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Friday, December 04, 2009


From Vlad Tepes Blog:

Canada Free Press…By Doug Hagmann T

On November 17, an incident took place aboard AirTran Flight 297 scheduled to fly from Atlanta Hartsfield Airport to Houston that the media does not want to cover and everyone from the airline to the TSA and other government agencies want to keep very quiet. The reasons, I have been told, is fear of predatory lawsuits, negative publicity from accusations of religious profiling, and the obligatory subjugation to mindless mandatory Muslim sensitivity training that make a mockery of our American system of values. Interestingly, one airline official told me “we don’t want to become another flight 300,” which is a reference to a very similar scenario that took place aboard US Airways Flight 300 exactly three years ago.

I was first contacted about this incident two days after it happened by a passenger who was aboard AirTran Flight 297. Based on the allegations made by this passenger, we conducted additional research, interviews and investigation, all of which takes time to insure accuracy, and are now able to release our report of the incident that took place aboard that aircraft. Be prepared to be shocked, angered, and perhaps saddened by our national and corporate acquiescence to mafia-type tactics by Islamists who are engaged in a full frontal assault, and laughing about it.

Unsurprisingly, the facts we developed during the course of our investigation are inconsistent with those being reported in the media, despite the media having the responsibility to report the truth.

The incident

A group of thirteen men dressed in traditional Muslim attire were among 73 passengers who boarded AirTran Flight 297 on Tuesday, 17 November 2009, a routine flight scheduled to depart Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, gate C-16 at 4:43 PM ET to Houston Hobby Airport. Reports developed by this investigator found two witnesses who observed direct interaction among all of these Muslim men at the terminal.

As the passengers boarded the aircraft, two of the Muslim men took seats in first class, while the remaining eleven were seated throughout the remaining rows of the aircraft. Most had carrying-on bags that they stowed in the overhead compartments above their seats.

As the aircraft began to taxi to the runway, a female flight attendant was beginning to issue the normal passenger advisories over the PA system. Almost on cue at the time passengers were told to turn off all electronic devices, one of the Muslim men seated in the front of the plane began to use his cell phone in a manner that was described by a flight attendant and passenger “as deliberate and obvious.” He was talking loudly in Arabic, nearly at the level of the flight attendant. Some reports suggest that this man actually called another Muslim passenger, although this has not been immediately confirmed. It is possible, however, as another passenger reported that a Muslim man seated toward the rear of the plane answered his cellular phone at the same time the man in the front began using his.

At this point, the flight attendant in the front of the plane approached the Muslim man using his telephone and instructed him to immediately turn it off. A second female flight attendant did the same at the rear of the aircraft. Concurrent with this cellular activity, two other Muslim men seated adjacent near the middle of the aircraft began operating what one passenger described as a palm type camcorder, ostensibly to view previously taken footage. It is possible, according to one flight attendant interviewed by this investigator, however, that the camcorder was being used for recording purposes. Whatever its use, a third flight attendant, aware of the incidents taking place in the front and rear of the aircraft, approached the two men for the purpose of securing the camcorder. At least two passengers reported that the men became abusive to the flight attendant and initially refused to comply with her request.

It was at this time that most of the passengers began to notice the multiple incidents involving over a dozen men dressed in Islamic attire. Next, as if previously rehearsed, at least ten of the 13 Muslim men aboard the aircraft began to leave their seats at the same time. At least one passenger stated she observed one of the Muslim passengers using his cell phone to take photos of other passengers on the aircraft, while one other Muslim passenger sang loudly in Arabic. According to information provided to this investigator from one of the flight crew who was alerted to an onboard emergency, the aircraft was now being taxied back to the terminal. The TSA, FAA and FBI were notified.

At the terminal

Once back at the terminal, the thirteen men were escorted from the aircraft by TSA and security officials. According to a report from an airline security official, their baggage was also removed and searched, the search finding nothing of apparent danger. According to a law enforcement official interviewed by telephone by this investigator on Monday, investigation revealed that all of the Muslim passengers are acquainted with each other and are associated with (or have ties to) a large Islamic center that has been the subject of investigative interest.

