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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rushdie: West Underestimates Role of Sexual Fears as Cause of Islamic Violence

From The Star (Lebanon):
BERLIN: British author Salman Rushdie said the West had failed to grasp the extent to which Islamic extremism was rooted in men's fear of women's sexuality, in an interview to be published Thursday.

Why is this man smiling?
A picture taken 16 May 2004 shows British-Indian author Salman Rushdie and his wife Padma Lakshmi arriving for the projection of a movie at the Cannes Film Festival. Rushdie said the West has failed to grasp how much of Islamic terror is rooted in men's fear of women's sexuality, in an interview to be published 19 January 2006 in German magazine "Stern". AFP PHOTO/BORIS HORVAT

Rushdie told German weekly magazine Stern that his latest novel, "Shalimar the Clown," dealt with the deep anxiety felt among many Islamic men about female sexual freedom and lost honor.

When asked if the book drew a link between "Islamic terror and damaged male honor," Rushdie said he saw it as a crucial, and often overlooked, point. "The Western-Christian world view deals with the issues of guilt and salvation, a concept that is completely unimportant in the East because there is no original sin and no savior," the author said, in comments printed in German.

"Instead, great importance is given to 'honor.' I consider that to be problematic. But of course it is underestimated how many Islamists consciously or unconsciously attempt to restore lost honor."

When asked why he probed the issues in his new novel in the context of a love triangle, he said: "It has a lot to do with sexual fear of women."

Rushdie, 58, said that much of the anger toward the West was provoked by that split on sexual issues. (cont'd),

Actually, now that I think about it . . . the link between a fear of womens' sexuality and terrorism really does makes a lot of sense.

It explains a lot about Muslims' often bizarre and strangely violent behaviour ("suicide bombings"; decapitations; beheadings; stoning to death; "female genital mutilation"; "honor killings"; pederasty . . . some really weird and perversely violent behaviors that are not all that unusual in Muslim countries).

Rushdie's ideas are a significant start toward understanding these strange behaviours.
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Religion Of Tolerance

This article from the BBC doesn't use the word "Youths" to describe the perpetrators for a change, but as usual they do include a justification for the Islamic violence (4th paragraph from the bottom) :

At least 12 people were injured in clashes in Upper Egypt when a group of Muslims attempted to stop Christians converting a house into a church.

Security officials said the Muslims set fire to building materials for the building in Odaysat, near Luxor.

Several members of both communities were reported injured in the subsequent clashes, as well as two policemen.

It is the latest in a series of violent sectarian incidents in Egypt in the past few months.

A security source quoted by Reuters said the Christians did not have official permission to build the church.


Police arrested 10 young men and the owners of the house, reports say.

Correspondents say curbs on building churches have been one of the main grievances among Copts, although these restrictions have been eased recently by presidential decree.

The Coptic Christian community is believed to make up 10% percent of Egypt's population of about 70 million.
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Blogging the Jihad in Trinidad and Tobago

Longtime Gates of Vienna commenter Uncle Pavian has started his own blog, Eleven North, and will be covering events in Trinidad and Tobago.

His most recent post concerns sheikh Yasin Abu Bakr:
Trinidad and Tobago Islamist leader Yasin Abu Bakr spent the night behind bars after a judge denied him bail and bound him over for trial on charges of terrorism, sedition, inciting larceny and breaching the peace.

Mr. Bakr is the leader of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen, a group best known for a failed coup attempt on July 27, 1990, in which 24 people were killed.
You didn’t know the jihad was active in Trindad? Well, neither did I, until recently.

Go over to Uncle Pavian’s place to read the rest.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Cross-posted at Gates of Vienna.
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Religion Of????

On my site I have gone on and on about how Islam is not the Religion of Peace.

I have on occasion called them the Religion of Hate, the Religion of Pieces, and so on.

I was even edited on this site once for being
too anti-Islam.

And now the chickens have come to roost.

'Offensive' remarks taken straight from Koran, defence says

Abu Hamza, just the first of Muslims that would call themself a 'respectable' Cleric...

BTW, they wouldn't be respectable Clerics if they didn't have FOLLOWERS, so you do the math.

And then we have this...

COPIES of the Koran were handed to the jurors in the Abu Hamza trial yesterday as his defence argued that some of the cleric’s “offensive” statements were drawn directly from Islam’s holy book.

Edward Fitzgerald, QC, for the defence, said that Abu Hamza’s interpretation of the Koran was that it imposed an obligation on Muslims to do jihad and fight in the defence of their religion. He said that the Crown case against the former imam of Finsbury Park Mosque was “simplistic in the extreme”.

He added: “It is said he was preaching murder, but he was actually preaching from the Koran itself.”

I love when Clerics come in and correct me.

Although it doesn't happen very often.

So here is an invite...

The Koran appears to wish the Infidel DEAD.

Here's a question to all Muslims...

Based of your books, I happen to be an Infidel, do you wish me dead?

I'm just asking...
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The Foul Fowl Flu Has Flown

...thanks to an Israeli scientist: London U: Sambucol 99% effective against avian flu

Retroscreen Virology, a medical research institute subsidiary of Queen Mary College, University of London, yesterday announced that a medical preparation, Sambucol, developed by Israeli company Razei Bar Industries (1996) Ltd., reduced the quantity of cells infected with the avian flu virus by 99%, compared with a control group not treated with the virus.

Retroscreen Virology examined the effectiveness of Sambucol against the H5N1 strain of avian flu, and found that it was at least 99 per cent effective at reducing the virus.

Razei Bar president Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, who developed the preparation, and her company, agreed to expand their research to examine Sambucol’s effectiveness against avian flu on a larger scale. She said that preliminary research showed that the preparation acted effectively against a variety of avian flu strains. Laboratory research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Hadassah Ein Kerem campus found that Sambucol was effective against avian flu strains that attack human beings, pigs, and fowl.

Another clinical trial is current underway at Hadassah Medical Organization Ein Kerem. It is expected that this research will confirm previous findings.
(Hat tip: Smooth Stone)
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Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemies: The Koran Told Me To Do It Edition

The defense for British radical Islamist Abu Hamza is that his actions and calls for violence rest on the ideas in the Koran itself:

COPIES of the Koran were handed to the jurors in the Abu Hamza trial yesterday as his defence argued that some of the cleric’s “offensive” statements were drawn directly from Islam’s holy book.

Edward Fitzgerald, QC, for the defence, said that Abu Hamza’s interpretation of the Koran was that it imposed an obligation on Muslims to do jihad and fight in the defence of their religion. He said that the Crown case against the former imam of Finsbury Park Mosque was “simplistic in the extreme”.

He added: “It is said he was preaching murder, but he was actually preaching from the Koran itself.”

You see how that works? It ain't murder, if it's mandated by the Koran.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Like I always say, you just gotta love your enemies when they tell the truth. Thanks, guys.
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The Caliphate

Are we standing before an abyss which we cannot comprehend and refuse to admit the very existence of?

Go here to read the entire article.
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Friday, January 20, 2006

What The Hell Is Going On?

Ahmadinejad Meets With Leaders Of Palestinian Terror Organizations

What do you think they needed to discuss?

DAMASCUS (AFP) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met in Damascus with the leaders of 10 radical Palestinian movements including Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Ahmadinejad said he "strongly supports the Palestinian people's struggle" during the meeting, according to Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) official Maher Taher Friday.

