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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Issa Subpoenas Gruber For All Documents Related To Obamacare

From the Daily Caller:
Rep. Darrell Issa subpoenaed Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber late Thursday for all the professor’s documents about the health-care law. 
Gruber faced the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Wednesday and apologized profusely for his many comments over the past several years in which he called the American voters stupid and boasted that a “lack of transparency” helped get the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress. 
But while Gruber was contrite, he refused to provide much new information to the committee, most notably stonewalling the total amount he made consulting on Obamacare through federal and state contracts. nstead of admitting how much he made off the health-care law, Gruber repeatedly referred the committee to his attorney. 
He said that he believed his financial disclosures from the previous two fiscal years, which doesn’t encompass his consulting in the lead-up to Obamacare’s passage, were all that was required.
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ISIS Publishes Sex Slave Pamphlet – Approves Child Sex

From Gateway Pundit:

ISIS released a sex guide to the capture, punishment, and rape of sex slaves.

The Islamic State militant group has released a guide to the capture, punishment and rape of female non-believers. It outlines how to use them as their sex slaves and also justifies child rape. 
The guide appears in the form of questions and answers about how to capture and subjugate woman of other beliefs. The sickening list appears to have been printed on December 3 by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in-house publishers for their“Research and Fatwa Department”. 
The document has been translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, an NGO based in Washington DC. Researchers from the anti-extremism think tank Quilliam told the Independent that they believed it “can be traced back to some of ISIS’s most active propagandists.” 
It’s known the Islamic State has kidnapped more than 2,500 women, and another 4,600 are missing. In their twisted, medieval interpretation of Islam the document makes crystal clear how these woman are treated, and that such treatment is permissible because the captives are non-Muslims. 
The rules then state that it’s alright to rape a slave “immediately after taking possession of her” and that it is “permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse.” 
In the simplistic document, called ‘Questions and Answers on Taking Captives and Slaves’, slave woman are referred to as al-Sabi and they can only be taken from ‘ahl al-harb’, a group of people with whom the IS considers itself at war – in other words, anyone who doesn’t follow their extreme interpretation of the Koran.
“Question 13: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty?
“It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse.”
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UK: Teacher Being Tried For Teaching The Truth About the Crusades

From Vlad Tepes:

The continuing trials of a teacher, being systematically targeted by the UK for teaching the truth about the Crusades. (The audio is marred by wind so enable the subtitles in the little cc button and try and ignore the sign advising you to do so which covers the actual subtitles).

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Vlaams Belang, BNP, and American Anti-Semites Attend Conference Claiming Israeli Conspiracy Behind ISIS

Don't Worry, I'm Not A Racist

From the Anti-Defamation League:
The Syr­ian government’s Coun­tert­er­ror­ism and Reli­gious Extrem­ism Con­fer­ence is the lat­est con­fer­ence orga­nized by a for­eign gov­ern­ment that has attracted Amer­i­can anti-Semites. 
The con­fer­ence in Syria, held on Novem­ber 30 and Decem­ber 1, brought together rep­re­sen­ta­tives from 25 coun­tries with Syr­ian gov­ern­ment offi­cials who report­edly harshly crit­i­cized the U.S. led anti-ISIS coali­tion and sug­gested an “Inter­na­tional Coun­tert­er­ror­ism Forum” be estab­lished in Dam­as­cus instead to deal with this issue. 
Syria’s Jus­tice Min­is­ter Najm al-Ahmad report­edly stated at the con­fer­ence that the U.S. is “inter­fer­ing in other states’ affairs and breach­ing their sov­er­eignty under the pre­texts of human­i­tar­i­an­ism and counterterrorism.” 
Atten­dees from Europe at the con­fer­ence included far-right politi­cians such as Nicholas John Grif­fin, a for­mer chair­man and later pres­i­dent of the far-right British National Party and Philip Dewin­ter and Frank Creyel­man, mem­bers of Vlaams Belang, a far-right Flem­ish nation­al­ist party. 
Four of the eight Amer­i­cans who par­tic­i­pated in the con­fer­ence were from Vet­er­ans Today, a web­site that presents anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­o­ries as news. 
Jim Dean, a man­ag­ing edi­tor for Vet­er­ans Today who has made claims of Israeli con­trol of Amer­ica, attended the con­fer­ence and told an Arabic-language news­pa­per that Vet­er­ans Today has “uncon­firmed reports that a secret U.S. orga­ni­za­tion sup­ported by the CIA and the Israeli Mossad car­ried out assas­si­na­tions of Iran­ian nuclear sci­en­tists” and that “the same orga­ni­za­tion has links to the Islamic State (ISIS) and it super­vises, through a spe­cial­ized depart­ment, the tele­vi­sion film­ing of behead­ings.” 
He claimed that this secret American-Israeli-supported orga­ni­za­tion sup­pos­edly “over­saw the film­ing of the behead­ing of Amer­i­can jour­nal­ist James Foley in August.” 
The del­e­ga­tion from Vet­er­ans Today also included Gor­don Duff, Colonel Jim Hanke, and Mike Har­ris, who has ties to mem­bers of the neo-Nazi National Social­ist Move­ment (NSM) and has claimed that Zion­ists are respon­si­ble for a num­ber of mass shoot­ings in Amer­ica. 
Among the Amer­i­cans was also Richard Hines, described by the Syr­ian media as a for­mer South Car­olina politi­cian who pre­vi­ously served in the Ronald Rea­gan administration. 
Cov­er­age of the con­fer­ence by Press TV, Iran’s government-run English-language satel­lite news net­work which pro­vides a plat­form to well-known Amer­i­can anti-Semites and Holo­caust deniers, was con­sis­tent with the conference’s mes­sag­ing, dis­cussing the West’s sup­posed “unprece­dented sup­port for ter­ror­ism in Syria” which aims “to cre­ate sec­tar­ian ten­sions and destroy Syria.” 
Press TV also claimed that even “U.S. experts slammed Wash­ing­ton for inter­fer­ence in Syria’s inter­nal affairs,” and then pre­sented Gor­don Duff, senior edi­tor at Vet­er­ans Today, as an expert. Duff told Press TV that “think­ing that ISIS…the intel­li­gence sup­port they’re get­ting, that it doesn’t involve mul­ti­ple intel­li­gence agen­cies, that it doesn’t involve a num­ber of gov­ern­ments, is unre­al­is­tic. We have to accept that we’re deal­ing with some­thing that involves a broad conspiracy.” 
Oth­ers at the con­fer­ence were not as spe­cific about who to blame for ter­ror­ism in Syria, but dis­cussed it as part of a gen­eral con­spir­acy. Syr­ian Prime Min­is­ter Wael Nader al-Halqi dis­cussed the need “to defeat the con­spir­acy” and Syria’s Jus­tice Min­is­ter Najm al-Ahmad stated that the cur­rent events in Syria rep­re­sented “orga­nized ter­ror­ism backed by sev­eral countries.” 
Addi­tion­ally, accord­ing to Syr­ian offi­cial media, Head of Hezbol­lah’s Arab Affairs Divi­sion, Sheik Has­san Ezzil Deen attended the conference.
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SPLC Writer Who Spent His Life Writing About White Privilege Is Murdered By Black Criminals

