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Saturday, October 03, 2009

The "Party over" lights have begun to blink for American Police Force

Could the party be over for American Police Force?

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock is investigating the mysterious security contractor's deal to run an empty jail in the tiny town of Hardin, reports the Billings Gazette. And he doesn't appear to be messing around.

In a nine-page letter sent late yesterday afternoon to Becky Shay -- the former Gazette reporter who recently signed on as APF's public relations director -- Bullock said he's probing whether APF may be violating Montana's Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act.

Specifically, Bullock wants proof for many of the statements on APF's website which have been called into question by media reports in recent days -- such as the claims that the company frequently has contracts with the U.S. government, and has operations in all 50 states.

Bullock also has asked for a copy of the contract between APF and Hardin, which the town has so far declined to make public, and has asked that APF disclose any lawsuits filed against it or Michael Hilton -- the APF official who led the negotiations with Hardin, and whose lengthy criminal record and alleged history of alcoholism has intensified concerns about the deal. Bullock also wants any correspondence between APF and any government agency that has accused the company of being deceptive.

Bullock sent a separate letter to Al Peterson and a second official with the Two Rivers Authority (TRA), Hardin's economic development agency which signed the deal with APF. Peterson didn't respond to the Gazette's request for comment, but asked yesterday by TPMmuckraker about the deal, he replied: "What have we got to lose?

In addition:

Maziar Mafi, a lawyer from Santa Ana, Calif., who served as the legal affairs director for American Police Force, said he wanted to see the project begin to move forward before he could continue his involvement.

“For the time, I’m pulling out,” Mafi said. “I need to see more concrete action before I can be involved.“

Mafi’s involvement began last month. Hilton, who claims an extensive military background and uses the title “captain,” initially described Mafi as a “major” in American Police Force. He later said Mafi was the company’s president - although Mafi denied the role and said he had no military or security background.


Hilton claimed Allied Defense Systems would provide the uniforms for guards at the jail. On Sept. 30, an attorney for the Irvine company sent a letter to Hilton threatening a lawsuit over the use of the company’s name.

Edward Angelino, chief executive of Allied Defense Systems, an Irvine, Calif.-based defense contractor, said his company met with Hilton.

“We checked his background, we checked his company. He’s not an adequate person to do business with,” Angelino said.

So, who is Michael Hilton?

Hilton has a decades-long track record of fraudulent activities and spent several years in a California prison on grand theft charges. The native of Montenegro uses at least 17 aliases.

According to TPM, Captain Michael Hilton has used the following aliases:

* Miodrag Dokovich, Miodrag Djokich, Miodrag Djokovich, Michael Hamilton, Anthony M. Hilton, Michael A. Hilton, Michael Milton and Hristian Djokich, plus related variants.

And he has a lengthy list of previous arrests:

• 1988: Hilton arrested in Santa Ana, Calif. for writing bad checks.

• April 1990: Hilton is again arrested in Santa Ana for writing bad checks and for grand theft.

• 1992: A civil judgment of $83,000 is entered against Hilton and Ilia Dokovich.

• March 1993: Hilton pleads guilty in Orange County court to 14 felonies, including 10 counts of grand theft. One charge involves a $20,000 real estate scam, in which Hilton persuaded an associate to give him a deed on property in Long Beach, Calif., saying it was to be used as collateral on a loan, then sold the property to someone else. According to the AP, he spends six years in prison in California.

• March 2000: Hilton is accused of fraud, larceny, and breach of contract, in connection to a venture in which Hilton and others recruited the plaintiff to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to create collectible Super Bowl commemorative coins. According to the complaint, Hilton and the others said the money would be used for the design and manufacture of the coins and for a license to produce them from the National Football League -- but the NFL never issued a license. Hilton is ultimately ordered to pay the plaintiff $200,000.

• Around the same period: Hilton also faces two similar fraud suits: In one, he's accused of posing as a fine arts dealer to deceive a Utah couple into giving him a $100,000 silver statue. In the other, he is said to have teamed with a doctor to recruit investors for a southern California assisted-living facility that was never built.

• November 2002: Hilton files for bankruptcy, in order to avoid eviction by his landlord.

• March 2003: Hilton is arrested for DUI in Huntington Beach.

• February 2004: Hilton files for bankruptcy once more, again to avoid eviction.

• January 2006: A $5,052 judgment lien is entered against Hilton in Orange County, CA.

Who/What is American Police Force?

A shadowy private security company that has no known clients but claims to have helped foreign governments combat terrorism and will protect anything from cruise ships to Pakistani convoys.

APF's double-headed eagle coat of arms appears to be the same as Serbia's Prince Aleksandar Karageorgevich. And the AP reported that a lawyer for APF describes the firm as "a fledgling spin-off of a major security firm founded in 1984."

APF's Web site brags about "our extensive tactical firearms training facility, the U.S. Training Center." But the U.S. Training Center is part of Xe, nee Blackwater. And Xe spokeswoman Stacy DeLuke told us there is no affiliation between Xe and APF.

An attorney for American Police Force, Maziar Mafi, describes the Santa Ana, Calif., company as a fledgling spin-off of a major security firm founded in 1984. But Mafi declined to name the parent firm or provide details on how the company will finance its jail operations.

"APF plays a critical role in helping the U.S. government meet vital homeland security and national defense needs," the company says on its Web site. "Within the last 5 years the United States has been far and away our" number 1 client.

However, an Associated Press search of two comprehensive federal government contractor databases turned up no record of American Police Force.

It appears that American Police Force will become rather transparent shortly. With Michael Hilton's past history coming to light, his future will involve employment in the private sector, If anybody will have him. With possible Federal employment, in the pen.

The American Police Force? Who knows. Something tells me it won't involve prisoners in Montana.

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Gilad Shalit is alive

After 3 years of the Hamas shrouding things in secrecy and not revealing any clear signs, a video tape they've presented shows that P.O.W Gilad Shalit is alive:
After over three years in which IDF St.-Sgt. Gilad Schalit has been held in Hamas captivity in the Gaza Strip, Israel breathed a sigh of relief on Friday afternoon after video footage of the captive soldier was released to the media and aired on Israeli television channels.

The two-minute long clip shows Schalit addressing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his parents Noam and Aviva, telling them he is being treated well by the Hamas and is in good health, but yearning for the day on which he will see his family again. Schalit is seen clean shaven with a fresh haircut, wearing dark green clothes.

The video was received in return for the release of 20 Palestinian female prisoners. Israel released 19 of them on Friday morning, 18 to the West Bank and one to Gaza. The 20th prisoner will be released Sunday, after it turned out that a prisoner released Wednesday was finishing her sentence anyway and would therefore be released regardless of the deal.

Following is the full transcript of Schalit's video message:

"Hello, I am Gilad, son of Noam and Aviva Schalit, brother of Hadas and Yoel, who lives in Mitzpe Hila. My ID number is 300097029.

"As you see I am holding in my hands the Palestine newspaper of September 14, 2009, published in Gaza. I am reading the paper in order to find information regarding myself, hoping to find some information from which I would learn of my release and upcoming return home. I have been hoping and waiting for the day of my release for a long time. I hope the current government under Binyamin Netanyahu will not waste the chance to finalize a deal, and I will therefore be able to finally have my dream come true and be released.

