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Saturday, January 14, 2006

What Does He Have In Mind?

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: Islam will lead to "great event"
Thu. 12 Jan 2006

"Iran FocusTehran, Iran, Jan. 12 – Iran’s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday evening that the Islamic Republic’s 1979 Islamic revolution was a great movement and a stepping stone to a final 'great event' in the world.

"Speaking to a crowd in the southern city of Roudan, Hormozgan province, Ahmadinejad said, 'The Islamic Republic is the continuation of the path of the prophets which came to begin a great movement and the final occurrence'.

“'The Islamic revolution was a great leap in leading the people and reaching the climax of history', Ahmadinejad said."

Great is a subjective word. I frequently tell my composition students to avoid it because of multiple interpretations.

How does Ahmadinejad define great? Here's a clue: "the final occurrence."
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Mixed Emotions, Buddy

"Mixed emotions, buddy. Like Saeb Erekat going off a cliff in my new Maserati." From Israeli Insider:
Saeb Erekat's re-election to parliament may not be a sure thing, even though his challenger is a political rookie.

That's the upside. This douche is a professional liar, a villain and a creature of Arafatism. He leaves a slimey trail where ever he goes. (But he's not without a sense of irony: he has a PhD in Peace Studies. Ha!) Erekat is a toady, a cretin, the Palestinian version of the equally loathsome Adel Al-Jubeir, that evil rat muppet who is always lying to us about our "good friends," the Saudis.

Here the downside.
Erekat's opponent, 36-year-old Khaled Rai, is backed by Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group poised to make a strong showing against Erekat's Fatah Party in Jan. 25 elections. ...
Across Judea, Samaria and Gaza, Hamas is closing the gap. A survey published Wednesday indicated 31 percent voter support for Hamas, compared to 35 percent for Fatah. It's a 10-point gain for Hamas from a month ago.

Mixed emotions, indeed. A defeat for Fatah calls for celebrations and a toast. A victory for Hamas is a waking nightmare.

Erekat's Jericho seat in the "Palestinian Parliament/Politburo" had been considered safe for Fatah. No any more. Saeb, bald, beardless, and soft as a warm turd in his fitted grey suits faces a more sincere and serious man. His Hamas opponent, Rai,

lost the three middle fingers of his right hand while handling explosives in 1990, during the first Palestinian uprising. He has since served time in Israeli and Palestinian prisons for militant activity, and spent a year in Lebanon after being exiled by Israel.

Erekat has less than two weeks to weasel his way out of this. He'll probably pull it off but Fatah as a whole is in deeper trouble.
According to the Bir Zeit poll, Hamas would win an overwhelming majority in the three largest districts, Gaza City, Hebron and Nablus, where 23 of the 132 parliament seats are up for grabs.

If Erekat and Fatah lose to Hamas, look for Saeb along with his wife and children to go into exile in a nice Western country. You can bet he doesn't want to get any shrapnel on his suits (much less in his children's gums). But regardless of this election, it's over for Fatah. They're yesterday's news, a relic from the '60s kept on life support by the "international community". They're fading from the scene, not to be missed or mourned.
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The Truth about the Hajj

Sick and tired of hearing all the fawning MSM treatments of the recently-concluded Hajj madness in Saudi Arabia? Well, Pedestrian Infidel has just the perfect antidote right here for all the haji adoration of the media dhimmis. Read it all.

This is one of our first posts from our newest member of the team, "Avenging Apostate". Indeed, who better to show the truth about the hajj than a blogger who himself has been to Mecca? Pedestrian Infidel would like to welcome and introduce to the fold our a new team member, "Avenging Apostate", who has this to say about himself:
I live in the Middle East with my Muslim family and have converted in secret to Christianity (a story in itself that will be presented here in the near future). This blog has given me the voice I was looking for so long. The people already blogging [here at Pedestrian Infidel] i.e. Axis of Islam and Anti-Jihadist share my views about Islam and they are very informed about it oo.

Let's extend a big warm infidel welcome to the newest member and blogger to join our cause.
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British Muslim Leader Calls For Muslims To Kill Brits

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammed says the Muslims of the UK no longer have a "covenant of security" with the British. So, it's time for them to take up arms. Hat tip to Strange Girl In A Strange Land:

London, England, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- Muslims living in Britain are facing two choices; either to migrate or to join the jihad, a key Islamic figure has said.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammed, leader of the now officially disbanded Islamic militant group Al Muhajiroun told United Press International Saturday that as the covenant of security under which Muslims previously lived in Britain has been broken, Muslims must now consider themselves at war.

