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It Is Not A Good Idea
To Act As If You Can Not Accomplish
What You Were Elected To Do


Sunday, December 09, 2012

TOOHEYVILLE- Yes, you are irrelevant

I now hear whining about so called ‘traditional american values’ being irrelevant. Not BECOMING irrelevant, but now BEING irrelevant.
imageThis is true. Of what use is a bible which preaches the 6th commandment in this society? This is amusing. Thou shalt not commit adultery? 
The farmers are whining about rural america being ignored?
There are 23 farmers left in the midwest. Comedic. You have a majority in states with 1 congressman and he is on the toilet disposal committee complaining about the cost of flushing the toilet.
We care about where the votes are. Where power is. We care about what we can do to enhance our influence where those votes are n the states which determine the elections.
Falls Church.
Did you say Iowa? Please, 21% of the population is in the top four cities? Rural? They are bankrupt and can’t afford the gasoline to get to the polling stations after driving their irrelevant home schooled children to the local bitter clingers Sunday schools.
We know that the grouping of minorities, and city dwellers, and immigrants ARE the relevant portion of America.
We know what the relevant Americans want.
We know what the relevant Americans need.
We know what the relevant Americans care about.
We know what the relevant Americans worry about.
We know what the relevant Americans need to get to the polls.
We know what the relevant Americans will vote for.
It is not what the American Enterprise Institute prattles about.
It is not what the Heritage Society masturbates over.
It is not what the Hoover Institute exclaims over.
Whining and protestations about this are nothing short of comedic.
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