Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood must be removed like Nazis, Egypt's ambassador to Britain says

National Socialist?

From The Telegraph of London:
Ashraf ElKholy told the Telegraph that the Muslim Brotherhood offered Egypt a stark choice that it either exercise power or it would assert itself with violence. 
When the military-backed interim government displaced the Muslim Brotherhood's popularly elected leader, Mohammad Morsi, the organisation opted for confrontation with the state. 
"There is no difference with what David Cameron did to deal with the demonstrations here in London," he said. "If the demonstrators don't have any weapons, the police could have reached them and taken them into custody. Nobody would have been hurt. But when the demonstrators have pistols and guns and the police are lined up with guns pointing at them, the authorities have to defend themselves. That is the difference." 
Speaking in Egypt's embassy in a Mayfair townhouse, Mr Kholy compared the one-year rule of Mr Morsi to the Islamist takeover of the Iranian state after the 1979 revolution and said that, like Nazism, the Muslim Brotherhood ideology sought to dominate Egyptian society. 
"Morsi was elected president and held office for one year but in that time he tried to make everything Muslim Brotherhood controlled. Egyptian culture over 5,000 years is a mix of religions and civilisations in which the Islamic religion is one ingredient of the Egyptian character," he said. 
"The Muslim Brotherhood are like a Nazi group that demand that everything changes and people everything to their way."
Obama's father was a National Socialist. He was a member of the Socialist Party of Kenya, led by Mssrs. Mboya and Kenyatta. 

Barack Obama Sr. had only one criticism of his Socialist leaders; that they shared the spoils of Socialism with people of any race.

In his paper "Problems Facing Our Socialism", he recommended the government that instead of sharing the collected Tax Revenues with all citizens, no matter what race or origin, that they only be divided up among the black people of Kenya.

That's Racialist/Nationalist Socialism.

That is Nazism in it's essence. 

Now, this does not mean President Barack Obama is necessarily the ideological son of his father. But, certainly, the Muslim Ummah is a nation, and Barack Obama supports that concept as it is embodied in the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, once agains, that's Nazism.

Additionally, we must be clear, President Barack Obama does not have a policy of rounding up Jews and killing them. Indeed, he has Jewish friends, and members of his Cabinet.

My point is not to say that Barack Obama is the equivalent of Hitler. 

Instead, I am saying his foundational political Philosophy is almost indistinguishable from Nazism.

And, this Philosophy is leading Obama to support organizations who do, indeed, advocate the state-sanctioned murder of gays, apostates, and adulterers.

What are you going to do about it?

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