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Monday, January 05, 2009

Islamic "Modesty," Edition # 5,721: A Picture's Worth a Gazillion Words

From Debbie Schlussel:

Over the years, I've written on this site and elsewhere about that oxymoron called "Islamic modesty." We were lectured about it by so-called conservative Jeff Jacoby and liberal ACLU-niks, with regard to female interrogators at Gitmo . . . because, you know, no other religion values modesty, just Islam. 

As I noted then, we saw the Islamic modesty on display at The Pink Pony strip club and with prostitutes, both of which were patronized by the 9/11 terrorists. (Read my column on this, "Sex and the Islamic Terrorist.") And we're often lectured by Muslims about how they need separate swimming sessions, beaches, gym hours at Harvard (and everywhere else), basketball audiences when Muslim women play, ridiculous-looking smurf outfits in the Olympics, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

Oh, and that's not to mention the constant thing about how a Muslim woman needs to have her hair covered, lest a strand of unwashed hair turn on a sexually-starved Muslim male beast who can't, unlike most humans, be expected to control his urges and impulses. Well, check it out. This picture says it all about Islamic modesty.

Department of Homeland Modesty

I've seen so many examples of Muslim women flaunting such "modesty"--with hijabs and niqabs (full-ninja face veils), while they wear tight clothes showing everything, low-rise jeans and low-cut blouses flouting the "don't do crack" rule, cheat on their husbands (who are also cheating on them), and sleep around.

Yup, another "modest" HAMAS supporter in America flaunting her "modesty." But, hey, so long as the hair is covered, right? The trite saying "A Picture's worth 1,000 words," is anachronistic. This picture speaks a gazillion about the hypocrisy of Islam, here in America and everywhere else.

Here's a little tribute music to this latest example of Islamic modesty.

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