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The Right of the People to be Secure in their Persons, Houses, Papers, and Effects,
Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures,
Shall Not Be Violated


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It is only permitted to make jokes about PUTATIVE flaws of the religion od peace. The real ones are taboo.

I am sorry! I'm really sorry! I'm deeply and seriously repentant.


It is, because I have called the Renish carnival a heathen spectacle where pissed-as-a-newt scum hits the streets (or something to the same effect).

I am sorry. I repent.

This year, the valiant carnivalists in city of Düsseldorf, one of the three strongholds of the Rhenish carnival (Cologne and Mainz being the others) where more than half a million people watched the traditional Rose Monday Parade with the themed wagons or floats, had included one, which carried two identical "mullah" figures, each wearing a suicide-bomber's belt and brandishing scimitar and gun. One was labelled "the cliché," the other one "the reality."

The messages of the floats have to be, naturally, succinct, and frankly, as much as I hate so say it, that's a seriously good one! Succinct, to the point, illustrative, illuminating.

Of course, Muslims were miffed.

Read the rest at Roncesvalles.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

License To Kill... Fun

The China Post [Beware: the link might try to resize your window].

Religious police in a Malaysian state plan to deploy spies working as waiters or janitors in hotels to stop activities the authorities consider immoral, including sex between unmarried people, a news report said Tuesday.

That's by far the biggest problem Islamic nations have: single people having way too much sex.

Rosol said the spies would largely look for unmarried couples committing "khalwat," or "close proximity," a crime under Islamic law in Malaysia akin to adultery. It applies to unchaperoned meetings between men and women.

Ah, clarity: they want gender apartheid.

Those found guilty of khalwat can be jailed for up to two months under Islamic laws, which do not apply to non-Muslims.

Malaysian Muslims must feel so lucky.

Link via Dhimmi Watch.

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Congress: A Modern “Diet of Worms”

Guest Editorial by Edward Cline:

Revisiting after a long absence Victor Hugo’s verse play, Cromwell (1827), which was the opening shot against the tyranny of classicism in literature (the riot against the staging of his play, Hernani, occurred three years later), I encountered these lines:

“They’re willing to be crushed and wronged,
But by a Lord Protector, not a king.
As a plebeian tyrant, he was safe.”


“That when a yoke bends Liberty’s bold brow
A tyrant is less burdensome when small.”

I have insisted for decades that when tyranny, or a dictatorship, arrived in America, it would not announce itself with anything so obvious as gangs of brown shirted thugs roaming the streets or mass deportations of dissenters, rebels, and recalcitrants to “reeducation camps.” Instead, tyranny, if not identified and opposed, would insinuate itself into American life in subtle, sly accretions which would, among other things, allow Americans time to inure themselves to it – after they had been persuaded it was for their own good.

From the time I first became conscious of politics and its effects on my personal life and the life of the nation, I observed an increasing multitude of statist phenomena daily, weekly, and yearly close in on the nation in a creeping, poisonous fog of death. That fog now envelopes the nation and threatens to suffocate the last of our liberties, one of which is the right to speak out against the perpetuation of our servitude or indenture.

For example, what has not yet arrested the attention of most of our clueless and ambivalent news media is Section 220 of the lobbying reform bill now sitting in the Senate, which would require “grassroots” organizations, bloggers, and individuals who communicate with 500 or more subscribers over the Internet (whether or not they are paying subscribers) to register and report quarterly to Congress, with penalties imposed for failing to register.

The bill has not alarmed most members of the news media, many of them with their own websites, for with very few exceptions, they uncritically (dare I say, religiously?) report government decisions, policies, and findings as though these were commandments of Moses.

The question to ask about this bill is: Why? What is its purpose? What could be the point of conceiving such an intrusive law – unless it was a cowardly move in the direction of censorship, and the censoring of thoughts and words that are feared? Is Congress setting itself up as an American Lord Chamberlain, that is, as a censor? Will the participants of a registered blog or organization or chat room be left “free” to say whatever they wish, so long as they agree with the Congressional consensus of the moment or don’t question that consensus in any important way?

And if the manqués charged with monitoring a registered blog, organization or chat room detect “threatening” or “treasonous” discussion and report it to Congress, will action be taken against those making the statements, such as a federal investigation, punitive tax treatment, or even imprisonment? Or will they merely be put on notice to “clean up their act” – or else?

Will blogs, organizations, chat rooms and discussion lists that refuse to register their existence with Congress – citing First Amendment protections, which include not only freedom of speech, but the right to peaceably assemble – be declared “outlaws,” and consequently risk physical compulsion by a Congressional counterpart of the DEA, INS or ATF, a gang of goons responsible for policing “illegal” or “unregulated” speech?

