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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tooheyville - Conservatives will raise taxes on everyone? This tastes like Paschka to me

Sometimes the stupidity, and stubbornness of others is sweet.
Sometimes the predicament this creates for these reactionaries is so sweet it should be savored.
The idiots on the right, the extremists who enjoyed a mob like appeal to greed in 2010, such as Cantor, Ryan, McCarthy, have so engineered a corner for the Republican Party that they are about to defend the interest earned by multimillionaires who inherited their wealth to people thinking about the VISA bill bill coming in January.
Thus these completely ludicrous fools now have moved THEMSELVES, adroitly pointed to by Mr. Obama, to a position where they must either capitulate to the correct ideas as articulated by our forward looking president who cares for all, or they will actually be responsible for raising taxes on those struggling to pay for those Christmas presents their families and children so deserved.
Those Jared, Kay and Zayles diamonds, and those Wii U’s, the X Box’s, the lingerie from Intimissi, LA Perla, Aubade, and , Agent Provocateur, yes and those …wait, what’s that you say … you bought your children UNDERWEAR this year becuase things are tight?
Why, did you know the republicans, in order to make it easier for rich people to keep what they have inherited, are going to make it harder for you to pay for those necessities? 
I hear some whining about spending from somewhere to my right. Sounds like it’s from down some hall or something. Spending?
You are welcome for this guidance,
Ellsworth Toohey
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