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Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Youth" Throw Stones At Police and Rescue Workers, and Loot Victims, at Site of Paris Train Derailment

The "Youths" Are Restless

"Youth", huh?



From Libertarian Republican:

An incredible scene met police officers when they arrived in Brétigny-sur-Orge. While they were trying to bring help to the victims of the derailment of the Paris-Limoges train, in which at least six people died, they had to deal with stones being thrown at them by a small group of 'jeunes'.  At the origin of the attack: looters had come to steal from the bodies of the dead and wounded whatever they could carry away. 
"They seemed to be helping the victims". Nathalie Michel, from the Alliance police trade union, describes the scene on air on Europe 1: "At 5.30 pm, while our colleagues were deploying, they see a group of 'jeunes' who approach and seem to be helping the victims. Very quickly, they realise that these individuals are there to rob the victims and especially the first corpses," says the trade union member indignantly. 
The police then decided to chase them, but the youth did not intend to leave it alone. They responded to the police as well as firefighters by throwing rocks, during the rescue. To get rid of them, reinforcements were called in. "It's unspeakable, monstrous", adds Nathalie Michel, disgusted.
Note - About two years ago, Dutch news services reported that Muslim youth were throwing rocks at funeral processions for Dutch citizens, yelling and screaming as they passed, words to the affect of "die Dutch mother fuckers," and "this is our country now."
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Founder of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Chicago: "We demand a state ruled by the Koran...Let Britain, America, and the entire West go to hell, because the caliphate is coming"

From MEMRI, June 21:

Following are excerpts from a speech delivered by Professor Mohammed Malkawi, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on June 21, 2013.
Professor Mohammed Malkawi: After Islam had reached the peak of glory and the Muslims were masters of the world, there came a time when the infidels conspired against the Muslims, who were in a deep slumber. Britain conspired against them, along with Arab and Turkish collaborators and traitors, and ended the Islamic Caliphate and its glory.
Ever since the Caliphate was destroyed, the world has lost an exemplar of justice, a model for humanity in its entirety. Since then, the world has been held hostage by wolves, who do not respect the honor of a man or a believer. Two world wars cost the lives of over 70 million people, yet they accuse us of terrorism. They killed over 70 million people, and dropped atomic bombs on Japan, yet they level accusations against us.
The world languishes under every kind of oppression. You all know what capitalism has produced, what socialism has contributed and what nationalism has brought to the world. The nationalistic Nazism and Fascism led to two world wars. Capitalism today is destroying Africa in its entirety, colonializing Asia, and controlling the petroleum and gas of the Muslims.
Obama says to you, in Syria, Egypt, and elsewhere: I have chosen heresy as a religion for you. Will you accept heresy as your religion, oh Muslims? Say: “Allah Akbar.”
Crowd: Allah Akbar.
Professor Mohammed Malkawi: Say: “Allah Akbar.”
Crowd: Allah Akbar.
Professor Mohammed Malkawi: We demand a state ruled by the Koran.
Crowd: We demand a state ruled by the Koran.
Unnamed Speaker: We demand a state ruled by the Koran.
Crowd: We demand a state ruled by the Koran.
Unnamed Speaker: We reject secularist rule.
Crowd: We reject secularist rule.
Unnamed Speaker: We reject the rule of Satan.
Crowd: We reject the rule of Satan.
Professor Mohammed Malkawi: …Allah chose Islam to be our religion. Along came the rulers of the Us, Britain, France, and Russia, who met with their collaborators and lackeys, and decided to sell us the religion of heresy. Let’s weigh things up. Let’s take the word of Allah… I’m not referring to you who have sold your souls for the sake of Allah, but to that great nation which has neglected its religion, and which has been sold a religion which looks like Islam, nut in fact, has nothing to do with Islam.
…Oh Muslims, the infidels and their collaborators warn you and scare you about using the term “caliphate.” They say: Use the word “religion,” use the word “Islam,” use any word you like, but the word “caliphate” is too much. America hates it, Obama doesn’t like it, and the oil rulers are afraid of it, because it demands their oil—the same oil with which they sold out the honor of the Muslims. They have made people terrified of the word “caliphate.” They say to you: “You can say anything except that you want Islamic law.” For them, Islamic law is something unimaginably harsh. For them, Islamic law prevents usury. It prevents them from exploiting the peoples. Islamic law and the caliphate bring about the rule of justice, which will make all those rulers face piles of garbage— for garbage is all that they are worth.
All these other rulers are dwarfs— from Obama, the master of the White House, to the rulers of those palaces in the lands of the Muslims. They are all dwarfed by the Islamic caliphate and law, and that is why they try to make us scared of it. They scare the Muslims. They say to the rebels in Syria: “Do not demand a caliphate out loud, because the US will deny you equipment and aid.” They say to the Egyptian people: “Do not demand to instate Islamic law, because America will not be happy about that.”
They say that the caliphate makes the infidels angry. Don’t we want to make the infidels angry? Isn’t this Islam?
Let America and Britain hate the caliphate. Let Britain, America, and the entire West go to hell, because the caliphate is coming, Allah willing.