Taher said the militant chiefs pledged to Ahmadinejad that the "Palestinian resistance and struggle would continue" against Israel.

"We expressed our solidarity with Syria, which is under pressure due to its national positions, as well as with Iran which has the right to possess nuclear technology for peaceful purposes," he added.

Islamic Jihad chief Abdullah Ramadan Shala, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and PFLP-GC leader Ahmed Jibril were among those at the meeting, Taher said.

The meeting came one day after Islamic Jihad claimed a suicide attack in Tel Aviv that wounded 19 people. Israel blamed Tehran and Damascus for supporting the attack.

"The attack was financed by Tehran, planned in Syria and carried out by Palestinians," Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz was quoted as saying by a ministry official.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not attend Ahmadinejad's meeting with the Palestinian chiefs, though he and Ahmadinejad met Thursday in Damascus as the two allies reaffirmed their ties amid increasing international pressure.

During his first visit to sole regional ally Syria since his shock election win in June, Ahmadinejad described Israeli Jews as "migrants" and asked if Europeans would be willing to accommodate them.

"Give these migrants authorization to come into your countries and you will see that they no longer want to live in occupied (Palestinian) territory," Ahmadinejad said during a meeting with high-ranking Syrian officials.

"Are you prepared to open the doors of your country to migrants so that they can move freely throughout Europe? Are you going to guarantee their security and no longer engage in anti-Semitic repression if they come into your countries?" he asked, adding that he doubted Europeans' "sincerity."

Ahmadinejad and Assad were to meet later Friday before the Iranian leader ended his two-day visit to Damascus.

From The Astute Blogger:

... do the Iranians know about an impending LARGE SCALE jihadoterrorist attack - in Europe, or the USA, or anyhwere else in the West? After all, this move comes DIRECTLY on the heels of Binladen's announcement/truce-offering/warning: "preparations are underway." I believe that it is in anticipation of a series of large scale jihadoterrorist attacks.

JP at Americans for Freedon expressed why very succintly:

I am toubled by the combination of the following recent events:OBL tape, Amadinejad visiting Damascus, the upcoming IAEA / UN talks, Sharon's incapacitation and Chirac's vow to nuke any state that attacks France with WMDs. Throw this together with the large disposible cell phone purchases in the past couple months in the US and it seems to me that Iran/Syria and Qaeda are whipping up some terror coordination in the near future to prevent action against the Iran nuke regime.

Add to that list, the information in the above article, that Ahmadinejad is meeting with terrorist organizations, and that he is, apparently, warning Europe to open their borders to Israelis, and it looks like something big may be in the works.
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Canada's Dhimmi Whores

Canadians go to the polls again next week to elect members to federal parliament The government will form according to the number of seats each party gets, and this time, out of the four major parties, not one is likely to get a majority this time either. The new government will have to find a partner party to co-rule with. Or they will have to rule at the whim of the opposition majority. Parties are clawing for voters. In the French majority province of Quebec the parties are on their knees to get votes from Muslims. Who are they trying to get votes from? What does it mean to security of the average North American? Below we'll see just how low the politicians will go for votes.

19 January 2006
Islamic news site: Bloc Québécois courts Muslim votes in Salafi Mosque

David Ouellette

As Canadians get ready to go to the polls next January 23 to elect a new federal government, according to the French Islamic website oumma.com, Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe campaigned this week in a Montreal "Salafi" mosque.

Filing from Montreal on January 17, Oumma.com correspondent Abdelaziz Djaout writes that the leader of Quebec's federal separatist party was received in the Assuna Annabawiyah Mosque at the initiative of the Canadian Muslim Forum and the Muslim Council of Montreal. The item was reproduced yesterday in the Quebec militant separatist site Vigile.net.

Located in a poor Montreal neighbourhood known to locals as Park Extension, the Assuna Annabawiyah mosque became known to Canadian intelligence agencies as a hotbed for Islamic extremism in the 1990s. It was there that Algerian-born "Millenium bomber" Ahmed Ressam (convicted in July 2005) was recruited by al-Qaida operative Abderraouf Hannachi in a failed plot to bomb the Los Angeles Airport. Ressam admitted in American custody that he and his cell considered attacking Montreal's Outremont district aiming to murder Hassidic Jews.

Oumma.com, which describes the mosque as "Montreal's largest Salafi mosque", is a news portal considered as ideologically close to controversial preacher Tariq Ramadan, a grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Egyptian radical salafi Ikhwan al-Muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood). Salafi is an adjective which describes Muslims whose creed it is that genuine Muslims are compelled to imitate scrupulously the ways of Mohammed's companions (Salaf) in order to restore the Umma (community of believers) to its former pre-eminence under the unchallenged sovereignty of Allah and the rule of his law (sharia) over all things human. While not all Salafi Muslims espouse violent struggle to achieve their aims, followers of the Muslim Brotherhood and its foremost Jihadi ideologue Sayyid Qutb, Saudia Arabia's Wahhabi sectarians, adherents of Pakistani Islamic revivalist Syed Abul Ala Maududi and all the splinter groups and strains in-between, including al-Qaida, consider themselves to be Salafi.

The Bloc Québécois has actively been courting immigrant communities, hoping to strenghten its position in the upcomimg elections at the expense of the scandal-ridden Liberals traditionally favoured by immigrants and minorities. Its candidate in Montreal's Papineau riding, Vivian Barbot, who is challenging current Foreign Affairs minister Pierre Pettigrew, was endorsed earlier this month by an Algerian community association as well as pro-Palestinian militants .


On the other hand, in its Election 2006 report, the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) notes that the Bloc Québécois' party track record agrees with the "CIC's positions regarding Canada's involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine". Indeed, anger with the Liberal government's perceived pro-Islael policy shift and introduction of the Anti-Terrorism Act decried by some Islamic organizations as discriminatory against Muslims coupled with distrust for the Conservative Party, often reviled by Muslim and leftist critics as a radical right-wing "Zionist" party, may have made the left-leaning Bloc Québécois an attractive alternative for many of Montreal's Muslims due to its vocal opposition to the war in Iraq, its calls on softening anti-terror laws and some of its members pro-Palestinian political activism.


In the meanwhile, Oumma.com reports that a few days from now it will be the Bloc Québécois' turn to invite Muslim militants and dignitaries to dine with some of the party's star candidates, including party leader Gilles Duceppe.

Bloc Québécois spokespeople could not be immediately reached for comment.


You might well live in L.A. and think it's not interesting what the French do in Canada. You might think that right up till the Muslim with a bomb in the trunk of his car blows up LAX. There's nothing the average person can do at this point but vocalize a strong antipathy toward the Left dhimmi fascism so prevalent in our times. Publicly disagreeing with the Berzerkly Attitude is a good start. Hey, what the hell is wrong with those Canadians? Are they crazy or creepy or both? Put them on the defensive for a change. Who do they think they are?
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Chirac: "if we are attacked, we will use the atomics"

If tou do not believe it, click here.
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Tea With Mohammed

Pour yourself a cup of tea (or, actually, you might need something stronger) and learn a little bit about Mohammed.

I'm sorry that this will be such a long post, but, I have condensed it as much as I can. If you want to learn more, on any of the topics presented, go to the original article at Front Page Magazine, and then go to Answering Infidels for even more expansive info:

Heinrich Heine once wrote a clever poem titled "Marie Antoinette," in which the ghost of everyone's favorite French queen entertains her guests with "strictest etiquette." The irony of the poem is that neither Antoinette nor her guests realize that their heads are missing. They were all beheaded during the French Revolution, but without their heads, they don't have the brains to acknowledge their headlessness.