Watching Congress now as it works itself up into a lather to “get Bush” over the Iraq war and for simply not agreeing with the Democrats’ collectivist agenda – and I am no fan of George Bush – I was torn between two very appropriate nicknames for that less than august body: “Creature Feature,” after the name of an old late night television program that ran monster movies; and “A Diet of Worms,” after the congress of religious and political authorities called in 1521 in the town of Worms in Germany to decide the orthodoxy or heresy of Martin Luther. When Luther – also no favorite of mine – refused to recant his position, the Diet declared him a heretic and an “outlaw” and he was forced to go into hiding.

I have come down on the side of historical precedent: Congress is indeed a modern Diet of Worms – even though many in Congress are monsters, such as Dorian Grayish Senator Ted Kennedy – the “worms” being every member of Congress, Republican, Democrat, and middle-of-the-roader.

Why worms? While the U.S. is at present threatened within and without by Islamic conquest – by Iran with its growing nuclear threat, by a fifth column of sleeper cells and sleep-walking jihadists now in this country and who willy-nilly attack shopping malls and synagogues and even individuals – what is Congress proposing in answer to President Bush’s disastrous “war on terror”?

Basically, to cut and run. In a year, or two years, it matters little. Instead of proposing that Bush eliminate Iran’s capacity to strike at the U.S., instead of proposing that the FBI root out every Islamic enemy agent in this country, even if it meant closing down mosques and deporting the principals of organizations like CAIR or at least charging them with sedition – Congress is obsessed with obstructing Bush.

Such is the measure of its obsessional malice – or is it a psychosis? – that Congress is willing to jeopardize the security of this country to execute a repressed vendetta. Neither Harry Reid nor Nancy Pelosi nor Charles Murtha nor John McCain has asked Bush the question in Congress: “Why didn’t you ask us for a declaration of war? Because, Mr. President, we are indeed at war.” If Congress wants to find fault with Bush’s policies, that is what it should be focused on, his unconscionable adventure in altruism to spread “democracy” to Islamic pestholes.

But Bush and Iraq do not monopolize Congress’s obsession. The worms of our political oligarchy – and it is indeed an oligarchy of contemptible plebeians, supported and sustained by confiscatory taxes – also wish to “do good” by imposing more controls on the country and its citizens.

Its latest bugbear is “global warming.” There has been enough rational, objective discussion of the hoax of the threat of global warming and its alleged attribution to man’s “sin” of living on earth (e.g., “Global Hot Air,” Thomas Sowell’s excellent commentary on Town Hall’s site) that I waive remarks on it here. But one paragraph in Nick Provenzo’s commentary on Rule of Reason, “McCain and Lieberman: the Smoot & Hawley of our generation,” tickled my memory:

“OK, let me get this straight: McCain and Lieberman want to pass a law to let the free market forestall the alleged threat of global warming….But that is not what their bill actually does. McCain and Lieberman’s bill arbitrarily caps off American CO2 emissions at 2000 levels, forces companies to buy and sell the right to emit CO2 into the atmosphere, and treble fines those that exceed their emission caps. This isn’t the ‘free market’; it is the antithesis of the free market.”

One could dwell here on the observation that the entire population of the U.S. probably exhales more CO2 per minute than the whole industrial capacity of the country does in one year. What tickled my memory was Ayn Rand’s description of the creation of a new species Washington lobbyist as a consequence of Mr. Thompson’s Directive 10-289 (which “froze” the country’s economic life) in Atlas Shrugged: the “defreezers,” who, for a fee, bought and sold permissions and exemptions for their “clients.”

Of course, an altruist/collectivist measure such as Directive 10-289 or the McCain/Lieberman bill will always contain a loophole or two, the better to perpetuate the guilt of the victims and the corruption of the controllers: the only industries that will be able to take advantage of those CO2 emission permits will be those with political pull. Need I say more? Rand had these worms nailed over half a century ago.

One more obsession: Smoking and tobacco. On February 16th, the Wilmington Star (North Carolina) reported, under the headline “Congressional bill would let FDA regulate tobacco.”

“A bipartisan group of lawmakers reintroduced legislation Thursday that would give the FDA the same authority over cigarettes and other tobacco products that it already has over countless other consumer products.”

The bill, called the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, according to the article, was introduced by Senators Dorian Gray – excuse me, Ted Kennedy – John Cornyn of Texas, Henry Waxman of California, and Tom Davis of Virginia. Kennedy said, “Congress cannot in good conscience allow the federal agency most responsible for protecting the public health to remain powerless to deal with the enormous risk of tobacco, the most deadly of all consumer products.”