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Pro-Mursi protesters are awaiting signal for ‘sexual Jihad:’

From Atlas Shrugs, via Al Arabiya

 A Facebook page with suspected links to the Muslim Brotherhood pledges “sexual jihad” to people camping in a pro-Mursi sit-in in Cairo. (Photo credit: http://www.facebook.com/I5watNekab?filter=3)
Hardcore Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporters are awaiting a signal to commence a campaign of 'sexual Jihad' within their sit-in camp in Cairo; which is something a Fatwa (religious edict) posted on a MB-affiliated Facebook paged suggests will soon be allowed.
The fatwa came in response to a question by a female Brotherhood supporter asking if 'sexual Jihad' is allowed in Rabea al-Adawiya Square and the rest of Egyptian squares where people have been protesting since 30 June.

The religious answer was: “Not now. Let us wait first for what will happen, may God strengthen the Mujahedeen.”
Continue reading "Pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters are awaiting religious go-ahead for ‘sexual Jihad"
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Sharia Law Enforcement in Britain

Teachers ‘denied schoolboy, 10, water on the hottest day of the year to avoid upsetting Muslim pupils during Ramadan’

An angry mother has accused a primary school of denying her child water on one of the hottest days of the year for fear of upsetting pupils observing Ramadan.
Kora Blagden, 32, claimed a teacher at son Luke’s school refused to let the 10-year old drink from his water bottle because it was unfair to fasting classmates.

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Daniel Johnson Speaking at the Oxford Union: Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace

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Anne-Marie Waters: "Islam is Not a Peaceful Religion"

Huffigton Post says of Waters, She is the "Spokesperson of the One Law for All campaign and council member of the National Secular Society."


Sharia Law: Extremism the Government Ignores

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Immediate, Real , Serious and Strategic Threats STILL EXIST

Navy orders IMMEDIATE development and deployment of electronic warfare suite for use in the Pacific to counter a NEW, DEFINED, but UNRELEASED threat.

ITT Exelis to help Navy with new EW system to protect ships from recently discovered threat

July 9, 2013
WASHINGTON, 9 July 2013. Electronic warfare (EW) experts at the ITT Exelis Electronic Systems division in Van Nuys, Calif., are helping U.S. Navy researchers develop an add-on advanced EW system to protect surface warships from a newly discovered, yet undisclosed, immediate threat to Navy fleet operations.
Officials of the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington announced their intention Friday to award contracts cumulatively worth as much as $65 million to ITT Exelis to help Navyshipboard electronicsresearchers build and install an embarkable prototype EW system on several Navy surface ships.
NRL scientists are developing the prototype embarkable EW systems in response to an urgent operational need statement (UONS) from the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, based on a newly discovered threat, Navy officials say.
Although the threat is not described in detail, shipboard electronic warfare systems typically are designed to detect and jam enemy radar threats — particularly the electronics in radar-guided anti-ship missiles. Shipboard EW also can jam radar and other RF systems on manned aircraft and ships.

