded in clearing its presentation. 
Since 2014 it has been presented at the UN headquarters in NY, Capitol Hill, Israel’s Knesset, The Vatican, Copenhagen, New Delhi, and in a historic first in Baku, the capital of the Muslim majority country of Azerbaijan! UNESCO sent six senior diplomats to that historic opening. 
Given the recent vote, we will seek to present the exhibition again at UNESCO headquarters. 
Perhaps diplomats there will take time off from their poisonous Orwellian machinations to breathe in the oxygen of historic truth for a change. I am here in Jerusalem for the Sukkot festival and it is difficult to quantify the fury of all Israelis by this insulting and dangerous move at the United Nations. I told Mrs. Bokova that the UN vote had galvanized Jews in the Holy Land, including this one to vote with their feet, as throngs made their way, family by family from every corner of the state of Israel and the Diaspora to the Western Wall. 
At this point, the usually fractious Israelis agree on one thing: They are in no mood to be lectured by or dictated to by The United Nations, including its diplomatically powerful and morally bankrupt Security Council. 
It is not lost on Israelis that the US and Russia have failed to forge any realistic or practical plans to stop the bloodletting in Syria. Neither have China, France or the UK. Syrians keep dying in the hundreds of thousands, millions have been displaced, thousands more wounded, with only the lucky ones being able to get treatment at an Israeli field hospital, Aleppo has been virtually destroyed—with the world’s hypocritical silence an un-indicted co-conspirator to its demise. 
There are many rumors swirling about that President Obama is looking to make a grand gesture “for peace” between Israelis and Palestinians. Mr. President: The United Nations is the last place you should make your last stand for peace. Its record on the Holy Land, on Syria, on the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Iraq, is nothing less than a trail of shame, hypocrisy, and abject failure. Don’t do it!
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Alison Krauss & Union Station
Live at The Louisville Palace, KY


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Sunday, October 23, 2016

British Politician says Russia has NOTHING to do with the DNC Email Leaks!

Ambassador Craig Murray

From Constitution:
Former British Ambassador Craig Murray is an ally and friend of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and he visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy on Wednesday to discuss his ongoing plight. What Murray learned could have a huge impact on the 2016 election, if the American people are allowed to hear it. 
There’s no proof that Russia did any of this. They’ve never admitted to it, and our intelligence community has never proven it. It’s simply a theory that the media and the Clinton team have implied is fact. 
Well, Ambassador Murray is here to dispel the rumors and to clear the air. Vladimir Putin and Russia had nothing to do with hacks on the Democrats, nor with the release of the hacked emails. 
Here’s what Ambassador Murray had to say from his personal website: 
I left Julian after midnight. He is fit, well, sharp and in good spirits. WikiLeaks never reveals or comments upon its sources, but as I published before a fortnight ago, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not any Russian state actor or proxy that gave the Democratic National Committee and Podesta material to WikiLeaks. 
The claim is nonsense. 
Journalists are also publishing that these were obtained by “hacking” with no evidence that this was the method used to obtain them. The control of the Democratic party machinery deliberately to unfairly ensure Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders is a matter of great public interest. 
The attempt by the establishment from Obama down to divert attention from this by a completely spurious claim against Russia, repeated without investigation by a servile media, is a disgrace. 
The over-close relationship between the probable future President and Wall Street is also very important. 
WikiLeaks has done a great public service by making this plain. The attempts by the mainstream media to portray WikiLeaks as supporters of Trump and Putin because they publish some of Clinton’s darker secrets is completely illogical and untrue in fact. 
The idea we must pretend Clinton is a saint is emetic. But the key point is that WikiLeaks is a publisher. It is a vehicle for publishing leaks, and is much more of a vehicle for whistleblowers than for hackers. It does not originate the material. 
I have often seen comments such as “Why has WikiLeaks not published material on Israel/Putin/Trump?” The answer is that they have not been given any. They publish good, verifiable material that they are given by whistleblowers. They are not protecting Israel, Putin, or Trump. Nobody has given them viable material. 
Did you get that? Russia did not get/give WikiLeaks any of the leaked emails/data. 
The media says the info was “hacked,” but WikiLeaks has never said that the information was gathered in that manner. Meaning, it could have been leaked by a whistleblower. 
The same people who “stole” the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders are now trying to shift attention from their corruption to Russia. 
Obama and the media are complicit in both the corruption and the cover up of the corruption. 
WikiLeaks doesn’t have a “dog in the fight;” they simply publish the information that is given to them by whistleblowers.
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Muslims Bend Over and Bray Outside the Roman Colosseum Demanding The Right To Build More Mosques

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Muslim Welfare Queen Loses Benefits After Cops See THIS On Her Facebook Page