The “most deadly of all consumer products”? Last week it was sugar. And before that, trans fats. And before that, cholesterol. And before that, polluting SUV’s. And before that…? The list of the consumer products deemed “most dangerous” extends back decades and is complemented by thousands of pages of federal legislation. The products are indeed virtually “countless,” and account for all the mandated warning, nutritional, and ingredient labels one sees on them.

Was this a slip of Kennedy’s obscene tongue? No. If one wishes to understand why collectivist “lord protectors” such as Kennedy, Waxman, the Clintons, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid et al. never cease concocting ways to govern the lives of Americans and proposing that Americans foot the bill for diminishing their liberties, one must note that Kennedy expressed the quintessential premise of all such worms, that reality is dangerous – especially man-made reality – and only they know how to protect everyone from everything: by government force.

Our Congressional “worms,” like any other parasite, will attach themselves to any human value and feed on it to sustain their existence until that value perishes, then find another “host.” They have been sucking the life out of American freedom for a century and a half in the name of the “public health” or the “greater good” or other collectivist mantras. Altruism/collectivism is the only morality they wish to know, and force the only power they wish to exercise.

The Islamists are not the only power-lusting creatures who wish to subjugate Americans. While the principals of CAIR and the Muslim-American Council hope to someday to replace the Constitution with the Koran as the law of the land, I do not believe there is a single member of Congress who would object to replacing our adulterated and abridged Constitution with a socialist or communist manifesto. These small, safe, plebeian worms are in a state of denial about the war being waged against the U.S. and the West.

They are not interested in vanquishing this country’s enemies; they wish to vanquish America. They are beyond moral redemption and so far removed from the founding principles of this country -- and from the moral and intellectual stature of its Founders – that they are fit only for satire.

From their perspective, we are the worms, they own us, and we can be “crushed and wronged” without limit, consequence, or fear of retribution. It was a presumption that men rejected over two hundred and fifty years ago when they decided they had had enough of their small and burdensome tyrants, and threw off the yokes and shackles from their minds, necks and ankles. Will Americans ever again find the pride and moral mettle to emulate their forefathers?

I ask it now before I can be punished for posing the question, and this site closed down for having dared broadcast it.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

UN says...WHAT, NO, NON, NYET, NEIN...Arab states seem to be arming and training Al Qaeda recruits..


Arab states trained Al-Qaeda men to fight in Somalia

MIDDLE EASTERN countries secretly armed and supported suspected Al-Qaeda recruits in the failed state of Somalia in a direct challenge to western interests in east Africa, according to a United Nations report.

Hundreds of Islamist fighters were flown, with Eritrean assistance, from Somalia to Syria and Libya for military training. Others were taken to Lebanon to fight with Hezbollah, the report to the UN security council has revealed.

UN investigators also detailed military aid given to the Islamists by Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Arab states friendly to the West. Iran also supplied 125 shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles, 80 of which arrived by sea in dhows and the rest by air.

A clandestine operation to smuggle the fighters out of Somalia began in July last year.

Imagine my freaking surprise.

Gee, I guess someone forgot to tell them that Sunni and Shia murderers are not allowed to work together to try and kill my family. Will someone please get the message out to these poor fellows?

Continue reading "UN says...WHAT, NO, NON, NYET, NEIN...Arab states seem to be arming and training Al Qaeda recruits.." »

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The truth about the Empire State Building attacker

Ten years ago, a Muslim teacher in NYC named Ali Abu Kamal went up in the Empire State Building and opened fire with a gun there, murdering at least one person before killing himself. The MSM, however, wouldn't tell the whole story. Now, his daughter, who works in the UN, has admitted what was really the case (Hat tip: Little Green Footballs), though unfortunately, she upholds his act of murder before he committed suicide:
GAZA CITY - Ali Abu Kamal’s relatives say they are tired of lying about why the Palestinian opened fire on the observation deck of Empire State Building, killing a tourist and injuring six other people before committing suicide.

Kamal’s widow insisted after the shooting spree that the attack was not politically motivated. She said that her husband had become suicidal after losing $300,000 in a business venture.

But in a stunning admission, Kamal’s 48-year-old daughter Linda told the Daily News that her dad wanted to punish the U.S. for supporting Israel - and revealed her mom’s 1997 account was a cover story crafted by the Palestinian Authority.

