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Sunday, April 10, 2016

"Sorry, but we can't take your viewpoint at face value"

Let's see what we have here. Our old friend, the moonbat blogger/tweeter who calls himself "Notintheface1" recently said the following about what 9/11's done to comics:

I'd like to think the kid's woken up to what Islamofascism's really like, but I honestly doubt it, because he's still sending signals he sees nothing wrong with the Koran's content, not even underaged child marriage. But, when somebody asked what he meant with the first tweet, he answered:

The respondent's not alone. Even I found the ensuing mood in superhero comics repellent, including what's seen in Identity Crisis and Civil War. But I honestly doubt our dear friend "Notintheface1" really thinks so, since he's sent signs he doesn't have a problem with the Koran, nor other serious issues. If he'd said jihadism and Al Qaeda did more to soil modern showbiz than anything else, that would be a lot more convincing, because take a look at how quite a few entertainment branches, including - but not limited to - comicdom, started whitewashing Islam. Yet he hasn't said that, and so, he remains quite a boring moonbat.
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