According to one aircraft passenger I interviewed, what happened next was “unbelievable” and caused a great deal of upset among the aircraft passengers and flight crew (some who opted off the flight in anger, fear, or admittedly, a mixture of both emotions).

After a lengthy delay while officials dealt with these Muslim passengers, ten (one uncorroborated report suggests 11) of the Muslim passengers were permitted to re-board the same aircraft to complete their flight. Some passengers and flight crew, traumatized by the blatant actions of the Muslim passengers, refused to travel with the Muslims who caused this orchestrated disturbance.

The flight continues

According to flight logs and information from one of the flight crew who continued with the flight, AirTran 297 ultimately departed Atlanta and arrived in Houston later that evening. The flight, however, was not without its curious incidents by the very same Muslim men who caused the initial delay and disturbance.

During the flight, one passenger interviewed by this investigator described the behavior of two of the Muslim passengers as less overt but still suspicious in nature. Without apparent legitimate purpose, one Muslim passenger moved a stowed bag from one part of the aircraft to another, well away from his seated position. Another spoke loudly in Arabic, with all appearing to interact in one form or another.

Ultimately, the flight landed safely and despite the early incidents in Atlanta, the Muslim passengers appeared able to leave freely from the terminal.

Comments from flight crew and airline personnel

As initially stated, proper and accurate investigation takes time to corroborate eyewitness accounts, which are often unreliable, contradictive and in cases like this, colored by emotion. Having interviewed a total of seven-(7) individuals directly involved in this incident over the last several days, including two law enforcement officers who handled the after action reports, the situation pertaining to the initial 13 and remaining 10 or 11 Muslim men allowed to continue their travels was far greater than an incident involving the unauthorized use of a cell phone that resulted in a minor flight delay, as reported by the mainstream media.

According to one airline security official, “This was a deliberate, well planned attempt to disrupt a domestic flight that was organized in advance of the boarding of these [Muslim] passengers. The purpose of their actions appeared to be multi-faceted, not the least of which was an attempt to change their status from passengers to victims of religious profiling. The situation was handled in a manner that we believe might have avoided an incident like USAir had in 2006, where everyone from the passengers who reported suspicious behavior to the airline was subjected to legal action by the Muslim passengers.”

While litigation might have been avoided, passengers and flight crew remain traumatized, and our air travel system was unnecessarily disrupted during one of the busiest air travel weeks in the U.S. The agenda of the Islamists behind this incident is clear, yet no one in the media seems to have the desire to expose these ideological cretins for what they are.

Additional information about this incident is forthcoming.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Air Tran responds to passenger's terrorism e-mail 11:43 AM Fri, Dec 04, 2009 DallasNews Airline Biz blog

We have two updates on the AirTran Airways incident Nov. 17 that has gotten many people agitated.

Flight 297 was delayed for about two and a half hours because some passengers wouldn't comply with orders from flight attendants. (We all agree on that, right?)

A passenger originally on that flight sent out an email saying it appeared to him to have the look of a terrorist dry run, and that email has gone viral. It's probably driven AirTran nutty trying to respond to it.

In the latest developments, Houston television station KHOU has done a story about the flight and has talked to the man who sent the email, Tedd Petruna. You can click this link to see the story.

The station quoted Petruna as saying: ""I'm glad it got out. Due to personal and financial reasons, I can't speak about this."

The report said Petruna "admits that his description of the men's attire was wrong, and he admits he didn't personally see anyone watching pornographic videos."

And AirTran has posted a long message on its internal web site responding to the email point by point, and cites many discrepancies between what Petruna's email claimed and what it says its investigation found out.

"We bring this to your attention in order to dispel myths that are beginning to make the rounds in chat rooms, blogs and conspiracy theorists' Web sites," AirTran told its employees.

Below, we have the entire AirTran message.

AirTran 297- Anatomy of an Urban Legend

Posted on 04 December 2009

On November 17, 2009, AirTran flight 297 was scheduled to travel from Atlanta to Houston-Hobby. During taxi a passenger was non-compliant with Crew Members, using a cell phone and taking pictures. The flight taxied back to the gate and the passenger, who did not speak English, and his companion acting as his interpreter were asked to de-plane. They were met by customer service personnel and TSA.

The passengers were allowed to re-board and continued on the flight after speaking with AirTran and TSA representatives. The flight was delayed by more than two hours.

