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Monday, October 06, 2014

Andy Khouri is a big fan of Reza Aslan

Hmm, looks like Comics Alliance's leading contributor is quite a fan of Reza Aslan, one of Islamofascism's biggest apologists:

He's linking to a Salon article by Aslan, and anybody who writes for a publication like that isn't considered the most reliable source. I'll even note that would-be conservatives like John Hawkins, who betrayed Robert Spencer and later paid lip service to Salon when they asked for comment, are not very reliable either.

Sigh. Poor little Mr. Khouri. If he really feels the Quran is worth defending, why doesn't he post a single verse from within it, like those seen on this special list Spencer's got here? Say, if Khouri thinks Islam is perfectly okay as a belief system, does that mean he hates 9-11 Families? But hey, if he doesn't, then maybe he won't have too many problems conversing with them and getting to know their viewpoints? He might also want to help Pamela Geller, whom the Forward was willing to defend this week. But I guess he won't do that, will he? Too bad. If he really, truly thinks there's anything worthy in the Quran, then he's welcome to take the challenge of posting the most disturbing verses and tell why he thinks they're worth defending, and in his own words without relying on somebody as terrible as Aslan.
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