"And I declare we should ourselves join the global Islamic camp against the global crusade camp," he said. He called on Muslims to form a new coalition united behind al-Qaida with Osama Bin Laden as their leader.

Read the rest.
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Friday, January 13, 2006

"Palestinians". Their Own Worst Enemy

Click the picture to see the video

Transcript :

What is the use of missiles? I would like someone to give me even one benefit. Just one. Yesterday, when I was coming from the Erez crossing, I was greeted by two missiles. One of them hit Abu Iskandar's office. What's the use of that? 90 percent of the missiles hit our own people. They are fired, then come back and land on our homes -killing and wounding, killing and wounding... Unfortunately, you in the media do not highlight this fact. You don't highlight this. This must be made clear. Go and see where these missiles land. This is one aspect. As long as this is useless, why are we doing it? Only to say we are resisting? This is not resistance. With these missiles - which kill us - we are giving the Israelis a pretext to send planes to attack us, or to make supersonic booms, making our children deaf and paralyzed, and so on...
Ahhh, the not so well known medical condition of paralyzation caused by sonic booms.
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Saudi king receives Moqtada Sadr

MINA, Saudi Arabia - Saudi King Abdullah has received radical Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr at his palace in Mina near the Muslim holy city of Mecca, as the annual hajj pilgrimage winds down.
"The meeting was to strengthen relations between the two countries," the firebrand cleric said on Wednesday, declining to give details.
'Firebrand cleric', interesting name for a terrorist icon. More at Middle East Online, via JihadWatch

With friends like the Saudis, who needs enemies?!
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Moderate Muslim Backlash Watch

We're still waiting ...
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A New Dark Age Is Dawning

For any here who don't know about Mark Alexander's site, I want to point out that his site has some excellent insights.

Mark Alexander lived and worked in the Middle East for many years. His recent collection of essays on Islam might be a good source for many.

From Mark's web site, here is a snippet from one of his recent articles:

"Islam is a religion like no other, and for many reasons. One reason is that it is rare in any religion for ‘clerics’ to call for people to take up arms against others. Indeed, religion, as we understand religion to be, should be the very opposite of this: Religion should call for people to love one another, to tolerate one another’s frailties and weaknesses, to bring compassion into the world, something which is sadly lacking, and it should be merciful. In short, religion should bring harmony where there is discord, love where there is hatred."
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British Cop Coming to Study "Haj Crowd Management"

From December's Arab News (Saudi Arabia):
RIYADH, 22 December 2005 — British police will have a close look at the security arrangements in Makkah and Madinah during this year’s Haj in order to gain first hand knowledge of the massive operation.

Speaking to Arab News from London, Akhtar,Jawaid Akhtar, an assistant chief constable with West Yorkshire Police (WYP said: “The Saudi authorities have policed this massive annual undertaking with great success.”(Cont'd).
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(click cartoon to view larger size)

Cartoon: Cox and Forkum

Victor Davis Hanson points out our limited options, and why, despite the temptations, a "pre-emptive" attack on Iran is highly unlikely in the near future. Thomas the Wraith has more.

(revised 1/13/05)
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We're Winning

The Astute Blogger says we're winning in Iraq, and he uses the New York Times own words to prove it.

Go check it out.
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Peaceful Muslims

I have known today about the accusation on Abu Hamza and about other "peaceful" citizens. And about the Nazi killing of Jews in Russia.

Also about the destruction of a large cross in Albania by some Muslims. I have not seen very large demonstrations about it.

I have learned also about the Islamic ire about a film in which they tell the love story between a Muslim woman and a Jewish man. In Morocco. They have not seen the film yet.

UPDATE: Looks like they have seen the film BUT the ire the film has provocked is totally unjustified. As some friend of mine has said: the Islamism is more powerful each day in Morocco.

Lastly, some humour. From Custos Fidei.
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A Message To Moderate Muslims

We're all getting pretty sick of waiting for the moderate Muslims of the world to begin fighting back against those who have stolen their peaceful religion from them. Here's a comment left on a post at Gates of Vienna by Mussolini, which shows how we will all come to think, if those elusive moderates don't get up off their asses and do something about the terrorists in their midst:

I had thought I was at my limit with the beheadings of the Christian schoolgirls last year by victorious muslims-for-Allah.