Since the flight and initial media reports, several blogs and Internet sites have recounted the incident as portrayed by a passenger originally scheduled for the flight. Below is that passenger's account (unedited in any way including spelling and grammar), as reported on several blogs. Highlighted between the passenger's account, are the factually accurate circumstances surrounding this incident.

We bring this to your attention in order to dispel myths that are beginning to make the rounds in chat rooms, blogs and conspiracy theorists' Web sites.
go to link to see paragraph by paragraph response from AirTran

Friday, December 04, 2009 6:40:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AirTran rebukes:
"There have been no reports of any individual phoning any other individual on the flight. Furthermore it would be extremely difficult to know who someone is calling. If they are calling someone in the back of the plane, the person listening in on this conversation would not be able to hear the person in the back of the plane nor know where the call was going to."

Did AirTran really expect anyone to believe this is "extremely difficult"? The offenders were marched off the plane and kept together for questioning. Even a rank amateur knows if you have the suspects in custody, open each of their cell phones and determine their numbers, then compare if any numbers match recently made calls stored in the cellphones. Not too tough!

That was some investigation!

Friday, December 04, 2009 6:52:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AirTran refutes repeatedly with:
"The entire party complied fully with Crew Members' instructions "

What about that language barrier? Did the 13 passengers understand the air crews instructions about turning off electronic devices . . .or not?

I thought this whole mess was about a passenger not turning off his cell phone because he didn't understand the instructions?

This ain't adding up folks.

Friday, December 04, 2009 6:58:00 pm  
Blogger revereridesagain said...

The "Flying Imams" case was settled in favor of the Muslim extortionists and against US Airways for an unspecified amount, but they were unable to pursue their case against the passengers. Since AirTran is going to extraordinary lengths of CYA to bury this story (whatever the minute details, which will naturally vary somewhat amongst witnesses) it seems reasonable to assume they fear the same.

And no, I don't believe this is an "urban legend" that grew out of one non-English speaking passenger with a cell phone. Had the original crew remained on the plane I might have. Or is AirTran denying that report as well?

Friday, December 04, 2009 8:34:00 pm  
Anonymous revereridesagain said...

Though it remains a statistically infrequent occurrence, the question remains as to the proper way for passengers on a commercial airliner to respond to a merry band of towelheads playing "The Flying Imam Game". The airline wishes them to play along in order to avoid litigation. The air marshal would rather not be called out before the plane even gets off the ground. Everybody would like to get to their destinations instead of having to return to the terminal yadda yadda yadda.

If the antics are performed primarily for the purpose of provoking a response that might "justify" a lawsuit, then perhaps ignoring the little bastards and letting the crew, police, and TSA officials handle it is the best course of action. Does this, however, constitute a dhimmitudinous response? But would such a response be reasonable while the plane is still on the taxiway and yet prove fatal after takeoff if the provocation should turn into a hijacking?

Since we can't expect the airlines to do the sensible, honest, responsible thing and teach their flight crews how to bring a Flying Imams squad quickly to heel like a pack of yappy puppies, each of these incidents is going to be an excercise in improvisation for the foreseable future.

So what IS the best way to deal with these clowns?

Friday, December 04, 2009 9:36:00 pm  
Blogger midnight rider said...

My recommendation is noisy, messy and likely to get you arrested at best.

Friday, December 04, 2009 9:39:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

A Merry Band of Towelheads.

I love that.

Friday, December 04, 2009 9:40:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Once back at the terminal, the thirteen men were escorted from the aircraft by TSA and security officials. According to a report from an airline security official, their baggage was also removed and searched, the search finding nothing of apparent danger."

Well that surely is an inherently stupid procedure? One of them could have easily left an explosive device in a carry-on bag in an overhead locker. There is no accounting for carry-on luggage.

They could have been disembarked, the aircraft could have taken off without them, and blown up in flight, after they were released and allowed to melt away into the population.

If they have to disembark anyone, they should empty the entire passenger cabin and search the plane.


Friday, December 04, 2009 11:14:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is either a complete hoax or our press is asleep at the wheel! Time will tell.

Saturday, December 05, 2009 4:44:00 am  

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