From Freedom Daily:
Looks like this Muslim pos practices taqiya quite well! Is any of what she does even allowed by Islam? Why isn’t she in a burqa! 
A fraud and a thief! A welfare ‘royalty’ scammer who received over $72,000 in taxpayer benefits would often lament that the only food she had was halal meals provided by her local mosque. 
What a load of CRAP! 
It turns out she was a lot more ‘well off’ than anyone anticipated. Model who claimed £50,000 in benefits while living jet-set lifestyle is jailed after inspectors spotted her glamorous Facebook holiday snaps.
However, when authorities discovered what she posted to Facebook, they wasted no time in cancelling her benefits and throwing her in jail for 3 years. 
Some may recognize Carina Reid from Porshe promos, boutique openings, and other modeling gigs the petite brunette has taken in the past few years, which is why it was particularly sad to see such a successful young woman fall into a pit of financial despair — at least, that’s what she wanted the taxpayers to believe. 
The 32-year-old model/business woman/scam artist had accumulated over $72,000 in UK benefits, most of which paid for her lavish lifestyle, trips around the world, and countless holidays abroad. Fortunately, this all caught up to her when an extensive investigation turned to the one place you can find just about everything you need to know about a person. 
The Daily Mail reports that Reid has been sentenced to 3 years in jail after police saw numerous Facebook posts in which she brags about glamorous and expensive endeavors in Hong Kong, Dubai, Ibiza, Cannes, and other major cities across the globe. 
Already collecting an inconceivable amount in welfare, authorities were shocked to find that Reid had 19 bank accounts containing over $260,000. 
Reid had garnered sympathy on Facebook by claiming that the only food she had to eat was given to her by a local mosque in Chelsea, but her halal diet seemed to be interrupted by pricey dinners she would then photograph herself eating at gourmet restaurants. 
Although Reid denied that her lifestyle was anything but destitute, pictures of her lounging poolside, posing on cruises, and taking helicopter rides over the cityscape told a different story.


Canada’s socialist party attempts to end the Enlightenment for Muslims

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"Widows and Orphans": Adoptive Parents Discover 12 Year-Old Afghan Son is 21 Year-Old Trained Taliban Terrorist

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The Genius FP Professionals and Professionalism #EPICFAIL

The best of the best have guided and cajoled Mr. Obama towards the idea that China represents a major threat to the USA and our allies (true) and that we need a ‘pivot to Asia’ ..not really..we face a panorama of threats. But to underpin this major FP shift we had our allies, namely..
Take good look at the map of the western pacific where all the islands in dispute and their natural resources lie.
Only the Philippines are on this map.
As an ally THEY ARE NOW GONE, having determined we cannot be reliable allies, and the Chinese, being totally amoral and interested only in their own gain, understand a longer term in brutal reality than we do, since the American people, in electing a unicorn twice, have chosen their place in history.

In China, Duterte announces split with US: ‘America has lost’

The so called PROFESSIONALS who deride, ridicule, look down upon, and finally IGNORE out of their own arrogance the people, have led to this set of failures so huge in terms of strategic shift it will take 2-4 generations to reverse.
They use  a Trump’s NEGOTIATING FORCE TO GET CERTAIN NATO MEMBERS TO ACCEPT FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, as a hyperbolic political claim he wants to end NATO, and yet here in the REAL WORLD is breathtaking political and STRATEGIC MILITARY FAILURE.
Back in August, I said this:
You have FAILED. You are all members of an elitist, and by FACT, FAILED political class.
Your dunning is the scare tactic of FAILURES
‘We failures, being failures, cannot abide the idea of some other set of ideas we cannot comprehend and scaring us, scaring others, and resulting in scenarios we have failed and cannot predict, control or figure out.’
These people are, as a group, one ROBERT GHORMLEY to Trump’s EJ King

This nation, in foreign policy has UNQUESTIONABLY declined since 2001.
Afghanistan – FAIL
Iraq- FAIL
Iran – FAIL
KSA – despises us and has no respect
Japan – worried we are undependable
China – challenges us without fear in every manner
Australia – openly considering (IN THE PRESS) if their future lies with China and not WESTERN IDEALS, and the USA
Israel – seeking better allies, but temporarily stuck, and MAY end up with China
Egypt – gone to Russia after we favored those who HATE US, the Muslim Brotherhood
Russia – resurgent in brutal manners with neighbors (Crimea, UKR), loss of respect for NATO, making closer alliances with BOTH Iran and Israel (high end, high tech DRONES, anyone?), moved BACK into the middle east as Obama FAILED UTTERLY in making the ‘RED LINE’ then abandoning it
CIA – FAIL with Iran NIE of 2007, FAIL with caving in on Benghazi talking points as Director Morrel  PERSONALLY writes fictional talking points for Susan Rice for the express purpose of lying to the entire USA, and now endorses the ultimate product of this long list of FAIL, HRC.
FAIL, FAIL ,FAIL and they have the gall to imagine their ‘gravitas’ should bear consequence.
It should, just not the gravitas they imagine.

