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Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Colour is Your Fallout Shelter?

Welcome to the world of nuclear hyper-proliferation--where nuclear war increasingly seems a virtual inevitability. In earlier nuclear standoffs, deterrence was achieved through mutual restraint out of sheer sanity and self preservation. But after listening to Ahmadinejad speak at the UN, it is clear that this time there will be no deterrence. The weapons, once acquired, will be used. So---what colour is your fallout shelter?

Here is some interesting speculation concerning the nuclear threat from Stanley Kurtz:

Once Iran gets the bomb, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are likely to develop their own nuclear weapons, for self-protection, and so as not to allow Iran to take de facto cultural-political control of the Muslim world. ... With three, four, or more nuclear states in the Muslim Middle East, what becomes of deterrence?

A key to deterrence during the Cold War was our ability to know who had hit whom. With a small number of geographically separated nuclear states, and with the big opponents training satellites and specialized advance-guard radar emplacements on each other, it was relatively easy to know where a missile had come from. But what if a nuclear missile is launched at the United States from somewhere in a fully nuclearized Middle East, in the middle of a war in which, say, Saudi Arabia and Iran are already lobbing conventional missiles at one another? Would we know who had attacked us? Could we actually drop a retaliatory nuclear bomb on someone without being absolutely certain? .... It might be almost impossible to trace the attack back to its source with certainty, especially in the midst of an ongoing conventional conflict.

.... With several Muslim countries in possession of the bomb, it would be extremely difficult to trace the state source of a nuclear terror strike. In fact, this very difficulty would encourage states (or ill-controlled elements within nuclear states — like Pakistan’s intelligence services or Iran’s Revolutionary Guards) to pass nukes to terrorists. The tougher it is to trace the source of a weapon, the easier it is to give the weapon away. In short, nuclear proliferation to multiple Muslim states greatly increases the chances of a nuclear terror strike.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, worrying about nuclear war was quite common. Students were shown films in school of what to do in the case of a nuclear strike, and practiced nuclear attack drills. Thinking and talking about installing a fallout shelter was not seen as extreme in much of North America.

Then came detente, and fears of nuclear war subsided significantly. After detente, it seemed that only extreme survivalists were still talking seriously about nuclear fallout and survival shelters.

That was then, this is now. Although those who are aware of the Iranian and North Korean threats may be thinking about buying a fallout shelter, now they are being joined by extreme leftists and mainstream american democrats in the anti-Bush camp. They may use different logic, but they arrive at the same point--web-surfing fallout shelters out of sheer panic.

You say you are a moonbat leftist? No problem. Global warming and peak oil are sure to destroy the world economy, triggering wars of survival that will certainly escalate to nuclear exchanges. You had better get your fallout shelter. You say you are an anti-Bush democrat? Better yet. You know that Bush ordered the strike on the WTC towers in NYC, but that only got him so far. Now he needs something more potent. What better than a nuclear strike on a large city in a predominantly Democratic Party controlled area? We take cash or credit cards. But, you say, you are really a right wingnut? Excellent! The muslim fanatics will not rest until you are forced into converting to Islam, taken into slavery, or killed. If you refuse, they will simply nuke your cities until you are all dead. Order now.

Here is one place to get your shelter, conveniently named bomb-shelter.net. Here is another site for more information. This site provides information about a large group shelter within easy driving distance of Toronto. Here is Wikipedia's Fallout Shelter page. Here is yet another information packed source for those in a hurry.

What cities are likely to be hit? New York City, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles are almost certain to be targets eventually. But be your own prognosticator. Looking at the world through your own ideological eyes, what cities do you think might be targeted the soonest? Think of it as not if, but when.

One thing is very likely. If there is a nuclear attack by muslim extremists, it is likely to be an attempt on several cities simultaneously. That means that it will be no small disaster like Hurricane Katrina. Any local city or state governments that are as incompetent as the Nagin and Blanco teams will be out of luck. With federal resources urgently demanded by several sites simultaneously--all with at least tens of thousands of casualties--there will be no world wide media obsession with one crime-ridden waterlogged city. Each city and country in the entire world will instead be worried about its own posterior if it ever comes to that point.

Revised from an earlier Al Fin posting.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to the government we need to buy our own shelter supplies now. Funding was cut to maintain public shelters and the Clinton administration even had 6 million gieger counters removed from them.

Friday, October 13, 2006 6:12:00 pm  

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