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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Forgive them Barry, for they know not what they do

Priebus to Trump: “Delegates And Voters Choose The Nominee”; People Don’t “Give A Darn” About Colorado

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, called Donald Trump complaining about the way Colorado’s delegates were chosen “distracting.” Priebus said it “really isn’t something that most people give a darn about.” Priebus said not moving past this gets in the way of unifying the party.

I’m no lover of Trump, OR ANYONE ELSE, right now as my writings should make clear.
The crusaders for conservative purity who today laugh behind their hands at the purposeful lack of clarity in the clear purpose of their rules (to deny any outsider whose plurality or near majority a nomination) are performing these feats of tortuous logic PRECISELY because they have FAILED to enforce or even UPHOLD conservative values.
The GOP needs to burn down.
It does not serve anything but the GOP inside club.
It HAS no conservative values.
It represents a CANARD to those values.
Just as much as Hillary Clinton and her insiders are a canard to progressive values.
We all know it.
It needs to burn down.
There WILL be an afterwards.
There WILL be a new alignment.
The parties as presently constructed are not a REQUIREMENT for either the Constitution OR a successful and growing economy.
These are the cards.
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