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Racist, Misogynist, Groper, have failed, PUPPET failed, so now, DICTATOR who threatens our democracy

Yesterday the harridan of Wall Street, who herself managed to strip democratic voters of their right to choose a nominee, after doing something I never HEARD of let alone saw (calling the nominee of the other party a puppet of a foreign power), told her followers (la la la la la – first woman president) that they knew the difference between democracy (halo, please) and a dictator.
She must be pretty worried about obstruction of justice, someplace in there.
Once Trump was nominated, we have seen ridicule escalate to vicious accusations, ridiculous assertions, and finally hysteria. And this is not the Democratic party. Why should it be? As we see from the revelation of fact and truth in the wikileaks results, the Democratic Party and their fix for Hillary have the MSM to do their bidding in the largest QUID PRO QUO ever conducted IN YOUR FACE, AMERICA.
I don’t care for Trump. I despise Mrs Clinton for her actions, her philosophies, and her promises, actually because I don’t believe anything she has said about those things (maybe she was nervous because she has PTSD from being under sniper fire in Bosnia)
In the nature of these things, certainly whoever wins is partially delegitimized, and she rates a possible long term investigation. For those too young to have appreciated it, Watergate took TWO YEARS to bring to fruition. One crack at the FBI from an agent, and HRC won’t be able to get ANYTHING done but pleadings for continuing budget resolutions.
This election is simple, if you want more of the last 8 years vote for her. If you want a chance at something else, vote the other way.
8 Years ago I wrote that Obama needed to do just ONE GOOD THING to bring the nation together.
The response of the govt to the CLEAR and UNAMBIGUOUS voter intimidation case in Phila was it.
Expect more of the same as both sides dig in, in an unprecedented fashion.
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JJ Cale
Low Down
Full dvd

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

$770,000,000 In Taxpayer Money Obama Just Paid to Renovate Overseas Mosques

$770,000,000 In Taxpayer Money Obama Just Paid to Renovate Overseas Mosques
Seven hundred and seventy million dollars. That’s right, Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton conspired together to send nearly $1 billion to the Middle East to renovate mosques.

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Trump's Gettysburg Address

“I’m not a politician, and have never wanted to be one. But when I saw the trouble our country was in, I knew I couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. Our country has been so good to me, I love our country, I felt I had to act,” said Mr. Trump in his address.

“Change has to come from outside this broken system. The fact that the Washington establishment has tried so hard to stop our campaign is only more proof that our campaign represents the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime,” he continued.

“I am asking the American people to rise above the noise and the clutter of our broken politics, and to embrace that great faith and optimism that has always been the central ingredient in the American character. I am asking you to dream big.

“What follows is my 100-day action plan to Make America Great Again. It is a contract between Donald J. Trump and the American voter – and begins with restoring honesty, accountability and change to Washington,” he concluded.

“Therefore, on the first day of my term of office, my administration will immediately pursue the following six measures to clean up the corruption and special interest collusion in Washington, DC:
  • FIRST, propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress;
  • SECOND, a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health);
  • THIRD, a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated;
  • FOURTH, a 5 year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service;
  • FIFTH, a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government;
  • SIXTH, a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections.

On the same day, I will begin taking the following seven actions to protect American workers:
  • FIRST, I will announce my intention to renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205
  • SECOND, I will announce our withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • THIRD, I will direct my Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator
  • FOURTH, I will direct the Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers and direct them to use every tool under American and international law to end those abuses immediately
  • FIFTH, I will lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of job-producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal.
  • SIXTH, lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward
  • SEVENTH, cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure

Additionally, on the first day, I will take the following five actions to restore security and the constitutional rule of law:
  • FIRST, cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama
  • SECOND, begin the process of selecting a replacement for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on my list, who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States
  • THIRD, cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities
  • FOURTH, begin removing the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back
  • FIFTH, suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered extreme vetting.

Next, I will work with Congress to introduce the following broader legislative measures and fight for their passage within the first 100 days of my Administration:
1. Middle Class Tax Relief And Simplification Act. An economic plan designed to grow the economy 4% per year and create at least 25 million new jobs through massive tax reduction and simplification, in combination with trade reform, regulatory relief, and lifting the restrictions on American energy. The largest tax reductions are for the middle class. A middle-class family with 2 children will get a 35% tax cut. The current number of brackets will be reduced from 7 to 3, and tax forms will likewise be greatly simplified. The business rate will be lowered from 35 to 15 percent, and the trillions of dollars of American corporate money overseas can now be brought back at a 10 percent rate.

