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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Minnesota college students vote against honoring 9/11 victims, saying it’s offensive to Muslims


Students at the University of Minnesota killed a proposed moment of silence for 9/11 victims due to concerns that Muslim students would be offended
The resolution in no way referred to Islam or to whether Islam itself is to blame for global terrorism. It did not require anyone to contemplate the fact that the terrorists responsible for 9/11 were Muslims. “It merely stated that 9/11 has had a lasting effect on many students, and ought to be reflected upon for a single moment, once a year.”
But according to the Minnesota Republic, the resolution proved oddly controversial. MSA Director of Diversity and Inclusion, David Algadi, voiced “severe criticism” of the resolution.
he said. Algadi expressed concerns- in an email to the Washington Post – that efforts to recognize 9/11 are sometimes “thinly-veiled expressions of Islamophobia.”

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Blogger houdini said...

Saudi Government admits to using shell companies,tax havens, to finance Islamists in South East Asia-Wells Fargo ,Australia's ANZ ,now implicated in terrorist financing


Sunday, April 17, 2016 7:42:00 am  

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