From the American Thinker:
David Ruenzel knew, better than most, about the white privilege that killed him. As a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of this favorite topics was rooting out racism. And how white racism is permanent. 
White racism is everywhere. And white racism explains everything. This mantra of the Critical Race Theory and the Southern Poverty Law Center applied to all white people because, even if they were not personally cracking the whips, or breaking the skulls, white people benefitted from a racist system that did all that — and a lot more. 
Ruenzel was writing about white privilege for the Southern Poverty Law Center as far back as 1997 — long before it became the rage at college campuses, newsrooms, churches, high schools and even grade schools. 
By the time of his death, Ruenzel had accumulated many of the trappings of the white privilege he exposed: The job. The home. The intact family. And most importantly in his case, white privilege endowed Ruenzel with an expectation of safety in the Oakland neighborhood where last week two black people are suspected of killing him.
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Lou Baxter ft. Gregory Porter
Merry Christmas Baby

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New “Sharia-Compliant” Islamic Doll With No Facial Features Launched In Britain

From Asian Image:
A new ‘Islamic doll’ with no facial features has been launched in Britain. The ‘Deeni Doll’ has no eyes, nose or mouth whatsoever in a bid to comply with Islamic rules governing the depiction of faces. 
The doll was manufactured in China and designed in the UK by Ridhwana B. She told us: “I came up with the idea from scratch after speaking to some parents who were a little concerned about dolls with facial features. 
“Some parents won’t leave the doll with their children at night because you are not allowed to have any eyes in the room. 
“There is an Islamic ruling which forbids the depiction of facial features of any kind and that includes pictures, sculptures and, in this case, dolls. 
“I spoke to a religious scholar in Leicester who guided me through what was and what was not permissible when producing the product. 
“The Deeni Doll has no face on it whatsoever and is Shariah compliant.” 
The doll itself retails at £25 and, whilst it may not be the first of its kind in the world, it is thought to be the only one produced to such a high quality.
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Congress Quietly Authorizes Surveillance Of All Americans

From this source:
Congress this week quietly passed a bill that may give unprecedented legal authority to the government's warrantless surveillance powers, despite a last-minute effort by Rep. Justin Amash to kill the bill.


The provision in question is "one of the most egregious sections of law I've encountered during my time as a representative," Amash wrote on his Facebook page. The tea-party libertarian, who teamed up with Rep. John Conyers in an almost-successful bid to defund the National Security Agency in the wake of the Snowden revelations, warned that the provision "grants the executive branch virtually unlimited access to the communications of every American."

The measure already passed the Senate by unanimous consent on Tuesday, and it is now on its way to the White House, where President Obama is expected to sign it.

The objections from Amash and others arose from language in the bill's Section 309, which includes a phrase to allow for "the acquisition, retention, and dissemination" of U.S. phone and Internet data. That passage will give unprecedented statutory authority to allow for the surveillance of private communications that currently exists only under a decades-old presidential decree, known as Executive Order 12333....

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The Two-Party System

Particularly appropriate after what the Congress critters did last night with the passage of the omnibus bill (hat tip to Political Tea Leaves):

We no longer have a representative government.

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Ferguson: The Culturist Road Not Taken

The riots subsequent to Michael Brown’s shooting were based on multicultural logic.  Multiculturalists know police arrest and shoot black Americans more than any other group.  But, as they hold that all cultures are wonderful and equal, they cannot attribute differing arrest records to culture. So, having no other basis upon which to explain disparities, multiculturalists conclude that differing arrest rates indicate that police and society are racist. 
President Obama publicized this narrative after Brown’s death.  Suppose the President instead acknowledged that the inner city black culture is broken.  What if he said, “Blacks killing blacks, failing to take education seriously, and family breakdown need to be halted.”  Blacks would have then had to look upon their educational, criminal, and economic disparities as sources of shame, rather than justifications for resentment.
Michael Brown would have made an exemplary platform for culturist analysis. We must confront Rap music’s anti-social messages.  In his rap recordings, Brown spoke about killing people and 'smoking weed since 9.’  This is poignant because Brown had marijuana in his system when he died.  At the same time, Brown graduated from high school via a credit recovery program and enrolled in a vocational education program. Brown personified the impact of cultural choices.
Brown’s “father” could have highlight the breakdown of the black family. Michael Brown Sr. left the family in 1989 when his son was 2 years old.  In 2012 a case was brought against him for not paying child support. Michael, the son, wrote songs about his pain over his father’s lack of financial and emotional support.  Thus the son’s anger at being abandoned could have brought sympathetic attention to the connection between fatherlessness and crime in black America.
Read the rest, join the conversation HERE !