2. End The Offshoring Act Establishes tariffs to discourage companies from laying off their workers in order to relocate in other countries and ship their products back to the U.S. tax-free.

3. American Energy & Infrastructure Act. Leverages public-private partnerships, and private investments through tax incentives, to spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investment over 10 years. It is revenue neutral.

4. School Choice And Education Opportunity Act. Redirects education dollars to gives parents the right to send their kid to the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice. Ends common core, brings education supervision to local communities. It expands vocational and technical education, and make 2 and 4-year college more affordable.

5. Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act. Fully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with Health Savings Accounts, the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines, and lets states manage Medicaid funds. Reforms will also include cutting the red tape at the FDA: there are over 4,000 drugs awaiting approval, and we especially want to speed the approval of life-saving medications.

6. Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act. Allows Americans to deduct childcare and elder care from their taxes, incentivizes employers to provide on-site childcare services, and creates tax-free Dependent Care Savings Accounts for both young and elderly dependents, with matching contributions for low-income families.

7. End Illegal Immigration Act Fully-funds the construction of a wall on our southern border with the full understanding that the country Mexico will be reimbursing the United States for the full cost of such wall; establishes a 2-year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence for illegally re-entering the U.S. after a previous deportation, and a 5-year mandatory minimum for illegally re-entering for those with felony convictions, multiple misdemeanor convictions or two or more prior deportations; also reforms visa rules to enhance penalties for overstaying and to ensure open jobs are offered to American workers first.

8. Restoring Community Safety Act. Reduces surging crime, drugs and violence by creating a Task Force On Violent Crime and increasing funding for programs that train and assist local police; increases resources for federal law enforcement agencies and federal prosecutors to dismantle criminal gangs and put violent offenders behind bars.

9. Restoring National Security Act. Rebuilds our military by eliminating the defense sequester and expanding military investment; provides Veterans with the ability to receive public VA treatment or attend the private doctor of their choice; protects our vital infrastructure from cyber-attack; establishes new screening procedures for immigration to ensure those who are admitted to our country support our people and our values

10. Clean up Corruption in Washington Act. Enacts new ethics reforms to Drain the Swamp and reduce the corrupting influence of special interests on our politics.

On November 8th, Americans will be voting for this 100-day plan to restore prosperity to our economy, security to our communities, and honesty to our government.

This is my pledge to you.

And if we follow these steps, we will once more have a government of, by and for the people.”

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Tomorrow, Will the Bells Toll? The Truth About The History of the Islamization of France - Phillipe de Villiers Speaks About His New Book

From the Vlad Tepes Blog:
Viscount Philippe Le Jolis de Villiers de Saintignon, known as Philippe de Villiers, is a French entrepreneur, politician and novelist. He is the founder of Puy du Fou, a theme park. He was the Mouvement pour la France nominee for the French presidential election of 2007. He received 2.23% of the vote, putting him in sixth place. As only the top two candidates advance to the second round of voting, he was eliminated from the race. Before and after the election, Villiers has been internationally notable for his criticism of Islam in France.
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Why it makes NO DIFFERENCE if Wikileaks exposure of truth and reality came from the new KGB

First we are supposing that the wikileaks emails etc are TRUE, and I think they are because if you listen you cannot find ANY democratic party human or anumal who has been questioned about what they said who has responded to say the information is FALSE and their emails forged. Of course, maybe they erased all their mails now so they can’t compare, but the non denial and the attitude that the emails are irrelevant since they are stolen is at odds with the reality expressed in some.
Such as Donna Brazile’s email in which, well, in Feb …and in PRIVATE to Podesta
“I think people are more in despair about how things are—yes new jobs but they are low wage jobs. HOUSING is a huge issue. Most people pay half of what they make to rent.”
In July and in public:
“15 million new private-sector jobs, 20 million people now have health care and the auto industry just had its best year ever.”
It’s this PURPOSEFUL DECEPTION OF THE VOTER which has been revealed by wikileaks.
Had there been no systematic, left to right, and top to bottom deception, then there would be no emails leaked of any value to anyone.
More, by engaging in a deception so broad and deep it ENABLED the Russians, if that’s who the hackers are, to be the dispensers of truth.
THAT’S the real issue.
I have not see anything like this since the days of early Vietnam. The complete lie of the Gulf of Tonkin, the body counts, the lies over progress, until one fine day in 68-69 too many of the people suddenly realized they were getting more reality about the actual events from the propaganda arms of the Viet Cong and NVA than LBJ and Nixon. Then it was all confirmed in 1971 with the publishing of the pentagon papers.
But’s let’s be clear. As we sit today amid a MASSIVE DDOS attack on the American DNS infrastructure, if this is some dry run to attack the US election in any way, IT WILL BE AN ACT OF WAR, and Obama should be making this clear.
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