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‘The American Intelligence Community has finally
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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Islam is Hell and Hell Is Islam: The Children of LtCol Kato Martinez and Gail Minglana Martinez

From The Last English Prince:
As a former LCDR in the US Naval Reserves who had certification in Advanced Burn Life Support I have maintained a strong interest in learning the status of the four children of Lieutenant Colonel Kato Martinez and his wife Gail (killed in the Brussels attack). 
The news is tragic All four children suffered severe burns. 
On initial survey of burns, a “rule of nines” is used to determine how much intravenous fluid to administer over the first twenty-four hours of care. If facial burns are noted, rapid sequence intubation is usually required to maintain a patent airway. 
Further down the road: the removal of eschar and the long slow process of skin grafts and physical therapy. 
First of all, let me note the obvious: 
Daddy is in the ICU. 
The children are severely burned. 
Mom is dead. 
Please take a moment and enter “children with facial burns” into a search engine. View a few images. Imagine the Martinez children lit up like human torches. And as you imagine the same, view the calm nonchalant looks on the faces of the Brussels bombers as they pushed their Mother of Satan bombs into the Brussels airport. 
Think there is no real hell? Tell that to the Martinez family. 
Meanwhile, a friend showed me images of American military dependents (wives, children, and family pets) being air-lifted out of Turkey this week due to mandatory evacuation orders. 
Diplomatic personnel are also only allowed to move about for things which are “mission critical”. 
Think Islam is a religion of Peace? George W fed us a bunch of bull. 
Yes, the Martinez children have lost a mother. Yes, LtCol Martinez has lost his wife and is left with children who are suffering in tremendous manner, perhaps even still in a battle for their own lives. 
Until…. until bodies are floating down the Thames – Europe and the Western stable powers will not engage the necessary legal (and non-Draconian) means to address Islam in a digital and transnational age. 
Perhaps bodies will float down the Thames. Should it be considered any worse a fate than what has happened to four beautiful American children? I think not. 
And I await the floating “parade”.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Followers of Satan did this...to their everlasting shame
BareNakedIslam: BELGIUM: Muslims sing victory song two days after Brussels terrorist attacks

A group of Moroccan Muslims were singing an Islamic victory song (Nasheed) in the center of Brussels to celebrate the successful terror attacks of Airport Zaventem and the Metro of Brussels.
If you view the video closely, you see some naïve Belgians bleeding hearts who are clapping with their hands without even knowing what the song is all about. Nasheed is a traditional Islamic song that the Ansar (residents of Madinah) sang to the Islamic prophet Muhammad upon his arrival at Medinah to welcome him after completing the Battle of Tabuk.
Youtube provides the following additional information about this song:
Nasheed Amantu Billah – Nasheed video with transliterated lyric first, then at the two minute mark an alleged english translation of the lyrics:

Allah is the creator of heaven of of earth
Nothing may compare with Him,
He is the One alone
The prophets, best of humankind
Sent to all nations and all tribes
Last of all Muhammad mercy to the worlds.
***Chorus [shahada]
la ilaha illa Allah
la ilaha illa
la ilaha illa Allah
Muhammad Rasulullah
Formed of light and beauty,
the angels of the Lord
To praise Allah, to help mankind,
Jibril brings the word.
The scriptures, all by Allah sent,
Torah, Psalms and Gospel then
The source of perfect guidance,
the Glorious Quran.
***Chorus [shahada]
la ilaha illa Allah
la ilaha illa
la ilaha illa Allah
Muhammad Rasulullah
The reckoning, the Final Day
when all will see their works
Remade in soul and body to
stand before the Lord
With patience bearing evey grief
With thankfulness for all blessing
We are content with destiny,
the will of Allah

Faith is belief in Allah and the
Messengers The angels and the Final day, and the holy scriptures
To believe in destiny that
good and bad both come from Him
and the Resurrection;
there is no god but Allah.

Read the comments to the video – sad how many truly ignorant people there are in the world – swayed by the drumbeat and soothing melody.

Confirming the nature of this song...Scene from Arab movie where followers greet the messenger of allah in Medina (ff 1:52)

Saturday, April 02, 2016 4:48:00 am  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Thank you for passing that along.

Saturday, April 02, 2016 5:14:00 am  

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