Navy officials are known to be concerned about advanced radar-guided anti-ship missiles such as the Russian-made SS-N-22 Sunburn and SS-NX-26 Oniks, which may be operational with military forces in Iran, Syria, and other countries in the Middle East for use against U.S. and allied naval forces in and around the Eastern Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, and other vital waterways

More likely I think is that a new SEEKER on an old missile has been detected and verified and we have no defense against that seeker.
THAT kind of thing sounds more like China.
Do we all like our tablets and laptops?
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INCITEMENT IN THE NAME OF ALLAH: Egyptian Cleric Tells Tens Of Thousands Of Muslim Brotherhood Supporters They Are Willing To “Die As Martyrs” To See Morsi Reinstated


CAIRO, July 12 (UPI) – Supporters of Mohamed Morsi are willing to “die as martyrs” to see the deposed Egyptian president returned to office, an Islamist preacher said Friday. 
Speaking to tens of thousands people at a rally at the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo, Safwat Hegazy said the army would return Morsi to power “whether they want to or not,” Ahram Online reported. 
Morsi supporters were willing to “die as martyrs,” Hegazy said. 
Morsi backers from Cairo and cities around the country began gathering at the mosque Thursday, concerned the army might block routes to the mosque in advance of the rally.
Egyptians who support the military coup that removed the president also called for mass demonstrations.

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UK: Nail Bomb Explodes At Mosque Right After The Funeral of Lee Rigby

Supposedly timed to go off when prayers started, only prayers started an hour later than normal.

I guess Allah was protecting them ...


the nail bomb was set off by some Muslim affiliated with the Mosque who already knew prayers would be starting late because of Rama-lama-ding-dong.

Fuck Islam.

From the Telegraph:

The homemade device exploded near the Kanz Ul Iman Masjid mosque in Tipton, West Midlands, shortly after 1pm – when up to 200 worshippers would normally have been in the area for Friday prayers. 
However, the prayers had been moved back an hour because of Ramadan and no one was injured in the blast. 
The bomb, which was left on a disused railway line behind the mosque, showered the area with nails and other debris. 
Police were last night treating the explosion as a terrorist incident and were investigating whether there are any links to a small explosion near a mosque in nearby Walsall last month. 
Officers were also examining whether there is any connection to right wing extremists. 
It was being treated as a suspected terror attack because of the size of the explosion, the fact nails were included and it appeared to have been timed to coincide with the Friday prayers. 
One police source said such factors "appear to indicate at this stage intent to cause serious injury or damage". 
Residents in Tipton believed the attack had also been timed to coincide with the day of the funeral of Drummer Rigby in Bury. 
The soldier died in an alleged Islamic terror attack in Woolwich, east London, in May.
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Friday, July 12, 2013

They Oppressed the Wrong Woman

Waris Dirie
Waris Dirie was born in the desert of Somalia. Her family were Muslim nomads. When she was 13 years old, her father announced to her he'd found her a husband and she would soon be wed. Her "groom to be" was an old man. She protested and begged, but the old man had already paid her father, so the deal was done.

The next morning, before her father awoke, she ran away. She took off into the desert knowing only that somewhere was a city named Mogadishu and somewhere in that city she had an aunt. Amazingly, after a very difficult journey, she found her aunt and stayed with her a short time. Then one of her uncles became the Somalian ambassador to the UK and would be stationed in London. Waris begged her uncle to take her with him to be a maid. He consented.

She eventually became a fashion model whose face adorned the covers of many glamour magazines.

At one point in her career, Waris had been interviewed many times. The interviews were always about how a barefoot Somalian nomad became a famous model. But one day as another of these interviews was beginning, Waris took a bold step. She said the rags to riches story had already been told. "Would you like a real story?" she asked.

She told the interviewer about the day she experienced female genital mutilation (FGM), an ancient practice of removing a woman's clitoris, labia minora, and labia majora. Waris was then sewn up with a small hole for urination, which is usually how it's done. This procedure guarantees that she will be a virgin when she gets married, and it ensures she will not feel pleasure during sex (and thus helps prevent infidelity). A girl is not considered marriageable if she is "uncut" — she is considered no better than a whore, so parents make sure she undergoes FGM.

The interviewer was moved and shaken by Waris's story. And the magazine had the guts to print it. This was the beginning of an increasing global awareness of FGM and a movement to do away with it, in the same way that binding girl's feet was banned in China in the early 1900s. Already several countries have committed themselves to eradicating the practice.

Banning FGM would not only save millions of girls from the horror, pain, and death caused by this barbaric practice (it is done to 8,000 girls a day worldwide, with one out of four girls dying from the procedure), it would also help to marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam.