"I wish to send regards to my family and say to them that I love and miss them and yearn for the day in which I will see them again.

"Dad, Yoel and Hadas, do you remember the day when you visited my base on the Golan Heights on December 31st, 2005, that if I am not mistaken was called Revaya B. We walked around the base and you took photos of me on the Merkava tank and on one of the old tanks at the entrance to the base. We then went to a restaurant in one of the Druse villages and on the way we took photos on the side of the road with the snow-capped Mount Hermon in the background.

"I wish to say to you that I feel good, health-wise, and the Mujahadeen of the Izzadien al-Qassam Brigades are treating me very well. Thank you and goodbye."

In the footage, Schalit addresses the camera directly, and at one point walks up to the camera and then returns to his chair. He also appears relaxed, not terrified. Channel 10 TV commentators said Jerusalem had demanded that Schalit get up and take a few steps to prove he was able-bodied. The details about his family's visit to his military base, they said, were meant to prove the man reading the text was not an impostor.

By 12:30pm, Netanyahu's appointee on the Schalit case, Hagai Hadas, reached the Prime Minister's official residence in Jerusalem with the footage. Hadas and IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi had already reviewed the footage and approved the release of the prisoners, indicating that the video fulfilled Israel's demands, namely that the video was at least a minute long, recent and showed Schalit talking.

OC Manpower Division Maj.-Gen. Avi Zamir arrived by helicopter with a copy of the video at the Schalit residence in Mitzpe Hila, where he was scheduled to view the video with the family.

Noam Schalit said before viewing the tape that the family eagerly awaits it.

Gilad Schalit has been held in captivity in the Gaza Strip for 1,196 days.
What can be done now? The mothers hopes this'll bring about his release, but the father rightfully worries that this could still take years. Sadly, it's not the end of the problem.
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Germany's Shameful Unity Day

One week ago, September 27, 2009, the post-Communist party DIE LINKE ("The Left") successful successor of the Stalinist SED of the former GDR, was able to pocket the following election results for the Bundestag (the federal parliament that elects the chancellor):

CDU/CSU 33.8 %
SPD 23.0 %
FDP 14.6 %
DIE LINKE 11.9 %
B90/Grüne 10.7 %.

Had the results of the SPD dropped not quite so dramatically, DIE LINKE might have become part of a coalition to rule the country together with them.

In the constituency of Werdau, the CDU ended first with 34.6 % to a second of DIE LINKE with 28.7 %.

Why do I specifically mention Werdau, a small town in West Saxony in the former GDR? Here is why:

A commemorative plaque at today's Werdau high school says:

In memoriam of the 19 young people who were sentenced by the GDR-judiciary on October 3, 1951* to altogether 130 years of Zuchthaus**.

In self-made flyers they stood up for Germany's unity and protested against Stalinist terror.

The Werdauer Oberschülerprozess, the court case of the high school students from Werdau, was a trial of 19 young people, most of them students at the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Oberschule in Werdau, in 1951. They were accused of "boycott-baiting of democratic institutions and organisations", Boykotthetze gegen demokratische Einrichtungen und Organisationen.

The first two arrests were made in the night of Friday, May 18, 1951. Many chairs remained empty in Werdau high school on Monday.

Almost half a year, the boys and girls waited for their trial, isolated from each other and without any communication with their parents. Some of them were supposed to pass their final secondary-school examinations to go to university during that time. Instead, they were subjected to one of the most memorable political trials in the former GDR.

Not long ago, Sovjet military tribunals had made short work of comparable cases. Roughly 1,200 high school students are said to have been trialled in Berlin, Mittweida, Güstrow, Jüterbog, Schwerin, Weimar, Wittenberge and other places.

In Altenburg, two students and two teachers were sentenced to death and executed. They had interfered with a radio transmission of President Wilhelm Pieck's speech to celebrate Stalin's birthday. In Werder, Brandenburg, 20 young people were trialled. 9 death sentences were imposed, including two against women, eight were executed. Some of the other convicts ended up in Sovjet camps.

On October 3, 1951, the 19 students from Werdau were sentenced to long-term Zuchthaus* imprisonment by the Landgericht Zwickau. Only "politically reliable" people were allowed to attend the trial. The students' parents and family were excluded, newspaper reports were not allowed. When the West Berlin radio station covered the going-ons, Werdau was cut off the electricity network. Parents who tried to see their children were beaten out of the court building.

The convicts were:
Joachim Gäbler
18 Years
15 Years
Karl-Heinz Eckardt
16 Years
14 Years
Sigrid Roth 17 Years 12 Years
Theobald Körner 18 Years 10 Years
Heinz Rasch 19 Years 10 Years
Achim Beyer 19 Years 8 Years
Günter Fritzsche 17 Years 7 Years
Gerhard Büttner 17 Years 6 Years
Hermann Krauß 18 Years 6 Years
Gottfried Karg 19 Years 5 Years
Siegfried Müller 19 Years 5 Years
Walter Daßler 31 Years 5 Years
Manfred Stets 24 Years 3 Years
Günther Kahler 19 Years 3 Years
Gudrun Pleier 18 Years 2 Years
Edgar Göldner 17 Years 2 Years
Wolfram Schürer 18 Years 2 Years
Anneliese Stets 16 Years 2.5 Years

There had never been a fair chance of defense, however, the young people remained unfaltering. Joachim Gäbler closed his plea, stating: "I am proud to have fought for freedom."

"Mugshots" of 18-year-old Joachim Gäbler.

They served up to five and a half years of their sentences, sharing cells with murderers and sex offenders and were deployed to clean the excrement buckets. However, they were comparatively lucky. Without the XX. party convention of the Sovjet Communists and Chruschtschow's reckoning with Stalinism in 1956, they wouldn't have been released so relatively soon. Outside, they had to learn again how to eat with knife and fork or how to tie a tie. The days of their youth were over when they had hardly begun.

Anneliese Stets, the youngest of the students, after her release. She had been 16 when she was convicted.

Fifteen of the students left the GDR after the last one of their fellow convicts was released, so as not to compromise him. In West Germany they were, after undignified hassle attempting to deny them their rights, finally recognised as political prisoners.

Was justice done after re-unification?

In 1992, Joachim Gäbler filed, for himself and the other former student convicts, a request for criminal prosecution against the surviving participants in the trial. 1996, the Dresden public prosecutor submitted an indictment against the two judges still alive, Fritz Hübsch and Edith Müller. Proceedings against Hübsch were stopped due to his inability to follow the trial (presumably because of old age). Proceedings against Müller were stopped against a payment of 4,000 DM. Forthousand Deutschmark was the price for the youth of 19 boys and girls.

1990, the "Day of German Unity" was moved from June 17, the anniversary of the 1953 East Berlin rebellion against the Stalinist regime, to October 3 in a successful attempt to remove it firmly from its roots. But, it seems, it wasn't all that easy to find a crimeless day to celebrate German unity, which is, after all, of a twisted higher justice.

2009 almost a third of the votes of the citizens of Werdau electing the federal parliament, the Bundestag, went to the post-Communist successor of the Stalinist SED, DIE LINKE.

* Highlighting added by me.
** i.e. an aggravated prison sentence.