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The People of Bangor, Maine reflect reality in their Christmas Wish

The Bangor Daily News took over a weekly news journal dedicated strictly to local issues called ‘The Weekly’ several years ago.
It’s  called The Weekly. If you have ever seen a Norman Rockwell painting, this is it in a weekly printed format. There is nothing really about the world. The world in fact is Bangor and it’s Downeast environs.
A new small business opens? Front page above the fold with pictures. Recipes. Opinions about parsnips vs carrots. Grandma stopped cooking and wrote a children’s book? HALF PAGE STORY.
A front page item each week is the question of the week. 6 people at random in man on the street fashion make the from page above the fold on the left column.
Some examples?
What’s your fave swimming hole?
What are you going to read this summer?
This week?
What is your wish for Maine?
Prosperity and meaningful jobs for everyone in Maine who wants one
For it to be a vibrant economically healthy place to be
The state govt would be more supportive of small businesses and welcome more to open
A lot more jobs for a lot more people
That everyone has a good Christmas and HAS ENOUGH TO EAT
A better economy, less poverty, fewer children and families needing help
We see the figures each month that indicate the economy is improving, but on the ground to this Bronx boy who made Maine home many, many years ago, I don’t see much. And apparently since these folks could have wished for anything, NEITHER DO THEY.
This is Christmas in the USA in 2014.
We wish you had a a job.
We wish you had a job with meaning.
We wish you could start a business as you were able to in the past.
We wish you have enough to eat.
We wish more people could make it on their own.
We now make almost nothing. How bad is it? Forget cars, car part, appliances, computers, etc-95% of the antibiotics here are from CHINA.
I have no doubt fewer workers in old style jobs are needed because of automation, but life and technology goes in one direction most of the time, but FREE TRADE has resulted not in JOBS leaving the USA, but the ECONOMY, HOPE, OPTIMISM, R&D, ENGINEERING, which represent the FUTURE leaving the USA.
Free trade presumes equal opportunity in working conditions in Bucksport Maine, Pontiac Michigan, Penang, Hyderabad, and Shenzen, otherwise the economic oppression of these workers in their own type of Homestead Steel works, or Triangle Shirtwaist Factory are IMPOSSIBLE to compete with.
We have seen what the USA can accomplish in a VERY FEW YEARS in energy even with the enmity and antipathy of OUR OWN GOVT.
For the Christmas wish of the people to come true we need our govt and our CIA to ensure our open AND CLANDESTINE actions go to this end. And how much more moral could this be?

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Noam Chomsky gets Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ concept completely, utterly wrong

From PJM:
Chomsky — thought to be a genius in some quarters — somehow manages to get Adam Smith’s concept of the “invisible hand” completely inside out, backwards and just plain wrong. 
Chomsky, you see, told his audience that Smith was in favor of government intervention in the economy. 
Klagsbrun counters by quoting Smith at great length to prove otherwise (obviously). 
“If there is a valuable lesson to be learned from this,” Klagsbrun sums up, “it’s that radicals and anti-capitalists are not only dishonest, but they rely on the fact that the people who admire them are too stupid to be able to verify what they hear from the Chomskys, [Naomi] Kleins, and [Chris] Hedges of this world and correctly process information. Unfortunately, in that final regard, Chomsky and his ilk may not be wrong.”
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My Favorite Thing Tarnished

Culturists, I am a bit pissed and heartbroken.  The basketball team I have loved all my life - the Los Angeles Lakers - have worn "I can't breathe" shirts.  They have taken a stand against law and order.

I can cut Kobe Bryant some slack, he took a lot of heat for refusing to join in bashing Zimmerman and lauding Trayvon. He always promotes patriotism at the Olympics. But, not every team wore "I can't breathe" shirts.  They did so under Kobe's leadership.

Perhaps I can just see them as trendy misguided youth.  But, it does take the mystique out of THE LAKERS to see them as just another group of half-wit leftist idiots, who happen to wear the greatest uniform of all sports.  And, if they are a group united against me politically . . . well, it is complicated.

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Charlie Parker
White Christmas

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Lois Lerner Emails Show Obama’s Justice Department Involved In IRS Targeting Scandal

From Forbes:
Sadly, the 18 month investigation into the IRS targeting of conservative groups isn’t over, and it may be worse than anyone thought. A federal judge has broken loose more emails that the DOJ had surely hoped would never surface. The picture it reveals isn’t pretty. 
The documents prove that Lois Lerner met with DOJ’s Election Crimes Division a month before the 2010 elections. It has to be embarrassing to the DOJ, which may not be the most impartial one to be investigating the IRS. 
In fact, the DOJ withheld over 800 pages of Lerner documents citing “taxpayer privacy” and “deliberative privilege.” 
Yet these internal DOJ documents show Ms. Lerner was talking to DOJ officials about prosecuting tax-exempt entities (yes, criminally!) two years before the IRS conceded there was inappropriate targeting. 
Ms. Lerner met with top officials from the DOJ’s Election Crimes Branch in October of 2010. 
Although Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the DOJ (Judicial Watch v. Department of Justice, No. 14-cv-01239), the DOJ coughed up dirt only on court order. Even then, the DOJ handed over only two pages of heavily redacted emails.
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Kerry Stops Using “ISIL” To Describe Islamic State Because It Links Islam To Their Ideology, Now Using “Daesh”

Imam Kerry, Reporting For Doodie

From the Puff Ho:
WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry is a distinguished diplomat with impeccable manners — but that doesn’t mean he’s above lobbing a well-placed insult when it comes to enemies of the United States. 
Kerry made clear earlier this week that he is committed to referring to the Islamic State as “Daesh,” a name that the group considers so degrading that it has threatened to kill anyone under Islamic State rule who uses it. 
The Islamic State’s opponents in the Muslim world have already embraced the name. “Daesh” is an acronym for the Arabic phrase meaning the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (though the last word can also be translated as “Damascus” or “Levant”), and it is thought to offend the extremist group because it sounds similar to an Arabic word for crushing something underfoot. 
Daesh in Arabic “sounds like something monstrous. … It’s a way of stigmatizing [the Islamic State], making it something ugly,” Joseph Bahout, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told The Huffington Post. 
Appearing Tuesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to discuss a new congressional authorization of military force, Kerry said the Obama administration sought an authorization “specifically against the terrorist group known as ISIL, though in the region is it called Daesh, and specifically because they believe very deeply it is not a state and it does not represent Islam.” 
Kerry’s justification for using the name Daesh is to undermine the Sunni extremists’ claims to statehood and leadership of the global Muslim community. 
This echoes the message put out by French foreign minister Laurent Fabius months ago. France, which has a sizable Muslim population and deep roots in the Muslim world because of its colonial history, began using the term Daesh in mid-September. 
“This is a terrorist group and not a state. I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims and Islamists. The Arabs call it ‘Daesh’ and I will be calling them the ‘Daesh cutthroats,'” Fabius said at the time.
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UVA Sex Fantasy and the Rape of Our Nation's Reason

(This post is as much a response to Conservatives who pay attention to this stupid story, as it is to the Leftist maniacs who invented and perpetuate the story in the first place.)

