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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Gerry Conway keeps on spluttering in his old age

Almost 2 weeks ago, I pointed to the sad situation of a once fine comics/television writer who went downhill in recent years, Gerry Conway. Well, he's acting up again with the following tweet:

And Conway clearly doesn't. Not any longer anyway. Once there was a time when he was decent. Now, as he pushes 60 years of age, he's reduced himself to an obnoxious old man who alienates some of his most potential fans, the Israelis. He's probably also jealous of his fellow onetime comics writer Marv Wolfman, who, unlike him, knows how to keep quiet on the kind of subjects that Conway no longer does. Speaking of which, has Conway ever read Wolfman's Homeland: The Illustrated History of the State of Israel, which offers a pretty respectable view of Zion, and not only that, according to this reader comment:
Documents the Holocaust and the collaboration of Palestinian Arab leader Mufti Haj Armin al Husseini and other Arabs with the Nazis.
I'm very impressed and proud of Wolfman, whose works I also own plenty of, for acknowledging that important fact. He may be a leftist himself, but unlike the wreck Conway's become, he's a much more knowledgable man, and understands why it pays to be honest about history and facts. Why doesn't Conway try reading his book for a change and get a better picture of everything involving Israel? Sad to see a once noteworthy man turn himself into a babbler who's not helping one bit by wasting his time attacking the race Stan Lee and Julius Schwartz are part of.
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