The site jugendopposition.de contains a wealth of information, pictures and facsimiles. Click here.

I posted something similar exactly one year ago already to mark the day. It can not be repeated too often.

Cross-posted at Roncesvalles.

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Philosophical Continental Drift

Guest Commentary by Edward Cline:

Two Wall Street Journal book reviews, both called “Continental Drift” but spaced over two years apart, echo the pessimism about the future of Europe in the books they discuss: one with absolute pessimism, the other with qualified pessimism. The problem the books discuss is the looming conquest by immigration and non-assimilation by Muslims.

A Daily Telegraph (London) article of August 8th, “Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent,” substantiates the trends and the perils facing Europe.

Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: a recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it.

The numbers are startling. Only 3.2 per cent of Spain's population was foreign-born in 1998. In 2007 it was 13.4 per cent. Europe's Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015. In Brussels, the top seven baby boys' names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.
Yet European leaders and the European Union are ignoring or evading the demographics, writes Adrian Michaels, usually for fear of being accused of racism or religious intolerance.

In another article in the Telegraph, “A fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2050,” Michaels reports:

Last year, five per cent of the total population of the 27 EU countries was Muslim. But rising levels of immigration from Muslim countries and low birth rates among Europe's indigenous population mean that, by 2050, the figure will be 20 per cent, according to forecasts….Data gathered from various sources indicate that Britain, Spain and Holland will have an even higher proportion of Muslims in a shorter amount of time….The UK, which currently has 20 million fewer people than Germany, is also projected to be the EU's most populous country by 2060, with 77 million people.
Gerald Baker’s May 2007 review of Walter Laqueur’s The Last Days of Europe: Epitaph for an Old Continent, makes many of the same points as Paul Marshall’s September 2009 review of Christopher Caldwell’s Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West.

The authors and reviewers concur that Europe is stymied by two disabling phenomena: the deluge of Muslims whose creed forbids all but token assimilation and whose growing numbers will ultimately present non-Muslim Europeans with the paradox of having to choose to assimilate into Islamic society, or else; and the inability or unwillingness of Europe’s policymakers to deal with a problem of their own and their predecessors’ making.

Walter Laqueur, for his part, reviewed Bruce Bawer’s 2006 book on the same subject, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within. Laqueur, a noted critic of Europe’s timidity and evasion when faced with the consequences of its immigration and multicultural policies, noted in his remarks about Scandinavia:

In Denmark, Muslims make up 5% of the population but receive 40% of social-welfare outlays. Their preachers have told them, Mr. Bawer reports, that only a fool would not take maximum advantage of the bounty that Western Europe offers and that it is perfectly legitimate to cheat and lie. The benefits they receive are a kind of jizya, the tribute that infidels in Muslim-occupied countries have to pay to preserve their lives. (The subsidized-radical situation in Britain and Germany is not much different: The four suicide bombers in London last year had raked in close to a million dollars in social benefits before going on their murderous mission.)

With even radical Muslims entrenched in the Scandinavian countries, it's no wonder that their fellow immigrants are feeling rather confident about the future: In Stockholm, Islamic residents have been known to wear T-shirts that say simply: "2030 -- then we take over." These expectations might be a little overstated, but Muslims in Sweden have indeed already taken over much of the city of Malmo and parts of Stockholm, which are becoming no-go zones for everyone else….The Scandinavian countries are bringing disaster upon themselves.
But what have these books and their reviewers to say about why Europe, heir of the Enlightenment, is becoming an Islamized Europe, whose political and cultural character could only be generously called morbid and medieval? What is missing from the dire predictions and the angst?

It is a recognition that the values born in and nurtured by the Enlightenment -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, best developed, adopted and applied in the United States -- had never become as deeply rooted in the European character as they had in the American character. Those values were a consequence of a philosophical revolution in Europe, but Europe never completely shed its dependence on and deference to the state and authority. The monarchs and their bureaucrats of one century were replaced with prime ministers and their bureaucrats of another. With very few exceptions, and in spite of the growing prosperity of Europe made possible by capitalism, Europeans retained class and guild mentalities, a desire to be shielded from the risks and vicissitudes of life, and a natural hostility for the kind of individualism and freedom enjoyed by Americans.

They looked to the state to patronize, promote and sanction their class and guild mentalities, and to complement through legislation and controls their hostility for the individualism that would disturb those mentalities. Piled on top of the Muslim conundrum is the accommodating behemoth of the European Union, a kind of Orwellian prototype Eurasian regime with a pretty blue flag and a smiley face, a supra-organization that seeks to dissolve national sovereignties and rule unconditionally over all its byzantine bureaucracy surveys.

The reviewers Baker, Marshall, and Laqueur, and the authors Laqueur, Caldwell, and Bawer, do not delve into the philosophical bankruptcy that could explain why Europeans cannot defend themselves from being overrun by an inimical population of dedicated Muslims, nor be able to assert why their culture and civilization are superior to Islam‘s. The writers dwell on subsidiary issues, and chronicle futile efforts to combat the phenomenon, such as banning headscarves in French schools and tightening immigration rules, which they concede are too little, too late. Indeed, the authors and the reviewers do not seem to be aware of the philosophical bankruptcy that is the root of the problem.

The books’ authors and the reviewers cite multiculturalism as one cause of Europe’s impotency in the face of conquest by Islam. They do not investigate, except in a cursory way, its philosophically nihilistic nature, a nihilism which can only permit the triumph of a barbarism committed to imposing its suffocating, stultifying, and anti-life values by force or fraud. Values apologized for, denied, or destroyed cannot be defended. Multiculturalism is an egalitarian leveler; its function is to render the highest equal to the lowest common denominator. (To paraphrase Ellsworth Toohey: Enshrine the irrational, and the rational is razed.) The barbarism can take many forms: in art, a Jackson Pollack canvas of drips and scratches equal to a canvas by Jean-Léon Gérôme; in science, invalidated global-warming models equal to observable scientific fact; in politics, church-state separation equal to the mosque-state union of Islam.

Marshall, in his review of Calder’s book, goes right to the point in his introductory remarks about the influx of Muslim immigrants:

Today’s immigrants might be considered hostile to European values, except that Europe itself increasingly has only a foggy idea of what those values might be.
Marshall notes, quoting author Caldwell:

Many Europeans are determined to defend their values…but it is hard to defend what you cannot define. “There is no consensus, not even the beginning of a consensus about what European values are.”
Marshall cites German philosopher Jurgen Habermas, an atheist, who acknowledged:

Christianity, and nothing else, is the ultimate foundation of liberty, conscience, human rights, and democracy, the benchmarks of civilization. To this we have no other options. We continue to nourish ourselves from this source. Everything else is postmodern chatter.
Or post-reason chatter, which is the same thing. Christianity might have once been the “ultimate foundation of liberty, conscience, human rights, and democracy.”