Is this really a story? Is this worthy of being really big news?

We've got a President trying to Federalize the Police. We've got a President who wants a AUMF but doesn't want to tell Congress WHY or WHAT FOR.

We've got riots in the streets. Someone burnt down a major building in Los Angeles.


Why are people talking about this poor, demented young lady who imagined that some boy liked her enough to "rape" her? Because that's what it is IN MY OPINION.

She doesn't get dates, so she reads female erotica, gets turned on, feels bad about it - because her Women's Studies classes tell her she should - and then reports her fantasies as rape to exonerate herself.

The mass media is doing more than carrying water for Obama. They are functioning as a wing of the Democratic party, like Pravda.

The mass media ignores Gruber. And they ignore the fact that our enemies have grown in power and breadth since Obama was sworn in, while our friends have been marginalized.

They ignore Iran. They ignore Russia in Ukraine. And they portary the Police as uniformly racist, in an attempt to stoke a movement they are claiming is even bigger than Occupy Wall Street.,

But, meanwhile, both are Democratic Party and the Leftist media are flopping in term of numbers.

But back to the UVA Rape "story". A friend of mine commented:
Lefties need a safe sandbox to play out their melodrama fantasies in. They seem to have hit upon the notion of a 'campus rape epidemic' recently. I don't understand why, but this idee fixe has captured their fancy so much that reality can't possibly intrude.  
There's definitely a feeling of escapism about it. Nevermind there are actually entire quasi-nations that are practically premised on raping nowadays. No, what's really important is there's a totally-made-up 'crisis' among (mostly) upper middle class white girls attending $40k+/year East Coast universities, supposedly getting raped at a 25% rate that would make the 17th century Tripoli pirates blush.  
 (This is not to say that actual rapes do not occur, of course it happens, bla bla. In fact you probably saw that story about five guys arrested in New Jersey - but did that story capture the fancy of the Campus Rape Epidemic people? Nope. Why? Crap university, and mostly nonwhite perps. Not part of the storyline. Duh)  
 The best analogy I've seen is someone who likened it to the sort of 'hysteria' (irrational, socially-spread behavior among women as a cry for attention) that led to 'witchcraft' charges in places like the early colonies. I think it is becoming a socially-transmitted sickness among some.  
I do feel sorry for that Virginia girl, she does seem to have genuine problems. The whole story is far more lurid and messed-up than just the rape story - fake texts from a made-up boyfriend, etc. It's clearly a rich fantasy delusion she was building up, and she clearly needs help.  
Then again I don't feel *that* sorry, given that genuine harm has now been done to others by these fantasies, in fact it's just sheer luck that worse harm hasn't been done.
The whole thing reminds me of this old song by Helen Reddy. Replace the "radio" with Women's Studies Classes and the Leftist media, and you have the Postmodern version of this old chestnut.

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This Week On The Gathering Storm: Open Mic

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Listen to the December 12, 2014 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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Cutting Retiree Benefits

The cuts involve the ailing Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, an independent agency of the federal government.  This portion of the Wikipedia article explains how the PBGC is funded.

Excerpt from the Washington Post article Congressional leaders hammer out deal to allow pension plans to cut retiree benefits:
A measure that would for the first time allow the benefits of current retirees to be severely cut is set to be attached to a massive spending bill, part of an effort to save some of the nation’s most distressed pension plans.

The rule would alter 40 years of federal law and could affect millions of workers, many of them part of a shrinking corps of middle-income employees in businesses such as trucking, construction and supermarkets....
Note the following example:
Whitlow Wyatt, 70, retired with a $3,300-a-month pension in 2000 after working more than 33 years as a long-haul driver. He could face pension reductions of 30 percent or more if Congress permits trustees of the hard-pressed pension fund to slash benefits.
Read the entire article HERE.

Just imagine what havoc these cuts would work upon the personal budgets of many already-retired, elderly retirees under the age of seventy-five!  Retirees who are over age seventy-five or disabled are exempt from the cuts.

The root of the financial troubles of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is an inverted pyramid of support for the pension plans.  There used to be four active workers or members for each retiree, but now the ratio is one active worker or member for every five retirees.

Meanwhile: Boehner gives $16,928 for each of the 56,000 youths, young adults and children who crossed the border during the 12 months up to October 2014.

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Remember That "Brave" Woman Who Recorded Herself Being C̶o̶m̶p̶l̶i̶m̶e̶n̶t̶e̶d̶ Cat-called in NYC?

That wasn't bravery.

THIS is bravery.

From IJ Review 

How One Woman Walking Down the Street Sparked a Media Frenzy in Islamic Kabul

By Joseph Perticone

 I doubt she'd consider, "Have a nice day" to be of much concern.

To Article


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Game Over IX: Are Muslims IN GENERAL, Moderate? Statistics Say HELL NO

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We Have To Start The War So We Can See Who We're Fighting and Why

Obama Wants Authorization for Use of Military Force, But Refuses To Tell Congress Why or What For

From the Washington Times:

Senators to Kerry: Tell Us What You Want to Fight ISIS
The administration criticizes Senate proposals to authorize force, but won't offer a plan of its own.
Senators from both parties pressed Secretary of State John Kerry Tuesday on the White House's reticence to put forth a proposal for the fight against the Islamic State.
And while Kerry defended the administration's refusal to outline the confines of the conflict, he also took issue with the boundaries imposed by congressional proposals. If you didn't want Congress micromanaging the war, the senators responded, you should have told us what you wanted in the first place.
Kerry testified at a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee--which he used to chair--telling members that an Authorization for Use of Military Force should include no restrictions against the use of ground troops and should not limit operations to Iraq and Syria, as the plan proposed by committee Chairman Robert Menendez does. Though the White House does not intend to violate either of those confines, the restrictions would "preemptively bind the hands of the commander in chief" if unforeseen circumstances arose, Kerry said.
"Had the administration sent us an AUMF, maybe we would have been better versed as to what the administration seeks or does not seek," Menendez responded.
Kerry and Sen. John McCain got into a tiff over historical precedent, with McCain arguing that previous AUMFs have always moved with the impetus of the executive branch, and his longtime Senate colleague disputing that characterization. "It's got to be led by the commander in chief," McCain said. "That's how the system works." Kerry said some previous such actions have in fact originated in Congress.
Others were more forceful. After hearing Kerry's testimony on which congressional proposals the White House would support, Sen. Marco Rubio lamented that it had taken a hearing to garner that information. "You don't have anyone over there who could type that up real quick?" he asked.
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Joe Biden Lectures Hirsi Ali on Islam

"Let me tell you one or two things about Islam ..."

