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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Turning Back The Tide

The Danish King Canute may have failed in his attempt to turn back the tide circa 1000 a.d. but the plucky modernday Danes are the only Europeans making an effort to turn back the poisoned tide of Islam.

In a defiance of Muslim attacks against free speech they republished the notorious cartoons a week ago after Kurt Westergaard was the subject of a foiled Muslim murder plot. As a consequence morons Muslims demonstrated all over again worldwide.

This last crisis was not instigated by the Muslims. It was instigated by the Danes saying we are going to do what we have always done, print what we like, and you can go to hell if you don’t like it.

The Danish politicians are uniting in their stand against Muslim demands. This from Gates of Vienna:

Helle Thorning-Schmidt demands united EU front against Islamic pressure

The chairman of the Social Democrats encourages the Danish government to raise the problems with Islamic pressure on a European Union level.

In several European countries there are cases where freedom of expression is challenged by offended Muslims. This is completely unreasonable, says Social Democrat chairman Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who requests the government to raise the problem with the European Union. “Within the last week we’ve heard of problems in Belgium, Netherlands and now Germany, where extremists demand that things be closed or removed.

It is utterly unreasonable that we are repeatedly threatened when we use our freedom of expression. This has to stop,” states Thorning-Schmidt.Then there's the issue of deporting Islamic terrorists and preachers of hate.

Only this week in the European Court of Human Rights has ruled hate preachers such as Abu Qatada should stay in the UK.

Britain could be stuck with more than a dozen international terror suspects after a devastating ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.

Judges said the right of a fanatic to be protected from torture in his homeland was "absolute".

Compare the meek acceptance of Britain to the spirited defiance of a Danish member of the ruling coalition on this issue:

If the European human-rights convention prevents Denmark from expelling Tunisian terror suspects, Denmark must reconsider whether we should continue to endorse them. Thus says Venstre’s foreign affairs spokesman Søren Pind.

Several experts in human rights believe that a current ruling from the European Human Rights Court means that it will be difficult for Denmark to deport the two Tunisians who are under suspicion for wanting to kill the Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, since Tunisia uses torture against prisoners.

However, that is an insult against Denmark, says Søren Pind, who calls for a rebellion against the conventions. “It makes our affiliation of the European Human Rights Convention a parody. It enforces us an obligation to protect people who want to kill us,” writes Søren Pind on his blog.

If the judicial interpretations are correct, then the consequence, according to Søren Pind, could be a Danish showdown against the convention.

As Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna rightly says:I try to write about other things besides Denmark. I really do. But then more good news keeps coming from the Danes, and I can’t just ignore it, can I?

It seems that the whole of the Western World is asleep. “Don’t bother us — it’s a nice pleasant flower-strewn meadow, this multicultural dream we’re having. Don’t wake us up.”

But for some reason Denmark, alone among Western nations, has decided to wake up. Holger Danske has one eye open, and the other one will be popping open soon enough.

Talking about eyes I think Denmark is well worth keeping an eye on, what with the sparsly reported riots, and this latest stand. Thanks to Gates of Vienna for writing about Denmark, no need to apologise because very few blogs see fit to mention the Danes and as for the MSM, well it's zilch. It's almost as if they are afraid that the Danish stance is a contagion and they don't want it to spread.


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Blogger Pastorius said...

Denmark is doing the heavy lifting.

Carlsberg is a damned good beer. Every ought to buy a six-pack, oh hell, buy a twelve-pack, and toast the Danes.

Sunday, March 02, 2008 4:34:00 am  

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