But Islam keeps surprising me at each turn. My hatred of this murder-cult grows deeper than my perceived limits with every revelation of media cover-up of Islamic crimes.

And still, supposedly "saner" heads on the left say we must understand Islam. Even a good majority of morons on the right claim that not all of Islam is bad and that we can't declare war on a whole religion of 1.3 billion people.

On those numbers, all of the left and many idiots on the right claim that 99.99999999999999999999% of muslims are peaceful and not terrorists.

Well, I find that funny. If almost all of the 1.3 billion muslims are really peaceful, then where are the 1.3 billion outcries at the depredations in the name of Allah? Shouldn't there be billion-man marches? How many can anyone count in the last year? Oh... none? Well, okay, maybe only half are peaceful. Fine. Where are the 650 million man marches against all this terrorism?

Oh... none? So maybe only 10% of muslims are peaceful. Fine. Where are the ONE HUNDRED THIRTY MILLION protesting muslims?

Oh... none? So maybe only ONE fucking percent of muslims are peaceful. Fine. Where are the THIRTEEN MILLION outcries?

Oh... ... Well how about 1/10th of 1%? I mean, come on. At least 1/10th of 1% of all the muslims in the world must want peace, right? Where are the 1.3 million outcries against murder?Oh... none.

Do a google search. It's pretty depressing. Most of the muslim outcries are against Israeli "atrocities." Even MEMRI can only scratch together a half dozen protestors. Lessee.... a half dozen out of 1.3 billion.Would anyone say that 6 out of 1,300,000,000 is a "statistically insignificant" number? Well, I would.

Islam is a political murder-cult disease that needs to be outlawed. Muslims need to be "cleansed" from out of the West and sent back to their own... the lands they already took from us.

I have come to hate Islam and everyone that defends their sick "religion."

So, my friends, you Moderate Muslims out there, what do you think of that? Do you want everyone to come to hate you like that? I have a suggestion. If you are a Moderate, then go to the local church, the local synagogue, the local Mormon temple, and any other house of worship in your area, and invite their members down to your mosque to cart out all the hate literature and dump it in a recycling bin.

Start building some trust with your neighbors. Because you are losing all of it. And, when you have lost all trust, then you are only one major terrorist attack away from big, big trouble.
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I am, like, so totally against torture!

No suffering. No humiliation. No violation of Sen. McCain's Al Qaeda Bill of Rights.

No problem.

Cross-posted at Mystery Achievement.
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A Remake of the 2003 Hit

"A Mid-East dictatorship with a detailed history of hating America in word and deed violates long-standing agreements with the 'international community' and is brought before the UN Security Council. Sanctions are possible. The military option is not off the table." Compelling plot line, huh? If it sounds familiar it's because it happened almost exactly 3 years ago.

We're watching the previews to Security Council 2: Iranian Boogaloo, a remake of the 2003 hit we all remember so well. Like all remakes this one has a bigger cast, a bigger budget, and bigger special effects than the original. Unfortunately it's a legal drama, not an action-adventure.

Stay tuned. Although the plot details are closely guarded, I bet it ends with a bang.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Infidel Blueslord Comes Out Of The Closet

Our friend, and fellow Infidel, Blueslord, has something he, er, um, she wants to tell us:

I have changed the nickname of this blog. The reason for this change is that, like Eowyn said, when facing the Nazgûl, in the battle of the Pellenor Camps (3rd part of The Lord of the Rings): "I am no man". I think that it's good that all female bloggers just say they are females in an important issue like this.

I hope this revelation won't to change the affability which all of my readers have shown me till this day. And that all united and with a free mind, will continue the investigation of all this items that are so complicated and that arouse so much questions to the future of owr own civilization.

Thanks for all.

Alright, Spanish Eowyn. It's good to know we have yet another female blogger (Dymphna, Always on Watch, and now you) in our Infidel ranks.

Maybe eventually, the gals will want to start an Infidel Hunk Of The Week post.
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posted by Pastorius at permanent link# 5 Comments

Identity Politics: Terrorism is About Woman’s Place

Remember the 1989 massacre of the fourteen girls at the school in Montreal? We wondered if our American “gun violence” was beginning to spread to Canada. Somehow, America’s violent tendencies were to blame for the contagion in Montreal. Or so we were told. Just another notch in the belt of the Sarah Brady Gun Control bunch.

The story turns out to be horseshit. And there’s no horse anywhere near this manure pile to make the outcome smell any better.