How fucking stupid would you have to be to presume to lecture someone of Hirsi Ali's moral stature on ANYTHING, let alone the very subject under whose boot she has gained her moral stature.

Biden is a danger to himself and others.

From Truth Revolt:
Hirsi Ali’s organization provides some disturbing statistics on the treatment of women under Islam, including 5,000 honor killings occurring worldwide each year—between 25 and 28 of those occurring in the United States—and an estimated 800 million women and girls living under the constant threat of such consequences. 
WHO estimates that more than 125 million women and girls alive today have undergone female genital mutilation. 
“Wherever [Islamists] gain power, you see exactly what they do: The first thing they do is they chase women out of the public space, force them to cover up, beat them up, rape them, sell them into slavery,” said Hirsi Ali. 
The purpose of her organization is to expose reality such as this, particularly to Western liberals, who she said must “review their thinking.” But getting the left to do so is no easy task, as Hirsi Ali’s encounter with Vice President Biden exemplifies. 
At a dinner in Washington, Biden attempted to correct her perspective on relationship between the Islamic State and Islam, saying, “ISIS had nothing to do with Islam.” When she pushed back, Biden said, “Let me tell you one or two things about Islam…” 
“I politely left the conversation at that,” Hirsi Ali said. “I wasn’t used to arguing with vice presidents.”
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Culturism: The Culturist Review

In 2007 I, John K. Press, Ph.D., published the first edition of my book, ‘Culturism:  A Word, A Value, Our Future.’  In 2014, Mr. Scott Hampton published, ‘Culturism: The Real Reasons People Dislike African-Americans.’  Upon noticing Mr. Hampton’s book, I wondered how his work would add to, or undermine, the use of the terms ‘culturism’ and ‘culturist’ I had already established and promoted. 

I was glad to find that Hampton, like myself, utilizes the terms ‘culturism’ and ‘culturist’ to sidestep those who would call all criticism of any ethnic group ‘racist.’ Hampton is black.  This means that he, more effectively than I, (being white), can make the argument that criticizing black culture is not racist.  To bolster this claim, he distinguishes between ‘black-trash’ and ‘right-minded’ black people.  He uses the fact that many black people are law-abiding, productive citizens to prove that his attack on black-trash culture is culturist, not racist.

Hampton’s ‘Culturism’ provides an engaging analysis of black-trash pathology via anecdotes.  He skewers a mother who was indignant over a doctor mispronouncing her child’s ebonic name while showing no guilt over having birthed many children, who she could not support, by multiple men.  And, I was shocked to learn black-trash women inject Fix-a-Flat in their buttocks to make them bigger! Such peppered anthropological tidbits kept me glued to the page.   But, in the long run, what is of most value in Hampton’s book is his overall, systematic – if impressionistic – analysis.

In the new Culturism we learn that the cause for educational and economic disparities between black-trash and others comes from “rejecting America’s language (bad grammar), educational system (bad grades, high school dropouts), laws (drug, violence), and familial customs (out-of-wedlock children).” (88) The author lists causes, such as horrible role models, short-term thinking, and peer-pressure.  He then attacks excuses black-trash often given for poor behavior: Racism and slavery; unequal schooling; poverty; lack of job prospects, etc.  Finally, he lists solutions: Cessation of the blame game; extracting detrimental aspects of black culture, and more. Overall, Hamilton provides a tight problem / solution organization.

READ the rest of the review HERE!

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Humpday Blues

Betty LaVette
I'm Not The One

Let Me Down Easy


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Diane Feinstein is upset we humiliated Al Qaeda with Rectal Feedings

Diane Feinstein is upset people were in cold rooms

Diane Feinstein is upset some people got a wet rag over their faces with water poured over the rag, TO NO OTHER HARM

This is why we took these nation less religious mass murderers, the beheaders of the Nick Bergs and Daniel Pearls, and made them stand for 2 weeks.

Or would not let them sleep.

I could put pictures here of the end of the jumpers beneath the buildings, but they are truly TOO AWFUL a result of the people fed rectally

I would like to know the facts, but am CERTAIN that without a single interview of any officer, I don’t know either how effective these techniques were or if they resulted in actual damage.

This report will have only the most NEGATIVE effects for the people of the USA, as did the Church Commission which took a generation to recover from.

I have no respect any longer for Diane Feinstein, or ANY of her efforts, in any field.

I hold no special love for the CIA, which failed MANY TIMES before 9/11, and 2003.

This is about the national interest and truth.

Sleep derivation in time of war for people who MAY HAVE information to stop what occurred above is well justified.

Humiliation (especially), well justified.

Uncomfortable cold (not freezing to death)well justified.

I would rather see disorienting drugs in combination with sleep deprivation but know nothing about that.

No one had their fingernails sliced off. No one was cut up or burned, scarred, or maimed, and the entire effort occurred ONLY because more Americans were killed than at Pearl Harbor and nearly every one was a civilian at work, minding their own business, here at home.

Diane Feinstein, you have NOT served the USA.

Great shame upon you and those who artfully arranged the cherry picked events to justify the pre ordained conclusions because YOU were piqued by being (unlawfully) spied upon and lied to, and then failed to interview even ONE of the persons involved.