“A Palestinian Authority official advised us to say the attack was not for political reasons because that would harm the peace agreement with Israel,” she told The News on Friday. “We didn’t know that he was martyred for patriotic motivations, so we repeated what we were told to do.”

But three days after the shootings, Kamal’s family got a copy of a letter that was found on his body, they said. The letter said he planned the violence as a political statement, his daughter said. “When we wanted to clarify that to the media, nobody listened to us,” she said. “His goal was patriotic. He wanted to take revenge from the Americans, the British, the French and the Israelis.”

She said the family became certain that he carried out the attack for political reasons after reading his diary. “He wrote that after he raised his children and made sure that his family was all right he decided to avenge in the highest building in America to make sure they get his message,” said Linda, who works for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

She said her mom burned the diary, fearing that it would cause the family trouble.
The little fiend of a "daughter" should be ashamed of herself for the way she's talking. That shows exactly why people like that don't deserve statehood.
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Saudi ambassador: Wilders must apologize

Well, that was to be expected, I guess...

According to the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan, the Saudi ambassador to The Netherlands has demanded an apology from Wilders for the latters statements about the Quran and Mohammed.
Saudi ambassador Waleed al-Khareejy demanded Sunday
that a Dutch right-wing politician apologize and retract remarks made
last week and deemed insulting to Islam and its holy book.
A leader of the conservative Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders,
had told the press that half of the Koran should be torn and thrown
Wilders responded today that he will not even consider thinking about about offering an apology (NL).
'There is not an hair on my head [Dutch saying - KV] thinking about apologizing', the MP said. 'Have they gone completely mad? It is outrageous that a country without any freedom of opinion should lecture me. They should learn that as a parliamentarian one is able to say what one wants in the Netherlands'
Wilders will ask Foreign Minister Ben Bot in writing to set the Saudi ambassador straight and to teach him the fundamentals of parliamentary democracy.

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Storm Track Infiltration: Institutional Jihad -'Halal-Only' School Lunches

The infiltration and domination of non-Muslim society continues with another example of Institutional Jihad.

Furious parents staged protests outside a school over its decision to serve up only halal meat at lunchtimes. Staff were forced to call the police after one father strode into the school in North London to challenge the new meals policy. Kingsgate Primary in West Hampstead is among growing numbers of schools with high Muslim populations to use halal-only meat in cooking. But the menus, which will feature only meat that has been slaughtered in the halal way with a single cut to the throat, have not always been well received.

At Kingsgate, parents carrying placards congregated at the school gates to demand a reversal of the policy, claiming their children would be denied a choice.

Choice? There’s no stinkin’ choice in Islam. Submit or die.

But the protests triggered claims of racism from parents of Muslim children, who make up three quarters of the school population.

When is this stupidity going to stop! MUSLIMS ARE NOT A RACE!!! When will our media, political leaders, institutions and organizations give a hearty ‘horse laugh’ and humiliate the fools who utter such nonsense?

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm

Sign up for my free WEEKLY STORM REPORT and receive a synopsis of the most important weekly news revealing the intimidation, infiltration and disinformation tactics used to soften-up the non-Muslim world for domination.

(Posted on behalf of WC)
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Hi, Pastorius here.
To all our IBA readers, lovers, and haters: Thanks.
Because of a Google/Blogger malfunction, I have been delisted at this site. I am no longer able to post, or administer this blog.
But, who give a flying fuck?
Pamela, of Atlas Shrugs, and I have decided to start a new venture called Maverick News Media. Eventually, we believe MNM will grow into something quite extraordinary.
Most every IBA blogger has already been invited over to MNM. If you haven't, then please, email me at cuanasblog@yahoo.com, and we will send you an invitation to help out over there.
Get you ass over there. It is, basically, the new IBA, only better.

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Hillary Clinton Buying Black Vote for $200,000

(NewsMax) The press reported on Tuesday that Sen. Hillary Clinton had scored a coup in the presidential race by winning the endorsement of a key black political leader in South Carolina, state Sen. Darrell Jackson.

Hillary Clinton Darrell Jackson

Now it has come to light that just days earlier, Clinton’s campaign reached a deal to pay Jackson’s consulting firm $10,000 a month through the 2008 elections – a deal worth more than $200,000.

"Jackson had also been in talks with Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign about endorsing him and entering into a consulting contract for more than $5,000, sources said – raising questions about whether Jackson’s endorsement was bought by a higher bidder,” the New York Post reported.

Jackson – who is also the minister of a large church in the state capital, Columbia – acknowledged that he should have revealed his financial dealings with the Clinton campaign when he and fellow state Sen. Robert Ford, who is also African-American, endorsed Clinton.

More here.
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