But, no longer. As David Greenfield notes in his August 2009 article, “What will a Muslim Europe Look Like?”:

The old [native] European is likely to have a limited interest in church or synagogue. His children may even hold an open hostility toward organized religion. The churches and synagogues will pursue his grandchildren with all sorts of gimmicks in the hopes of getting them to show up, but even if they do, there will be very little to hold them.
By the old Europeans, Greenfield means those who are beneficiaries of the welfare state, more concerned with taking advantage of their state-mandated employment perks and pensions, medical care, extra-long paid holidays, and other collectivist entitlements, all of it the result of burdensome tax rates, than worrying about the future of their countries. Let our children take the hindmost, is their attitude, but let us have fun now. As far as Europe is concerned, it is a question of whether or not religion ever was the underlying moral code that permitted the continent to enjoy the fruits of freedom and capitalism, limited as those fruits might have been by government intervention. The Enlightenment, after all, was in large part a revolt against especially Catholic Church authority.

The vaunted “invincible faith of the Christian” has grown flabby and insouciant, and is no match for the invincible faith of the Muslim. Without a philosophy of reason, Europe is left stammering and stuttering in the face of such certitude.

The authors of the reviewed books and the reviewers also point out that European policy of opening the gates to unlimited immigration was an act of expediency by its leaders, with no thought to the future consequences. Their immediate, electorate-focused concern was to bolster their workforces to take the unskilled jobs Europeans no longer wished to take. The overwhelming majority of these immigrants turned out to be Muslims from parts of the globe that were chronically “undeveloped.” The nature of Islamic belief rejects concessions to non-believers’ political and moral norms. Europeans remain despised infidels. Unless they convert to Islam, they are doomed to dhimmitude, or to second-class subservience.

As many “radical” Islamic spokesmen have smugly observed, if Europe cannot be “reconquered” with military jihad, it can be conquered with population jihad. Which is exactly what is happening. These spokesmen see the day when they can boast: "Our brothers disposed of your garbage and swept your streets; now we are going to dispose of you and sweep your culture away. You tolerated us, without grasping that we are not tolerant. Notre Dame de Paris will be turned into a mosque, as well as your opera houses, your topless beaches will be abolished, your books will be censored, and the crescent shall adorn the top of the Eiffel Tower as a symbol of our Ummah."

From a journalistic standpoint, it may be profitable to note the disturbing demographics of Muslim population growth in Europe, together with European accommodation of Muslim sensitivities, the latter in itself a mark of uncertainty whose root is nihilistic relativism. But no prominent author has undertaken, to my knowledge, the task of addressing the fundamental problem, which is philosophic in nature: What can account for and permit the decline of a civilization in the face of conquest by barbarism?

What is happening in Europe -- a self-induced philosophic drift, a drift encouraged and sanctioned by universities, schools and official, politically correct policies -- can also happen in America as its politics teeters between a defaulting commitment to statism and the command economy of a compulsory welfare state, and a renewed commitment to freedom, the beginnings of which have been manifested in the Tea Parties and the hesitant behavior of Congress to legislate socialism.

However, Muslim organizations such as CAIR, the American Muslim Council, and other non-profit Muslim councils and advocacy organizations, even though many of their principals have links to Islamic terrorist organizations, are making virtually unobstructed headway in having their customs and barbaric ethics accepted under the ruse of “civil rights.” Death threats against apostates, “honor killings” of teenage girls, and even beheadings go largely unreported in the American media.

The self-censorship practiced by Europeans only encourages Islamic hubris. The same self-censorship, especially by the mainstream media, can only result in the United States contracting the European disease. The Tea Parties of 2009 especially cause some hope that America’s own drift towards statism -- never mind an Islamic demographic jihad in this country -- can be arrested, and the course reset to rediscover its glorious philosophic origins, origins which promoted reason and individual rights.

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The Evil of Degeneracy on Both Sides of the Atlantic

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The Patriot Act is in danger

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) and Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) have introduced legislation that would effectively gut the USA PATRIOT Act. This week, against the backdrop of multiple domestic terrorism-related investigations and arrests, Leahy and Feingold tried to use hearings on extending the PATRIOT Act to advance legislation that would substantially weaken it. The reauthorization hearings focused on three controversial provisions of the PATRIOT Act set to expire on December 31, 2009. If legislators fail to act, the laws will expire automatically.

No Sheeples Here
In the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Congress put time limits on three of the most far-reaching provisions of the Patriot Act: roving wiretaps which allow investigators to keep up with suspects who use dozens of cell phones to avoid being traced, business records authority which lets investigators ask a special national security court for access to records of a suspect's dealings with private businesses and the "lone wolf" provision which allows investigators to track individual terror suspects even if they are not a member of a terrorist group, like al Qaeda.

Congress renewed those provisions in 2005 and now must give them another four-year renewal in December of this year or they will disappear. Some Democratic lawmakers have long wanted to weaken the act, and now, with big majorities in the House and Senate, they have their chance.

Najibullah Zazi, who was caught with bomb-making materials and a list of specific targets in New York City, highlights the very threats the act was designed to tackle. Republicans are fighting to keep the law in its current form.

Congress should be considering what can be done to make it stronger.

Say what you will about President Bush during his last couple of years in office. But, I take my hat off to him for how he handled the aftermath of 9/11. In fact, it was how he stood up, that cemented my support of him.

There have been a number of attempts to attack us since 9/11. None of them have succeeded. They were stopped in great part because of the patriot act.

The enemy is waiting for us to weaken, to let down our guard. The fact that congress is even contemplating weakening the Patriot Act, show's that this is a very real possibility.

The following video is a reminder why we need to fight against it.

Never forget.

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From Reliapundit the Astute Blogger:

When France chides you for appeasement, you know you're scraping bottom. ... At the council table, with Obama at the chair, he [SARKOZY] reminded Obama that "we live in a real world, not a virtual world."

He explained: "President Obama has even said, 'I dream of a world without [nuclear weapons].' Yet before our very eyes, two countries are currently doing the exact opposite."

TELEGRAPH: Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy had a behind-the-scenes row with Barack Obama over last week's announcement about a secret uranium enrichment plant in Iran.
The President is believed to have angered the European leaders by insisting on delaying a joint press conference until after he had chaired a meeting of the UN Security Council.

Mr Obama is said to have been worried the announcement would undermine the impact of his session on nuclear non-proliferation.

Details of the disagreement appeared to explain why Mr Brown and Mr Sarkozy, the French president, took a harder line on Iran than the American leader at the meeting

The Prime Minister said it was time "to draw a line in the sand" on Tehran's nuclear programme while the Frenchman mocked Mr Obama for the naivety of his "dreams" of eliminating nuclear weapons.

According to French officials, Mr Brown and particularly Mr Sarkozy wanted to make a declaration on Sep 24, either at the Security Council meeting chaired by the US president or just afterwards.

The Europeans considered that there was no better stage from which to tell the world that the three countries' intelligence services had worked together to uncover an underground uranium enrichment facility under construction at Qom.

But Mr Obama did not want to "spoil the image of success" of his disarmament session, which passed a resolution to work towards a nuclear-free world and a host of measures designed to control the spread of nuclear weapons and reduce existing stocks.

After much arm-twisting, Mr Brown and Mr Sarkozy were persuaded to delay the announcement until the opening of the G20 summit the next day in Pittsburgh.


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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's vitriolic attacks on the Jewish world hide an astonishing secret


A photograph of the Iranian president holding up his identity card during elections in March 2008 clearly shows his family has Jewish roots.

A close-up of the document reveals he was previously known as Sabourjian – a Jewish name meaning cloth weaver.