Much like Phi Epsilon Psi at UVa, and we all know how that is turning out.
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$50 Per Barrel Oil Is Coming: "OPEC No Longer Exists In Any Meaningful Sense

The Opec oil cartel no longer exists in any meaningful sense and crude prices will slump to $50 a barrel over the coming months as market forces shake out the weakest producers, Bank of America has warned. 
Revolutionary changes sweeping the world’s energy industry will drive down the price of liquefied natural gas (LNG), creating a “multi-year” glut and a much cheaper source of gas for Europe. Francisco Blanch, the bank’s commodity chief, said Opec is “effectively dissolved” after it failed to stabilize prices at its last meeting. 
“The consequences are profound and long-lasting,“ he said. 
The free market will now set the global cost of oil ...
The subject of the pricing of oil is complicated, and it's worth reading the whole thing.

 But note the article brings up the subject of LNG. This is the wild card that is going to bring the United States victory in the coming years.

Here's a post I did on what is, and will be happening with LNG.

I wonder if Citizen Warrior will ever do the right thing and amble his hippie ass over here to issue an apology to me.

I told him this would happen and how.
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Mumford and Sons

I Will Wait

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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Boehner gives $16,928 for each of the 56,000 youths, young adults and children who crossed the border during the 12 months up to October 2014.

Wanna go for a third party yet?
Ready to work your ass off for this kind of majority in 2016?
It’s entirely possible I will do NOTHING for this party whose leadership is as misleading to the American people as is Barack Obama and his manifest and consummate lies.
I would rather put the time in to begin a new effort with a new party which is responsive to the people.
Every Republican minority has INSISTED they would ensure border security BEFORE acting on immigration itself.
They are GRUBER. No difference.
Hey Poloquin I voted for you, do something or I will just yank the other lever in 2 years, because if you don’t and a D is the only other choice I will just keep voting to fire people until they get the idea.
The GOP’s draft 2015 “omnibus” spending bill reportedly includes $948 million to help poor and unskilled Central American migrants establish themselves in the United States, but includes no effective restrictions on President Barack Obama’s plan to provide work permits and tax payments to millions of resident illegal immigrants.
That new spending works out to $16,928 for each of the 56,000 youths, young adults and children who crossed the border during the 12 months up to October 2014.
Prior to October, Obama’s officials sent only 1,901 of the migrants back home to Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, according to a federal report.
Much of the $948 million may also be used to care for the next wave of illegals who could flood across the border during the summer. The influx in the summer of 2015 is expected to be large, because Obama is offering work permits and social security numbers to at least five million illegals already in the country.
The $948 million fund is part of the one-year, $1 trillion 2015 spending plan described in a late-night report from The New York Times.
The GOP leadership has given merely lip service to supporting the opposition among GOP legislators and much of the public to Obama’s welcome for foreign migrants, and is now refusing to direct the Department of Homeland Security not to spend any funds on implementing the Obama amnesty.
Instead, the leadership, led by House Speaker John Boehner, drafted a bill imposing a 60-day spending limit for Obama’s immigration agencies.
The American govt today? We can express it this way…
Heard that somewhere?

Oh yeah, it’s a replay from the ash heap of history, isn’t it?
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Who is ISIL? Recruited Saddam’s ‘entire intelligence apparatus’

Gertz’s Geostrategy Direct:
NICOSIA — Islamic State of Iraq and Levant has been operating what was described as a first-rate intelligence unit.
Arab sources said ISIL established an intelligence unit manned by former senior officers in the regime of President Saddam Hussein. They said the unit operated a network in both Sunni and Shi’ite communities that enabled infiltration as well as daily suicide strikes around Baghdad.
Then-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein talks with Republican Guard officers in Baghdad on March 1, 2003  AP 
"It is safe to say that ISIL has recruited virtually the entire intelligence apparatus under Saddam," a source said. "These are Sunnis but also Shi’ites as well disenfranchised by the post-Saddam regime."

All it takes is inattention. Irresponsible, well meaning, expecting the good from people, minding your own business, INATTENTION.

The sources said ISIL has used its intelligence unit to track suspected collaborators of the Shi’ite government in Baghdad. They said the unit identified hundreds of Sunni tribal leaders paid to help track ISIL in such provinces as Anbar, Nineveh and Salah Eddin provinces.
Tribal chiefs were believed to have relayed information that led to the assassination of an ISIL commander. The sources cited the death of Abu Anas Al Kurdi, an ISIL commander killed in a U.S.-led coalition in the northern city of Mosul on Sept. 29.
"After his death, ISIL executed hundreds of tribal leaders and instituted security measures," another source said.
ISIL’s intelligence unit has used extortion and abduction to recruit those from leading Sunni tribes as well as the military. The sources said ISIL was believed to have penetrated virtually every Iraq Army and police unit from Baghdad to the north.
"Their knowledge of what is taking place in the security forces is astounding," the second source said. "Nobody can escape their net."

ISIL using electronic warfare tech captured in Iraq to elude U.S.
WASHINGTON — The United States has determined that Islamic State of Iraq and Levant was using advanced electronics in combat operations.
Officials said ISIL was using electronic warfare in attacks in Iraq and Syria. They said the unspecified EW systems were helping ISIL in both reconnaissance, communications as well as concealment.
"They don’t fly flags and move around in large convoys the way they did," Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said.
"They don’t establish headquarters that are visible or identifiable."
In an interview on U.S. television on Oct. 12, Dempsey said ISIL was using electronic equipment in the battle for the Kurdish enclave in northern Syria. The general said ISIL was becoming more capable in the use of electronic equipment in operations.
Officials acknowledged that the U.S.-led coalition could not find ISIL. They said only 10 percent of coalition fighter-jets were firing missiles at confirmed ISIL targets in northern Iraq.
"That wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the right number," Dempsey said. "They know how to maneuver and how to use populations and concealment." Officials said some of the EW equipment was taken from Iraq Army bases captured by ISIL in June 2014. They said other equipment could have been bought from the West through Islamic fronts in Europe.
"The enemy adapts and they will be harder to target," Dempsey said.
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Petty Democrats Release C.I.A. "Torture" Report. Say "Enhanced Interrogations" Failed

To Which I Say: Who Cares?

Make 'em squirm.

