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Monday, April 04, 2016

Whither Ted Cruz?

I have read speculation that Cruz anticipates being rewarded for his efforts - not with party nomination for POTUS. Rather he is pursuing a seat on the Supreme Court.
It's difficult to accept that Cruz is one of the gullible tools in the GOPe/RNC shed...but circumstances as they are, reveal an utterly disappointing candidacy given his allegiance to those who have openly declared dislike (to be kind) to Ted Cruz.
Should the elite political UNIPARTY succeed in undermining and dispensing with the primary voters choice - the RNC/GOPe will not necessarily have the power to provide Cruz such an important role. 

Consider this well documented history of Cruz's senate colleagues utter hate for him:

*Ted Cruz on the way to ‘most hated politician’ in DC

*WaPo: The Republican Establishment Really Really Doesn't Like Ted Cruz

*CBS: Why Senate Republicans Hate Ted Cruz

*TheBlaze: Ted Cruz So ‘Hated’ by Republicans That He’ll ‘Need a Food Taster’ at Senate Lunches: ABC News Reporter

Then, either in desperation ...or...once convinced the above well-crafted and massaged political (UNIPARTY) narrative sufficiently absorbed by potential voters,

*Some in GOP start seeing Cruz as best alternative to Trump

*CNN: Graham on choosing between Trump and Cruz: 'It's like being shot or poisoned' 

*CNN: Watch Lindsey Graham go from hating to stumping for Ted Cruz

As for the opposition's 'opinion of Cruz'...clearly there is no love lost or gained in that camp:
*Dems: Cruz is 'everything voters hate about Republicans'

To think that the UNIPARTY which UNIVERSALLY and REPEATEDLY declared their disdain for Cruz could/would offer a seat on the Supreme Court to Cruz is poppycock!

On the other hand, to consider another (albeit unlikely) possiblity that Cruz's persistence for Constitutional fortitude was all just a charade all along, that he is in on the RNC/GOPe deception from the beginning is just so far beyond disgusting - there just aren't any words. 

I personally don't trust Cruz at this point, but continue to hold out hope that he will recognize he is being toyed with by the establishment. If it's a position on the Supreme Court that he wants, he won't get it with his new 'friends'...but he just might be able to come to some arrangement within a Trump administration. Such an arrangement, if arrived at within the extremely limited window of opportunity that currently exists - when combining Trump & Cruz delegates could total 1237 in the coming days - the magic number of delegates needed - together they could shut out the establishment's ever-changing, ever-elastic delegate distribution rule shenanigans...and solidify the value of each citizen vote made thus far - just as this nation's Founding Fathers intended.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitch McConnell’s Attorney PAC ‘Stand For Truth’, Sending Money To Ted Cruz PAC ‘Keep The Promise III’… via ConservativeTreehouse

Quote: "When you take a good look at everything newly known about Cruz, there’s a darn good reason to believe “constitutional Cruz” was a fabricated construct.

♦ Worked for George W. Bush. ♦ Was John Boehner’s attorney. ♦ Married a Bush alum. ♦ Wife connected to Council of Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs. ♦ Was Vice-Chair of NRSC when Thad Cochran re-elected ♦ Ran for Senate with sketchy financials. ♦ Refuses to release his campaign loan information to FEC. ♦ Hired Neil Bush. ♦ Hired entire Bush financial team. ♦ Played strategic hide/cover with TPA/TPP. ♦ Supported the unconstitutional Corker/Cardin amendment. ♦ Hired Phil Gramm as an advisor.
There’s a very reasonable case to be made that Ted Cruz’s opposition to ObamaCare was total phony bologna. So too was the government shutdown etc.

There’s a heck of a lot more evidence that Senator Ted Cruz was acting a part to build up a false appearance of being an “outsider”.

The GOPe/RNC must be eliminated permanently.

Monday, April 04, 2016 9:12:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idea he could be nominated to the Supreme Court is ridiculous. He has not served one day as a judge. AS for being a Constitutional lawyer, so is Obama. And the fact that he is viewed as the anointed one, is the last drop for me. Your pic of him is the best I have seen so far.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 1:13:00 am  

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