The short note scrawled on the card suggests his family changed its name to Ahmadinejad when they converted to embrace Islam after his birth.

The Sabourjians traditionally hail from Aradan, Mr Ahmadinejad's birthplace, and the name derives from "weaver of the Sabour", the name for the Jewish Tallit shawl in Persia. The name is even on the list of reserved names for Iranian Jews compiled by Iran's Ministry of the Interior.

Experts last night suggested Mr Ahmadinejad's track record for hate-filled attacks on Jews could be an overcompensation to hide his past.

Ali Nourizadeh, of the Centre for Arab and Iranian Studies, said: "This aspect of Mr Ahmadinejad's background explains a lot about him.

"Every family that converts into a different religion takes a new identity by condemning their old faith.

"By making anti-Israeli statements he is trying to shed any suspicions about his Jewish connections. He feels vulnerable in a radical Shia society."

A London-based expert on Iranian Jewry said that "jian" ending to the name specifically showed the family had been practising Jews.

"He has changed his name for religious reasons, or at least his parents had," said the Iranian-born Jew living in London. "Sabourjian is well known Jewish name in Iran."

A spokesman for the Israeli embassy in London said it would not be drawn on Mr Ahmadinejad's background. "It's not something we'd talk about," said Ron Gidor, a spokesman.

The Iranian leader has not denied his name was changed when his family moved to Tehran in the 1950s. But he has never revealed what it was change from or directly addressed the reason for the switch.

Relatives have previously said a mixture of religious reasons and economic pressures forced his blacksmith father Ahmad to change when Mr Ahmadinejad was aged four.

During this year's presidential debate on television he was goaded to admit that his name had changed but he ignored the jibe.

However Mehdi Khazali, an internet blogger, who called for an investigation of Mr Ahmadinejad's roots was arrested this summer.

Mr Ahmadinejad has regularly levelled bitter criticism at Israel, questioned its right to exist and denied the Holocaust. British diplomats walked out of a UN meeting last month after the Iranian president denounced Israel's 'genocide, barbarism and racism.'

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U.S. & Egypt-backed U.N. Resolution Chips Away at Free Speech

Always remember to hang/paste/tack/tape 'em high, folks...

UN rights body approves US-Egypt free speech text

By FRANK JORDANS (AP) – 1 day ago
GENEVA — The U.N. Human Rights Council approved a U.S.-backed resolution Friday deploring attacks on religions while insisting that freedom of expression remains a basic right. The inaugural resolution sponsored by the U.S. since it joined the council in June broke a long-running deadlock between Western and Islamic countries in the wake of the publication of cartoons depicting the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

The resolution has no effect in law but provides Muslim countries with moral ammunition the next time they feel central tenets of Islam are being ridiculed by Western politicians or media through "negative racial and religious stereotyping."

American diplomats say the measure — co-sponsored by Egypt — is part of the Obama administration's effort to reach out to Muslim countries.

"The exercise of the right to freedom of opinion and expression is one of the essential foundations of a democratic society," the resolution states, urging countries to protect free speech by lifting legal restrictions, ensuring the safety of journalists, promoting literacy and preventing media concentration.

Rights groups cautiously welcomed the resolution as an improvement on earlier drafts, but said Egypt was in no position to lecture other countries about free speech as it has a poor record on the matter.

"Egypt's cosponsorship of the resolution on freedom of expression is not the result of a real commitment to upholding freedom of expression," said Jeremie Smith, Geneva director of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies.

"If this were the case, freedom of expression would not be systematically violated on a daily basis in Egypt," he said.

Others warned that the resolution appears to protect religions rather than believers and encourages journalists to abide by ill-defined codes of conduct.

"Unfortunately, the text talks about negative racial and religious stereotyping, something which most free expression and human rights organizations will oppose," said Agnes Callamard, executive director of London-based group Article 19.

"The equality of all ideas and convictions before the law and the right to debate them freely is the keystone of democracy," she said.

Although the resolution was passed unanimously, European and developing countries made it clear that they remain at odds on the issue of protecting religions from criticism. Some Asian and African countries had called for stronger condemnation of articles, cartoons and videos they believe defames Islam.

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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Anti-Obama Billboard - It Looks Like The People Are Getting Just A Bit Peeved

9.8% unemployment. Aren’t we glad we paid $787 billion to shed 3 million jobs? That’s only $262,333 per job lost.

From NBC Missouri:

BLUE SPRINGS, MO. – An unusual sign has appeared along Interstate 70 in Blue Springs.

If you are traveling in the eastbound lanes of the freeway between Adams Dairy Parkway and the Grain Valley exit you will see a sign that appears to be anti-President Barack Obama.

The sign features the hammer and sickle, a symbol of communism and insinuates that Obama will jeopardize the first and second amendments to the Constitution, which are free speech and the right to keep and bear arms.

NBC Action News reporter Sloane Heller confirmed late Thursday morning the billboard is owned by William Cody, a metro small business owner. He lives by the stadiums and works in metal fabrication.

He says he isn't necessarily anti-Obama, but is against the policies coming out of the White House.

He calls the Federal Stimulus Package a waste and is equally upset over the bailout of the Big 3 Auto Makers.

Cody says this is his first billboard and he did it "to vent." He says, "We voted for change and this is the change we got?"
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Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition

The title track from the new Skynyrd album. Once again showing them to be no fan of the current political winds. Representing the not-so-silent-anymore majority.

Me, I'm headed to one of those Great American Saturday Events.

Yup. A Gun Show.

Have a good day, Infidels.

Lynyrd Skynyrd
God and Guns

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This week's ups and downs

Man, this week has had more rise and fall of anticipation, than a young mans libido in the back seat of a 56 chevy.

First, you had the UN General Assembly. A chance for Obama to really put his foot down about Iran.

But, he didn't. And, according to Charles Krauthammer:

“Right up until now, he has nothing to show. I think he indulged himself in his speech at the General Assembly, which started out as sort of adolescent utopianism and then it went downhill. . . . What do our allies think when they hear that and when they hear . . . Obama denigrating his own country and presenting himself as the man who will redeem America from its wickedness? And he said that those of you who doubt the character of America should look at what we, meaning I, have done in the last eight months, including a bunch of gestures — including joining the Human Rights Council at the U.N., which is a body which we should take no pride in being on. I thought it was a sorry performance. It did not advance our interest in the least.”

In the end, Sardosky showed he has a couple and Obama had ED.

The Geneva talks:

America is getting hustled

This week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has agreed to transfer most of his country's acknowledged low-enriched nuclear fuel out of the country for purposes of further enrichment, and Iranian negotiators have signaled a willingness to engage in further talks. All of this sounds like good news, and it is. Unfortunately, it is also extremely good news for Iran and Ahmadinejad, who has managed to buy still more time to build his weapons program.

There's little doubt that the Qom facility is just part of a vast network of secret nuclear facilities that the Iranians have been building for years to evade inspectors. It solves the "puzzle" of why the Iranians haven't been able to account for large amounts of uranium from one of their mines. Imagine a conversation with Iranian nuclear officials offer the missing uranium: "Oh, well, we use it as part of a traditional Persian headache remedy." While international inspectors sought full access to Iran's Potemkin nuclear program, the Iranians, having learned the lesson of Iraq's Osirak facility, destroyed by an Israeli air attack in 1981, have created a hardened weapons program that will be difficult if not impossible to destroy.