From Reuters

By David Storey

U.S. report condemns CIA harsh interrogations, says did not work

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A program of "enhanced interrogation" used by the CIA on terrorism suspects after the 2001 attacks was far more brutal than the agency admitted and failed to secure information that foiled any threats, a U.S. Senate report said on Tuesday. 

The report said the CIA misled the public and policymakers about the program, much of which was developed, operated and assessed by two outside contractors.

The report followed a five-year investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee into the program, meant to extract information from al Qaeda and other detainees held in detention facilities around the world. 

The CIA and many senior members of the U.S. administration have said the program was effective and foiled a number of terrorist plots. 

(Reporting by David Storey; Editing by Eric Beech)

The Obama administration admits that releasing this report will get people killed. But they don't care. 

Whatta guy!





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Cops swarm Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue, shoot knife-wielding man after student gets stabbed (VIDEO)

Cops swarm Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue, shoot knife-wielding man after student gets stabbed (VIDEO)

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT NYPD anti-terror officers swarmed Chabad-Lubavitch in Crown Heights after Israeli student Levi Rosenviat, 22, was stabbed during prayer early Tuesday. Police fatally shot 49-year-old Calvin Peters after a tense confrontation.
direct link to raw graphic video posted on facebook. (NYPost had the video on report initially, moments later only offered link...may be pulled all together, so if possible, might want to copy before it disappears.)
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The Gods Have Made Them Mad

From the American Thinker:
It used to strike me as impossible for global warming to cause cold weather.  Then I realized that I could chill a soft drink in the oven if there were no room left in the refrigerator to bake a cake.  
Up until then I did not know that the same cause can have opposite effects.  In my unenlightened state, it never occurred to me that carbon dioxide could cause both excessive heat and excessive cold, both drought and flood. 
I should have known.  After all, we calm hyperactive children with stimulants and cure addiction to drugs with addicting drugs.  When the government goes too far in debt, it borrows more money.   We achieve diversity through uniformity.  We overcome racism with racism.  When children don't learn, we send them to schools that don't teach.  We question authority by believing the authorities.  
We tell the truth with lies and lie with the truth.  Lying about Ferguson is merely the way to advance the larger truth that our cops are racist.  Telling the truth about Ferguson impedes our understanding. 
We exercise our reproductive freedom with birth control pills and abortions.  The pills, you see, both prevent a woman from giving birth and make her free to reproduce, as if no one had a baby before the invention of the Pill.  An abortion both kills a baby and gives life. 
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton quieted raging mobs in Pakistan by telling them they had every right to be angry, and now he tells criminals that the police are unfair to them.  He claims to seek trust between minorities and the police by saying the police are racists.  Rioters speak truth to power by intimidating powerless witnesses into lying.  They can afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted by setting fire to neighborhoods where no one is comfortable and all are afflicted. 
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“profanity-laced conversation with professionals in the press by the president of the U.S. is probably inappropriate”

An understating Sharyl Attkinson discussing (newly retired) Ann Compton (ABC) revelation that the President and his staff-
ROUTINELY direct profanity-laced tirades at reporters
Now if you are reporter and are well informed about the large list of tea party organizations, whose theoretically private roll of contributors were exposed, and then AUDITED during their attempt to apply to the IRS for 501c status, and POTUS is telling you STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING in deniable fashion, you MIGHT be tempted to think you are facing execution American style-
An unending effort to make your life suck by an unlimited string of professionals who are ‘only volloving zer orderz’ ending in you somehow losing all your life savings, maybe your family and your future while trying to extricate yourself from a preventable situation.
What would YOU DO?
How would YOU report things?
The threat does not even have to be made.

Danger to the republic?
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President of Quebec Human Rights Commission Wants To Add Statute Criminalizing "Anti-Muslim Websites"

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Old Crow Medicine Show
Down Home Girl

Alabama High Test

Mary's Kitchen

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Generation Jihad

From Nicholas Sennels:
Generation Jihad is here. 80 percent of young Turks in Holland see “nothing wrong” in waging Jihad against non-Muslims. 27 percent of all young French and 14 percent of all young British under 25 sympathize with the genocidal terror organisation Islamic State. 
This includes most probably the vast majority of young Muslims in these two countries. These horrific numbers fit well with the fact that 75 percent of Muslims in Europe think that the Quran must be taken literally. 
The result is an increasing amount of attacks on non-Islamic authorities and non-Muslims around especially Western Europe. And an increasing amount of areas that are lost to Islamic invaders (“invaders”, as they do not just live here, they also conquer), where crimes are defined by and handled according to Islamic laws, the Sharia, and where non-Muslims are persecuted through threats, vandalism, violence, rapes (including “grooming”) and robberies.
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Monday, December 08, 2014

Los Angeles Fire Raw Video

Stay safe Pasto


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ISIS Weapons Maker: We've Now Smuggled That Dirty Bomb Into Europe

From the Free Beacon:
"A Radioactive Device has entered somewhere in Europe," according Twitter user Muslim-Al-Britani, who claims to be a freelance jihadist weapons maker now working alongside IS (also known as ISIL or ISIS), according to tweets captured and disseminated by SITE. 
The claim by Al-Britani comes just days after reports emerged that IS could have in its possession a dirty bomb, the elements of which were obtained via earlier IS raids on a university research facility in Mosul that contained uranium. 
Al-Britani is also responsible for the flurry of reports on the dirty bomb. Al-Britani, who has disseminated on his Twitter feed "weapon instructions and manuals," claimed on Nov. 23 that the "Islamic State does have a dirty bomb. 
We found some radioactive material from Mosul university," according to the tweets reproduced by SITE. ... Iraq reportedly informed the United Nations in July that terrorists had seized nuclear materials being housed at Mosul University. Some 90 pounds of uranium were said to have been stolen, according to reports.
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Two Major Fires Blocks From Each Other In Los Angeles, Hundreds Of Firefighters Battle The Blazes, Shut Freeways