Islam is currently in a similar situation. Muhammad's empire of faith has managed to thrive in the modern world for one simple reason: Muslims have kept Muhammad's dark past a secret. Indeed, they have gone beyond keeping it a secret; they have somehow convinced themselves (and many others) that Muhammad was an outstanding moral example, perhaps even the greatest moral example of all time. Perpetuating this fraud has been, in my opinion, the most stupendous deception in world history.

True, there are plenty of instances in Muhammad's life that one could view as the deeds of a moral individual, and Muslims are quick to point out his acts of charity and his dedication to prayer. However, in assessing the overall character of a man, we must take into account all of his actions, not just the ones that support our feelings about him.

For instance, suppose I become convinced that the greatest person in history was a man named John Gacy. I could point to his charity work at local hospitals, to his activities in the Boy Scouts and the Jaycees[2], to his patient endurance of numerous physical ailments, to his community activities such as neighborhood barbecues and other social gatherings, to his generosity to others, to his dedication to his family, and to his outstanding work ethic, which made him one of the pillars of his local business community.

Yet, if I am to make a case for the moral superiority of Mr. Gacy, I must not leave out the fact that he raped, tortured, and murdered more than thirty boys and buried them under his house.[3]

I bring this up because of the peculiar tactic employed by Muslims whenever the character of Muhammad is challenged. When someone argues that Muhammad was a robber or a murderer, Muslims suddenly cry out in one accord, "But he was merciful and kind! He started Islam, and Islam is good! God revealed the Qur'an through him! How dare you say something bad about him!? He was the greatest prophet ever! Stop being so intolerant!"

The difficulty here is that, no matter how loudly a Muslim shouts these objections, they have no power to overcome the historical fact that Muhammad was a robber and a murderer. Yet, to a Muslim who already believes that Muhammad was a prophet, the Islamic line of reasoning apparently makes sense. Nevertheless, to anyone who is not a committed Muslim, any claim to moral superiority will be an empirical issue, that is, a matter of examining and weighing the evidence.

Consider the following facts about the life of Muhammad, which can be gathered from the reports of his earliest followers:

Fact #1: When Muhammad began receiving his revelations, his first impression was that he was possessed by demons. The "angel" who appeared to Muhammad choked him almost to the point of death. Muhammad concluded that he was demon-possessed and quickly became suicidal.

Fact #2: Muhammad supported his fledgling religion by robbing people. The early Muslims could have maintained Islam through hard work, frugal spending, and the donations of admirers. Yet Muhammad chose robbery as his chief source of income, and greed soon became one of the primary factors in people's rapid conversion to Islam.

Fact #3: Muhammad was often ruthless towards his adversaries. Punishments for taking a stand against Muhammad included torture and death. Both men and women were brutally killed for criticizing Muhammad.[10] Hundreds of Jewish men were beheaded for standing against him, while their wives and children were sold into slavery.

Fact #4: Muhammad had far more wives than even his own revelations allowed. The Qur'an allows Muslims to have up to four wives ... We know that Muhammad had at least thirteen wives during his life, and that he had at least nine wives at one time. Of course, he did receive a Qur'anic revelation telling him that he alone could exceed the four-wife limit ...

Fact #5: Muhammad consummated a marriage to a nine-year-old girl. Muhammad's courtship of Aisha began when she was only six.[14] Muhammad had a dream about her, which led him to believe that God wanted him to marry the young girl.[15] Fortunately, Muhammad didn't have sex with her until she reached menses at the age of nine.

Fact #6: Muhammad had a contemptible opinion of women. Muslim apologists often argue that Muhammad raised the status of women, and they are entirely correct in saying this. However, the status to which he raised them is almost as shameful as their status in pre-Islamic Arabia. According to Muhammad, women's minds are so deficient that the testimony of a woman is worth only half that of a man.

Fact #7: Muhammad is unique among prophets in that he is the only one to receive a revelation, proclaim it as part of God's message to man, and later take it back, claiming that it was actually from Satan. According to the earliest extant biography of Muhammad, he eventually became so sad about his countrymen's rejection of his prophethood that he began longing for some verses that would bring them to Islam. He soon received what he was looking for-a revelation saying that the intercession of three other gods was acceptable. Muhammad presented the revelation to the people, and his countrymen were overjoyed to hear that they could continue praying to al-Lat, al-Uzza, and Manat. A mass-conversion to Islam followed, but in time Muhammad received another revelation, which told him that the former verses had been given to him by Satan. God told him not to be too disturbed over the matter, for, according to the new revelation, all prophets occasionally receive ideas from Satan:The apostle was bitterly grieved and was greatly in fear of God. So God sent down (a revelation), for He was merciful to him, comforting him and making light of the affair and telling him that every prophet and apostle before him desired as he desired and wanted what he wanted and Satan interjected something into his desires as he had on his tongue. So God annulled what Satan had suggested and God established His verses, i.e. you are just like the prophets and apostles. Then God sent down: "We have not sent a prophet or apostle before you but when he longed Satan cast suggestions in his longing. But God will annul what Satan has suggested. Then God will establish his verses, God being knowing and wise."[20]

These are just some of the facts that Muslims have been keeping secret, but they are enough to make any reasonable person doubt the validity of Islam.

Learn more at Answering Infidels.
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Israel's Chief of Staff Rules Out Attack on Iran

From Israeli Insider:
Speaking at Haifa University on Tuesday night, Israeli Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said that Iran, Israel's sworn enemy, is the only remaining threat to the country's existence. However, Israel would not wage a military strike against Iran, he said.

"Even though we are talking about an immediate threat, we aren't the ones who should do this," he said, according to the Yediot Ahronot daily.
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Bolton Attacks Pro-Genocide Stance of UN

Every so often a man of principles comes along. After reading this article, my respect and admiration for John Bolton has grown. We could use a lot more people like him!!!

UNITED NATIONS - The American ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, upped the ante in an escalating confrontation between America and Turtle Bay on the issue of Israel's place at the world body. In a sharply worded letter to Secretary-General Annan, Mr. Bolton threatened to cut funding to the United Nations if it continues to promote anti-Israel events.

Mr. Bolton's January 3 letter, which was seen yesterday by The New York Sun, is a response to a November 29 event celebrating an annual "International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People." At the event, which was attended by Mr. Annan and other top diplomats, a map that "erases the state of Israel," as Mr. Bolton wrote, was displayed.

"Given that we now have a world leader pursuing nuclear weapons who is calling for the state of Israel to be wiped off the map, the issue has even greater salience," Mr. Bolton wrote.

A photo of Mr. Annan standing below the map - several days after President Ahmadinejad of Iran made his statement - was carried last month on the Web site eyeontheun.org, creating a storm of criticism. The site also highlighted the seven-figure budget of U.N. bodies dedicated to promoting what Israel and America consider one-sided, anti-Israel propaganda in the guise of solidarity with Palestinian Arabs.

Israel's deputy ambassador, Daniel Carmon, said. "You can't have a U.N.-sponsored event that displays a map that obliterates a member-state."

Bolton Scores U.N. on Stance Toward Israel
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Infidel Babe Of The Week

Ain't gonna wrap my butt in a burqa.
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Jason_Pappas & Krishna109 and Islamic Apologists Go At It

As two of our own, Krishna and Jason really did the Infidel Bloggers Alliance proud!!

