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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tooheyville - Boehner SUBMITS across the board

It is always amusing when the inevitable is admitted by fools and reactionaries to those wise enough to both understand people and their future.
So comes John Boehner, whose inaudible principles, and inarticulate leadership has lead to an incoherent rambling set of actions while stamping his old white, tanned, feet.
What is most important is not that he has agreed to raise the tax rates on MILLIONAIRES (I mean, who cares about them in terms of the people, but we will find sufficient loopholes later, between Nov 2013, and the next election), but that he has agreed to ensure the raising of the debt limit in this ‘compromise’, thus surrendering to our purpose of control of those programs which aid in transforming America into the realm of social and economic justice.
The Republicans are defeated in every way. They are useful only as foils for us to demonstrates the correct thinking to the people.
Very amusing
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