As the Wall Street Journal’s editors observe, the Geneva talks have revived the reputation of the despotic regime:

Responding to an overture from the Obama Administration, the Iranians even talked about the future of the U.N. and other nonnuclear issues. Meanwhile, Washington was “buzzing” (as one newspaper put it) that a one-day visit by Iran’s foreign minister might signal more detente to come. Back in Tehran, Mr. Ahmadinejad floated a tete-a-tete with the U.S. President. In short, this engagement conferred a respectability on his regime that Mr. Ahmadinejad could only have imagined amid his vicious post-election crackdown.

And like the missile-defense capitulation, we’ve gotten precious little for this. We’re now sucked into a process of meetings, and the inspection of Qom will take place with plenty of time for the Iranians to “clean the place out.” We now begin the familiar dance of endless talks, quibbles about inspections, and compromises on verification–all culminating in the realization (eventually) that a secretive, despotic regime is on track to engage in nuclear blackmail.

Of all this Obama seems blissfully unaware. We’re finally engaging! We’re getting down to business. This is constructive, he gushes. Well, for Iran certainly. The mullahs are getting what they want (the limelight on the world stage and plenty of breathing room), now with a nod of approval from the president. As the editors note, Geneva gives Iran “new legitimacy, and new hope that they can have their bomb and enhanced global standing too.” And to boot, it’s all been made possible by the American president, who gave the Iranians all the breathing room they needed, welcomed them to Geneva, lifted not a finger to aid (rhetorically or otherwise) the democracy protesters, and now praises the regime for doing nothing concrete at all to halt its nuclear program.

So while the Iranians will hand over low-enriched nuclear fuel they've said they have, they're not about to give up the nuclear they haven't said they have. Get it? As for the further talks, the United States wants to talk about ending Iran's nuclear program. The Iranians want to talk about… virtually everything else, ranging from "creating a world filled with spirituality, friendship, prosperity, wellness, and security" to "the management and fair use of space" to, yes, abolishing all the world's nuclear weapons. Suffice it to say, this is a fairly broad agenda. Indeed, it is so broad that one wonders if the Iranians are taking this process as seriously as we'd like to think.

Yesterday, Obama remembered his little blue pill:

"Today's meeting was a constructive beginning, but it must be followed by constructive action by the Iranian government," Obama said during a brief White House appearance following the talks held in Geneva. He gave Iran two weeks to allow IAEA inspectors into its recently revealed second uranium enrichment facility at Qom.

Unfortunately, he grabbed the wrong bottle and soon fell asleep.

Because today, a State Department spokesperson signaled the president’s mandate that Iran has two weeks to permit inspections of its recently unveiled uranium refinement plant was not “written in stone.”

But hey, there was some good news today:

Seems the IOC doesn't get that "tingle" when the One steps into the room. Chicago didn't even make it to first base. Of course most of us out here did not allow our hopes get up too high. We know Obama doesn't have what it takes to turn Iran on. In the end, all he got was an Olympic size kiss on the forehead and the girls are giggling in the bathroom.

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Dirt Bags Even the NYT Turns on Get Busted By Dragnet. . .

h/t Dr Bulldog


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Friday, October 02, 2009

Culturist John's Dissertation is Done !!!

This week I finished my dissertation. The two weeks before or two days after that I could not write a post; my streak of years of weekly posts broken. But it was for good occasion as I just climaxed getting my dissertation done in three years - record time. Over the last three years I have been under constant pressure to write. I have written 5 books, including the dissertation, in 7 years. This is the first time I have been without a text pressure in a long time.

I would feel remiss were I not to tell you something of the content of my dissertation. My dissertation covers Frances Kellor's thoughts and actions as she led the national Americanization movement that greeted immigrants from 1898 to 1921. The literature portrays this movement as a coercive attempt by American society to enforce conformity on immigrants. There is truth to that. But Kellor was a deep activist. She coached and wrote about basketball, created networks of domestic workers, founded the National Urban League from a coalition, had everyone in the streets publicly when she made the 4th of July Americanization Day, tried numerous times to make all American residents super progressive activists, ran the Federal Bureau of Immigrant Education, ran two Presidential campaigns, united much of the world in arbitration, reluctantly led the fight for suffrage, and started Industrial, Educational, Political, and Neighborhood Americanization programs in order to increase democracy.

The night of my dissertation I went and got trashed with Sarah. The day after turning in my dissertation I taught a college course on Culturism and World Civilization. We spoke of how every major civilization has a story. Without Socrates and Jesus we'd have no western civilization. Without Muhammad no Islam. Without Confucius Asia would not have its current form. I told them the story of how the Romans wrote themselves, retroactively, into Homer's ballad, the Iliad. It is the same with Muslims writing them into Abraham's story as the son intended for inheritance. Civilizations need stories and these can't be made anew. You must look back. Incisively a student noted that it is hard to tell if these things even happened. And, I pointed out that this is especially dangerous for the West. Universal scientific rationalism peels away our dedication to our particular civilization. Islam defies the rationalism and China has a high context race-based cultural source of unity in a scientific age. But we only have individualism holding us together on the bonds wear thin. Culturism is needed.

That night I spoke late with Mary. She is an American studies student and a very old friend of the family. She is now in the American studies department. We spoke forever. Among the topics, my having dedicated my dissertation to my professor Lynn Gordon. She taught a course called "What are teachers for?" This course taught me about women's history and community and ways of presenting heroines. I enthused to Mary about how school has given me so much perspective generally. I can do Kellor's Americanization as labor history, or consumer history, or sexuality history, or gender history, or progressive history or education history. My mind has been expanded by three year doctoral crash course. Mary and I battled through the night about how much of ideology is foisted or malleable, and how ideology is connected to or grows out real realities. And, my schooling had made me about to recognize most of the theorists Mary knew. FUN !

I spent this morning and afternoon, Oct. 2nd, 2009, a day and a half after turning in the dissertation, taking Real Estate licensing and investment classes. I am headfirst into a new endeavor that will teach me something completely different. It may reform me as a person. What I cannot figure out is my new relationship to text. As I have said, I spent all of the last 7 or 8 years working feverishly, 7 days a week, long hours, writing my books. Now I needn't read my books. I have no full time class for which to research. Being possibly free of text creates nausea for me and makes me confront the world outside of text. But this is okay as my world civilization course is making me think things will run their course, in the long haul of history, regardless of my ideology. Still I write! I write you this note from across the divide, after the dissertation.


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CNN tool/fool stunned to find out THAT ONE couldn't deliver the goods.