The practice is over 4000 years old, and it was taken for granted during Muhammad's lifetime that all women underwent FGM, so he mentioned it a few times as a forgone conclusion, and his mention was written down, so it has now been enshrined in Islamic doctrine as an Islamic practice. Fundamentalists want it to continue because whatever Muhammad said is right for all time.

Banning the procedure would stop this orthodox practice, which would help disempower the fundamentalism itself. Everywhere we can prevent an orthodox practice, like covering women or beating them for disobedience or FGM, we weaken the forces of orthodoxy. If some Islamic fundamentals can be abandoned or seen as wrong, other fundamentals might be more easily abandoned as well.

I encourage you to help your friends and family become aware of FGM. You don't even have to mention the word "Islam." Read Waris's story in her excellent book, Desert Flower (written with Cathleen Miller). And then share the book with people you know. Talk it up. And watch National Geographic's movie by the same name and share that too. This is a way to help innocent girls, a way to pit humanistic empathy against Islamic domination, and a way to get people involved in marginalizing orthodox Islam — people who might never otherwise get involved. The Islamic oppression of women can and should be stopped. Let's start by saving the weakest and most innocent victims: Girls.
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Celebrity "Reverts"

Yesterday, I was watching One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. I did a search on Ellen Burstyn. Yeah, she made the list of "reverts" even though she's more a syncretist than a Muslim (Sufi):

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Eric Clapton & Wynton Marsalis

Joliet Bound

Joe Turner's Blues

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Wherever We Live, Allah Owns the Land - The Kufr Are Our Slaves

From Atlas Shrugs:
Muslim Economic Activity in the UK Islam vs. Europe  
Politicians constantly argue that immigration brings economic benefits. Even if that were true in general, it clear that Muslim immigration does not. 
Here are links to a few relevant sources of information on the subject:
MigrationWatch reports that: 
"For example, compared with the UK average of 22% of the working age population being economically inactive, Somali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Iranian immigrants are likely to be 81%, 56%, 55% and 48% economically inactive respectively" 
The Daily Mail has a similar report here. 
These figures come from the Institute for Public Policy report "Britain's Immigrants: an economic profile" which can be downloaded for free here.
According to the document Briefing on British Muslims: Socio-Economic Data and Attitudes: 
"More than half of all Muslims are economically inactive (52 percent)."
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Nancy Grace Suffers Apoplectic Seizure: Zimmerman "Was Sauntering Around With a Gun, Looking To Gun Down A Young, Black Male"


Nurse, get me her Meds, QUICK!
Nancy Grace on Thursday got into an extremely heated debate with Frank Taaffe, a friend of George Zimmerman, over the series of events that led to the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Taaffe argued that Zimmerman had a “legal right to carry” his firearm with him and was doing nothing wrong when he noticed a “suspicious” character.
“He was a legal concealed weapons permit carrier,” he said.
For some reason, Grace was baffled by the mention of a concealed weapons permit. “A legal concealed weapons carrier,” she shot back. “Did you just say that?”
Taaffe reiterated that Zimmerman was breaking no laws by carrying his gun as he had a permit to do so.
“I don’t care!” Grace replied. “Jeffrey Dahmer had a legal right to have knives and a boiling pot! That doesn’t mean it’s okay!”
The two then tangled over whether Zimmerman was “just sauntering around with a gun looking to gun down a young black male.”
“That’s exactly– he was sauntering around with a gun,” Grace claimed.
Losing his composure, Taaffe leaned into the camera and shouted, “[Zimmerman] said he’s on drugs! And they found THC in his system, did they not?”
At this, Grace ordered one of her producers to cut Taaffe’s mic, effectively ending the debate.
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UK Doctors: "NHS Is Worse Than Communist China"

From the Telegraph:

Doctors at the British Medical Association’s annual conference in Edinburgh called for a system of regulation in response to the Mid Staffordshire Foundation trust scandal, so that managers could be “struck off” for bullying doctors, or putting finances before patients. 
Dr Peter Holden, a member of the BMA’s GP negotiating committee, said the lack of regulation allowed senior managers to operate in a culture of secrecy and overt bullying, while the most extreme incidents were hidden by gagging clauses. 
He said: "The result is the perfect toxic professional working environment for this explosive mixture to generate disasters such as Mid Staffordshire which did so much harm to patients. Not even in Communist China did they have managers overruling doctors in the operation of hospitals and health services.”Doctors voted overwhelmingly in favour for a system of regulation, which would mean poor managers could be barred from working. 
Robert Francis QC, chairman of the public inquiry into the serious care failings at Stafford Hospital, called for a system of regulation, saying that there should be a "proper degree of accountability for senior managers and leaders". 
Ministers have promised some kind of system so that managers responsible for failures will be barred from working in the health service, though details have yet to be agreed. 
Doctors also accused successive governments of a “war of attrition” on district general hospitals. 
Anna Athow, a GP from London, accused the Coalition of “enthusiastically” continuing with hospital closures that began under Labour, when ministers promoted the idea of a smaller number of large hospitals serving populations of 1 million. 
She said at least 32 hospitals have been closed or downgraded since the General Election while at least 20 more closures are expected. 
NHS England is undertaking a review of “urgent and emergency care” which is likely to make the case for more hospitals to be redesigned, with similar networks – based around fewer larger specialist centres. 
During a debate on NHS funding, hundreds of medics voted against all efficiency savings in the NHS. 
Although the health service is protected from cuts, it has a savings programme to make £20 bn efficiencies by 2015 so that funding can keep up with increasing demand from an ageing population.
From CNS:
As the U.S. government takes its first faltering steps to implement Obamacare, doctors in Britain are complaining that their country’s £5.6 billion publicly funded National Health Service (NHS) is “worse than Communist China.”
Physicians attending the British Medical Association’s annual conference in Edinburgh said they were fed-up with NHS bureaucrats overriding their medical decisions, “bullying” doctors, and putting money concerns before patient care, according to a June 25 story in the UK Telegraph.
“Not even in Communist China did they have managers overruling doctors in the operation of hospitals and health services,” Dr. Peter Holden, a member of the BMA, is quoted as saying. 
A recent Telegraph investigation found “ambulance patients waiting up to eight hours” to be transferred to emergency rooms, adding that “the numbers forced to wait at least two hours outside A&Es (Accident & Emergency Centers)  “has risen by two thirds in just one year.”
Keep reading… 
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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Obama Justice Official Urges Action Against George Zimmerman

Fuck You, Constitution

The Washington Times:
The legal watchdog Judicial Watch released an audio recording Thursday of a Department of Justice staffer urging Sanford, Fla., city officials and the minority advocacy group Dream Defenders to seek justice for Trayvon Martin, because “if a community perceives that there’s something wrong in the black community, there’s something wrong.” 
“CRS is an arm of the department that we call the Peacemakers,” Thomas Battles, regional director of the DOJ’s Community Relations Service, said at a meeting at the Shiloh Church on April 19, 2012. “We work with communities where there is real or perceived racial tensions.” 
“…When Trayvon happened, for many of us, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back,” he continued. “We had grown up in a state and environment where race is a way of life … We’re not from Sanford, but what Sanford represented to us was the very real problems going around this state and this country. We wanted to figure out how could we stand in solidarity, and how could we make this about not just justice for Trayvon, but using this moment and using the opportunity to honor his memory, to honor his spirit by working to bring down the various structures and the various systems that allow something like this to happen.”
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It’s NEVER going to go away

Ignorance and sick inner compulsion will ALWAYS rule human beings, rather than thought, logic, and the desire to see equality, not enforced, but carried out by desire.

UK Jew Sues HCA International After Boss Says ‘Lock Up Yids’ and ‘Gas Them All’

HCA International, the world’s largest hospital group, is being sued in a London labor court for race and religious discrimination and harassment, after a manager allegedly told a Jewish employee that rather than reach an agreement with potential Jewish business partners, he’d “like to lock them in the building and gas them all,” the Daily Mail reported, citing the plaintiff’s lawyer and court testimony.
Darren Feldman, 33, claims that his HCA International manager, a non-Jew, Chris Oates, repeatedly taunted him based on his religion, and extended the hate speech to potential Jewish business partners.
There are just no words.
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Phil Collins
In The Air Tonight

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood Might Be Banned By The New Military-Led Government

Barack Obama will not be happy about this.

