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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Read it and understand  'White House Bunker think'

After Obama mentioned going back to to 67 borders as the goal of policy (2009?), and knowing that with those borders the only way Israel had to NOT LOSE the NATION in a war, was to do what they did in ’67 and ensure tactical if not strategic surprise, and ATTACK FIRST.

This means Israel can never be anything but the aggressor when seen in 30 second bites of

In fact in every outbreak since, and with a LITTLE strategic depth, Israel has NEVER struck the first blow, AND for instance despite all this, and despite the ability to trade some SMALL amount of land for time in retreat, in 1973 exactly 3 tanks ended up being left,  and standing between theentire Syrian army and all of Israel below the Golan Heights in the Yom KippurWar.

So why would Obama put the USA’s policy and weight behind these borders which were certainly almost impossible to defend and a policy which would pile on the world’s NEW anti-Semitism (de-legitimization of Israel for not being civilized and deciding to die like Jews previously, who were without a nation)?

There are only two answers.

If you believe Obama to be George Marshall in his outlook, then he believes the USA’s problem in the middle east IS Israel, and by correcting this it serves the nation. One look at the headlines rgding KSA today and we see how amateurish this is.

The other is that, he really dislikes the Jews (or any) who don’t hold his ideology, and is in a position to do to them what he cannot do to the republicans he hates, and especially the tea party.

Either way the only restraint on his ‘would be’ policy is the public, where opinion makes the majority of American by FAR, Zionists by definition>> “There should be AN Israel”

If you place this theory on Obama’s actions since then, I believe they explain every single action he has taken.

He wants Israel curbed as a worst case and dead under the ‘world view’ as in the UN version, of justice.

He is limited in how he can choose his actions by the Republicans, and a few Democrats in the govt, and by the public at large.

He continues aid by which Israel, to use it, MUST BUY American weapons, but denies them the weapons which will be definitive in nature rgding Iran. He allows co development of Iron Dome (using the aid for some development cost, and insisting manufacture occur here..WHY?), (BECAUSE HE) then withholds this DEFENSIVE missile when missile attacks break out, EVEN THOUGH this system can harm NO HUMAN BEING, and then while doing this tells the State Dept to advise Americans that Tel Aviv and its airport are not safe and to avoid travel there.

Yadda yadda.

His policy is to end Israel whether because Israel is a problem as he sees it, to the USA, or because by the nature of such a state surrounded by implacable enemies they will never be his BFF’s, or because he tolerates the Americans around him who are Jewish, but he just doesn’t like them.

He is by function, ANTI ISRAEL strategically and tactically, moving from this only when politics HERE compels this.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe you give Obama too much "benefit of the doubt." In my mind he's just plain evil. But you are a gentleman and I am not.

I don't know why, but intellectual evil always seems to begin at hatred of all things Jewish. The first Jewish guy I ever knew I met in the US Navy. He had dropped out of Yeshiva but could discourse like the stereotypical Talmud scholar. In a discussion about a James Michener book (Caravans) I asked him if he could explain anti-Semitism and without batting an eye he said "before man hated the Jews man hated God." I couldn't think of a response to that. I still can't.

Monday, April 18, 2016 9:45:00 am  

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