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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Maine legislative committee is examining a proposal from Republican Gov. Paul LePage under which the state ethics panel would have to determine the verity of claims made by candidates for office

I’ll let everyone know. Many Maine legislators actually have REAL jobs, so MAYBE. But still .. if you have self selected to run for office .. and made some promises to get there .. would you vote for this?
A lot of people will be watching.
Gov LePage has REALLY made some enemies. He is a former mgr of a large chain of remainder lot stores called Marden’s and nobody to fool around with. I would have to rate him as effective, brusque, and without political mien type of personality. He has 11 kids, some adopted, and when accused of being a racist (aren’t we ALL?) just pointed to his family and that was that.
The legislature has reverted to D but they know how fast this state can turn.
Will they do it?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived in Eliot and Kittery when I was going to college at UNH back in the early Eighties. Maine just seemed like a cooler place to live than NH. The people always struck me as largely libertarian/pro-American with a few hyper-leftist enclaves along the coast. The famous Kittery Trading Post was basically a massive firearms store with fashion accessories.

Nonetheless the people they send to Washington to represent them, whether R or D, always seem to get real comfortable with liberal interests. Funny how that works.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 11:02:00 am  

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