This massacre by a Frenchman — who so obviously hated women, since he sent the men out from the classroom before he slaughtered the girls — turns out to be no such thing. The murderer, Marc Lepine, is in actuality the murderer, Gamril Gharbi. Yeah, he was a Canadian, a Canadian whose Algerian Muslim father was a violent wife-abusing SOB. This was one of those Islam-induced mass murders, but we didn’t have our terrorist eyeglasses back then, so we saw only the media spin on this so-called “Marc Lepine.”

And if it wasn’t an outright lie or cover-up by the MSM then it was their guild’s ingrained sloppy sloth that prevented any of them from doing some background checking into this psychopath’s history. Given what we know of the MSM now, you can bet that at least some of them knew what the real deal was. But even then Canada was so dhimmified that they couldn’t say the truth out loud. How sick is that?

So a bunch of mindless, superficial feminists, as ignorant of human biology and psychology as they are of history, decided to have a “Sneer-At-The-Men” annual bash remembrance of the fourteen women who died. The men who meekly left the classroom at gunpoint are vilified. No mention of why the fourteen women didn’t rush this jerk and at least save of few of themselves.

Read the rest at Gates of Vienna...
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Ayatollah Khamenei: Islam Is About To Rule The Earth

The biggest of all the big Mullahs over in Iran says it is time for Muslims to take the lead in world affairs:

TEHRAN, Jan. 9--Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Monday the time is ripe for the Muslim people and governments to assume a leading role in the world.

In his message to the nation on the occasion of haj, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “The political, religious and cultural elite, dignitaries, youth and academicians of Islamic states shoulder heavier tasks than others and the priority of this Islamic movement should be the spirit of solidarity as well as scientific, political and cultural dynamism.“

The leader noted that the Islamic nation has for a long time neglected itself and the bitter outcome is the present scientific backwardness and humiliation on the political, economic and industrial scenes, ISNA reported.

“Currently, in view of the major changes taking place worldwide, the Islamic Ummah should compensate for their previous backwardness. Fortunately, some of the present developments indicate that this era has already begun,“ he said.

Read the whole thing at Watching Iran.
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Moderate Muslim Backlash Watch

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Report: Egypt Threatens Abbas

Report: Egypt Threatens Abbas (Read the article)
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As this is a place where infidels meet

...the married ones do not have to worry about this fatwa.

Hmm, Tomas the Wraith has a quote from Khomeini that goes:"Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam." - Ayatollah Khomeini

I should say that reading this piece of news would change your opinion.
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Infidel Babe Of The Week

She's definately an Infidel. And, I think you'd probably have to put every red-blooded American male in a body-bag, before we'd allow her to be wrapped in a Burqa.
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I See Dumb People.

Fancy a laugh? Read the BBC's Have Your Say Comments, regarding Iran and 'Nuclear Energy'. I have rated them for dumbness.
If we are so much against unstable or bellicose leaders and their governments from having nuclear weapons, then why is there not a similar outcry against USA having nuclear weapons? Unfortunately, we cannot put the genie back in the bottle. Kelvin, Worcester 7/10
Read the rest at the unstoppable DrunkenBlogging

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posted by jonz at permanent link# 2 Comments

Islamic Justice Iranian style

An 18 year old girl has been sentenced in Iran to be hanged to death. Her crime? Killing someone who tried to rape her. Check out the article here.

Her name is Nazanin and she is 18. Three men threw stones at her and her boyfriend. The boyfriend who seems to have no stones of his own turned tail and ran away. She stabbed one of the men in the hand and tried to run. They accosted her and her 16 year old niece at which time she bravely thrust the knife into his chest killing the pig.

In any civilized country someone would give this woman an award but we must never forget that this is an Islamic nation. Not only that but an important nation from which much of todays Islamic revolution emanates and draws from.

What if she had not run and she had been raped? Well illicit sex or zina is punishable under Islamic law by stoning. In a sense she had a choice between being hanged as a murderer or stoned as an adulterer the moment the events transpired.

Muslims like to tell us that everything happens as a result of inshallah or the will of god. What kind of god would create a human only to have her choose hanging or stoning as her means of death? Not any god I can think of. Please join me in snorting loudly the next time a Muslim refers to his god as the most compassionate and most just.
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About the Holy Pilgrimage and the new Spanish Police Operation against Islamists

Jonz posted the other dany about the Iranian pilgrimage to Mecca. Well, actually the Great Mufti of the kingdom, said some astonishing things. You can view it here.