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Open Your Windows And Turn This One WAY Up Just So The Neighbors Hear

This one's for all you Infidels, but, especially Pastorius, WC and Always on Watch
Lynyrd Skynyrd
That Ain't My America

Sometimes I want to light up underneath the no smoking sign
Sometimes I wished they'd tell me how justice got so blind
I wish they'd just leave me alone cause I'm doing alright
You can take your change on down the road and leave me here with mine

Cause that ain't my America, that ain't this country's roots
You want to slam ol Uncle Sam but I ain't lettin' you
I'm mad as hell and you know I still, bleed red white and blue
That ain't us, That ain't my America, That Ain't My America

Yeah I was standing there in Dallas, waiting on a plane
I overheard an old man tell a young soldier thanks
Young soldier hung his head and said its hard to believe
You're the only one that took the time to say a word to me

And the old man said

That ain't my America, that ain't this country's roots
You want to slam ol Uncle Sam but I ain't lettin' you
Yeah I'm mad as hell and you know I still, bleed red white and blue
That ain't us, That ain't my America, That Ain't My America

It's to the women and men in their hands they hold a bible and a gun
And they ain't afraid of nothing when they're holding either one, oh, uhh
Now there's kids that can't pray in school, hundred dollar tanks of gas,
I can tell you right now this country ain't, ain't supposed to be like that

No, that ain't my America, that ain't this country's roots
You want to slam ol Uncle Sam but I ain't lettin' you
Yeah I'm mad as hell and you know I still, bleed red white and blue
That ain't us, that ain't my, that ain't my America, oh no, That Ain't My America

No, no, no, no, ohh, ohhh, uhuh, that ain't my America, oh no....

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“The Ego Has Landed”

That’s the headline from Drudge on the slap in the face the IOC gave Mr. & Mrs. Obama today when they dropped Chicago out of the running for the 2016 Olympics.

So we have a sitting US President going around the world to apologize for the mean and nasty place America is and the inhuman things is has done, and then he expects the world to accept his invitation to the US?

So we have the President of the World, the Messiah, the ONE that dwells above us all as one wingnut had said, being ditzed by the very world that he assumes adores him.

Could a dim light bulb be appearing above his head?
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Friday Nooner!

Sarah McLachlan
I Will Remember You

I will remember you, will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by,
Weep not for the memories

Remember the good times that we had?
I let them slip away from us when things got bad.
How clearly I first saw you smilin' in the sun
Wanna feel your warmth upon me
I wanna be the one

I will rememeber you, will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I'm so tired but I can't sleep
Standin' on the edge of something much to deep
It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are screaming inside, but we can't be heard

But I will remember you, will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I'm so afraid to love you
But more afraid to lose
Clinging to a past that doesn't let me choose
Once there was a darkness
Deep and endless night
You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light

And I will remember you, will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories
Weep not for the memories

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Paul Williams Trial to Begin

Paul Williams wasn't the first (that goes to Asia Times Online in an article since retracted) but he has certainly been the most prominent and tireless voice on Osama Bin Laden's future plans for America, especially his American Hiroshima.

And now he is being prose/perse-cuted for it.

And, from what I've been told, this prosecution can go forward because of provisions in NAFTA.

I don't know for a fact whether that's true or not -- if anyone can send me clarifying information I will post it here -- but if so, consider what that means.

It means you (and I) can be prosecuted for exercising our protected First Amendment Right To Free Speech while on American soil by Canada or Mexico and there is nothing we can do about it.

Which is the position Dr. Williams finds himself in right now.

Hamid Mir is the only journalist to have interviewed Bin Laden AFTER 9/11.

Pauk Williams needs our support. If this can be done to him it can be done to anyone.

And, if you never have, read his books. And then sleep tight.

Osama's Revenge
The Al-Qaeda Connection
The Dunces of Doomsday
The Day Of Islam

from Michael Travis:

Contact: Tracy Hood

Director of No Compromise News

Cell: 425.245.3293

Email: nocompromisemedia@gmail.com




Next week, investigative journalist and author Dr. Paul L. Williams will be tried in a foreign court for his investigative work on reports of al Qaeda terrorists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

But he broke no American statute and his alleged violation of Canadian law took place not in Canada, but at his home in Pennsylvania.
Williams got into a legal jam with the Canadians while discussing his book The Dunces of Doomsday on the nationally syndicated “Coast-to-Coast AM” radio program with George Noory.
To make matters more bizarre, Williams had been advised by the Ontario Provincial Police to issue warnings to his fellow Americans about terrorist activity at the Canadian university that placed the lives of countless millions of Americans in jeopardy.
The case is significant since it represents the first time an American journalist is being forced to submit to Canadian law.
Williams has been stripped of his Constitutional rights and forced to deplete his financial savings to pay for his Canadian lawyers.
“The matter would have gone away if I simply signed an apology,” Williams said, “but what kind of journalist would I be if I apologized for telling the truth?”
He estimates that the cost of the lawsuit already has topped $500,000.
Williams visited McMaster University in May, 2006 to verify accounts by Janice Kephardt of the 9/11 Commission, journalists Bill Gertz and Scott Wheeler of “The Washington Times,” former federal prosecutor John Loftus, and others, that the liberal Canadian university had harbored leading al Qaeda operatives, including Adnan el-Shukrijumah, Jaber A. Elbaneh, Abderraouf Jdey, and Amer el-Maati.
The same sources testified that when the al Qaeda operatives left McMaster, “over 80 kilograms” (180 pounds) of nuclear material was reported missing.
During his visit to McMaster, Williams says that he discovered an over-abundance of professors from terror-sponsoring countries within the university’s department of engineering.
In the Division of Earthquake Engineering, he says, 9 out of 10 faculty members were from the Universities of Cairo and Alexandria. Similarly, Williams maintains the three McMaster officials, who head the College of Engineering and supervise the work at the reactor, all hailed from the University of Cairo.

Jane Corbin of the BBC has reported that the engineering department at the University of Cairo remains under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Williams says that he and several of his associates, including a licensed private investigator, met with officials from the Ontario Provincial Police, who confirmed that McMaster has been under scrutiny for a long time; that many of the students have ties to radical Islam and terrorist organizations; and that Islamic members of the faculty have conducted clandestine meetings at an off-campus address in Hamilton.
The officials in question - - Detective Constables Dennis Bryson and Tim Trombley - - were not available for comment.
Williams insists that the problem at McMaster was evidenced by the fact that several of the terrorists who were taken into custody in the plot to kill the Canadian Prime Minister and to blow up Parliament were students at the school.
Supporting Williams’s contentions, Hamid Mir, the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden in the wake of 9/11, has testified on tape that Anas el-Liby, a founder of al Qaeda, attended McMaster and managed, along with other al Qaeda operatives, to steal 80 kilos of nuclear material from the poorly guarded facilities at the school.

Jayne Johnson, a spokesperson for McMaster, declined to comment on whether el Shukrijumah and other al Qaeda operatives were ever students at the school. She maintained that such information was confidential.

Peter Downward, the attorney representing the University says, "We regard Mr. Williams' allegations about McMaster as being on a par with UFO reports and JFK conspiracy theories. The notion that because there are people on faculty from Egypt that McMaster is then a haven for terrorism is not only logically offensive, it smacks of racism.”

McMaster may get away with dismissing findings of lawyers, investigators from the 9-11 Commission, and international journalists as racist, logically offensive, and looney.

However, the predominance of Muslims from terror sponsoring countries at McMaster and the lack of security at the reactor has been verified by independent sources, including Sean Michaels of GlobalTV-CA.

Moreover, Ontario police officials have labeled the campus “a hive of jihadi activity.”