From the USA Today:
A massive fire at a Los Angeles construction site the size of a city block shut down sections of two major freeways for hours early Monday. 
Hundreds of firefighters battled the blaze, which broke out about 1:10 a.m. PT and could be seen for miles. 
“This is a historic fire, what we as firefighters would call a career fire. It’s huge,” Fire Department spokesman David Ortiz told NBC News. “I really can’t remember a building fire this big and I have been with the department for 13 years.” 
The fire, which shut sections of the 110 and 101 freeways, was being fed by wood framing at a planned seven-story, 1.3 million-square-foot luxury apartment complex. 
Ortiz said he didn’t think anyone was living or working there when the fire started. Fire officials said two other buildings were also damaged, including several floors of a 16-story office tower.
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The Devil Is An Angel

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Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber: Abortion Of “Marginal Children” A “Social Good”

From Big Government:
Embattled MIT professor Jonathan Gruber has not only gotten in trouble for bragging about helping President Obama put one over on the American people with Obamacare, he’s also been uncovered as an abortion advocate—but not a run-of-the-mill advocate of “women’s rights.” 
No, Gruber’s abortion advocacy is of a particularly pungent eugenics variety. He’s on record repeatedly making the case from social science that abortion is a “social good” because it reduces the number of “marginal children,” by which he means urban poor—those he says can be counted on to commit crimes if they were ever born. 
Gruber co-authored a paper during the Clinton years which argued that legal abortion had saved the U.S. taxpayer upwards of $14 billion in welfare benefits and that it also lowered crime. 
Gruber’s work heavily influenced other researchers, including a paper called The Impact of Legalized Abortion by Steven Levitt of the University of Chicago, whose later book Freakonomics and whose ongoing work makes the strongest case that abortion legalizations in the 1970s caused a dramatic drop in crime twenty years later. 
Here's a link to Gruber's paper.

Here's a quote from his paper:
We find that tcohorts born after abortion was legalized experienced a significant reduction in a number of adverse outcomes. Our estimates imply that the marginal child who was not born due to legalization would have been 70% more likely to live in a single parent family, 40% more likely to live in poverty, 50% more likely to receive welfare, and 35% more likely to die as an infant. These selection effects imply that the legalization of abortion saved the government over $14 billion in welfare expenditures through 1994.
This is old-fashioned Margaret Sanger-style eugenics.

Here's are some quotes from Margaret Sanger for comparison's sake:
Article 1. The purpose of the American Baby Code shall be to provide for a better distribution of babies… and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.   
[We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.
Hitler used to call them "Useless Eaters". Maraget Sanger called them, "tainted". And Jonathan Gruber calls them "marginal children."

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Tommy Dorsey
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You


Opus One

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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Six Terrorists from GITMO sent to Uruguay as Refugees

First Obama screwed up Egypt then Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq and now he's using US military airplanes to transfer terrorists to my backyard. Any terrorist attacks resulting from this are squarely the responsibility of Obama and those imbecile Americans who voted for this bastard.

From Buenos Aires Herald:

Six men held for more than a decade at the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were sent to Uruguay for resettlement today, the Pentagon said, the latest step in a slow-moving effort by the Obama administration to close the facility.
The release of the four Syrians, a Tunisian and a Palestinian, who were flown to South America aboard a US military plane, represented the largest single group to leave the internationally condemned US detention camp since 2009.
President Barack Obama took office nearly six years ago promising to shut the prison, citing its damage to America’s image around the world. But he has been unable to do so, partly because of obstacles posed by the US Congress.

These terrorists are from Syria, Tunisia and Jordan (Palestine isn't a country) and their own governments didn't even want them back:

From Clarin, a local Argentine newspaper (roughly translated from Spanish):
The president of Uruguay [Mujica] agreed to receive the men as a humanitarian gesture and said that they [the terrorists] will receive help to establish themselves in this country [Uruguay] that has a small Muslim population. "We are very thankful to Uruguay for this important humanitarian action and to President Mujica for his strong leadership in offering a home [or place] to individuals who are unable to return to their own countries", said Clifford Sloan, envoy of the State Department.
Mujica, who was the president of Uruguay until last month (another idiot from his party is now the president), is a former communist terrorist so no wonder he wanted to receive these Muzzie terrorists with open arms. And obviously Obama has been supporting terrorists all over the world so no wonder his State Department considers letting terrorist go free as a "humanitarian" gesture.

Oh and don't think this doesn't affect you Americans. Thanks to the idiot you elected as president TWICE, borders are wide open and its not that hard for terrorists here to travel to Mexico.
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Fort Hood victims set to receive Purple Hearts, combat status

From the Washington Examiner:
Congress is set to make victims of the 2009 Fort Hood shootings eligible for Purple Hearts and combat injury benefits after the Obama administration has denied them the status for the past five years.   
House Republicans, working with the Democratic-controlled Senate Armed Services Committee, added a provision to the defense authorization bill that would give battlefield recognition for the victims of the deadliest attack on a domestic military installation in U.S. history. 
It passed on a voice vote with strong bipartisan support. The measure, which is expected to pass Congress next week, also would end a five-year effort by Texas GOP Reps. John Carter, Michael Conaway and Roger Williams to give the victims the status, the Military Times first reported. Texas GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn introduced the bill in the Senate.
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Al Sharpton, Ladies and Gentlmen - SNL

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INTERPOL Issues Arrest Warrant for Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Head of Muslim Brotherhood

From IPT:
Interpol issued a bulletin Friday seeking the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood's most influential cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi. 
The bulletin was sparse on details but said that Egypt wanted the 88-year-old Qaradawi "to serve a sentence" for crimes including "incitement and assistance to commit intentional murder." 
Qaradawi lives in Qatar. He also is alleged to have had a hand in a massive prison break of Brotherhood members and others during the revolution against then-dictator Hosni Mubarak. 
Mohamed Morsi, a Brotherhood official who went on to become Egypt's president in 2012, was among those who escaped. Qaradawi has been a fierce critic of Egypt's new government and of Morsi's July 2013 ouster after one year in office. 
"From the day he (new President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi) came, all we saw is killing and bloodshed, detention and women being raped," Qaradawi before elections in May. 
In February, Egyptian officials demanded that Qatar extradite Qaradawi. They also asked Interpol to arrest Qaradawi a year ago. 
Qaradawi described the recent acquittal of ousted Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak as "the saddest day in the history of human justice and a disgrace on Egyptian judiciary." 
According to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch, Interpol issued a "red notice" which is both its highest level alert, and a move subject to later review by the international police agency.

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