And the new Spanish police operation against Islamists: they have detained the terror cell that send the suicide bomber who killed 18 carabinieri and 9 Iraqis in 2003. Marvellous: our economy is totally unbalanced, but we export terrorists. What a shame!!!!
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posted by Nora (LV) at permanent link# 2 Comments

Bombers of Peace

The Religion of Peace strikes again...


AL-QAEDA is recruiting suicide bombers who are infected with the AIDS virus, according to documents revealed to the Sunday Mirror.

Terror chiefs are also targeting fanatics who suffer other lethal blood diseases such as hepatitis and dengue fever in order to increase their "kill rate" from an explosion. The chilling new threat is revealed in papers distributed to British military camps in Iraq and across Europe.

Under the heading "HIV/Hepatitis" the document states: "There is evidence that terrorists might be deliberately recruiting volunteers with diseases that are spread by blood transference."

Experts have found that bones and other blood-spattered fragments from a suicide bomber could penetrate the skin of a victim 50 metres away and infect them.

This sounds like a peaceful revolution all right, except the fact that they really want to kill as many Infidels as possible!

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New Forum/Discussion Board on the Danish Cartoons of Mohammed

If anyone is interested, Hans Henrick Lichtenberg, a Danish journalist, started a new Forum/Discussion Board in order to continue the dialogue on the Danish cartoons of Mohammed published by the Danish newspaper, Jyllends-Posten. The Forum just got started because most of the discussion up 'till now was so extensive (193 comments) that it was overwhelming Hans' server for his blog, the Newspaper Index. Some really interesting stuff. One of the few forums that actually has a fairly good number of Muslims and Westerners (and Leftists) particpating.

I have been observing more than participating. I think many of the bright and insightful minds on this blog could make a significant contribution to this discussion.

Cross posted at Fu2rman and Friends
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Candlelight vigil in Malaysia

Appeal to all Malaysian readers and bloggers. Please forward this or post it on your blog, even if you are not a Malaysian blog since you may have Malaysian readers. A big thank you to any non-Malaysians who stand with us in this time to get the word out.

Following the Moorthy (dead Hindu converts to Islam) case previously covered here and here there are some folks who are holding a daily candle light vigil outside the court building in Kuala Lumpur. The vigil will be held from 8pm to 9pm every day until the end of January 2006.

Hopefully we can come together as Malaysians and show that not having any possible recourse when a loved one is converted after death is unacceptable. We are not there to make trouble or to make a political statement. We are there to stand for our nation in the belief that it is far better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

We were not there when Moorthy was climbing Everest but his wife worried at home.
We were not there when Moorthy was in a coma but his wife was.
We were not there when Moorthy was snatched cold and liveless from his wife when the Muslims stole his body.
Now we can be there to hold a candle to state that this must not happen again. Who do we have left to blame if we do not stand together in a time such as this?

Even if you cannot stand with us, please do help get the word out.

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Ledeen Says Bin Laden Dead

Hat tip LGF:

According to Iranians I trust, Osama bin Laden finally departed this world in mid-December. The al Qaeda leader died of kidney failure and was buried in Iran, where he had spent most of his time since the destruction of al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

The Iranians who reported this note that this year’s message in conjunction with the Muslim Haj came from his number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, for the first time.

May he rest in the Religion of Peace.

Osama really made a name for himself during his short, sad stay here on Earth. With a troubled upbringing and his gawky effeminate manner, things must have been tough.

Oh, and by the way, reports say his mother had been a prostitute.

Man, he must have a rough time of it.
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Monday, January 09, 2006

What Are The Priorities?

Over at Social Sense is a short article entitled "Grover in the News." Today it occurred to me that some here at this site might like to have a look. According to a few articles in Front Page Magazine, Grover Norquist--who has the ear of Karl Rove, who has the ear of the President--may have priorities other than simply fundraising for the Republican Party. Be sure to check the comments too.
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posted by Always On Watch at permanent link# 5 Comments

Holy Pilgrimage!

Fascinating stuff... The Iranian holy pilgrimage to Mecca (the most holy site in Islam). If you ignore all the death, hatred, phsychotic delusion and gruesome thoughts, it's not so bad!

