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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Too bad we've been burned - Iranian dissidents say population ready for regime change: Mullahs would 'flee immediately'

Mr. Chalabi has ruined my taste for this...let's see it vetted as authoritative.

More than ever, Iranian dissidents believe that the United States could bring about a change in regime in Teheran. The dissidents say the Iranian regime is divided between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and supreme leader Ahmed Khamenei.

The dissidents are lobbying the Bush administration to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and the regime this year. They believe the regime is so weak that most of its leaders would flee.

Flee ? To where? A south Lebanon no longer the beneficiary of Iranian oil terror $$? And what of the IRGC, Pasdaran, Basij thugocracy? Where do THEY go? IED University?

"The top brass will flee immediately," Iranian student leader Amir Abbas Fakhr-Avar said. "People will come out onto the streets protesting, why are we being bombed? Many of the regime's mid-level officials will shave their beards, don ties and join the [people] on the streets."

Fakhr-Avar, 31, knows the Islamic regime well from his years in an Iranian prison cell. He heads an opposition organization that reportedly has 12,000 students. In May 2006, during a furlough from prison, Fakhr-Avar escaped Iran and reached the United States.

Since then, Fakhr-Avar met President Bush, his aides and leaders of Congress. The Iranian dissident has outlined a plan that calls for technical help to facilitate an opposition network with computers, cellular phones and access to printers and the Internet.

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