From the New York Times:
CAIRO — The new military-led government accused Mohamed Morsi and his allies in the Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday of a campaign to incite violence against their foes before and after his ouster as president, offering a new explanation for the week-old takeover and hinting that the group might be banned once again. 
As protesters rallied against Mr. Morsi in the weeks leading up to his forced removal on July 3, “the other side held conferences to call them ‘infidels’ ” and his supporters “incited to call for the killing of opponents of the president,” Ahmed Ali, a military spokesman, said in a briefing for the international news media. “Such calls were approved and advocated by the presidency,” he added, suggesting that such threats — and not just large public demonstrations or political deadlock — forced the military to intervene. 
Leaders of the Brotherhood, Egypt’s mainstream Islamist group, denied those charges. They noted that the main slogan of their rallies before the takeover had been “No to violence,” and that the group had not condoned violence in Egypt since the British occupation. 
The new explanation appeared aimed at adding to the justification for a broadening crackdown, including new arrest warrants issued Wednesday for the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, Mohamed Badie, and eight other well-known allies. 
The government prosecutors accused all nine of inciting Morsi supporters into a lopsided clash with soldiers and the police on Monday morning that led to the death of one soldier and two police officers; the security forces killed 51of Mr. Morsi’s civilian supporters and wounded more than 400, almost all with gunfire. 
Witnesses said the forces had fired with little or no provocation, but government spokesmen charged Wednesday that the Islamists had deliberately sought to instigate the deadly retaliation for propaganda purposes — “To mark this as ‘The army is trying to kill civilians,’ ” one said. 
Security forces are still holding about 200 of about 650 protesters they chased down in the streets during the fighting, as well as many prominent Islamists. Mr. Morsi himself is being held in an undisclosed location. “For his safety, for the safety of the country,” said Badr Abdelatty, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. 
The crackdown appeared to meet little international resistance on Wednesday. The Pentagon put out a statement saying that, “given the events of last week, the president has directed relevant departments and agencies to review our assistance to the government of Egypt.” For now, however, plans to continue with the delivery of four F-16 warplanes will not be halted, officials said. 
Oil-rich Persian Gulf monarchies that fear the Muslim Brotherhood rewarded the takeover with financial support. Kuwait pledged $4 billion on Wednesday, adding to the $8 billion in grants, loans and fuel promised the day before by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 
At times, Egyptian officials appeared to suggest that the military-led government might ban the Brotherhood as an organization altogether, a move that would amount to a head-snapping reversal for the group. 
Outlawed for six decades under Egypt’s military-backed autocracy, the Brotherhood was legalized after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in 2011, becoming a legitimate religious and charitable group, an accepted part of the social fabric and the sponsor of the political party that won the presidency and led Parliament. In the past two years, Brotherhood leaders have routinely met with ambassadors, foreign ministers and American Congressional delegations, and one even met President Obama in the Oval Office. 
Mohamed Badr Eldin Zayed, chairman of the state information service, suggested that investigators were examining the possibility that the Brotherhood might have held weapons in its headquarters, which he said could lead to a prohibition on the group but not its political party. “If the group is banned, they still have the party,” he said, adding, “If it is proven that there were weapons inside the headquarters.”
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House Ways And Means Committee Says, Senate's Immigration Bill Raises Revenue, Therefore It is Unconstitutional

He must be a very "hateful" person, Far Right, a racist, a Latinophobe.

Breitbart reported:
Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, tweeted Wednesday evening that the Senate’s immigration bill is unconstitutional because it raises revenues and originated in the Senate instead of the House.
“Chairman Camp: Senate immigration bill a revenue bill; unconstitutional and cannot be taken up by the House,” the official House and Ways Means Committee Twitter account sent out Wednesday evening.
As of this writing, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has not sent the immigration bill that passed the Senate 68-32 to the House of Representatives. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) announced that news in a late Wednesday statement, after circulating a “dear colleague” letter arguing the Senate immigration bill was unconstitutional because it raised revenue and did not originate in the House.
Language in the U.S. Constitution requires any bill that raises revenue, also known as a tax, must originate in the House of Representatives, not the Senate. America’s founders included that language because they believed the House was more accountable to the people of the country than the Senate, which was elected at that time by state legislators rather than through a direct vote. That clause of the Constitution is called the “origination clause” and reads as such: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”
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Prosecutors Drop One Charge, Add Third Degree Murder Charge, Premised on Underlying Charge of... Felony Child Abuse