Hat Tip from Charles Johnson

[Cross posted at DrunkenBlogging]
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posted by jonz at permanent link# 4 Comments

Surprise! Malaysia's "Moderate Islam" isn't working

This story should be about as shocking to this blog's readers as snow in Alaska in wintertime. Malaysia's brand of 'moderate Islam' not only isn't really that 'moderate', it's also not really working either.
... a closer inspection of the realities on the ground would indicate that Malaysia is no closer to realising the goals of a universal, humanist, tolerant, progressive and democratic Islam than it ever was ...

Read it all at Pedestrian Infidel.
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posted by The Anti-Jihadist at permanent link# 2 Comments

Feast of sacrifice

Tomorrow is Eid Al Adha in Malaysia. More than 2 million Muslims will perform the Hajj in Mecca in recognition of this feast. The term Adha means sacrifice but the only thing that is sacrificed regularly is our humanity.

Normally I would not be classified as an animal rights advocate. After all, I eat flesh regularly and see nothing wrong with this act. Yet in eatting the flesh we do not dishonour it by torturing the animal which is to die for the manner by which the beast meets it's death is not a reflection on the nature of the beast but on the depth of our humanity. Generally the slaughter of meat should be as painless and as clean as possible for the animal as God has given us dominion over beasts but with any power must come responsibility to be caretakers and stewards.

However, during the feast of Adha I take greviance with the slaughter of animals. During the feast of Adha (at least in Malaysia) a cow is usually tethered in a position where it cannot move pending its terrible slaughter. Imagine being tied up in a position where you cannot move while those who would kill you dig a pit near your head (to capture blood) and then haggle over the price they are to pay. Each Muslim whoc an afford it can sacrifice one sheep or a minimum of a seventh of a cow.

The butcher then approaches the tethered cow and slits it's neck with one blow while invoking the name of god. Somehow this invocation of the name of god during such a gory slaughter echoes "kali ma shacti dei" in my mind but it could just be my personal sensitivities. The cow then lies there draining of blood for anything from ten to twenty minutes, often times still alive and quite literally kicking.

Kosher killing at least demands that the animal die from the initial blow. Any doubt renders such killing as non kosher. The Malaysian Muslim standard for Halal (the Islamic form of kosher) acknowledges that the animal may be alive for anything up to two mintues after slaughter in a slaughterhouse.

"Jakim's MS1500 halal standard requires a slaughtered cow to be left for two minutes before the thoracic sticking takes place," Mustafa told the daily.

Obviously alive for up to two minutes in a slaughterhouse could mean alive for up to a much longer time when performed in the middle of a field near a mosque when the butcher has to go through many animals on the same day.

No other faith in the world today butcher's animals any more. In the past the Jews did it but during those times their neighbours sacrificed their children to gods like Moloch and Baal. Tribal Incans also had a field day sacrificing humans. These days, it may be nice to think we are more englishtened and have moved beyond this type of thing.

Besides, the Quran (22:37) states that it is not the meat or blood of the sacrifice that reaches Allah, it is one's piety. In the same verse it goes on to state that god has given humans dominion over animals for his own glory.

So tomorrow millions of animals will die gratuitiously around the world, sacrificed in the name of a god who says that the slaughter isn't what counts. It's as if millions of voices moo'ed out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
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posted by MaoBi at permanent link# 2 Comments

The Color of Grass in Sweden

This morning Dymphna received an email from a young man named Patrick. He had read her posts about the dhimmification of Europe, and needed some advice:
     Hi, I’m applying to study abroad at Lund University in Sweden from June to December of this year. I am currently attending UCLA. After reading about all the troubles with Muslim and other immigrants, I am worried, especially since Lund is right next to Malmo. I used to have the “grass is greener on the other side” (other side being Europe, to which I’ve never been) syndrome. But now I’m thinking that my time in Sweden and the rest of Europe might be ruined. What are your thoughts and advice on this?
Your input appreciated,
I wrote him back and told him that I knew the status of Malmø, but had no information about Lund. So we couldn’t help him directly.

