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Saturday, January 03, 2009


From Mere Rhetoric:

This needs to be read against the backdrop of Hamas's continuing threats to use long-range rockets and in the context of yesterday's post about Dimona. Would Hamas be willing to see Israel attacked with unconventional weapons even if it means lighting up the entire Middle East? Of course they would:

I don't know why the folks over at MEMRI claim that palestine-info is an unofficial website for Hamas. Last time I checked, it was one of their official websites. But like a lot of what Hamas does, they set up "independent" spinoffs. This is one of them. MEMRIBLOG: On January 1, 2009, the unofficial Hamas website www.palestine-info.info (hosted by Emirnet-Emirnet in the UAE) posted an article titled "Time Has Come to Expand the War against the Jews and Use WMDs."

Any use of WMDs against Israel, of course, is the essence of an existential threat and strikes at the heart of what Louis Beres calls the Third Temple Commonwealth. The Israeli response would light up huge swaths of Asia. Although if you follow the logic of Hamas's Florida supporters, Allah will enable Iran to "nuke, nuke Israel" and overwhelm any response. Or something:

A little more explicit - and a lot less imbecilic - than the recent "Death To All Juice" signs. Although on that topic: I'm genuinely curious why they've switched from the more traditional "Zionist" nudge-wink placeholder. Was it just not providing the same rush as actually having the sound of an explicitly anti-Jewish genocidal chant reverberating in their heads?

No worries. If Israel returns a couple dozen square miles of land these people will stop hating Jews. The State Department told me so.
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