Check out their enthusiastic exchange here at Han's Forum here and here.

Not surprisingly, the never ending apologists, had to resort to petty criticism, sarcasm and most importantly, side stepping the main argument. They never really countered any real points.

Good job Jason and Krishna!! You make us all proud!!
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More cartoons

Firstly,about Ahmadenijad. Original from the Jyllands Posten.

Secondly, about the Muhammad cartoons. Very curious what the Muslims have done to convince other Muslims of the bad treatment of the Danish population.

UPDATE: I have forgotten to put a link to the article appeared in Jihad Watch about the extraordinary position that holds The Economist on this issue:
Imagine you are a writer for The Economist, sitting down to write your story about the cartoon controversy. What is this story about? You could start it with a reference to the Van Gogh murder and the chill on free speech about Islam in Europe. Or you could refer to one of the many anti-Christian broadsides lauded in European art museums and on its airwaves, and the stout defenses of freedom of speech that the likes of The Economist published in the face of any Christian protest. You could refer to the menacing rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, and to increasing intimidation by Islamic thugs.
Or you could cast the whole thing all as being about "rude comments about Islam." Yes, of course! That's it! How could non-Western non-Christians, largely non-white, be anything but victims!
And so The Economist story got its proper lead. Then it follows with this: “Now a schoolboy prank...” Oh, so that's what it was. Not a trial balloon to see if free speech still existed in Europe. Not an attempt to defend it against attack. Just a schoolboy prank. Those idiotic schoolboys at Jyllands-Posten! Don't they realize they're playing with fire? “Now a schoolboy prank by a newspaper has landed the prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in the biggest diplomatic dispute of his tenure in office.”
True, but it also showed him, at least initially, to be one of the few European statesmen with a clear understanding just how deep and serious was the cultural challenge presented by the cartoon protests and other instances of Muslim indignation. But as far as The Economist is concerned, all that matters here is that a schoolboy prank ended up embarrassing the Prime Minister.
The Danish paper that printed the cartoons should evidently be embarrassed too: “The paper insists that it meant no offence: it was merely protesting against the self-censorship of some cartoonists who had refused to illustrate a children's book about Muhammad for fear of reprisals.” Using the word "insist" implies a defensiveness: in the face of all the evidence to the contrary, the paper insists...In other words, The Economist is fairly sure that the paper was up to some racist no-good.

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Blue Scarf

On Jan. 26 the Fwench people will protest against their government. They will wear blue scarves as a sign of their discontent. There is some people power if they'll take it and use it. And if the Fwench fail? Who cares. We have power too.

The Fwench are starting to fight back against thuggery. Yes, they are taking matters into their own hands, and they're going to let the world know they are fed up and not going to take it any more. On Jan. 26, they will don blue scarves in a silent protest against out of control Islamic rampage.

Well, it's a start. They're Fwench, after all. And according to the story below they're also going to ... who knows what.

Below we have two short pieces on citizens mobilizing in France.

Citizen volunteer force proposed

By Andrew Borowiec
January 18, 2006

PARIS -- French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has proposed a citizen volunteer force to fight growing crime and hooliganism spilling from the urban ghettoes of the country.
The "citizens' reserve" would be unpaid and patrol the "sensitive areas," he said.
Critics immediately pointed out that such a force would have no legal authority and no weapons to resist aggression in the areas where they might be considered police informers.
The proposal comes a day after Mr. Sarkozy announced a plan to create a railway force of 2,540 police and paramilitary gendarmes that would secure trains across various jurisdictions.
The need for such a force arose after a mob of more than a hundred youths, thought to be North African immigrants, terrorized passengers on atrain running from Nice to Lyon in southern France on New Year's Day.
On Sunday, a group of young rappers occupied the small Chenay-Gagny railway station, immobilized a Paris-bound train and blocked other lines until they were dispersed by a tear-gas barrage.

At least the Fwench are talking. I'm going to talk too. In fact, I'm going to sit at McDonald's at Main and Terminal in Vancouver, Canada on Jan. 26 from 7:00 to 9:00 wearing a blue scarf just so I can talk to anyone who drops by. I'm going to be totally crazy here: I'm going to pay for the coffee if you come by. If the Fwench can go public, then so can I. And so can you.

Is France ready for a peaceful, pro-Freedom revolution?

That's what we are going to discover.

If revolution there is, it'll be blue.

The blue revolution has begun.

Why a blue Revolution? Because the French political situation is paralyzed and it is now up to the people to make themselves heard.


Three themes can unite a majority of French people:

No to havoc!
No to too many taxes!
No to incompetent politicians!

They are the demands of the blue Revolution.

In order to win, we ask French women and men to wear a blue scarf as a sign of support and recognition.


The blue Revolution wants to spare France the disaster that a civil war would mean. So, all together, let's wear the blue scarf, blue as the color of France and of a sky without clouds.

Claude Reichman
Spokesman of the blue Revolution



I'll sit in a public place and hope others join me. The point is to meet people face to face so we can form a real resistence to jihad and dhimmitude. It'll mean getting over some irrational fear of mayhem from the r.o.p. faction. They're no scarier than I am. Show up and I'll buy your coffee. And if you don't make it to Canada you might do the same in your own hometown.

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Iran Must Be Getting Close: El-Baradei and France Are Getting Nervous

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Let's give Iran some of its own medicine

A new column from Mark Steyn:
So let me see. On the one hand, we have a regime that is pressing full steam ahead with its nuclear programme and whose president has threatened to wipe another sovereign state off the map.

And, on the other side of the negotiations, we have Her Britannic Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Jack Straw has been at pains to emphasise that no military action against Iran is being contemplated by him or anybody else, but in a sign that he's losing patience with the mullahs Mr Straw's officials have indicated that they're prepared to consider the possibility of possibly considering the preparation of a possible motion on sanctions for the UN Security Council to consider the possibility of considering.

But don't worry, we're not escalating this thing any more than necessary. . .

Let's Give Iran Some of its Own Medicine
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Send a Free E-card to a Family Member or Friend!

Occasionally I have been reading & posting on the Mohammed Cartoons Discussion Forum. It is evolving slowly (some of the people there post messages that are so long they become tiresome to read-- but there are also some good ones). If you have a few minutes, why not stop by and post a brief message or two to support this new message board.

Recently I came across this message:
Hi My name is Dewi Sudarsono, the webmistress of The Altar of Democracy. In order to support the Jyllands-Posten I have included the twelve cartoons on my site. They are available as free ecards and I would encourage everybody to send the cards to all your contacts and friends. It cannot be accepted that the islam-imperialists would be able to blackmail free people into submission.

"It cannot be accepted that the islam-imperialists would be able to blackmail free people into submission." Very well put!

Sending these e-cards to people (and posting a message about these e-cards on your site) does seem like a nice way to support free speech in Europe. (Of course, if this idea started to spread, and huge numbers of emails with these pictures started circulating around the 'net, some Muslims' super-sensitive feelings might be hurt. But then, a few hurt feelings is a small price to pay for freedom of speech, isn't it? :-)
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The prison vs the country club

I've mentioned before that in a prison the walls are to keep people in while in a country club the walls exist to keep people out.

Most religions have walls to keep people out. Walls such as rules, practices and demands. Yet people scale these walls to get in because they believe that by getting in they will find something better. Whether or not this is a case of the grass just being a little greener when viewed over a fence, it's hard to say but that does not change the perception of those climbing the high walls.

