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Saturday, December 15, 2012

In The Wake Of The Vile Murders In Connecticut

The cries for banning handguns are loud now. Deafening.

But there is another issue of equal importance -- perhaps of more importance.

Getting "help" for someone who is obviously mentally disturbed is well nigh impossible if the mentally-disturbed person refuses to cooperate.

Several in my family tried to get help for their children -- in these instances, the problem being drug abuse. These children were no older than 15. They resisted help and successfully resisted help -- legally, apparently.

Getting "help" for someone age 18 and over is impossible! Even if another adult holds POA and an advance medical directive.

The mentally ill and others needing "help" typically resist any such measures.

The ugly fact about sociopathy: there is no such thing as successful treatment. Confinement for life is the only "treatment."

For additional information along the lines of some of my thoughts above, please see Liberal Policies Are to Blame for Today’s Mass Shooting in Newtown, CT at Gateway Pundit.

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