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Friday, April 15, 2016

Russia will have made its point(?)

‘Analysts’ are claiming Russia was sending a ‘message’ to the USA (Obama?) by making a practice attack run about 30 feet off the surface with ATTACK BOMBERS, on the USS Cook.


The Cook was 70 miles from Kaliningrad, which is actually an oblast of Russia enclosed on three sides by NATO nations, Poland and Lithuania. The red 70 mile circle is centered on that city,
As one can see, since the Cook was engaged right at that time in exercises with Poland’s helicopter forces (presumably anti-submarine), she was probably on the upper left quadrant of that circle, in other words, closer to the BOTH the center of the Baltic, and Poland, a NATO nation, than she was to the Russian enclave between NATO nations.

So that analysis fails, assuming a message was being sent.

Since these incidents have occurred in international waters in the Black Sea when NATO ships were visiting Romania, the Baltic, when operating WITH NATO nations, and in the MID ATLANTIC when Backfire and Bears were intercepted running (possibly nuclear) attack mission profiles, any damn person can figure out what Russia is doing.


Not defense.



If they think this weakness they THINK they observe is in the people as opposed to the present leadership, this is what as know as a CIVILIZATIONAL LEVEL ERROR.

You know, like when you think a surprise attack which destroys the American offensive power, and ability to respond will drive them to the negotiating table because they really don’t want a war.

You know, like that.

And instead, you get something else.

Obama, take note, an ounce of prevention….
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Blogger Redneck Texan said...

NATO Fighters Shadow Russian Defense Minister's Plane Over Baltic

.... just sending a message?

Friday, April 15, 2016 1:45:00 pm  
Blogger Epaminondas said...

You rea1ize what RTBH and Interfax are, right?

Armed SU-27's?

Escort is one thing, lighting them up and running a practice attack is a VERY DIFFERENT THING

Friday, April 15, 2016 2:11:00 pm  
Blogger Redneck Texan said...

Yeah .... they're biased news sources.

.... can you point me to one that isn't?

The Russians say we were 43 miles from Kaliningrad, we say we were 70 ..... I dont trust either source to be entirely truthful. Nor to I think its relevant.

Whats the difference between a "practice attack run" and a flyby anyway?

Was Snodgrass Making A Practice Attack Run on the USS America?

The Russian pilot was clearly lined up to fly beside the ship, not directly at it. If I was going to practice strafing a ship I would at least line up with it.

What if a couple Russian fighters escorted Air Force One across the Gulf of Mexico?

Would we whine about that too?

... Sure we would.

Do our potential enemies get a chuckle out of seeing us whine?

Do they laugh when we send them a strong letter telling them how upset we are?

Do you think they are going to stop jacking with us when we go places they consider their home turf just because we will whine about it?

Do you think we are going to shot down the next Russian, Chinese, or Iranian jet that comes close enough to one of our ships?

Do you really want us to?

The only reason this particular flyby was released to the media is political. US and European politicians have already used this incident to call for more spending on NATO air-defense systems. This is also establishment blowback for Trump calling out NATO.

Friday, April 15, 2016 6:36:00 pm  
Blogger Epaminondas said...

A 'run' would be missile range at a distance you can launch with target acquisition, NOT drop a bomb.

Moreover, put this in context.

SINCE 1989 ..
IVAN has developed and deployed at LEAST 2 generations of ICBM's, MOBILE ICBM's, since deploying the SS-18's which had CEP's of LESS than a football field.

We still depend on 1970's Minuteman III's, and destroyed the only missile we developed since, the MX

Ivan has developed and deployed 2 generations of SLBM's, and a new generation of SLBM subs.

We are using 30 year old Trident boats with Trident D5's of the 80's

Out vaunted cruise weapons the Harpoon and Tomahawk are 1980's and subsonic. The latest anti ship weapon from IVAN, Mach 2-3, and gives point defense about 3 seconds to react, and is the 3-5th generation of pure attack weapons they have deployed since the cold war.

These are all offensive weapons.

We came up with a stealth bomber?
WE HAVE TWENTY LEFT. 1980's design

We have F-22's?
186 left to replace 751 F-15A & B air superiority fighters.

IVAN is PRACTICING nuclear cruise missile attack runs over the Atlantic, WHY?

We practice fail safe patrols getting/keeping aircraft off the ground in case of attack, not attack practice profiles in areas where IVAN's navy routinely is present.

Don't you think we'd be flooded with pix of SU-27's and MIG-31's off the wings of B-1's and B-52's the way we are routinely graced with NATO air taking shots of TU-95H's?

They believe our govt is is retreat via self doubt and lack of belief in our values (I certainly do), and this belief is taking physical form. The ultimate immediate goal is the weakening of NATO into a tacit form in which all know will result in no nation taking action to defend another, and therefore strengthening IVAN -- ECONOMICALLY (which IS militarily and physically). And then onto the next step.

Thy will prattle as Interfax (not biased but GOVT RUN) does about how they are facing 5 new divisions in new NATO nations (a blatant lie, BTW, not bias) but when has the USA EVER executed a war by strategic surprise?

Here's another view:

Saturday, April 16, 2016 12:09:00 pm  

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