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Friday, April 18, 2008

Norway Waves The White Flag?

Hell, the war hasn't even started yet, and already the Norwegians are giving up?

Or, at least their government is.

By the way, all you "Islamists" out there, you'll know when the war has finally started, because most of you will be dead.

But, back to the Norway story, via Gates of Vienna:

Norway to Mullah Krekar: We Give Up!
by Baron Bodissey

Fjordman sent us a link to this article about Mullah Krekar, and included a thumbnail sketch of the Mad Mullah of Norway:

Krekar is an open supporter of Osama bin Laden, whom he has called the “jewel of Islam.” But according to the European Union, we cannot deport him. That would violate his human rights.Mullah Krekar has been a thorn in the side of Norway for years. He has helped maintain jihad terrorism websites, advocated the killing of Australian soldiers in Iraq, and threatened retaliation if he is deported.

But he can’t be deported because he faces possible execution if he returns to Iraq. Like those Somali pirates who can claim asylum in the UK if they ever manage to get there, Mullah K. can remain safely ensconced in Norway no matter how bad a boy he is.According to Aftenposten:

Krekar can stay in NorwayAfter months of quiet diplomacy, the Norwegian government has given up on efforts to send former terrorist-group leader Mullah Krekar back to his homeland.Krekar, who has been under an expulsion order after being determined a threat to Norway’s national security, initially came to Norway as a refugee from Iraq in the early 1990s.

It later emerged that he was the head of guerrilla group Ansar al-Islam and he repeatedly violated the terms of his asylum by travelling back to northern Iraq to lead guerrilla activities.Krekar is the only person in Norway ever to have been sentenced to deportation because he is a danger to the country’s security.However, Norway has not been able to deport Krekar because he faces the death penalty in his homeland.

Norway will not extradite anyone if they are under threat of execution when they are returned to their country of origin.
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