It is only in a prison faith where things are so bad that people will scale the walls to get out. Yet it is only in the most depraved of concentration camps where fellow inmates will pull any escapee back, where the salivating guard dogs and rifle toting gestapo are actually fellow prisoners.

Where would we find such a prison faith? Well Malaysia is one place you can start. Again an Islamic judge is allowed to hear matters related to Islam. This is neither a classy thing nor does it even whisper of impartial justice. Are there no non-Muslim judges who could have presided or was a friendly judge bought in to ensure there would be no mistake in the decision? Who knows but it sure looks fishy from where I am.

Court won’t hear case on renunciation

KUALA LUMPUR: A woman failed to get a High Court here to declare that she had renounced Islam.

High Court Justice Md Raus Sharif struck out Asiah Begam Nahurghani's case yesterday following an application by Federal Territory Religious Council, which was named as the defendant in the summons.
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New Age

Regime change in Iran? Sorry guys but I don’t see this happening. America has shot its wad on regime change. We’re done. It has proved too expensive in every sense of the word for a solid majority of Americans. Even if the Europeans and the UN partner with us, we all know that their help is largely symbolic. Even if we do a better job than in Iraq, do it cheaper with fewer casualties, given Iran’s size and population we are talking about 5000 – 10,000 fatalities with tens of thousands wounded and a cost way up in the hundreds of billions. Run that scenario by your friends and neighbors and watch their reactions.

No president will go on TV and tell Americans that we are going to invade Iran, overthrow its government, and rebuild it as a participatory democracy. No president will tell the American people that we are going to invade Iran because they are about to build a nuclear weapon. If things had turned out differently in Iraq perhaps, but as it is, I am afraid that is politically impossible. We are not going to draft a million young Americans and send them to Iran. Anyone who thinks we are should seek medical attention.

Likewise with Israel. The Israelis may bomb Iran (I doubt it but they may) but they do not have the capacity for regime change. They know this. The best they can hope for is to strike the Natanz enrichment plant and delay the inevitable.

What about the countries after Iran? Venezuela? Malaysia? Sudan? Do we plan to invade each and every undemocratic country that can enrich uranium? Will Americans spend trillions of dollars and draft millions of people over the next generation just to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons? I don’t know where you guys live or who your neighbors and coworkers are but in my city and among my neighbors and coworkers this is simply unthinkable. That my neighbor’s 10 year-old son would be drafted in 2014 and sent to war to stop Bangladesh from building the Bomb would be considered plain crazy-talk.

Americans are not strategic thinkers. They will fight to defend their country but not to preserve an international security framework of non-proliferation. That's just too abstract an argument to motivate most people. If Iran attacks us the vast majority of Americans will do whatever they can to defeat the attackers. But to attack a country of 70 million ten thousand miles away to prevent them from acquiring weapons that they might use to attack us years from now is asking too much of most people.

One day, maybe next summer or in two years, you will wake up on a normal Tuesday morning. You’ll take a hot shower and dress for work. You’ll let the dog out. You’ll make a nice cup of coffee; maybe have a cup of yogurt or a banana. You’ll turn on the TV to check the weather and traffic and the headline will slap you. You may have expected it in the back of your mind but, like the UK tube bombings, the details and timing will surprise you. “Iran Tests Nuclear Device.” Cut to the grainy video: somewhere out in the Persian wasteland, a still image of a brown landscape. And then, whumpf! Static cracks across the screen. The landscape rises, swelling from some sinister internal pressure, before settling back onto itself. All is quiet and still, as if nothing had happened.

Surprisingly the world will not have changed. You will still let the dog in, kiss your spouse and drive to work. A few people will be talking about it. But most will only be dimly aware of what happened and happily ignorant of what it means. They will be more interested in the latest sports scores or rumors of the Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie breakup.

And the new age, which began tentatively in 1998, will be fully upon us: the Age of Proliferation.
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The roots of Iran nuclear crisis and the solutions nobody wants to talk about

Today I have written 2 very long posts on this subject.

Firstly, about China and Russia and their relationship with Iran (nothing new):
The China-Iran-Russia axis has been dubbed "that other axis" by Asia Times' Jephraim P. Gundzik, who wrote June 9, 2005, that "Beijing's increasingly close ties with Moscow and Tehran will thwart Washington's foreign policy goal of expanding US security footholds in the Middle East, Central Asia and Asia. However, the primacy of economic stability will most likely prevent a proxy-style military confrontation, in Iran or North Korea, between China and the US."
And about the actual crisis. And its solutions as seen on an article of Victor Hanson:(the link it's not on the original post, I forgot to insert it, gluppp)
A) First is the ostrich strategy — see and hear no evil,
B) Alternatively, we could step up further global condemnation
C) A third, and often unmentionable, course is to allow the most likely intended target of nuclear Iran, Israel, to take matters into its own hands.
D) The fourth scenario is as increasingly dreaded as it is apparently inevitable — a U.S. air strike.
As I say in my post, the fact that most surprised me when I read the article, was that the possibility of a joint world attack is not even mentioned. Although everyone of them are just not very comfortable with the idea of having a nuclear Iran.

And oh, well, the Oscar for an ambigous expression goes to:
The question of sanctions against Iran puts the cart before the horse - sanctions are in no way the best, or the only, way to solve the problem
Sergey Lavrov Russian foreign minister
Marvellous, eh? What are those solutions??? Why he does not state them?
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Blogging: a Citizen's Guide

Often we bloggers wonder if we can make a difference. I believe history can give us a guide to the answer. I hope you find it encouraging.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Energy Information Administration Chief Agrees With Ahmadinejad

Iranian President Ahmadinejad says we need him more than he needs us. Guy Caruso, the EIA chief agrees with him:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A disruption in Iran's crude oil exports because of a dispute over that country's nuclear program would affect an already tight global oil market and lead to higher petroleum prices, the head of the U.S. Energy Information Administration warned on Tuesday.

"The market is so tightly balanced, clearly, we can't afford to lose a large supply of crude to the market," EIA chief Guy Caruso told Reuters in an interview.

Even though the United States does not directly import Iranian crude, Caruso said a cutoff of Iran's oil would affect the U.S. market because other countries that buy Iranian crude would compete with America to find new supplies.

"It's a fungible world oil market, and any disruption in supply affects everyone, because the price would go up for everyone," he said.

No kidding. Boy, that EIA chief sure does know his economics.

I sure am getting tired of this meme about Iran having so much pull in the oil market.

Let's look at the numbers from the EIA website:

Iran produces 4 million barrels of oil a day.America is the 3rd largest oil producing nation at 8.59 million barrels a day. Iran is the 4th largest oil producing nation. We produce twice the amount of oil Iran produces. We use 20 million barrels a day, which means we import 12 million barrels a day.

Saudi Arabia produces 10 million barrels a day, and Russia produces 9 million a day. Russia exports almost 7 million barrels a day. There are 14 oil exporting nations which export more than 1 million barrels a day. Half of them are non-Opec countries.However, Venezuela is one of the major exporting countries, as 2.3 million barrels a day, and they aren't exactly our friends either. America imports oil from over 100 nations.

Iran represents less than 3% of the total oil in the world. In fact, it is somewhat less.