Fuck you, Justice

From Ace of Spades:
What fresh charge is this? 
A third degree murder charge can only be had if a homicide occurs in the course of committing another felony. 
So what felony was George Zimmerman guilty of committing at the time of the shooting? Is it illegal to have one's head repeatedly battered against the cement? 
Nope. He is guilty, per the State's theory, of aggravated child abuse, the child in question being 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. 
And the "abuse" part of it? Who knows, who knows. The state is dropping an aggravated assault charge so apparently aggravated assault does not constitute the aggravated abuse of a child in this case. So what could it be? Following the kid for five minutes? 
Zimmerman's lawyers object forcefully, noting that the state has a "fully formed argument" on this charge but has not given notice to the defense to argue against it. That is, it is unfair surprise to spring a charge on a defendant after the trial has concluded which the defense was never able to argue against because they didn't even know it was being charged. 
Is this America?
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Saudi Princess Arrested In Irvine On Human Trafficking Charges

Slavery - 
Just another one of the minor inconveniences 
we put up with 
for the pleasure of living with all the Moderate Muslims 
with whom we get to share our great Nation



By the way, she is one of the six wives of the Saudi Prince.

From CBS:
IRVINE (CBS/AP) — A Saudi princess was behind bars Wednesday after her arrest on charges of holding a domestic servant against her will, authorities said. Meshael Alayban, 42, was arrested Tuesday night by Irvine Police detectives working with the U.S. 
Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. 
Alayban was arrested at her condominium on Gramercy west of Jamboree Road in Irvine after the victim, a 30-year-old woman from Kenya, left the residence and flagged down a passing bus, Sheriff’s officials said. 
She was carrying a suitcase and a Department of State pamphlet – which described her rights and warned of human trafficking – which authorities said was given to her at the U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia, where she was issued a travel visa. 
After getting on the bus, an Irvine woman saw she was in distress and helped her contact the Irvine Police Department. In March 2012, authorities say the victim contracted through an agency in Kenya to work for Alayban’s family in Saudi Arabia. 
However, once she arrived, her passports and contract were taken from her by Alayban. 
The victim was required to work excessive hours and paid only a fraction of the agreed upon salary, according to officials. When the victim complained about the working conditions and asked for her passport back so she could leave, Alayban refused to give it to her, Sheriff’s officials said. 
In May 2013, the family traveled to the U.S. accompanied by the victim and four other women from the Philippines under similar contracts. While Irvine Detectives and HSI Special Agents executed a search warrant at the location, the four women were contacted, authorities said. 
Their travel documents had also been taken by Alayban. Detectives are working to recover the documents, which are believed to be in a safe deposit box at a local bank. 
The women left with detectives voluntarily and an investigation into each of their circumstances is ongoing. 
All five women are in good health. There were no immediate indications of physical abuse, investigators said. No charges have been filed in connection with their circumstances. 
Alayban is currently being held in the Orange County Jail in lieu of $5 million bail and is set to be arraigned in court on Thursday. If convicted, she faces up to 12 years in prison. Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said Alayban is married to a Saudi prince.
Meshael Alayban is not the first Saudi princess accused of slavery charges.

saudi princess slaver

Princess Buniah al-Saud was charged with beating, slapping, pushing and enslavingher Indonesian maid in 2005.

Why do we allow total scum like this to live in our country?
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This Week On The Gathering Storm

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The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest this week is IQ al Rassooli.

Listen to the July 12, 2013 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

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Pro-Morsi Mob Hacks Christian to Death With Axes

The Muslims Are Restless

With a mob of Muslim extremists on their tail, the Christian businessman and his nephew climbed up on the roof and ran for their lives, jumping from building to building in their southern Egyptian village. Finally they ran out of rooftops.
Forced back onto the street, they were overwhelmed by several dozen men. The attackers hacked them with axes and beat them with clubs and tree limbs, killingEmile Naseem, 41. The nephew survived with wounds to his shoulders and head and recounted the chase to The Associated Press.
The mob’s rampage through the village of Nagaa Hassan, burning dozens of Christian houses and stabbing to death three other Christians as well, came two days after the military ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi from power. It was no coincidence the attackers focused on Naseem and his family: He was the village’s most prominent campaigner calling for Morsi’s removal.
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