All was not lost, however. Even though the renowned Norwegian blogger Fjordman has quit blogging, he still reads his email. So I forwarded him Patrick’s message along with a brief note, and this evening I got a reply:
     Hello, Baron. Happy New Year :-)
Lund is considered to be one of Scandinavia’s best universities, and is not a bad choice. It is situated a bit outside of Malmø, and shouldn’t be a problem yet. Sweden is a much larger country geographically than, say, Holland, which means you can usually avoid the worst areas. Maybe that won’t be possible a generation from now, but it is still.
I see he is studying at the UCLA. Tell him to think of it as southern California: Some areas are just fine, whereas some parts of Los Angeles, or in this case Malmø, is gang territory. If he’s used to the scene in LA he shouldn’t worry that much about Sweden just yet.
I consulted a couple of other Scandinavian observers about this, and they said the same thing. He should go to Lund, and enjoy his stay in Sweden. But he should also observe how the situation is becoming in parts of Malmø now, and be glad he didn’t ask this question in 2015-2020. I might not have given the same answer then.
I have passed this information on to Patrick, and now he should be able to make an informed decision.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Think about it: this morning a college student in California had concerns about the Great Jihad in Sweden, and contacted us. By this evening he had received an expert opinion from Scandinavian sources. Is this a great blogosphere, or what?

A generation ago, before the internet, it would have been all but impossible to accomplish this. Patrick would have had no recourse but to rely on information passed through the PR offices at the University of Lund or Swedish tourist bureaus and government agencies. Even now, all of them have a compelling interest in downplaying the potential problems he might find living among Muslims in Sweden.

The media would have been useless — for them, the entire issue could only have been viewed through the prism of white racism.

His own university would question his motives for asking. Scared of Muslims, are you? Obviously, you must be a racist! Time to take a diversity sensitivity training course — if you ever want to receive your undergraduate degree, that is…

What’s more, the downside of the Internet Age is that the mujahideen have access to the same communication tools, and many of them appear to be quite skilled at using them. Since they can count on the MSM to cover their back, the scales are tilted against a balanced assessment when questions like Patrick’s arise.

More than anything else, our confrontation with the Great Islamic Jihad is a war of information. We’re going to have to be consistent and persevering if we want to succeed against this foe.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

North Korea Moves to Keep the Booty

Booty and jizya are synonomous with the Muslim's jihad; they just go together. Kim Jong Il is waging his best in his own little jihad, that's blackmail jihad. Today, the US and South Korea pulled the last of their 'workers' at that nuclear plant we are building as a ransom payment for not developing the bomb. Remember that treaty? Sounds a lot like Mohammed's treaty at Hudaibiyyah, knowing full well his intent was only to gain time, strengthen his war machine, and break that treaty.

The Chron had an article about this, and this paragraph gave me a little chuckle.

North Korea protested the consortium's decision and demanded unspecified compensation from the United States, barring the removal of 93 pieces of heavy construction equipment and about 190 South Korean cars and some buses from the site, about 125 miles north of the South Korean border.

Now who do you think is going to get all those cars?

Two maniacal cults, obsessed with complete control of the state's citizens, both producing a living hell for their possessed faithful. But Kim Jong Il's hold is shallow and is transient. North Korea doesn't have a natural resource to sustain it like Islam. Nor does Kim Jong Il have the doctrines to sustain it like Islam.

Kim Jong Il, like Arafat, plays a clever game of blackmail, and like Arafat, he discards the bountiful jizya offered by the West, and misses his one opportunity. Dictators always overplay their hand. Kim Jong Il appears to be no exception.
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Benedict XVI: "It's The Religion, Stupid"

Thanks for Pastorius for leaving a link in the comments box of a recent post to a Hugh Hewitt interview with Fr. Jospeh Fessio, a friend and former student of Benedict XVI. It is a wide-ranging interview, with many keen insights from Benedict (and Fr. Fessio himself) regarding the precarious state the West finds itself in--not only from the threat of Islam, but from a culture that is becoming increasingly hostile towards the family and the human person. The interview should, therfore be read in it's entirety. This post will focus on the Pope's comments regarding the former. Key excerpt:
HH: Father Fessio, before the break, you were telling us that after the presentation at Castel Gandolfo by two scholars of Islam this summer with Benedict in attendance, as well as his former students, for the first time in your memory, the Pope did not allow his students to first comment and reserve comment, but in fact, went first. Why, and what did he say?