Why would losing 3% of the worlds oil render the United States incapable of acting?
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The Day After We Bomb Iran

Every week rumors fly around the blogosphere that the US and/or Israel is preparing to bomb Iran in order to stop their nuclear weapons program. So let’s play a game of Best Case Scenario.

Under the Best Case Scenario the US bombs all 300 or so sites involved in the program. Let’s go so far as to say that there are no civilian casualties, that the Iranians can’t display a bunch of dead women and children for the international media. Let’s forget about the world-wide outrage at the US bombing (which is tantamount to a declaration of war). Let’s assume no planes are shot down and no US pilots are captured. Let’s even forget about any possible Iranian terrorism to exact revenge. In the Best Case Scenario we flawlessly eliminate all the physical facilities we think are part of the program and fly home safely. Victory is ours! Or is it?

What exactly would we have accomplished? The Iranians will have lost the hardware, equipment and tools needed to construct the Bomb. However, unless we also kill all the scientists and technicians and destroy all their documentation the Iranians will still have the knowledge and skills needed to design the Bomb. The Iranian regime will still have the motivation. Indeed they will in all likelihood be even more motivated to build nukes to prevent future attacks. Without removing the mullahs or fundamentally altering the nature of their regime, we will not change their desire for the Bomb.

Does anyone think that Iran, flush with petrodollars, run by mystics obsessed with the apocalyptic return of the Mahdi, and motivated by a political religion of suffering and martyrdom, will not make every effort to re-equip their scientists with the tools and infrastructure they need? Iranian scientists have years of experience working with centrifuges, cascades and the various components of advanced nuclear weapons development. How long will the world be able to keep Iran from buying what it needs? How long will it take the regime to re-assemble the program?

Granted, destroying Iran’s facilities buys us time, but time for what? For domestic regime change? For a popular revolution that installs a government less aggressive and less hostile to the West? That’s a nice hope but hope is not a strategy.

Striking Iran cannot be a one-off event. After crippling their nuclear program we will have to work to prevent them from rebuilding it.

After we bomb the Iranian facilities we will have to impose some sort of sanctions to prevent the mullahs from reconstituting their nuclear program. How long do you expect those sanctions will last? Will we restrict Iranian oil sales? Even if we can manage a political miracle and keep every other country in line and on board with sanctions, how long will Americans support keeping Iranian oil off the market when gas is $4 a gallon? $7? Are we going to monitor every piece of equipment Iran imports? Why not, it worked so well with Iraq …

Bombing Iran can defer the problem and delay their program but we cannot stop the Bomb as long as Iran is motivated, technically capable and wealthy enough to acquire what they need. Destroying the enrichment plant and other infrastructure is necessary but not sufficient. To actually stop the Iranian Bomb we must also either destroy their political will to build it or their technical expertise to design and construct it. But how? Will killing Ahmadinejad, Khomeini and the Council of Guardians extinguish the regime’s desire for a nuke? Or will this play directly into the Shi’ite mythological dynamic of martyrdom and oppression and make them ever more desperate for it?

Even if this would politically demotivate the theocracy, how do we do it? Regime Decapitation is a risky, unproven theory and extremely difficult in practice. Or alternately, how do we eliminate their scientific and technical knowledge? Can we even kill most of the lead scientists involved in the program? Can we knock off the top few layers of expertise and leadership? How? Do we even know who these people are? Where they live? What they look like?

And my infidel friends, this is the Best Case Scenario. It’s all downhill from here.

But hey, I’m no military expert. I wouldn’t know an enrichment plant or a P2 centrifuge if I saw one. I could be wrong about everything. I invite those who disagree to tell me how we stop, not delay or defer, but stop Iran from building the Bomb. I agree that bombing the plant at Natanz would feel good but without a plan for the aftermath it will be an emotional, not a strategic, action.

What do we do the Day After We Bomb Iran?
[This is an abreviated version of the full post at Thomas the Wraith.]
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Abu Hamza Videos - A Look Behind The Headlines

Over the past week several videos have been played to the jurors in the trial of the Islamic supremacist, Abu Hamza, the one time Cleric at the Finsbury park mosque, London.
I have noticed that there was very little available on the internet in the form of video/audio clips relating to Hamza, thus making it that little bit more difficult for some bloggers to give examples of Hamza's hate speeches and incitement.
I have personally decided not to post on the Hamza trial for many reasons, the main ones being that I doubt he will be convicted, and if he is he will be given a very light sentence or maybe even deported, enabling him to spread his hate from elsewhere (thus I don't want the anti-climax that I felt at the end of the OJ/Jackson trials). Secondly a lot of blogs are posting details of the trial and I try and keep my posts related to news that is exclusive or under reported.
So to help out my blogging buddies (and the rest of you) I will add links to the Hamza hate speeches so if you are posting about the trial you can have some evidence to back up the news reports.
Note : I do not condone anything in the following links or speeches. I have posted these only for reference and to assist those looking for proof of "Captain Hook's" hate sermons.

Various Short Hamza Speeches - http://www.ropma.net/alqaeda-exposed.htm

Hamza Hate Speech [In Arabic] (near the bottom on the left) - http://www.glen-jenvey.com/ [to download the video directly right click and save this link)

The Following two links are sites run by supporters of (and possibly set up by) Abu Hamza. The first has active links. All the links on the second site seem to be broken, but I will post it for reference anyway.
Before I post the following links, I would like the reader to be aware of the significance of these sites, the fact that they are being run in the UK and the history of the domain name (extract from Glen-Jenvey) :

"There are many indications suggesting a strong connection between Al Hamza, al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. For example. Bin Laden's official website (closed in Aug. 2001) was www.supportersofshariah.org deleted april 2003. Abu Hamza's was www.supportersofshariah.com deleted April 2003."

Although these two sites are reported to have closed down, there are sites with the same agenda/cause (and possibly set up by the same people as supportersofshariah.org) that go by the title 'Supporters Of Shariah' (same as Bin Laden's/Hamza's sites) and they are both filled with (and dedicated to) the hook handed Cleric's speeches :

Mostly Audio Speeches (there are video but they are OT) - http://www.geocities.com/suporters_of_sharia/ - (click the audio button on the top right section of the navbar) - This Site Clearly Supports Hamza/Bin Laden and other Islamoterrorist leaders.

What Seems To Be Hamza's Official [.org] Site (also goes by the name 'Supporters Of Shariah') - http://www.shareeah.org/2.html - All Audios Files In This Site Appear To Be Broken.

*Update* - This link has details of the terrorist connections to Hamza's organisation, 'Supporters Of Shariah' and other Jihadi activities they have been involved in - http://www.al-bab.com/yemen/hamza/hamza1.htm

Extract from the link - "Over Christmas 1998, from December 24 to 26, SOS held its fourth Islamic Camp at Finsbury Park Mosque in north London. The list of activities included "military training for brothers". A picture of a hand grenade appeared on the publicity material. Admission was £20, with reduced prices for children and families."
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"We're Pakistani. You're Jewish. We're going to kill you!"

The following is an article that details and gives figures for the rise of anti-Jewish attacks in the UK and a few other European countries. In another article, the Lord Mayor of Manchester, England, Mohammad Afzal Khan states that what he calls the "Jewish-Muslim conflict in the United Kingdom" has it's roots based in the belief that the media isn't pro-"palestinian" enough, thus angering young Muslims (not that he's trying to justify attacks on Jews or anything, i'm sure) :

Ilford, England --- One day last summer, Rabbi Alex Chapper was walking home from his synagogue with three friends when he realized they were being followed by a group of teenagers.