In Canada, any person offended by a statement can file a lawsuit, and it remains up to the respondent to prove his innocence.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Paul Williams, please call Paul Williams at 507.586.0077 or email Tracy at nocompromisemedia@gmail.com


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'German Patriot' Converts to Islam

The German "Pro" parties (Pro Köln being the best known one), so I stated when the rally organized by that party gained some notoriety by Robert Spencer's and Pamela Geller's absence in May, are not part of the bona fide "Islam critical" movement. In fact, so I argued, they have nothing against Islam as such, and don't shy away from rubbing shoulders with a world view to which they basically feel a marked affinity, first because it is totalitarian, and second because it is antisemitic/anti-American. What they do NOT want, however, are strangers at their own doorstep. This they call "Überfremdung" -- literally "overforeignisation" -- which is an undisputed- and definitely racist term. It has, I say it again, nothing to do with Islam, but with skin colour.

Here are my previous posts covering that specific issue, which I strongly recommend for further clarification:

-- The Pro-Köln-Dustup: -- A Crucial American Fallacy:

Dear American conservative!
Did you know that there is a
99,9% probability that somebody
you call appreciatively a German
(or Austrian, for that) patriot will
hate your guts?

You will see that I, too, made perfectly clear that many decent people are among those who follow the "Pro" movement for want of any alternative in a political environment hell-bent on submission to Islam. I outlined as well the scandalously hypocritical and unconstitutional action of the German authorities and political classes towards a movement that is undoubtedly legal, as much as one may disapprove of that.

Maybe this bit of news sheds some additional light on it:
Roger Schwedes, former head of the regional branch of Pro-NRW Ruhrgebiet, recently converted to Islam. In an interview with the Islamist website "muslim-markt" he reports in detail about his time with "Pro NRW".

As a former member of the "Republikaner" [one of the -- just -- legal parties in Germany bordering on National Socialist ideology] he considered the "people's movement Pro NRW" young, fresh and full of new ideas... He didn't object to the "Überfremdung" assumptions of the movement because of the overproportional criminal behaviour among migrants. His goal was to find an alternative to the face- and characterless major people parties. Criticism of Islam wasn't all that important to him, what he wanted was to turn away from anti-German, pro-American and capitalism-orientated politics, so Schwedes explained.

[Follows a lengthy complaint about internal strife within the Pro-movement.] The informal Pro NRW meetings in various regions turned out to be nothing but palaver by frustrated lower middleclass Babbits, just eager to vent about "Ali" from next door. However, through Pro NRW he became familiar with Islam.

Roger Schwedes' conversion to Islam should be seen with a critical eye not just because of his former membership with the Republikaner and Pro NRW, but as well because of antisemitic statements approved by him. Additional information at Politblogger. Interestingly, Pro NRW claims now to have expelled him because of that, which, not surprisingly, is untrue: Schwedes resigned out of his own motivation and the head of Pro NRW, Markus Beisicht, thanked him for his cooperation over many years and the achieved "success for the organisation". Successor of Schwedes in the Ruhrgebiet happened to become the notorious Neonazi defence lawyer André Picker.

The interview mit Roger Schwedes can be read in full here
(Translation mine.)

I wonder why nobody (myself included) asked Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders' great confidante, why HE did NOT attend the Pro-Köln rally back in May. Is it possible that she finally and much too late, namely after she had consented to attend, had a word with him and that THAT was the reason why she and Spencer refrained from attending, and not the fear that Charles Johnson of LGF-infame might drown their cyber rubber duckie? But it's always easier to blame somebody else than to admit that one has made a mistake, isn't it?

And so this self-hating German liberal leftist pinko commie (sorry if I forgot a couple of names I've been called) rests her case.

Cross-posted at Roncesvalles.

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Charlie Parker
All The Things You Are

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Dizzy Gillespie
And Then She Stopped

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posted by midnight rider at permanent link# 1 Comments

Thelonius Monk
Ruby, My Dear

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Charles Mingus
Flowers For A Lady

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Max Roach
It's Time

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Best Investment

from Daughter # 1 again

(for this she went to pre-med and moved to Alaska???)

If you had purchased $1,000 of AIG stock one year ago, you would have $42 left. With Lehman, you would have $6.60 left. With Fannie or Freddie, you would have less than $5 left But if you had purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all of the beer, then turn in the cans for the aluminum recycling Refund, you would have had $214. Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle. It’s called the 401-Keg…..


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Elitism, Europhilia, and Roman Polanski

From Rob Taylor at Red Alerts:

The basic theme of Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the nightmare of a modern virtuous society invaded and corrupted by decadent “Old Europe” style nobility, who act in ways that defy morality and flaunt the laws of society due to their belief that they themselves are beyond the reach of man’s justice. Stoker wrote Dracula at a time when England was surpassing Europe as the cultural center of the West, and his novel was a reaction to the antinomian and often blasphemously obscene art and literature of men likeHuysmans or Baudelaire. Dracula in Stoker’s work represents not only the dark antiquity of Europe, where men of low character could, by nature of their birth into noble households, literally get away with rape and murder, but the fin de siècle movement’s seeming embrace of that sort of depravity and decadence.

Dracula, the noble who defied even death (and thus God in Stoker’s universe), took what and more importantly who he wanted without regard to common decency. He murdered, raped, and stole his way through the story, acting as the ultimate metaphor for the evil of Old Europe’s degeneracy for decades. Then something peculiar happened. Post-modern society began seeing Dracula not as a metaphor for the sexual predator protected by his wealth and power, but as an anti-hero rebelling against Victorian morality. There is no Humanities or Literature department, book publishing house or film studio where this is not the prevailing interpretation of the Dracula character. Perhaps those that see themselves as the cultural “tastemakers” of our society, the university professors, leftist “artists,” and the business interests that surround the arts, have vested interests in reigniting the noble-worship of Old Europe, in creating a society that believes in the noble’s exception including their privilege to assault and otherwise molest non-nobles. But anyone having been exposed to some published poet or author (and I’ve meet far too many) knows that this reimagining of Dracula, and vampirism in general, is simply another expression of these people’s misanthropic elitism.

A common expression of this elitism is also academic Europhilia, by which I mean the adoption (primarily by the left) of what they assume are prevailing opinions in Europe and the pretense of a disdain for America. Those of us on the right are mistaken to think the modern academic’s tendency to scoff at “dead White males” and their contributions to civilization as in some way Europhobic. To the contrary, academics have merely adopted two of Europe’s most pernicious and degrading philosophies outside of the idea of the hereditary divine right: Marxism and multiculturalism. So entranced by Europe’s ability to project the air of cultural superiority, the self-appointed elites here have entered vassalage with the new “nobility” of Europe.

Which brings us to Roman Polanski, hackneyed artist, peripheral character in the Manson murders, and violent rapist of children. Roman Polanski drugged and violently raped, both vaginally and anally, a 13-year-old girl. He then skipped bail and fled to Europe where the arts community there, with the open approval of the “tastemakers” here, helped the degenerate continue to work and prosper while avoiding justice. His recent arrest exposed how the people who consider themselves part of the most sophisticated sectors of American society are little more than living caricatures of the gypsies who followed Dracula, doing his bidding and aiding him in his most heinous crimes.

This is an excellent analysis. Go read the whole thing.
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