JF: Well, the thesis that was proposed by this scholar was that Islam can enter into the modern world if the Koran is reinterpreted by taking the specific legislation, and going back to the principles, and then adapting it to our times, especially with the dignity that we ascribe to women, which has come through Christianity, of course. And immediately, the Holy Father, in his beautiful calm but clear way, said well, there's a fundamental problem with that, because he said in the Islamic tradition, God has given His word to Mohammed, but it's an eternal word. It's not Mohammed's word. It's there for eternity the way it is. There's no possibility of adapting it or interpreting it, whereas in Christianity, and Judaism, the dynamism's completely different, that God has worked through His creatures. And so, it is not just the word of God, it's the word of Isaiah, not just the word of God, but the word of Mark. He's used His human creatures, and inspired them to speak His word to the world, and therefore by establishing a Church in which he gives authority to His followers to carry on the tradition and interpret it, there's an inner logic to the Christian Bible, which permits it and requires it to be adapted and applied to new situations. I was...I mean, Hugh, I wish I could say it as clearly and as beautifully as he did, but that's why he's Pope and I'm not, okay? That's one of the reasons. One of others, but his seeing that distinction when the Koran, which is seen as something dropped out of Heaven, which cannot be adapted or applied, even, and the Bible, which is a word of God that comes through a human community, it was stunning.

HH: And so, is it fair to describe him as a pessimist about the prospect of modernity truly engaging Islam in the way modernity has engaged Christianity?

JF: Well, the other way around.

HH: Yes. I meant that.

JF: Yeah, that Christianity can engage modernity just like it did...the Jews did Egypt, or Christians did to Greece, because we can take what's good there, and we can elevate it through the revelation of Christ in the Bible. But Islam is stuck. It's stuck with a text that cannot be adapted, or even be interpreted properly.
First, let's get the obligatory "cross-posted-at-my-own-blog" crap out of the way. Done. In the can.

So, fellow IBA-ers (and readers), what do you think about the Pope's assessment--especially in light of the post further down about Ayman Taha, the American Muslim who died serving our country? Is Taha proof that Islam can and does produce good men? Or does his case simply mean that some Muslims become good men in spite of Islam?
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Fatah outraged at al-Arabiyah television

While we tend to take the right to freedom of speech for granted in America, it is seen as a threat in much of the the Arab world, and sometimes even relatively innocuous statements can result in stoning, decapitation, torture-- or death.

Shortly after 911, cameraman in the West Bank and Gaza were filming the numerous Palestinian expressions of joy at the murder of some 3000 people in the U.S. Arafat decided that it would not be good public relations if the world saw how the Palestinians behaved, so reporters and cameramen were threatened and assaulted.

Cameras and film were confiscated or destroyed-- very little reporting on the Palestinians' barbaric celebrations got out.

This is one short film clip that did make it out, and which was then aired on American TV-- shocking many who were unaware of the degree of depravity of these people. (Here are several articles on the parties in Palestinian areas on September 11, and the threats made against reporters).

A Palestinian woman receives free sweets from a vendor as groups of locals in east Jerusalem's Old City celebrate after hearing the news of a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. AP Photo/str. (911 info: hattip LGF)

Recently, some cartoons of Mohammed were published in Jyllands Posten, a Danish newspaper. All sorts of threats against freedom of expression in Denmark materialized. These included official protests by several diplomats from Arab countries-- all trying to coerce Denmark into giving up its democratic tradition of free speech. (If you are curious to see the cartoons that caused all the controversy, you can see them here and here).

The amount of brouhaha that has been generated by these innocuous cartoons may strike us in America as astounding. Some really absurd actions occurred-- you can read about it in depth in this series of articles:
1. Background: Warning to Danes: Forget Pakistan for the Holidays
2. Sacred Animal Farm (more on Muslim sensitivities)
3. They Don't Blink in Denmark
4. The Silence is Deafening
And, the fuss over these cartoons is still not over!

Regarding the subject of attempts at stifling freedom of speech, I just came across this. A relatively minor story, perhaps, but still another indication of the lack of democratic values, lack of respect for free speech-- and, for that matter, lack of respect for human life-- that is so prevalent throughout most of the Arab world:

Fatah outraged at al-Arabiyah television

Fatah gunmen on Saturday threatened to shut the offices of the pan-Arab Al-Arabiyah satellite TV station in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after accusing it of "defaming" Palestinian female suicide bombers and their families.

"This film depicts female suicide bombers as a group of women suffering from psychological problems and who are under pressure from males. It claims that in order to rid themselves of these problems, these women are prepared to kill themselves. They also claimed that these women were ill- behaved."

The group hailed female suicide bombers for their role in "defending the people and the land," saying they had brought honor to Islam and Muslims worldwide.

The controversial film tells the story of female suicide bombers in Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories.

Journalists working for Al-Arabiya expressed deep concern over the threats made by the Aksa Martyrs Brigades. "We were not involved in the film," one of them told The Jerusalem Post. "The film was produced by a foreign company and purchased by Al-Arabiya."

(Complete Article)

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