The youths began throwing rocks. One shouted, "We're Pakistani. You're Jewish. We're going to kill you!"

One of Chapper's friends was punched in the face. Another was hit on the head with a plastic bottle and suffered a cut and a black eye before the youths ran off.

Chapper, who is 32, did not encounter bias as a child in northwest London. But things have changed. Even as Europe's growing Muslim population points to rising prejudice --- called "Islamophobia" by Muslim leaders --- anti-Jewish incidents are increasing, as well.

Britain's chief rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks, warned this month on BBC Radio that "a kind of tsunami of anti-Semitism" is spreading around the world....

Read the rest...
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Islamification of a Catholic School

From this January 16, 2006 article "Islamic Group Urges Catholic School to Move to Muslim Faith":
"AN ISLAMIC campaign group has called for a Catholic primary school to be based on the Muslim faith.

"The Campaign for Muslim Schools said 90 per cent of pupils at St Albert's Primary, in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow, are Muslim, yet children are having to take part in Catholic rituals like saying the Lord's Prayer and attending mass.

"Osama Saeed, co-ordinator of the alliance of Glasgow's main mosques and Muslim organisations, said he could see no reason why the main faith of the school should not change.

"He said: 'Clearly the parents of that area find a faith school, even if it is of another denomination, preferable to a secular one. But surely it should be possible for them to have one that is relevant to their own faith.

"'To move towards this would be a fantastic example of good faith - in more ways than one - on the part of the Church.'

"The call came just days after Scotland's most senior Catholic, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, sparked controversy by stating that Scotland's core faith was Christianity and that other faiths should recognise they were 'living in Scotland as a Christian country'. A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland was not available for comment tonight."

When I was working in Christian education (1978-1997), any Muslims enrolled--and we had several in the student body--voiced no objection to any of our materials or procedures. Times have changed, huh? Back then, we didn't hear anything of "Islamic campaign groups."

And I don't see Saudi extending any offers for Christian schools within that Islamic nation's borders.

Hat tip to Greg of Rhymes with Right for sending me the above information.
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How To Beat Iran Without Missiles

Atlas Shrugs analyzes our options on Iran:

The New York Sun reports a committee led by the French, which includes America and other European powers, is drawing up a list of sanction options likely to influence any resolution put before the U.N. Security Council next month.

A committee led by the fwench is not encouraging, considering they have already said TALK OF SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN IS PREMATURE: FRANCE.

The list includes limiting the travel of Iranian diplomats; restricting their membership in international organizations; expelling known intelligence officers attached toIranian embassies; limiting Iran’s import of dual-use items that could be diverted to its nuclear program, and — at its most punitive — banning the export of refined petroleum to the country, which imports 40% of the refined petroleum it uses.

The travel ban is bullshit, the ban on the export of refined oil into the country is the ticket. The government heavily subsidizes the oil industry in Iran. It's a huge government stipend and they could ill afford a wild spike in refined oil prices. It would break the fiscal back of that regime and cause great civil disobedience.

Iran is not omnipotent.It's a minority regime, they are vulnerable. They are highly dependent on the world for trade, for legitimacy, for popularity at home. Their economy is a basket case as it is. If you start shutting down their ability to import, they don't even have refining capabilities. So nothing can run in Iran without imported oil from Europe so there's enough leverage to make them stop. Most of their imports are from the West are industrial goods. They need those imports to operate their factories. They already have very high unemployment. What would happen if somebody got up and said NO MORE FACTORY PIECES, NO MORE MACHINERY FOR YOU? Think of the implications of that would have inside Iran.

They are not all powerful, they are highly vulnerable. They make it appear that they are all powerful........and everyone believes them, but they are an empty shell.

I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on this.
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Taking M.L. King Jr. Back From The America-Haters: A Blasphemous Tribute To The Man Himself

Check it out, at CUANAS.
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Fun with Reading: Intro to Shi'i Islam

Reading An Introduction to Shi'i Islam I found this quote petinent, pages 236-7 (bolded emphasis added) :
There is thus a strange paradox in Shi'i Islam in that two apparently contradictory attitudes are both equally praised and commended. The Imams are praised for their patient endurance of suffering at the hands of those with political power; they are commended for their use of taqiyya (religious dissumulation) in the face of overwhelming odds. And yet the same greatest Shi'ite hero, the Imam Husayn, is praised and commended for not submitting to tyranny and raising up (qiyamat) and fighting even in the face of overwhelming odds and the certainty of martyrdom.

This paradox had indeed given Shi'is religious justification for an
extraordinary political versatility. Those who wish to lead the Shi'i masses can, if opposition seems overwhelmingly superior or it is expedient to do so, enjoin upon the Shi'is the patient endurance (mazlumiyyat) of the Imams. And yet when the opportunity seems right, the Shi'i masses can be whipped up into the frenzy of revolution by appeal to the spirit of uprising (qiyam) of Husayn. ...

One further feature of the Shi'i world-view, which is also a feature of many centuries of being a persecuted minority, is the need for a scapecoat. Although it is centuries since Shi'ism was made the official religion of Iran, this world-view is still strong among Iranian Shi'is. ...

Since the Revolution, the Iraqi government, American imperialism and the international Zionist conspiracy have become the major external scapecoats, while the Baha'is have resumed their role as the internal scapegoats.
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Standing Up

In the article, Standing Up To Moslem Bullies, Jack Wheeler, a long time aid to Reagan and other Republicans, cheers the Danes for standing firm in the face of Islamic bullying. He also mentions a national rally on Feb 1st. And finally, he mentions women in Malaysia who are fighting against the so-called “Islamic Family Law” bill. While the article is by subscription, I’d thought the sight of another voice of reason, well-known within Republican circles, is encouraging.
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Gore Decries Bush's Police State: Police State Yawns

From The Anchoress:

Al Gore Plans to rail against Bush’s “police state”. Yet, oddly enough, he won’t spend a second in jail afterward. And he knows it.

Sort of gives lie to the whole idea that we’re living in a “police state,” doesn’t it? Because if we lived in an actual police state, and Gore said what he plans to say next week, the police state would arrest him, jail him and probably hang him when it got around to it. He knows that isn’t going to happen. So he knows he’s full of crap. And yet he’s going to speak on the topic anyway. How brave of him.
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And then, poligamy

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Sunday, January 15, 2006


From The Astute Blogger:


"To believe the left, Bush is Hitler, Cheney is Hitler, Ashcroft is Hitler, Rumsfeld is Hitler, but the guy with the mustache who gasses people and hates Jews and wants to conquer the world isn't Hitler. Go figure."

Miller's pithy quote accurately depicts a basic prblem with today's post modern Left. Today's Leftist places more value in figurative comparisons, analogies and over-the-top papier macher guerilla theater than literal relations.

That islamofascist jihadoterrorists actually explicitly call for genocide and totalitarianism - and use genocidal attacks against fellow Muslims (Shias and Sufis), Hindus (in India), Buddhists (in Thailand), as well as Jews and Christians - is denied by today's Left, as is the fact that Bush has actually liberated 60 million Muslims from tyranny. The upside-down/inside-out insanity of their position is truly Orwellian, to say the least.

They fear and hate Bush more than they fear the jihadoterrorists. For instance, they believe that Bush has created a police state even though his expanded use of POTUS/CiC war-time powers has been far more benign than presidents they adore: for example, FDR (who put 50,000 American citizens in concentration camps during WW2); or Lincoln (who suspended habeus corpus during the US Civil War).

