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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Iranian Teachers Protest

Here is much more from Pajamas media:
Teachers have been striking across Iran for at least the last eleven weeks, with many teachers arrested, according to the AKI Italian news agency and other sources familiar to Pajamas Media. The teachers are seeking higher wages (they have not been raised in years) and the reinstatement over a thousand colleagues who were forced into “early retirement” for disagreeing with the policies of the Islamic regime.

Hundreds of protesters have been beaten up and jailed, Pajamas Media has learned. The following video shows a recent teacher’s demonstration in front of the Iranian Parliament in Tehran. Banners and placards demand the regime pay teachers a fair wage and protest discrimination against Iran’s minorities in their educational system. Protesters can be heard demanding the release of imprisoned teachers and shouting “Proclaimers of Justice!… Shame, shame, shame on you!”

Iran's government is a curse to the Iranian people, and a curse to the rest of the world. Time for them to go.


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