In fact, Bush has used his war-time powers less than ANY other war-time president, EVER. The Left's formulation is indefensible ON BOTH COUNTS! In fact, Bush is better than they believe, and the enemy worse. IOW: the Left couldn't be more wrong. Or deluded.
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posted by Pastorius at permanent link# 4 Comments

Sudan and the Chinese need for oil

We are used to hear people say: "Iraqi war was caused only because of the oil. USA wanted Iraqi oil". Well, looks like the Sudanese war is just because of that. And for Chinees need (if it was USA, most leftists would say "greed"...) of oil. Of course, do not hope for any one of those leftists to say that....

Just read the last news here.
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Germany and the Iraqi war

Looks like Germany helped US and the Allies in the Iraqi war. Its causing a turmoil -another one...- in German politics after the last disputed elections between Merckel and Shröder, who can turned out to be another "pacifist" liar.

Schroeder Government Authorized Intelligence-Sharing on Iraq Jan. 13 (Bloomberg): The government of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, which opposed the war against Iraq, authorized an exchange of intelligence information with the U.S.on installations in the Middle Eastern country, a German government spokesman said today.
Two members of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, BND, shared information on civilian targets that were to be excluded from U.S. bombing raids, deputy government spokesman Thomas Steg told a regular press conference in Berlin. The installations included hospitals and embassies. It was the goal of Schroeder’s government that “there should be a continued information exchange'’ between the BND agents and their U.S. counterparts, Steg said. “It would be quixotic to assume that the fight against terrorism or other international dangers and challenges would be possible without an information exchange especially between friendly services.'’

If you want to continue reading click here.
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The Origins of the Great War of 2007

Niall Ferguson writes a history of our future: The origins of the Great War of 2007.
So history repeated itself. As in the 1930s, an anti-Semitic demagogue broke his country's treaty obligations and armed for war. Having first tried appeasement, offering the Iranians economic incentives to desist, the West appealed to international agencies - the International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations Security Council. Thanks to China's veto, however, the UN produced nothing but empty resolutions and ineffectual sanctions, like the exclusion of Iran from the 2006 World Cup finals. ...

As in the 1930s, too, the West fell back on wishful thinking. ... So in Washington and in London people crossed their fingers, hoping for the deus ex machina of a home-grown regime change in Teheran.

This gave the Iranians all the time they needed to produce weapons-grade enriched uranium at Natanz. The dream of nuclear non-proliferation, already interrupted by Israel, Pakistan and India, was definitively shattered. Now Teheran had a nuclear missile pointed at Tel-Aviv. And the new Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu had a missile pointed right back at Teheran. ...

The devastating nuclear exchange of August 2007 represented not only the failure of diplomacy, it marked the end of the oil age. Some even said it marked the twilight of the West.

As depressing as this vision may be, I find little to argue with. We will not stop the Iranian nuclear program. It's too late for that. And Iran is not building the Shi'ite bomb just for decoration. They plan to use it. As in the '30s (that "low dishonest decade") the villains have told us what they want to do but we are too "sophisticated" and "nuanced" to believe it.

Dark days are ahead, my friends. Dark days.
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Restoration of Caliphate Is Mainstream?

The following is from the Washington Post:
Reunified Islam: Unlikely but Not Entirely Radical
Restoration of Caliphate, Attacked by Bush, Resonates With Mainstream Muslims

"...The goal of reuniting Muslims under a single flag stands at the heart of the radical Islamic ideology Bush has warned of repeatedly in recent major speeches on terrorism. In language evoking the Cold War, Bush has cast the conflict in Iraq as the pivotal battleground in a larger contest between advocates of freedom and those who seek to establish 'a totalitarian Islamic empire reaching from Spain to Indonesia.'...

"Yet the caliphate is also esteemed by many ordinary Muslims. For most, its revival is not an urgent concern. Public opinion polls show immediate issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and discrimination rank as more pressing. But Muslims regard themselves as members of the umma, or community of believers, that forms the heart of Islam. And as earthly head of that community, the caliph is cherished both as memory and ideal, interviews indicate...."

"'I won't live to see it, and my children won't, but one day maybe my children's children will see someone declare himself the caliph, like the pope, and have an impact,' [said Kerem, a tailor in central Istanbul]...

"Caliph, from the Arabic word khalifa, means successor to the prophet Muhammad. Competition for the title caused the schism between Shiite and Sunni lines of the faith... "

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Little Egypt in New York City

Are Muslims to be exempt from New York City laws? Yes, if Councilmen Peter Vallone has his way. There is a two block stretch on Steinway Street, Astoria, where you’ll find Arabic signs, bearded men wearing nightgowns (as in Kuwait), and several shops where men (no women) are smoking some “tobacco concoction” out of water pipes. The neighbors complain about the smell and the fact that the smoking violates Mayor Bloomberg’s draconian anti-smoking laws. Muslims believe they should be exempt from these laws.

Of course, just about everything is covered by Sha’ria law, perhaps, even smoking. But should Muslims be exempt from all American laws in lieu of Sha’ria?

Come to think of it, there are laws from which I’d like exemption. Perhaps I should found a religion like Mohammad, who got messages from Allah whenever he wanted exemption from local tradition and laws. April 15th isn’t too far off and wait … I hear Gabriel’s voice, yep, I don’t have to pay taxes. Yeeehaaa!
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Two Germans vs. Islamism Two Germans vs. Islamism

Despite the widespread dhimmitude in much of Europe, some Europeans are starting to wake up to the dangers of potential terrorists in their midst. (No doubt the barbaric attacks by Islamic "insurgents" on the Moscow subway, the British Underground, the Madrid trains, the Beslan schoolhouse massacre, etc., etc., started some people thinking...)

Daniel Pipes writes that some measures are being taken in Germany to prevent terrorist acts:
The interior ministers of two German states have recently advanced important measures for containing radical Islam. They bear close attention across the West.

In Baden-Wurtenberg, Heribert Rech of the ruling Christian Democratic Union party has overseen the administering of a 30-topic loyalty test for applicants to become naturalized citizens. Following an intensive and sophisticated study by the Baden-Wurtenberg government of Muslim life, it developed a manual for the naturalization authorities explaining that applicants for citizenship must concur with the "free, democratic, constitutional structure" of Germany.

Heribert Rech

Because survey research finds that 21% of Muslims living in Germany believe the German constitution irreconcilable with the Koran, the written yes-no questions of yesteryear are history for Muslim applicants for citizenship.

The second initiative originates in Lower Saxony, where the interior minister, Uwe Schünemann, also a CDU member, has stated he would consider making radical Islamists wear electronic foot tags. Doing so, he says, would allow the authorities "to monitor the approximately 3,000 violence-prone Islamists in Germany, the hate preachers [i.e., Islamist imams], and the fighters trained in foreign terrorist camps." Electronic tags, he suggested, are practical "for violence-prone Islamists who can't be expelled to their home countries because of the threat of torture" there.

The electronic tagging of terror suspects is also not unprecedented. In Britain, the method has been used since March 2005 and, other than a glitch-plagued start, it has been applied to ten suspects with reasonable success. In Australia, counterterrorism measures implemented last month permit tagging for up to a year. (Complete article)
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Islam Is A Religion Of Peace

No doubt.
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Infidel Babe Of The Week

Lord Have Mercy.
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